41 Dead “Athletes” in Oklahoma Last Year

A FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission has yielded the following confirmed kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. No immediate cause of death (like what particular bone was shattered) was given. No matter, Killed by Racing will suffice.

Applegate Cove, February 18, Will Rogers, training
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Native Americanqueen, March 1, Remington, training
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Les Wireless, March 1, Remington, training
(one year old, being prepped for first race)

Eagle Bayou, March 11, Remington, race 14
(one year old, first race)

Gold Line Express, March 13, Will Rogers, race 9
(seventh race; in previous six, never finished higher than 5th)

Flyen Low, March 26, Remington, race 5
(one year old, first race)

Big Boi Brother, March 30, Remington, prior to race 3
“injured in barn”

Heros Six, April 6, Remington, race 1
(one year old, first race)

He Talks a Lot, April 15, Remington, race 4
(three years old, first race)

Out the Gate Doin 98, May 6, Remington, race 5

Cassies Dynasty, May 11, Remington, prior to race 8
“injured in paddock” (two years old, was to be her first race)

Jess Open Up, May 12, Remington, race 6
(two years old, second race)

Vf Bigtime Stanley, May 12, Remington, race 11
(two years old, second race)

Cartel Time, May 13, Remington, race 10
(two years old, third race)

A.P. Brannigan, May 15, Will Rogers, race 11

Ruth, May 16, Will Rogers, race 9
(5-year-old mare, second race)

This Flights Flyin, May 28, Remington, race 11

Favorite Star, June 1, Remington, race 3

No Secret Anywhere, June 2, Remington, race 12
(two years old, second race)

Sixiest, June 11, Fair Meadows, race 11
(two years old, fourth race)

Save Dixie Faith, June 17, Fair Meadows, race 1

Flowing Snow Fury, June 21, Fair Meadows, prior to racing
(two years old, was to be her first race)

Senator Josy, July 26, Fair Meadows, race 12
(two years old, first race)

Eos Firewater, July 28, Fair Meadows, race 12

Okie Ride, August 9, Remington, training
(ten years old)

Comisky’s Sister, August 26, Remington, race 6
“found deceased in stall” (after finishing second)

Aria, September 9, Remington, race 6

Shatterenthestars, September 16, Remington, race 6
(two years old, fifth race)

Vestibule, September 21, Remington, race 5

Bv Im in a Hurry, September 22, Will Rogers, race 6
(two years old, fifth race)

Warair, September 22, Will Rogers, race 9 (died October 12)
“found deceased in stall” (two years old)

El Capitan, September 29, Will Rogers, race 8
(two years old, fifth race)

Little Ginger, October 4, Remington, race 8
(first race back after being “vanned off” in December 2015)

Sundance Flyer, October 5, Remington, race 3
(most previous race, in August: last, 35 lengths back)

Colonel Slewie, October 5, Remington, race 8
(most previous race, in September: 9th of 11, 21 lengths back)

Donnie’s Cool Cat, October 7, Remington, race 4

Warning Sign, October 11, Remington, race 4

Silver of Oz, October 26, Remington, race 8

Wicked Is Good, November 25, Remington, race 4

Tanner’s Popsicle, December 1, Remington, race 4
(coming off consecutive last-place finishes)

Paynterly, December 8, Remington, race 5
(two years old, second race; first race: last, 31 lengths back)

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