“Collapsed in Stall and Expired”

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 3-year-old filly Rip Loves Maize “collapsed in [her] stall” at Finger Lakes Tuesday and “expired.” “Collapsed and expired.” Yes I know, racing apologists, this kind of thing happens to adolescent horses everywhere, right? Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. The racing appologist cannot defend this, there are all very well aware of the TRUTH no matter how much or little they do care about the horse they know what racing is about and what is does to the horses. Money and gambling rule this industry nothing else….things are so desperate they have to be coupled to a successful business you won’t find this in any other industry none it’s about the money not the horses and every apologist either knows it or is in denial of it. so sorry for you rip loves maize sorry for all the horses forced to the gate with no way of saying no…..

  2. ” Collapsed in stall and expired” is just not good enough.There should at least be an necropsy and an inquiry .
    One would think racing would want to know what caused the horse to collapse and die…just reinforces the fact that racing does not want to know the cause of death because there is no interest in ending the corruption and drugging of horses. Of course there would be some effort if the horse was a well known money maker but it would just be a sham.

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