Collapsed and Dead at Remington; A “Bad Step” Kill at Los Alamitos

In the 4th at Remington Friday, the chartwriter (Equibase) had Tanner’s Popsicle as “stopped badly, pulled up, collapsed, vanned off.” We now know that the 5-year-old is dead – with two different sources calling it a “heart attack.” Tanner’s had been under the whip just nine days prior, finishing last in a claiming race at Churchill.

We can also confirm that 3-year-old Chidamac is dead after “[taking] a bad step” in the 8th at Los Alamitos Friday. In its article relaying the kill, the Los Angeles Times notes that initially that race’s replay wasn’t shown at the track, and when it finally was, it had been edited – unpleasantries removed. Questioning this, the writer was told by a CHRB official that policy was changed some years back because (in the understatement of the day) “they felt showing replays of accidents over and over was not a good idea.” Chidamac was coming off a last, 20+ lengths back at Del Mar in November (and an 11th of 12 before that).

This is horseracing.


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  1. ALL racehorses count.
    From the lower level claimers to the upper levels they are all sentient beings whom are voiceless, and non-consenting during their horrific life as a racehorse.
    Take for example, TANNER’S POPSICLE.
    What happened to this 5 year old gelding is nothing short of blatant animal cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment.
    Sold into slavery as a yearling; he generated $45,000 in profit for his connections at the Texas sale.
    He most likely was sent directly into training long before his muscoskeletal system was developed.
    I say this because he shows up at the 2 year old in training sale in Maryland where he RNA’d for $70,000.
    He shows up at Ellis Park running his debut just over 2 years old under a trainer who has a shady record (like they most do in order to stay in this vile business) W. Calhoun.
    Well here is where it gets really interesting as most of us supporters on this blog know: MAGGI MOSS rearing her ugly head again as she claimed Tanner’s Popsicle for $15,000.
    He miraculously starts performing – true to Maggi Moss PP’s – earning over $200,000 for Ms. Moss.
    Then he stops performing, and true to Maggi Moss yet again the DUMPING starts.
    He’s claimed for $62,500 to Trainer J.R. Caldwell. CHA-CHING so added to his earnings Ms. Moss pulls down just under $300,000 for a horse she claimed for 15,000.
    Minus the alleged multiple injections, doping, and whatever else is in the kitchen sink her profit was made off the life of Tanner’s Popsicle.
    Under his Equibase banner it is proudly announced that he(was) is a “Stake-Placed” winner!
    Wow – how amazing is that?
    Yet, Tanner’s Popsicle most likely endured a life of needles in and out of probably every joint they could find and when Ms.Moss made her money it was time to DUMP him and move onto her next victim.
    Now, here’s an equally part of this disturbing part of this entire scenario.
    Ms.Moss claims to be a “champion” of racehorse aftercare – laughable!
    The industry praises her as such a “caring” and “loving” owner of her racehorses.
    Most of us know that this is yet another delusion coming from this despicable industry because, in the end, Ms. Moss is not unlike any other person who exploits racehorses for profit.
    Prior to dying he ended up in several hands going from barn to barn.
    Typical life of a racehorse with back class, but he was probably burnt out by the time Ms. Moss and her connections were done making money off of him.
    They probably used every joint they could and any dope they could to make their money, and they ALL make me sick.
    TANNER’S POPSICLE deserved a safe, and decent retirement.
    Instead, he DIED in the dirt for this repulsive business.
    Shame on you Ms. Moss and anybody who participates in this mayhem, carnage, animal abuse, and dying.

  2. Of course, the videos of the falls need to be shown over and over on sports newscasts on the evenings news, daily!!

  3. Here’s another typical scenario going on in racing:

    This is what we know about, but I’m sure there are plenty more racehorses in stalls suffering as I write this.
    Please know that the horse racing industry keeps their medical records/treatments SECRET.
    No outside neutral agency or neutral vet (one not making money off this vile business) can scrutinize either the racehorses or the medical records.
    There is NO WAY in knowing exactly what is going on, but when situations like this are exposed we do know that egregious acts of animal cruelty are being perpetrated on these racehorses every single day!

    Then there is the Humane Society.
    They make me sick especially when it comes to the horse racing industry because their President Wayne Purcell actually supports this animal cruelty if you can believe that!!
    So they didn’t lay any charges!!
    In any other setting in America there would have been Felony Animal Cruelty charges and neglect charges.

    Of course these animal abusers can always rely on their racing commissions and pro-horse racing people to give them a slap on the wrist as in this case.

    Folks, these horses are suffering long before they drop dead in the dirt.
    Please don’t support this, educate anybody you can, and write your politicians to ensure that taxpayer money doesn’t go to support this cruel, and nefarious business.

    SILENT RULER – so sorry for your suffering. I hope that it’s not in vain, that you have brought attention to what is really going on behind the fancy hats, and mint juleps.

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