Louisiana Carnage, 2017

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Please note, however, that the Commission did not forward training deaths (nor, for that matter, “non-racing” deaths). When I questioned, this was their response: “We do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during training hours as those are more often than not handled between the trainer and their private veterinarian.” Please. In any event, it’s a good bet that the carnage in Louisiana was probably double what you see below. And below are 65 dead racehorses.

Jrs Runaway Tonight, January 7, Louisiana, race 5
“carpal fracture”

Divine Kaleb, January 14, Fair Grounds, race 7
“sesamoids fracture”

Call Me an Illusion, January 16, Louisiana, race 2
“ran into rail; rail into pleural [lung] space” (chart merely said “lost rider, vanned off”)

Cinnamon Apple, January 21, Fair Grounds, race 6
“fetlock disarticulation”

Pass Me One Too, January 23, Louisiana, race 1
“carpal fracture”

Corona Makes Amends, January 23, Louisiana, race 7
“fetlock – complete, open”

Henry Is Henry, January 29, Fair Grounds, race 2
“sesamoids fracture”

Sir Prize, February 4, Louisiana, race 6
“fetlock – closed, displaced”

Chocopologie, February 11, Delta, race 10
“cannon fracture”

Ttt the Conquistador, February 12, Louisiana, race 4
“MCIII – complete, displaced”

Vivi’s Magic, February 23, Delta, race 5
“cannon fracture”

Don’t Undermind Me, February 25, Delta, race 4
“cannon fracture”

Theboyzproudntrue, February 25, Delta, race 9
“carpal fracture”

Mda Gold Chick, February 25, Louisiana, race 5
“MCIII – complete, open” (one year old, first race)

Jet for Yonder, February 27, Louisiana, race 4

Three Tootsies, March 2, Fair Grounds, race 8
“condylar fracture”

Mahanco, March 9, Delta, race 2
“carpal fracture”

Tf Eyesa Firefighter, March 18, Louisiana, race 5
“medial and lateral sesamoids”

Lots of White, March 21, Louisiana, race 3
“carpal fracture”

Pure Joy, March 25, Fair Grounds, race 1
“carpal fracture”

Great Wit, March 30, Fair Grounds, race 4
“fetlock fracture”

Aaron of Goshen, March 30, Fair Grounds, race 6
“cannon fracture” (coming off consecutive last-place finishes, combined 48 back)

Jeff and J’s Dream, April 2, Fair Grounds, race 9
“fetlock fracture”

Mudbug, April 27, Delta, prior to race 5
“hip/femur fracture”

Tee Mata, May 4, Delta, race 6
“back fracture”

Grey Guarters, May 6, Louisiana, race 5
“complete fetlock luxation”

Mystic Beach, May 11, Delta, race 10
“cannon fracture”

TG Julio, May 18, Delta, race 1
“all 4, hit rail, lacerated”

Songfortheofficer, May 19, Evangeline, race 9
“sesamoids” (raced 5 times coming in: 1 “DNF,” 4 finishes averaging 16 lengths back)

Ttt El Vago, May 25, Delta, prior to race 8
“muscle lacerations”

Nl Linda Zoomin, May 25, Delta, race 8
“distal limb fracture”

Fast Dash for Credit, June 3, Delta, race 6
“sesamoids fracture”

Squeeky Cat, June 3, Evangeline, race 7
“fracture, disarticulation”

Don’ttakemelightly, June 3, Louisiana, race 1

Built Lika, June 9, Delta, race 8
“hock fracture”

El Jarocho, June 10, Delta, race 6
“suspensory rupture, sesamoids fracture”

Pilototechick, June 17, Delta, race 13
“cannon fracture”

Willieverwin, June 30, Evangeline, race 4

His First Love, July 1, Delta, prior to race 10
“fetlock joint, disarticulated”

Miss Contempt, July 5, Evangeline, race 1
“fracture, instability”

Banging With Stoli, July 7, Delta, race 5
“carpus, open”

The Great Bambina, July 7, Delta, race 10
“carpal fracture”

Tonto’s Sister, July 11, Louisiana, race 7
“fetlock – open, disarticulation”

Steam Burner, August 5, Evangeline, race 6

Chatain’s Tank, August 9, Louisiana, race 6
“complete fetlock luxation – open fracture”

Charm the Lute, August 14, Louisiana, race 3
“complete fetlock luxation – open”

Smokealittlesmoke, August 24, Evangeline, race 4
“distal limb fracture” (13th race of 2017)

Happy High Porto, September 2, Evangeline, race 2

Firstprizelove, September 8, Fair Grounds, race 8
“fetlock disarticulation”

Fast Talkin Man, September 9, Louisiana, race 11
“fetlock fracture”

Cherishabull, September 12, Louisiana, race 1
“fetlock fracture”

Mi Padre, September 16, Louisiana, race 2
“tibia – displaced”

My Man Colton, September 25, Louisiana, race 2
“mid-shaft MCIII – open”

Mps Miss Zaza, October 27, Evangeline, race 8
“MCIII below carpus – open”

Charbonnet, November 2, Delta, race 1
“cannon bone fracture” (first race)

Debbyz Wingz, November 4, Delta, race 4
“cannon/condylar fracture”

Combined, November 18, Fair Grounds, race 8
“carpal fracture”

Toast Him Above, November 21, Evangeline, race 1
“sesamoids – disarticulation, open”

Mesoma, November 23, Fair Grounds, race 9
“MCIII and fetlock fracture”

Wonwonwon, November 24, Delta, race 3
“sesamoids fracture” (first race)

Arsene Wenger, December 2, Evangeline, race 6

Sky Stanza, December 9, Fair Grounds, race 4
“fetlock fracture” (49th race)

Independence B, December 16, Evangeline, race 10
“MCIII – open, displaced”

My Girl Janelle, December 16, Fair Grounds, race 7
“MCIII fracture”

Late Again, December 28, Delta, race 10
“sesamoids, open”


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  1. It is reports like this that remind me that I can’t return to this acitivity. I could use some money, but not if it has blood on it.

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking.
    This is only the minimum amount of causalities because, as Patrick pointed out, the training deaths are not included.
    Furthermore, the deaths on private training centers in Louisiana is plentiful, and also not reported.
    Based on my direct experience, the carnage during training hours was horrific.
    This is when many trainers push their racehorse to the limits, dope it up, and send it out because there’s no oversight during training hours.
    As reported “We do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during training hours as those are more often than not handled between the trainer and their private veterinarian.” How convenient is that??
    Remember those “secret” vet records that I often refer to??
    They are guarded like Ft. Knox because if they had to post them on a public website (as they should) people would be outraged as if this Death List isn’t enough.
    It would be solid evidence that racehorses suffer everyday, in some capacity, to fulfill their role as a profit slave.
    for the billion dollar wagering profits that need to be made for the HBPA and/or wagering companies.
    Most are far removed from the suffering racehorse as it lays in the dirt suffering waiting for a needle to end their life.
    They need numbers, they need their $2 bets, and if that means racehorses dropping dead then so be it.
    They are monsters, but so are the conduits (trainers) who send racehorses out every day knowing that they are risking their life.
    All racehorses, at ALL levels, royally-bred or not, rich or poor – ALL are subjected to doping in some capacity, running while sore, and/or dropping dead in the dirt.
    This is the truth behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner.

  3. I dont bet on racing anymore. Im saving my money to help rescue those who have been shipped to sale auctions for slaughter.

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