“Heart Attack” Fells 4-Year-Old; Fanciful Angel’s “Freak” Death Caps “Rough Week”

The official line (Equibase chart) for Chambord Lace in the 5th at Mahoning Monday was decidedly grim: “back early with bad action to turn, fell 3/16 pole from an apparent heart attack and was vanned off.” In fact, I have confirmed, she is dead from that “heart attack,” at four – an equine adolescent. This was Chambord’s 23rd time under the whip; prior to dying, she was “For Sale” at $5,000.

Fanciful Angel, five, is dead from a “freak stall accident” at the Palm Meadows Training Center in Florida. We know this because FA was a Grade 1-level Thoroughbred and $.5 million-earner; the racing publications take note of such passings. In announcing the death on Twitter, bloodstock agent Bradley Weisbord said: “Sad to report we lost FANCIFUL ANGEL yesterday in a freak stall accident… Rough week in the sport.”

“Rough week in the sport”? Mr. Weisbord, every week is a rough (on the animals, that is) one in your alleged sport: Killed, 2014; Killed, 2015; Killed, 2016; Killed, 2017.


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  1. Horse racing isn’t a “sport.” It’s a system of abuse for money— plain and simple. They murder horses that aren’t as lucrative as the
    owners want. Where are all the animal protective societies in all of this? Make it stop!

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