19 Dead Racehorses at Canterbury Park Last Year

The Minnesota Racing Commission regarding my FOIA request:

I have received your FOIA request for racehorse deaths in Minnesota for the 2017 race meets. Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Laws prevent us from disseminating any other identifying information. Canterbury Park: Total of 19; Racing Related: 13; Training Related: 4; Illness Related: 2.

Please note that the reported 2017 Canterbury death toll (again, 19 – in 67 days of racing) is more than the previous two years combined. How’s that for progress?

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  1. There is no honor in horse racing. I wish Congress would take the time to investigate this improper way to make money. I hope those against horse racing will come out to be the majority someday.

    • Keep sharing and educating, Richard, and our movement will keep growing. We are also looking for advocates willing to hold a peaceful demonstration outside a racetrack in their community to help educate about the cruelty and death that is horseracing. We at Horseracing Wrongs help demonstrators with materials such as leaflets and signs as well as social media support and protest guidelines to ensure a successful outcome for the horses. Every single person can help. Thank you for your support. Nicole Arciello, Vice President, Horseracing Wrongs

  2. 19 deaths of horses in 2017 is twice the number of the previous 2 years. The FOIA says the Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Laws prevent any further dissemination information.

    Why is this cruelty not against the law. Oh wait could it be because of greed. Oh surely not. SERIOUSLY!!! whose palms are being greased

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