NY: 121 Dead Racehorses in 2017

Fusaichi Red’s chart line (Equibase) in the 8th yesterday at Aqueduct: “chased five wide coming under coaxing at the five-sixteenths, swung six wide for home, took a bad step in the vicinity of the eighth pole, was immediately protected and eased up but tragically had to be euthanized on track.”

“…but tragically had to be euthanized on track.” For $2 bets. For entertainment. Fusaichi Red was five years old; this was her 22nd time under the whip.

Also in NY: The Gaming Commission reports that Lucky Sugar “suffered a fracture to her right front leg breezing [yesterday] and was euthanized on the [Belmont] track.” Lucky Sugar was two and had already been raced twice.

New York can now boast 121 dead racehorses at its tracks in 2017. This for a purportedly progressive state. Sad, and intolerable. End horseracing. Now.


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  1. Time to stop thorobred horse racing completely. Gone are the days when owners and trainers loved horses. They loved their horses enough not to push them to death. This is a disgrace and these people are a disgrace who push their horses to death for the almighty dollar. DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR HUMANS

  2. “…but tragically had to be euthanized on the track”.
    I wonder what the NY Gaming Commission thinks about the other 120 + dead racehorses in the state this year. That is a lot of “tragedies” to reconcile.
    The real tragedy here is what this gambling business does to countless horses and acts like they care in some instances. We know they do not

  3. So sorry for all racehorses who died horrific deaths while writhing in the dirt on NY tracks.
    There’s a lot of other dead racehorses who died on tracks, in 2016, while not racing.
    Take for example, Puerto Rico.
    What happened there was completely preventable and avoidable.
    The PR TB rescue group was immediately sending out Tweets directly to members of the horse racing industry begging for assistance.
    Right after Hurricane Maria the rescue stated that all but 4 racehorses could be saved ONLY IF the horse racing industry immediately sent funds and/or assistance.
    True to industry form the assistance was minimal certainly not enough to save many more who died while standing in manure up to their knees, with no access to clean water, feed and/or hay for WEEKS!
    This was all going on while sales auction houses like Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton was boasting about their billion dollar profits.

    So now 46 active racehorses died at San Luis Rey Training Center in California.
    This is one of those private training centers who will not confirm who presently owns it!


    I can tell you with utmost detail what I encountered there back in 2005 when I was working as an Assistant Steward for the CHRB.
    We had received numerous complaints from the upscale neighborhood surrounding this training center due to horses breaking their legs and suffering in the dirt for HOURS due to a non-functional equine “ambulance” that was on the grounds.
    I also noted that the closest vet hospital was at least 45 minutes away not taking into consideration traffic.
    So any racehorse breaking down on that track would be inevitably subjected to massive pain, and suffering especially since there was no vet on the grounds for most of the day. This is not a mandatory requirement on private training centers as it is on racetracks.

    I was sent out to investigate and their complaints were substantiated.
    Frank Stronach’s Magna “Entertainment” had owned the facility for 6 months, were made aware of this issue during the purchase of the center t the paper trail, and nothing had changed at that point which resulted in additional racehorses suffering when breaking down – either career-ending or catastrophic.
    This is the same organization who presently withholds the names of racehorses breaking down and/or dropping dead in the dirt on most all of his racetracks.
    In addition, there seems to be collusion with pro-horse racing entities in order to eliminate sections of race replay videos that show a racehorse going down in the dirt – absolutely VILE!

    I even have in my notes, which I have since reviewed, that there was no EMERGENCY EVACUATION procedures in place, and I even put that in my report including considerations for earthquakes and/or wildfires.
    I had consulted with a geologist who said that the center was particularly vulnerable due to its geographical position in California.
    I provided recommendations to Magna ordering that these recommendations be immediately implemented including a functional, more contemporary equine ambulance given the distance of 45 miles to the closest vet hospital it was even more imperative that this be immediately rectified.
    Whether it was the fact that I was a woman in a male dominated business that regularly discriminates against woman or otherwise the ramifications were swift.
    I was actually denied access to the stable area of Santa Anita citing this report, and I was a racing official!!
    I interpreted this response to my report as deeply ingrained corruption or operating with total impunity or both.
    The upper level racing officials on the CHRB did absolutely nothing to back me up.
    I knew that my tenure there would be short lived because the minute you try to implement positive change that protects the racehorses then you become a target especially within a system that regularly abuses racehorses.
    At least that was what I experienced there, and I could no longer rationalize what exactly I was upholding.

    It’s now 2017, and 46 racehorses have just died because, I believe, there was no EMERGENCY EVACUATION PROCEDURES in place.
    There could not have been because nobody seemed to sanction every available horse trailer in the area??!!!
    NO it seems because several trainers even stated that they were waiting for the last minute because they didn’t think the fire would reach them or something like that even after they were repeated warned by authorities to evacuate the area!

    I’m convinced that had an EVACUATION PLAN been in place, had the industry immediately responded with horse vans then they would have been saved.
    I bet that absolutely NO investigation by the CHRB will be conducted, and no charges will be laid.
    I would even go so far to say that even this tragedy will not make the necessary changes that I ordered way back in 2005.

    The usual pro-horse racing comments about how upset, and sad the apologists are over the 46 racehorses dying, but I have one question for all of you delusional animal abusers:


    You all absolutely sicken me!

  4. Another secret, and mysterious death at yet another Frank Stronach/Magna “Entertainment” private training center known as Palm Meadows in Florida.
    With multiple racehorses who have already died under his care, top trainer Chad Brown, announced that multiple stake placed winner FANCIFUL ANGEL died in his stall.
    FA earned over $560,000, and was probably insured for at least that much.
    However, being a gelding his stallion career was not plausible.
    Nevertheless, the cause of his death was NOT disclosed!!
    Furthermore, we will never know if FA had some serious physical issues that would deny his connections future earnings because the medical records remain secret in this industry.
    A nice tidy profit at the expense of yet another racehorse life.
    Absolutely VILE, and nefarious as well.
    This is horse racing.

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