Two More Dead Racehorses in NY – 116 on the Year

According to the chartwriter (Equibase), Iggy Loco’s run in the 8th at Aqueduct Wednesday went like this: “lost his action with six furlongs remaining and was immediately put to a protective hold, guided to the outside, pulled up and was subsequently vanned off.” “Protective hold, guided to the outside.” So far, so good. “Vanned off”? Merely precautionary right, apologists? Turns out, the 3-year-old is dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, presumably back in the barn.

The Commission has also disclosed the death of 5-year-old Rainy Night: “found lame in her stall on 11/15; euthanized on 11/22 for severe hemorrhage from gastrocnemius tear/trauma.” No word on how, exactly, this horse tore her muscle enough to produce that “severe hemorrhage,” and I suspect that that’s exactly how it will stay. As for the initial lameness, a clue perhaps in Rainy Night’s final race, at Belmont roughly one month prior: 11th of 12, 17+ lengths back.


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  1. The majority of deaths are preceded by PP’s who tell a story – a story of endless racehorse pain, and suffering like Rainy Night.
    Most often a racehorse struggling to finish a race, and being beaten in the process.
    Racing commissions who are nothing more than wallpaper to justify this horrific animal cruelty.
    It’s an entire system of racehorse abuse that directly contributes to their demise be it maiming and/or dying.
    Horse racing is an antiquated business model full of delusional, and nefarious people whom, collectively, ensure the ongoing abuse of racehorses.
    PLEASE stop the bets! Stop the wagering!
    Be kind, go gamble at a casino that doesn’t support horse racing.

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