46 More for KIA List – Ohio, 2017

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills there in 2017. (Note: The Commission did not forward what the industry calls “non-racing” deaths. Surely, though, there were plenty of those, too.)

Ruhl Paul, January 3, Mahoning, race 5
multiple fractures – euthanized on track

Jackie Jo, January 7, Mahoning, race 5
(previous two races: last of 11, last of 10 – combined 48 lengths back)

Super Rich, January 10, Mahoning, race 2
(previous five races: combined 102 lengths back)

Judith’s Novel, January 20, Mahoning, training
“broke shoulder”

Kiasma, February 6, Northfield, race 11
“vanned off – euthanized”

Furious Lil Miss, February 13, Mahoning, race 6
“[euthanized] on the racetrack” (chart merely said “went wrong, vanned off”)

Callmeback, March 14, Mahoning, race 8
(60th race)

Johannah Jo, April 5, Mahoning, race 2
“broke down around half mile pole then continued to run half mile; repeated trauma caused ankle to [become] dislocated and destroyed soft tissues; ran to finish line where she was put down on track”

Cobra Kiss, May 13, Thistledown, race 2
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Danika P, May 16, Scioto, race 6
“suffered fracture – euthanized on the grounds”

Greelaterra, May 27, Thistledown, training
“broke [leg] at the wire during work” (two years old, being prepped for first race)

Sentosa Island, June 3, Scioto
“bandaged and trailered from racetrack – euthanized later that night”

Erascritto, June 11, Belterra, race 6
“catastrophic breakdown sesamodian apparatus with luxation of fetlock”

Sky Princess, June 18, Belterra, race 2
(breakdown came a mere 8 days after finishing last – almost 20 lengths back – at Churchill; trainer, Madelyn Royal)

Deliberate Diamond, June 24, Thistledown, training
“horse fractured ankle [at wire] of morning work”

Stef and Me, June 25, Belterra, race 8
“tendon attachment ruptured causing [it] to deviate laterally” (40th race, but third in 16 days – trainer/owner, Daniel O’Hallaron)

Strange Brew, July 8, Belterra, race 6
“severe slab fracture – humanely euthanized” (previous two races: last, last – combined 60 lengths back; trainer/owner, Jac Tomasello)

Crown Domenica, July 12, Thistledown, race 1
“vanned off – euthanized”

Baytown Princess, July 14, Belterra, race 4
“compound, open, complete transverse fracture of both front cannon bones just below the knees” (three previous, and only, races: combined 60 lengths back)

Cherokee Callie, July 14, Belterra, race 5
“closed, compound transverse fracture of pastern”

Leathers Slappin, July 15, Thistledown, race 2
“vanned off – euthanized”

Bobby Z, July 17, Thistledown, race 3
“horse broke ankle at 1/4 pole”

Cold Hearted Shark, July 18, Northfield, race 11
“fractured pastern (multiple, displaced) – he was euthanized on track”

Sonof a Monstercat, July 20, Belterra, race 6
“multiple fractures of the sesamoids as well as subluxation of the fetlock; horse was loaded on ambulance – humanely euthanized”

Evasive Maneuver, July 26, Thistledown, race 6
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Mister Tom Tom, July 26, Thistledown, race 8
“horse fractured limb – [euthanized] on the racetrack” (chart said “walked off”)

Limoges, July 28, Belterra, race 5
“complete, open, compound fracture just above mid-cannon”

Raysunett, August 9, Thistledown, race 5
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Straitouttathefunk, August 12, Thistledown, race 2
“vanned off – euthanized”

Ronson, August 19, Thistledown, race 4
“fractured sesamoids (open, disarticulated) and was euthanized on track”

Dreamy, August 19, Thistledown, race 8
“[euthanized] on the racetrack”

Mizz Quoted, August 23, Thistledown, training
“horse involved in head-on collision during morning training hours; fractured shoulder and was euthanized”

Color Me Blush, August 26, Belterra, race 5
“slab fractures in both the upper and lower row of carpal bones with deviation of accessory carpal bone with drop of fetlock”

Cody Coy, September 6, Northfield, race 10
“vanned off – euthanized”

Lady Lilyann, September 12, Thistledown, race 4
“horse fractured cannon (open, displaced)…euthanized on track”

Zulu Echo, September 15, Belterra, race 5
“multiple fractures [of pastern]…unable to bear weight; the left hock was also lacerated and the joint was exposed (most likely caused by right rear leg when horse was scrambling to recover)”

What’s Up JP, September 20, Thistledown, race 1
“vanned off, euthanized”

Beeswacker, September 26, Thistledown, race 3
“horse fractured ankle and cannon bone (open, displaced)…euthanized on racetrack”

Ouray, September 27, Thistledown, race 4
“horse fractured ankle (open, dislocated) at finish line…euthanized on track”

Tizquick, September 30, Belterra, race 7
“broke from gate and rider immediately tried to pull horse up – sesamoidean fracture with subluxation of fetlock; rider was unable to pull up until middle of first turn – this may have contributed to severity of injury” (this was Tizquick’s third race in 24 days)

Princess Bossy, October 4, Belterra, race 6
(five races leading up to death: combined 88 lengths back)

Ruth’s Lotus, October 30, Mahoning, race 3
“horse fractured both knees at 3/8 pole – euthanized on track”

Granites Peak, November 1, Mahoning, race 8
“horse fractured knee at 1/8 pole and euthanized on track”

Black Jules, November 21, Mahoning, race 4
“horse fractured knee at 1/4 pole and was euthanized on track”

Classic Reward, November 22, Mahoning, race 4
“horse fractured both sesamoids left front ankle with severe displacement and disarticulation of joint”

Jury Wise, December 13, Mahoning, race 6
“fractured left front cannon bone (open, displaced) and right front sesamoid (open)”


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  1. Classic Reward was killed for greed, plain and simple. He was a guaranteed paycheck – and usually a good one. I had known this horse from 3 connections ago, he was beautiful., quirky, but nice. I had tried to obtain this horse off the track as a 9 yo and was turned down. Instead he was run until he was killed. And again – I had heard the break down was “horrible”. I cried for 2 days. It didn’t need to end that way for him but greed and the lust for one more win ruled the day.

    • This is the story of so many of the horses in this business populated by shiftless, soulless individuals operating on a gambling mindset. They gamble with the lives of the horses daily no matter the odds – they do not give a damn when the horse suffers a horrific breakdown and dies in front of them. These people are callous to the extreme and should be held accountable for what they are doing.

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