“Open, Disarticulated Fetlock With MCIII Bone Sticking Out, All Collateral Ligaments Ruptured” – Illinois, 2017

Through a request to the Illinois Racing Board, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017.

Carlientita, February 27, Hawthorne, training
“after work[out], the horse collapsed dead on the track” (last race on September 15, last – 57 lengths back; trainer, Manny Perez; owner, Randy Wientjes)

ZZ Rider, March 31, Hawthorne, race 1
“at the 3/8 pole the horse took a bad step and continued on to 1/4 pole; the horse put its head down and somersaulted on track; examination showed an open, disarticulated fetlock joint with the MCIII bone sticking out; all collateral ligaments ruptured – euthanized on track”

Y Ya Gottabedatway, April 6, Hawthorne, race 7
“open, bilateral sesamoid fractures”

Say It Isn’t True, April 27, Hawthorne, race 5
“at the 1/8 pole the horse fractured the right shoulder; taken by ambulance to designated area and humanely euthanized”

Jackieboy, May 13, Arlington, race 3
“distal medial carpal fracture, complete rupture of ligaments and disarticulation”

Medalquest, May 26, Arlington, race 5
“complete rupture of collateral ligaments – ambulanced to designated area and humanely euthanized”

Tarpon Hanover, June 2, Hawthorne (harness), race 11 (euthanized June 3)
“horse broke down after the race”

Dandyman, June 20, Fairmount, race 3
“broke down at the 5/16 pole” (73rd time under the whip)

Stanley’s Friend, July 2, Arlington, race 4
“broke down at 3/8 – bilateral sesamoids”

Sistriot, July 20, Arlington, prior to race 8
“the horse flipped in the paddock; she had difficulty standing and fell again…taken by ambulance to a barn – found dead in the am”

Permian, August 12, Arlington, race 7
“open, lateral condylar fracture MCIII and bilateral sesamoid fractures”

Just Zip It, September 7, Arlington, race 4
“collapsed after crossing finish line – dead upon exam”

You’re My Favorite, September 16, Fairmount, race 7
“broke down at 5/16 pole – shattered cannon bone – was euthanized at that spot”

Thirsty Girl, September 18, Arlington, training
“trained normally, returned to barn – horse became wobbly…placed in a stall when it collapsed and died”

Princess Izabella, October 11, Hawthorne, race 4
“bilateral sesamoid comminuted fractures”

Ben’s Moment, October 13, Hawthorne, training
“mid-cannon fracture”

Rue Ga Rue, October 21, Hawthorne, training
“bilateral sesamoid fracture”

Dancing Nora, October 27, Hawthorne, race 4
“disarticulated open bilateral fractures – euthanized on track”

Everybodys Hope, November 3, Hawthorne, race 9
“lame, sent home via ambulance – comminuted carpal slab fracture” (5 races coming in: 4 with a combined 85 lengths back, 1 an “eased, DNF”; trainer, Rodolfo Aguilar)

Realta Ean, November 10, Hawthorne, race 6
“open, compound, comminuted fractures” (43rd time under the whip)

Tee At Two, November 13, Hawthorne, training
“MCIII fracture just below the carpus”

Jazzy Sun, November 24, Hawthorne, race 4
“bilateral sesamoid fractures”

Thundergram, December 1, Hawthorne, race 5 (euthanized December 6)
“lateral base sesamoid fractures”

Polar Air, December 12, Hawthorne, training
“while being ponied during training the horse incurred condylar fracture”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Boat Drinks, March 25, Hawthorne
“the horse returned to the track with laminitis in all four limbs – rotated through the sole” (four years old, last raced November 11)

Mongolian Eagle, July 16, Arlington
“eight weeks of ataxia” (two years old, yet-to-be-raced)

Dark Humorista, August 15, Arlington
“cellulitis of foreleg” (eight years old, 52 races, last one June 24)

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