Golden Gate Kill; Vanned off after winning “a slice of the pot” at Aqueduct

From the most recent Stewards Minutes at Golden Gate: “NOVEMBER 26 – RACING FATALITY Sideman was injured at the 3/16 pole during the first race on the main track and was euthanized.” Sideman was three; this was his third race. In the previous two, both cheap claiming, he finished last and second-to-last, a combined 24+ lengths back. As multiple horses are killed on American tracks every day, no particular death should ever surprise. That said, with some, there are signs for the asking.

Also, should there be any lingering doubt as to how the racing people view their horses – as resources, commodities, means to economic ends – this from the 8th yesterday at Aqueduct: “CAROLINA SHAG…stepped past the quarter pole and was asked for more [was whipped], came out in midstretch becoming choppy-gaited, was put to a protective hold, bobbled taking a bad step in the final seventy yards, made it over the finish line for the last minor slice of the pot and after being pulled up on the clubhouse turn, was vanned off.”

“Became choppy-gaited.”

“Was put to a protective hold.”

“Bobbled taking a bad step.”

“Vanned off after being pulled up on the clubhouse turn.”

But it’s all good – she “made it over the finish line for the last minor slice of the pot.”

Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. I had no lingering doubts – but there are still moments I’m appalled over their ease in showing how cold and callous they truly are. Carolina Shag is (or was) clearly hurting…so to report she still made her people money?!? – what racehorse-loving individual would even care about such a thing? Sickens me.

  2. What really makes me angry is that cliche crap “took a bad step”. As if the “bad step” was what caused the injury. Then they blame the track surface. The bad step occurred because the injury already happened and then the horse put weight on that leg – no different than if we sprained an ankle and then landed on it – where we would be unable to bear the weight and would fall. Feigning ignorance of the facts, as always! The other thing that me angry is the comment “at least he/she died doing what they loved.”

  3. It’s not just the $1380 that Carolina Shag made (as callous as they are), but it was also the thousands of dollars in wagering money that the wagering companies made, mainly the HBPA, that they truly care about.
    They would have to refund money otherwise, which is their main concern.
    Money over the welfare of the racehorse time, and time again.
    This is what this business is really about.
    When they say they “care” – it’s what the racehorse gives them, that’s what they really care about.
    It’s not enough for these hooligans to ruin them, to ruin their quality of life, and then to dump them.
    The racehorses not only get maimed, but they even give their life for this VILE business.
    Then these delusional animal abusers wake up the next morning and do it all again!

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