Killed After “Going Over the Rail” at Los Alamitos; “Humanely Destroyed” at Fair Grounds

From the most recent Stewards Minutes at Los Alamitos: In the 2nd race November 10, 4-year-old Song for Jade “veered in, hitting and going over the inside rail…the four year old filly was euthanized due to her injuries.”

The Daily Racing Form’s Marcus Hersh, citing owner/trainer Wes Hawley, reports that Mesoma, a “went wrong” in the 9th at Fair Grounds Thursday, was “catastrophically injured and humanely destroyed.” Mesoma was six.

Killed after “going over the rail.”

“Catastrophically injured, humanely destroyed.”

Is this what shall pass for entertainment in the 21st Century? Wake up, America.


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  1. thanks for giving me the ”body count” It makes me realize I cant go back to this activity. The whole horse breeding industry , horse racing industry, handicapping publication industry, is about money changing hands. Horse racing doesn’t create anything. This is a pretty sick form of ”entertainment”.

  2. I agree with most of Richard’s comment except for one thing: “horse racing doesn’t create anything.”
    It sure does.
    It creates a huge mess of physically/mentally/spiritually broken racehorses, and does little to clean up their mess since they expect other people to clean it up.
    They also create an additional mess as the slaughterhouse is their main system of disposal, and it’s an environmental disaster.
    So sorry for SONG FOR JADE & MESOMA.
    Absolutely horrific, and undeniable vile.
    The whipping of more than likely tired racehorses who slow down to PROTECT themselves, but get beaten while doing it.
    Only barbarians from a prior century would consider this “entertainment.”
    Nevertheless, a recent article has this to say about whipping:
    “The use of a whip in racing is often a perception issue more than a welfare issue, he notes, but it is still important to recognize that society has an issue with its use.” (Societal Perception of Horses)
    Indicting themselves yet again.
    Since when does getting beaten with a whip, which is painful and sore, qualify as a perception issue?
    These people are absolute crack pots, and delusional idiots.
    Come on folks, you can’t possibly be dumb enough to believe this pro-horse racing rhetoric, and you certainly should be compassionate enough to stop supporting this insanity.

  3. I can only wonder what caused this filly to feel such terror that she was willing to put herself into danger and a fatal situation to escape it and run through the rail. Those of us who had been in the business can probably guess. How horrific.

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