Idaho, 2017

Through a FOIA request to the Idaho Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following death there in 2017. Please note, however, that Idaho’s last remaining active racetrack, Les Bois Park, closed in 2016. What’s left are state and county fairs, which had a combined 24 days of racing in 2017.

Chick Cashing Cowboy, May 14, Pocatello, race 7
“horse broke down near the finish line…state vet assisted Fair personnel in loading [horse] into a trailer and it [italics added] was subsequently removed from the track…[vet] collected a blood sample after which he euthanized the horse”

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  1. Forget the blood sample. This horse should’ve been euthanased on the track where he broke down and put out of his misery there and then. Moving a badly injured horse who was going to be euthanased anyway is utterly disgusting. The horse suffers even more when moved. And then traumatized horse has to wait while they get the necessities to do the blood sample and stuff around with that…..are these people for real?
    They don’t like to put a horse down in front of the crowd – not a good look for racing. Too bloody minded to consider that what is best for the horse is the absolute priority. And likely most of the people there would rather a screen go up and bring this horse’s agony to an end. This horse suffered a painful death for their entertainment. And the vets know that they are not to cause more pain to an already severely injured animal.
    This is horseracing.

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