Good News: Pennsylvania About to Deal Blow to Racing

From the Daily Racing Form, October 26:

“The Pennsylvania Legislature…approved a massive expansion of gambling as part of a $32 billion budget package sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature. The measure does not require new gambling sites to subsidize horse racing and breeding industries in the state. Unlike existing casinos in Pennsylvania, the new casinos will not be required to contribute a portion of their revenues to the state’s Thoroughbred and harness racing industries. Combined, those two industries receive approximately $250 million a year in breeding and purse subsidies from the existing casinos, an amount that could be threatened if gambling dollars migrate to new locations or the online sites.”

Excellent, indeed.

It is common knowledge that once this corporate welfare begins to dry up, much of horseracing – including almost all of the harness variety – will disappear. Hence, their palpable desperation. Look, we live in the greatest free-market economy the world has ever known; businesses and industries are supposed to sink or swim based solely on the merits of their goods and services. It should not be in the state’s purview to prop-up businesses that the buying-public has already passed judgement on (racing is yesterday; casinos and lotteries are where it’s at). So while this is a positive development, would that Pennsylvania take the next logical step and strip Racing of all – 250 million dollars’ worth – its subsidies. If and when that happens, it’ll be but a matter of time till I can add the likes of Parx, Penn, Presque Isle, etc. to this list.


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  1. Patrick, thank you for keeping abreast of horseracing “news” and then translating for us what these developments mean for the antiquated horseracing industry. It just perplexes me, day in and day out, that there are those who remain loyal to an unnecessary business that kills so many horses. That being said, those selfish folks are losing ground as the public who didn’t know the cruel realities are being educated by THIS site. Thank you.

  2. Re: Joy’s comment – DITTO from me.
    Thanks Patrick for educating readers about this industry.
    Finally, governments are moving forward with gambling venues that no longer support these hell holes, corruption, and money pits.
    Hopefully, all other states will follow this model of gambling because horse racing is not financially sustainable.
    If any of you reading my comments are still involved with horse racing – it’s never too late to do the right thing, and walk away.
    It’s the only thing to do if you truly love, and care for racehorses.

  3. Ok, this is great how can horse lovers get together to keep all of these former race horses from horrific slaughter.

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