Horse Euthanized at Finger Lakes Two Weeks After Fracturing Both Front Legs

This from the NYS Gaming Commission on 3-year-old Momma’s Moonshine at Finger Lakes: “injured while training on November 16; waited for second opinion; euthanized December 1 – condylar fractures both front legs.”

Fractures in both front legs and they waited – for two weeks – to euthanize? Layman though I am, this sounds fairly unconscionable. Then again, this is horseracing.


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  1. MOMMA’S MOONSHINE broke down in both his fore legs sustaining condylar fractures and they think about it for FOURTEEN (14) DAYS…..???
    This 3 year old gelding had his first start on October 9, 2017 and raced again on October 18 and then breaks down in training on November 16. According to, the trainer is Chris J Englehart, the owner is Sheila J Englehart and the breeder is Moon’s Gate Farm, LLC. The shock and pain this helpless young horse suffered for so many days and nights leaves me numb with anger.

  2. EGRECIOUS and deliberate acts of animal cruelty on Momma’s Moonshine.
    The vet in charge should be charged with animal cruelty.
    This horse would have endured excruciating PAIN, SUFFERING, and MISERY at the hands of these animal abusers.
    The racing commissions should immediately suspend both of their licenses HANDS DOWN.
    However, in the scheme of things breaking legs, snapping-off body parts, cruelty, suffering, pain, doping, dumping, and dying are all part of this business model.
    From the racing commissions to the government to all involved with this VILE, and nefarious business they are stalwarts for the ongoing inhumane treatment of racehorses for profit.
    YOU can CHANGE this, you can be a voice for these poor souls.
    Please educate anybody you can on this horrific industry, and STOP supporting it, STOP going to the Kentucky Derby, the Breeders Cup or any casino that supports this.
    Together we can SHUT this down, but the racehorses can’t.
    They are voiceless, non-consenting profit slaves, and we must do everything we can to help them out of these hell holes that shouldn’t even exist in the first place.
    So sorry for you MOMMA’S MOONSHINE – we cared.
    To Chris and Sheile Englehart – ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARDS!!

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