Whipped to a Last-Place, 32-Lengths-Back Finish

Penn National again

In the 6th last night, the chartwriter reports this: “MO MON’S COPYCAT…came up tired and appeared to be eased down the stretch but was being whipped through the eighth pole then steadily eased from there.” “Being whipped,” that is, to a last-place, 32-lengths-back finish. The 6-year-old’s most recent eight races going in:

November 19 (2016), Parx – 7th (“For Sale” at $5,000 prior to race)
December 4, Parx – 9th, 20+ lengths back (“For Sale” at $5,000 prior to race)
January 31 (2017), Parx – last, 22+ lengths back (“For Sale” at $5,000 prior to race)
February 16, Penn – last, 33 lengths back (“For Sale” at $4,000 prior to race)
August 11, Laurel – 6th (“For Sale” at $6,500 prior to race)
September 10, Laurel – 9th (“For Sale” at $7,500 prior to race)
October 6, Laurel – 8th (“For Sale” at $6,500 prior to race)
November 13, Laurel – 7th (“For Sale” at $4,500 prior to race)

Again, yesterday: last, 32 back (and “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to). (trainer/owner for first four races: Luis Carvajal Jr; next three: Aparna Battula; current: Wayne Potts)

This is vile. This is horseracing.


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  1. We talk a lot about trainers and owners and managers, but we don’t often speak about the unspeakable cruelty of some jockey’s. When mum worked as a bookie in the UK, there was an extremely well-known jockey named Lester Piggott. She always said he was a right bastard, always ready to use the whip and yank on the mouth. This headline made me feel sick and – coward that I am – I stopped reading. Mo Mons Copycat deserves so much better than this, they all do…it makes my heart hurt.

    • I never stop reading. The truth is where the truth is and sometimes it’s at the racetrack. Vile, disgusting where scum bags hang out.

  2. JOCKEY: angel r rodriguez….which also happens to be penns leading rider…the disgusting ways of this place continue….look at every race from last night, every night for that matter eased tired spent weakened far back outrun….theres always horses 15 20 30+ lenghts back all the time jockeys in the post parade knowing they have no chance but that horse will still run because they get paid through last place, same as the jock because its their paycheck….nobody bothers with its the horses life just hey its what their born and bred to do……public outrage is the only way because as much as the feds are through that place, what peta stands for the humane society and the racing commission for all that has been brought to light i find it absolutely pathetic on what is being done…look right now with SILENT RULER the only reason that suspension was changed is public outrage… the tracks and commissions were called out and only then did they take action…for years on end bad things have been going on out there and the only person ive ever heard speak out publicly about is kathryn papp….nobody from the inside cares about the horses they care about the money as we know.

  3. Dr Phillip Swann a distinguished racing veterinarian wrote two books in the 1980s in relation to racehorse training and factors that affect poor performance. In one of them he wrote: “The ‘pain barrier’ to human athletes is well known and the whip encourages the horse through the ‘pain barrier’. However, pain has a purpose, in that it is nature’s warning to the athlete that further exertion could cause physical damage not only in terms of increased internal bleeding but also in terms of damaged tendons and muscles. The most effective way to eliminate this factor which causes internal bleeding is to ban whips in both training and racing.”

    • It looks like Australia has the same problems the US has.No central authority for regulation or monitoring. Too early start in training of horses.No open reporting or listing of medications or procedures that have been used on horses in the past etc.We have ALWAYS never used and disliked the use of tongue ties,lip chains, twitches.Unfortunately in our state to pass a trainers test you are forced to demonstrate the use of a tongue tie as part of the competency exam! We have never taken one and glad we did not try now that we know what this gamboling business is all about! In the beginning we made MANY mistakes when teaching young horses to gallop and had them work on too hard a track surface thereby having EVERY young horse shin bucked! Luckily none of those horses suffered any permanent injury. Later when we knew better we were able to teach other young horses to gallop properly without any leg injuries or swelling. We are indebted to those first horses who taught us the proper ways of teaching other horses to be ridden. We have NEVER used whips. spurs, tongue ties or stock saddles to teach a young horse to be ridden. We appreciate the link Carolyn above you provided as it has many interesting subjects within it. We wish others within the equine industry would take more time with the horses they train for others to ride and utilize more positive conditioning in their training.

      • Joan and Fred, just to mention that we do have a national authority, Racing Australia. We have national rules and although they’re simply not good enough to protect the horse, there is the advantage that every racehorse in Australia comes under the same rules e.g. a horse bleeds, embargo placed – cannot race for 3 months. Trainer takes horse over the border into another state, however, cannot race the horse because of the national rules. I believe it’s different in the USA.
        I’ve been concerned about a TEN YEAR (10) OLD MARE for a while now. Back in April, I wrote to the relevant racing authorities plus the Minister for Racing and the RSPCA. She had been racing for almost 8 years, was looking light in condition pre-race (imo) and was performing poorly coming home last or second last and earning prizemoney ($500 for coming last in one instance). Although I got a response to say that she would be pre and post race vetted, she was allowed to continue racing. I lodged a formal complaint when I saw that she was whipped when not in contention which is in breach of our whip rules. Subsequently, the jockey was charged and reprimanded (a slap on the wrist). Back in April, her trainer (also a part owner) declared to the stewards that she would be going to the breeding barn at the end of the year – so it was like, oh well she’ll be finished with soon, she can race til then. The other day, she raced poorly and weakened noticeably in the straight. I felt sick in the stomach. She pulled up bleeding profusely from both nostrils. And although she was not whipped when out of contention she was still whipped during that race which was her ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTH (105th) race start.
        Just imagine how she must’ve felt when whipped every time she raced. It’s so SICK!

    • Thank you for that correction.So sad that the mare your following can`t escape after racing 105 times!! That poor mare should have LOTS of time off to just be a horse. Not just to be bred and become another part of the racing profit creation machine.It is SICK to allow a horse to remain in training after such a profuse bleeding experience.In our NW US state the rules are not enforced well enough either. We have seen horses raced after under going shock wave therapy everyday for two weeks up to and including the day that mare broke both legs in the second race on the final day of the meet many years ago. That trainer and his wife still are training right now at our local track. The therapy is not to be used within 30 days of a race according to our states rules. But of course the trainer had his own machine and his wife owned the horse.The poor mare of course died right on the track as a four year old. Sad indeed! Wish we had half of those rules here!

  4. Ban whips and publish the names of the sorry jockeys, trainers, and owners who repeatedly abuse the defenseless. Make the perpetrators of this vile carnage as despised and hated by the public and their families as they are by the horses. Pressure on the entire dirty industry.

  5. There are whipping violations taking place all over the world.
    Let me be clear: for a jockey to be fined for whipping it’s usually an excessive repeated beating on a horse that is so obviously in distress.
    The jockey’s fines are usually dismal, and any days ordered-off are usually fulfilled during OFF days of racing.
    They get a slap on the wrist and back at it again.
    If this was done in any other setting they would be charged with animal cruelty.
    It’s usually the same jockeys that beat the horses, get fined, and do it again.
    It’s also usually the top jockeys that repeatedly beat/whip horses.
    Just like it’s the top trainers that have multiple drug violations, and multiple racehorses who die under their care.
    Folks, this entire industry is legitimized animal cruelty conducted under the guise of “sport,” or “entertainment.”
    Recently, one of the top jockeys in the world Dettori beat the living daylights out of a racehorse.
    I watched the replay and it’s horrific.

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