Whipped and “Hard Ridden” Till the End – For Two Horses a Combined 67 Lengths Back

It appears we have a chartwriter(s) with a conscience. Two weeks after the Penn National writer outed the medical staff in Aspic’s death, these comments for races conducted there Friday night:

race 2: “MISS SPIDERWEB…came up tired and was eased for most of the stretch but was occasionally hit with the whip through the finish.” Miss Spiderweb finished last of 10 in a $4,000 claiming race – 38 lengths back. Jockey: Angel Rodriguez.

race 8: “MISTER OBVIOUS was hustled out of the gate but stayed well behind…was hard ridden through the finish but ultimately outrun.” Mister Obvious finished last of 6 in a $5,000 claiming race – 29 lengths back. Jockey: Christian Olmo.

“…was occasionally hit with the whip through the finish”; “…was hard ridden through the finish.” A combined 67 lengths in the rear. This is abuse. This is horseracing.


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  1. Abuse without a doubt. An individual whipping their dog on a brisk jog down the sidewalk would surely be reported to authorities by compassionate witnesses.

    This is so incredibly disturbing to me…

  2. In this sick game of animal abuse and blatant cruelty, it is so obvious everyone at every level knows what goes on, does nothing and is therefore complicit. No matter what any of them say it is their actions or inactions that speak the truth and the truth is they do not give a damn,
    From the two bit riders with their whips to the low level “trainers” at the lowest level tracks all the way to the ballyhoo of the disgusting Kentucky Derby, there is not a dimes worth of difference for the horse…he is essentially doomed.

  3. VILE.
    Beaten while sore, tired, and barely making it through the race.
    Beaten while they are going down in the dirt.
    Nevertheless, all the participants who supposedly “care” about racehorses do NOTHING about this blatant animal cruelty being perpetuated on racehorses like MISS SPIDERWEB & MR. OBVIOUS.
    People who continue to bare witness to this horrific animal abuse are the enablers of this abuse.
    This business is an entire system of racehorse cruelty while the participants continue to uphold this horrific animal abuse.
    There are only 3 kinds of people in horse racing: 1. Abusers. 2. Enablers of the abuse. 3. Both.
    Horse racing is a cruelty circus, maiming/death ring, and corruption pit.
    Please don’t support this.

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