Another Kill at Mahoning; Whip Drives Horse Over Rail at Gulfstream

The Equibase chart note for Jury Wise in the 6th at Mahoning yesterday: “trailed into the turn, fell midway on the turn and was euthanized.” Jury Wise was a 7-year-old mare who was being raced for the 44th time; she was worth $5,000 the day she died.

This note comes from the 6th at Gulfstream last Thursday: “SHANGHAI JEWEL continued clear unasked along inside upper stretch, rider went to uncock right handed whip, [the 2-year-old horse] shied when doing so, bounced off inside then fell over rail, lost rider, caught by the outrider and walked off after race.”

“…rider went to uncock right handed whip, shied when doing so, bounced off inside then fell over rail…” But the whip is just a harmless guide, right? Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. No one loved her. 44 races @ 7. The whip finally did it. RIP, Jury Wise. (How do they come up with those cold names? She wasn’t a boat!)

  2. As a 30-year veteran of the horse racing world, a former breeder, owner, and exercise rider… And as a life-long show jumping equestrian … I have one thing to say, and you can quote me on this… “Take the fucking whips away, anyone who requires a whip to handle a horse … illustrates reason enough why that person should NEVER be allowed near a horse. ” ~Susan Kayne.

    • We like you are a veteran and ex -participant in the racing business. We started in 1977 and left in July 2005. We have taught many breeds of horses to accept being ridden by people. We NEVER used whips or spurs or a stock saddle or had a let er buck style of teaching a horse to be ridden. We have also had the fastest workout time of the day at our local track with another owners horse without use of a whip! They are not needed! If you have a good relationship with a horse, we have found they will do most anything you ask as long as it is not to stupid a task for them to do. The owner / trainer to this day does not know how we did accomplished that very fast workout with his horse. We explained to him it was all about the relationship between human and horse. As we told him and others at the track,love and passion! The only people who seemed to understand was the 70+ outrider and his barn crew who equally loved and respected their horses. Jim and his crew saved the hides of MANY STUPID trainers / riders from foolhardy stunts they attempted on and at our local track such as galloping a horse with the riders broken leg in a cast! We left after seeing exercise riders having to BEG for better / safer bridles / reins when galloping horses in the mornings from very wealthy owners/ trainers who had more than enough money to provide safe equipment! We also felt those young women riders were taken terrible advantage of as we were also along with the horses who many times were poorly prepared for riding let alone racing. Make no mistake racing is strictly a money / gamboling business. We did not realize this very well when we first started and at first thought it was about developing a horses talents which of course in reality is not a very high priority at the levels of racing we have in the northwest.

  3. “Take the fucking whips away…”
    Indeed, but this entire cruelty ring, death camp for racehorses, and corruption pit needs to be taken away down into the deep dirt where too many racehorses die.
    Then all the VILE operating procedures of such a horrific business will be obsolete as it should be.
    Furthermore, the “good folks” in horse racing – you know the ones that dope, beat/whip, cheat, maim, dump at kill auctions and/or kill racehorses (deliberately or otherwise) can crawl into the empty stalls and beg for food like many of the low level claimers seem to do on a daily basis as evidenced by their protruding ribs that they just don’t seem to see!
    Of course we will try to put a few wood chips on the stall floor for them just like they do for the racehorses.
    In the meantime, while they continue to convince the ignorant masses that the racehorses are treated royally we can educate those who are compassionate enough to stop supporting this legitimized animal cruelty.

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