“Went Wrong, Euthanized” Back-To-Back

Parx has recorded kills in back-to-back days and the descriptions on the Equibase charts are remarkably similar. In the 2nd Monday, 3-year-old My Cotton Jones “went wrong on the final turn and was euthanized.” In the 9th yesterday, 6-year-old Wind Spirit “went wrong at the quarter pole and was subsequently euthanized.” Two more dead horses, at a single track, on consecutive days. How long, America? How long?


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  1. Look at all the charts just for monday and tuesday they tell a very clear disturbing story…….these horses are running for their lives and anybody who participates in this game and is somewhat knowledgeable about horse racing has no damn excuse for any of it…..oh these horse love to run thats what they are bred for….im just so sick of your outright lies…..how long will this go on well as long as the human race will put up with it and accept……and these people will do whatever they have to to keep the racing going and the greased wheel turning this is an industry and a buissness one at that no part of this is for the horse none of it

  2. Yes, Billy – thank you for telling it like it is. And the “they love to run”? – then LET them!…of their own free will, with their own herds and in their own pastures!

  3. Monday race 4……….MOTHERLAND, outside and just off pace, stopped and was ridden back lame…….trainer martin woodhouse….owner lauren horan….look these people up same connections from FINDING CANDY and a bunch of others that will meet the same fate……the jock….silvestre gonzalez same jackass guy that whipped a broke down horse to the finish and claimed he was unaware of the injury was never on a injured horse he said……well guy i have a question for you what in the hell is your excuse this time???? Ridden back lame…what kind of horse loving professtional rides back a lame horse who the hell allows their horse to be ridden back like that i could go on for days just in this state about the careless actions from everyone jock trainer track commission there all guilty as could be and these same people will sit back and claim how much they loved that horse and how it was such an unfortuate accident……..lies and deception thats all this industry has

    • Billy, i remember that SILVESTRE GONZALEZ incident. Continuing to ride that horse with a broken limb was horrendous. He was aware and had the audacity to deny it. And there was that bloke in a position of power at that track (think his name was Ellis) who, in response to the outcry by so many, supported this mongrel of a jockey…completely dismissed the inexcusable suffering of that seriously injured horse who was suffering excruciating pain and indescribable fear. SICKENING!
      And yes the lies, Billy. They make a pathetic attempt to cover up the animal cruelty. They are pure evil.

      • https://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/pennsylvania-regulators-keep-racing-public-in-the-dark/…….for the ones that dont remember or never knew……the name of the guy in power is sam elliot hes the racing director at parx racing…….you say horse racing makes a pathetic attempt to cover up the animal cruelty……your kind of wrong here i see your view point but racing goes to great lengths to hide their truth from the public they dont want us to know the truth or even consider what they are doing is wrong……they try their best to hide all of this and have always thougbt this way……the only reason they cant hide is because well the truth is out its just not out in the mainstream public as of yet truth be told not many people even care about horse racing in general so to look into things to see the truth is very unheard of in my experiences

  4. And then they say “God bless our riders” as horses are killed left and right and “our riders” are blessed as they continue to ride a severly injured horse.
    And the fact that little sadist jockey is still allowed to ride just re enforces how bad racing is and how badly it needs to be SHUT DOWN.

    • Jockeys are looked at just like the horses are……next one up your all replaceable…..im not making excuses for them by any means but its like this you wanna make money you ride if you dont wanna make money you dont…..for every one jock that wont ride a horse there are 3 more that will take their place its every bit as cutthroat as the rest of the game……but it does make me wonder how many know about these horses issues and will ride anyway regardless seen and heard enough to not think different then what i do

  5. Horse racing exploits both horses, and humans.
    It’s a modern day slavery ring complete with whips, and non-consenting slaves.
    They chew you up, and spit you out when they can no longer exploit you, and I speak from experience.
    It’s an entire system of abuse with about 10% of people controlling the money.
    The continuous dying of these racehorses are so disturbing, and qualifies for Felony Animal Cruelty charges in any other setting.
    Shame on anybody who supports/participates in these egregious inhumane acts on voiceless, non-consenting racehorses.
    You are racehorse killers, and you should be held accountable.
    You think otherwise, but you are all delusional.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died.

  6. I feel sorry for the same horses they run every week they should be given a rest of atleast 4 to 6 weeks the vets should examine these horses before they run to see if they are sound enough to race so soon and about the jocks that whip them whe theu are hopelessly last

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