Saturday Kills


At Parx, North Ocean, nine years old and under the whip for the 55th time, “went wrong leaving the backstretch [of the 2nd] and was euthanized” (Equibase).

At Laurel, 5-year-old Tango Delta “took a bad step” in the 6th and, according to a reliable source, was euthanized.

At Keeneland, Hazel Ann I Am, a 2-year-old being raced for the first time, “broke down” – an industry euphemism for dead – in the 11th. The Daily Racing Form’s Byron King said the fall “marred the nightcap.”


  1. Forcing baby horses to go into training which is so stressful for their under-developed bodies and immature minds, is so very WRONG!
    And then forcing them to race, galloping at fast speed, being beaten with a whip forcing them through the pain barrier, forcing them beyond their limitations, is utterly UNACCEPTABLE!
    Sorry Hazel Ann I Am. You are one of the huge number of 2 year olds who have their lives stolen from them in the cruellest of ways.
    These creeps say that your breakdown MARRED the race meeting.
    Well, that sure speaks volumes about the callous attitude of the horseracing industry.
    But your death, and the reporting of racehorse deaths virtually on a daily occurrence, further marrs the notorious reputation of this industry which disgusts more members of the public each and every day.

  2. So sorry for all racehorses who die for this vile business.
    They all matter, but warriors like NORTH OCEAN really disturb me.
    “Royally-bred” according to industry standards and started at all the prestigious race meets.
    His PP’s speaks volumes about owners who don’t give a damn where he ends up because he constantly changed hands while toiling to bring in the money.
    This horse made over $501,000, but that wasn’t enough for a safe retirement in a grassy paddock because these people are blood sucking leeches.
    Owner Barbara Hopkins – SHAME ON YOU, but shame on all the other owners who passed him up, who sold him, while he sunk lower and lower.
    Shame on John Oxley you low life creep.
    Oxley owner spends MILLIONS buying up racehorses, and many are sent to trainer called Mark Casse where they are maimed, dumped and/or end up dying in the dirt.
    Then Oxley continues to breed and continues to spend millions buying up more victims to replace the other ones.
    You are all disgusting apologists who pimped off of North Ocean’s life.
    He earned and deserved a soft landing, but you continued to suck the blood from him to squeeze every last penny you could from him.
    Did Oxley go back to get him? NO
    After all he bred the horse, and brought him into this world, but this is horse racing and emotional attachment is all a delusion.
    Shame on all of you.
    You are not “good folks” you are killers, and accessories to the killing.
    North Ocean sorry for you.

  3. horse racing is a dirty business. I wish I had gotten out of it years ago. I hope someday horse racing will be part of history, but did not qualify for a sport that should be practiced now or in the future.

  4. Their feeble attempts to classify horse racing as a “sport” or for “entertainment,” is a dichotomy at best.
    Racehorses dying in the dirt hardly qualifies for “entertainment” to any reasonable, and moral person.
    Then there is the “Dead Horse Walking” list.
    This is a horrific display of animal abuse.
    Horses like GEMOLOGISTER – a sickening display of racehorse cruelty.
    He finished 18 1/4 lengths in his last start, his 4 y.o.race records are: 31 starts 0/3/7.
    Golly gee, do you think he loves to run as apologists often claim about their profit slaves?
    ZHUKOV – same pattern of abuse.
    Both Gemologister and Zhukov had their last starts at Gulfstream Park owned by Frank Stronach who, supposedly, “loves” and “cares” for racehorses, but has no problem with them being obviously abused to generate $2 bets for his wagering companies it seems. Enabler of the abuse/dying.
    KE IN MOTION – the PP’s and Race Replays show a horse that is struggling to get through the race while being beaten into the ground. Reckless, and careless display of animal abuse.
    PARADISE ROAD – horrific suffering.
    Then there is FULL OF MINE, GO GOLD, and plenty of others most of whom have finished by a combined 200+ lengths, have DNF in their PP’s, and are essentially the walking dead.
    There are only 3 categories of horse racing participators/supporters: 1. Abusers/killers 2. Enablers of the abuse/killing. 3. Both.
    These few examples of many clearly indict them, and one could even argue that the killing/dying is somewhat deliberate because they risk their life every step of the way.

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