“Pulled Up, Euthanized” at Charles Town, “Bled Profusely From Nostrils” at Mahoning

From the Equibase account of the 7th at Charles Town last night: “BRENDA J broke in and bumped Bip Bop Boo at the start then gave chase well off the pace on the outside, lost hind end action and was pulled up at the five-sixteenths pole, and was euthanized.” Dead. She was three; this was her 7th time under the whip.

Also – in the 3rd at Mahoning, this: “SUNSHINE’S SON BOB was no factor and pulled up through the stretch and bled profusely from nostrils and subsequently vanned off.”

“Bled profusely from nostrils.” No word on his condition.

This is horseracing.


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  1. disgusting industry why would anyone want to watch these beautiful horses pushed to the limit until they bleed through there noses or break there young soft bones in there legs I HATE HORSE RACING WITH A PASSION wish it was banned 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • Surely that is possible…the industry recognizes every horse as being born on january 1st of every year…..being that majority of horses are started at 12 to 18 months old alot of them will race before they truely turn 2 yrs old…..

      • I have a mare that was foaled the end of May and she had her 1st start in April when she had not turned 2. And, of course, she was in full training for several months prior to that.

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