Worse: There Were Two Horses Killed in the 2nd at Charles Town Thursday

The vileness at Charles Town Thursday was worse than I originally reported. Yes, a horse “appeared injured and was vanned off” in the 1st and another “fell and [was] euthanized” in the 2nd. But I missed one and for that, I apologize. Also in that 2nd race, 3-year-old Time to Shine, after “[showing] no response to steady encouragement” (whipping, that is), “collapsed post race and had to be euthanized.” So, that’s (at least) two dead “athletes” on the abbreviated night.

Read in its entirety, the Equibase account of the 2nd should strike a chord:

“TIME TO SHINE pressured the pace three wide, dropped back leaving the quarter pole, bore out into the stretch, showed no response to steady encouragement, collapsed post race and had to be euthanized. DOMINIC THE QUICK chased the pace toward mid track, showed no response in the three and four paths of the turn, lugged in through the lane, was injured and fell nearing the wire and had to be euthanized.”

How is this even remotely acceptable in 21st Century America?


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  1. How many horses have to die before law-makers ban this premeditated cruelty. Horses are knowingly pushed beyond their limits. These are unnecessary deaths and needs to be outlawed. Let these poor horses be free to enjoy their lives, not line the pockets of the greedy

  2. The only reason why this Romanesque-style blood bath, called horse racing, is permitted to continue is because participants, supporters, and politicians.
    It’s so unfortunate that our politicians, paid for by taxpayers, continue to support this business with million dollar tax breaks, and/or corporate welfare.
    I dream of the day when every single race track shutters its doors so that no more racehorses can be imprisoned, maimed, and/or killed for this vile business.
    Until then, I will be a voice for these racehorses, I will share my experience/stories, and hopefully somebody out there will be exposed to what goes on behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner.
    Thank-you Patrick, Nicole, and all HRW supporters for providing this educational forum, and facts.

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