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Through a FOIA request to the Montana Department of Commerce, I have confirmed the following kill in that state in 2017. Please note, however, that Montana has one of the lightest racing schedules in the nation. In addition, the document came with this introduction: “Below is the information that was pieced together pursuant to your request.” Sounds as if accounting for its racehorses is not a Treasure State priority.

Rozaman, July 22, Great Falls, race 1
“[fatal] injury occurred at the finish of race”

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  1. in addition to the regular death of horses, I also count the number of dead jockeys. Once I watched a video of a car and a horse running down a road. The woman was talking about how the horse can accelerate from zero to 45mph in 2.5 seconds. This makes me think jockeys are not too smart. AFter all there is any seat belt for the jockey. I don’t think any horse should be made to run so fast. Patrick I thank you for this site. I will never go back to horseracing.

  2. Amazing points Richard.
    Most all jockeys now are immigrants from Mexico whose choices are limited due to citizenship process, lack of education, skills and/or other factors.
    So even though it is a choice, that’s debatable in most circumstances just like the stable personnel.
    The racehorses are voiceless, non-consenting beings caught up in this macabre quagmire.
    This is a dangerous business.
    It’s not unlike SeaWorld whose trainers got banned from working around dangerous, unpredictable animals that are frustrated, most likely, due to their exploitation.
    Horse racing is no different.
    I know of 10 very experienced trainers, exercise riders, and/or stable personnel who died and/or were maimed for life from working around racehorses.
    Both the moral, and financial costs are endless.
    For what??
    For racehorses to run in circles for 2 minutes while generating billions in profit.
    It’s insanity.
    It’s not only an antiquated business model, but a bad business model as well.

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