Kill “Mars” Race at Gulfstream; Photos of 3-Year-Old Dying at Mahoning

The 12th at Gulfstream yesterday was a $100,000 Grade 3; given that (and the track itself), it was sure to garner press attention. So, when Equibase reported 6-year-old Send It In as “fell, vanned off,” I knew it wouldn’t take much digging to learn more. The Sun Sentinel: “The race was marred by the breakdown of Send It In on the far turn. Jockey John Velazquez was able to walk away but Send It In had to be euthanized.”


Equibase did, however, provide more detail on the run (his first) of 3-year-old Paiges Magic Man in the 6th at Mahoning: “PAIGES MAGIC MAN bore out sharply at the start, chased outside, went bad into turn, lost the rider and subsequently vanned off after [italics added] being euthanized on the race track.”

Paiges “[going] bad,” about to die…

Finally, 5-year-old Goliath’s Girl “broke down” in the 1st at Golden Gate; “broke down,” for the uninitiated, is racing-speak for dead. Track announcer Matt Dinerman took to Twitter with these gems:

“Frank [the jockey] has been placed on a backboard and has been loaded into the ambulance. Our thoughts are with Frank and the connections of Goliath’s Girl.”

“Jockey Frank Alvarado posted on his Facebook page that he is ‘just bruised and sore.’ Good news to hear as that incident in Race 1 could have been a lot more serious.”

Could have been a lot more serious.” I’m out of adjectives.


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  1. SEND IT IN is another victim of multiple drug violating trainer Todd Pletcher whose had MULTIPLE racehorses DIE under his direct training methods.
    SEND IT IN was, perhaps, running with chronic conditions that were continuously masked with multiple joint injections and/or whatever else they shoved into this horse to keep him going and/or to improve his competitiveness pushing him beyond his limits.
    This is standard operating procedures in most barns, and it results in the extensive death lists herein.
    The owner(s), who pay the vet bills, are complacent and enablers of the dying.
    There will be no justice for Send It In – none – nor will there be any repercussions for TP.
    Both the NY and FL racing commissions will re-license him with no problems whatsoever.
    This is equivalent to giving a drunk driver with multiple DUI’s his drivers license back – high risk for killing more.
    I wonder what Todd tells his children when another one drops dead: “just another one just like the other one?”

  2. Being the now-dead Send It In was raced in the (G3) Hal’s Hope and therefore, his death could not be so easily swept under the rug, some of the “racing folks” took to Twitter to exclaim their “grief”. Oh but under one such tweet, a comment from “Anne”; “…luckily I was not watching racing today. Difficult enough to read about these sad events.” Poor Anne – it’s DIFFICULT for her to READ about a horse dying…for her entertainment, no less.

    And in the comments on the PR piece about the race (again, one can’t really ignore the horse that DIED), this from a Susanne Conway; “Was looking forward to watching [the] replay, but think I will pass.” Well, Susanne, Send It In would have liked to have passed on being made to race, I’m certain…the very least you can do for him is to watch what he had to endure.

    Sickening, selfish bunch.

  3. Please keep reading and most of all, SHARING…we need to do what we can to ensure horseracing is only a part of our nation’s past! – not part of its future!

  4. I”ve given up looking at the PR. The comments of self proclaimed horse loving people make me sick.
    I Choose to be on the right side of horse racing – END IT.

  5. Belterra Racino on the Ohio River has been flooded out.
    Thank goodness for that.
    It’s such a nice thing to see – a racetrack submerged underwater – SHUT DOWN due to flooding.
    My only hope is that it’s swept into the Ohio river because for every single day that it’s not operational, that’s a day when racehorses lives are most likely saved.
    Too bad Del Mar doesn’t get swept into the ocean – closed forever.
    Correction: Death Mar.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the wagering companies provide them with racehorse life vests so that they can go out on the track and swim around it!
    That way, you can see the severed legs, that snap-off, floating down the river.
    It would certainly wash away the blood really fast.
    They are already talking about the “clean-up” to make sure it’s up and running for their April meet.
    Anything to make a buck off the lives of these racehorses – they make me sick – every single one of them!

  6. I started watching horseracing occasionally years ago beginning with the triplecrown won by the great Secretariat. Recently we moved to New Jersey and we began to attend Saratoga racecourse once a year. Then I discovered TVG all racing all the time. I enjoyed watching the beautiful horses parading in the paddock, and picking winners. Then one day early in 2018 I saw a beautiful gray horse, Electric Alphabet, in the parade. I watched during his race as he took a ‘wrong step’ and went down. I waited to hear from the announcer what had happened. No word except that the jockey was ok. That’s when I found your website and confirmed what I dreaded. He had been euthanized. He was 12 years old and still racing? I read comments from your site and realized this was not an occasional thing. I still couldn’t believe it. I watched more, horses kept getting hurt, announcers kept under reacting. The last straw was this weekend. Through sheer luck I did not see the horse collapse at gulfstream. In what other ‘sport’ do you witness death on a daily basis and think that’s acceptable. Do baseball players going for a long fly hit the outfield wall and slump over, dead? We would surely all be horrified. What if a downhill skier lost control and we witnessed her or his detached leg flying down the mountain alone? I don’t think anyone would enjoy that. But horses collapsing at an astonishing rate is ok? Shame on us.

  7. How does a trainer like TP not know that this horse more then likely had an undiagnosed muscular dysfunction or was it the generic old reliable “BAD STEP”let’s ask TP,what comes first the bad step,or the bad body mechanics?DEDICATED.

    • Like all his horses that die TP, most likely, knew about chronic issues going on that was masked with potent drugs.
      TP also knows the system well, and knows that it protects the abusers, and trainers who have multiple racehorses die under their direct training methods.
      Racehorses have been dying under his care for YEARS, and nothing is ever done about it!
      So it’s the entire system that is to blame just as much as he is.
      Even DYING in this business is unaccountable – no repercussions – never has, never will be investigated.
      TP also knows that the vet records are kept SECRET so that nobody will ever be able to prove the daily doping regime that seems to be common operating procedures in his barn, and most all barns.
      It appears that TP risked this racehorses life, and the racehorse lost.
      However, it’s not just TP, but most all of the top trainers have a history of multiple racehorses DYING under their direct training methods and whatever the hell they are doing to them.
      We do know that among TP’s many drug violations he was caught using a powerful anesthetic on racehorses that was equivalent to morphine called mepivicaine.
      He’s using this powerful pain dope to either increase his competitive edge and/or to mask chronic, painful issues of the racehorse in his care or BOTH.
      So he consistently risks a racehorses life with no repercussions when the racehorse dies.
      Like any delusional apologist he claims to “love” racehorses and ensures that the photo ops shows him snuggling up to a horse intensely confined in the stall.
      He “cares” about racehorses – laughable to anybody who sees through the carefully construed image whose underbelly is a trainer who has a history of doping, cheating and/or racehorses dying under his care.

  8. Just for the record.
    I completely disagree with some aspects of this article that claims there are good owners and trainers in this business.
    There are none.
    They all fall into the following categories: 1. abusers. 2. enablers of the abuse. 3. Both.
    These categories don’t qualify for “good” as far as I’m concerned.
    This not includes the owners/trainers, but also anybody who derives their living off of any racehorse essentially turning them into a profit slave and ego booster.
    I agree with Patrick B. when he says that “you can love horse racing, but you can’t love racehorses.”
    Unfortunately, I found this to be accurate, which is why I left.

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