50th Race the Deadly One for Sing the Dream; 4-Year-Old Killed at Golden Gate

In the 5th at Aqueduct yesterday, 7-year-old Sing the Dream, under the whip for the 50th time, “fell heavily” (Equibase) and was euthanized where he lay. He is the third dead racehorse on NYRA tracks this month.

On the other coast, the Golden Gate stewards report this for January 14: Nick A.D. Mass “worked 1/2 mile then was pulled up after the finish line and later euthanized due to severity of injury sustained.” He was four.

This is horseracing.


  1. SING THE DREAM (STD): a lifetime of abuse, and inhumane treatment at the hands of this repulsive business.
    NICK A.D. MASS (NM) didn’t even make it to the races according to the Equibase charts.
    Furthermore, this gelding just turned 5 under the TB rules!! It almost seems like he was pulled out of a field.
    This is a multi-billion dollar industry that exploits, and regularly kills racehorses for wagering profits because the horrific daily operations that ALL racehorses at ALL levels are subjected to is, more or less, a road map to maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
    The death facts are nasty inconveniences for them.
    This industries response to racehorses being maimed and/or dropping dead in the dirt is to cover it up, mask it, keep the delusion to the public intact as much as possible.
    Absolutely vile, and anybody who supports this is a delusional apologist, racehorse abuser, and/or enabler of this abuse and/or dying.

  2. 50th race. Stop the breeding. Stop the bleeding! End horseracing. It’s going to happen. The public will learn the truth. RIP all those that have died and saddness for all those that continue to endure this abuse for greed and a $2 dollar bet. Pathetic. Shameful.

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