2-Year-Old Killed at Belmont – That’s 33 Deaths There in 2017

Another day, another kill at Belmont. 2-year-old Saratoga Swayz broke down, fell, and was euthanized (Gaming Commission) while training Thursday morning. The filly was being readied for her first race. To date, Belmont has notched 33 deaths in 2017.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Saratoga Swayz yet another victim of this modern day Romanesque blood bath!
    So sorry for you.
    You were probably quickly forgotten shortly after they hauled away your broken, and dead body.
    To any people out there who are considering getting involved with this industry, in any capacity, please consider what exactly you are supporting.
    You are supporting what amounts to a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    If you love animals, if you want to help the racehorses, please don’t support this, and be a voice for them as they lay in the dirt either maimed or dead.
    There is no justification for this vile, and nefarious business.

  2. Well said Gina. How is such obvious cruelty allowed under the law? Does anyone remember this? WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON HBO’S ‘LUCK’ – AND WHY NOBODY WAS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. HBO was going to run a series on horse racing but it got cancelled because too many horses were dying on the set! But, in real life, in much higher numbers, it’s never cancelled. Go figure.

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