Injured Racehorses, 10/16/17-10/22/17

The following horses were ambulanced – “vanned,” they call it – off U.S. (flat) tracks last week. While true that not all of the “vanned off” end up dead, rest assured that many, if not most, of these names will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill reports.

Octagon Fighter, Zia
Cooper Canyon, Zia
Gone Jak, Gulfstream W
Zarb’s Brite Lite, Delta
Return Tothe Skies, Indiana
Instant Reflection, Indiana
Tevere, Charles Town
Senor Quickie, Laurel
Jerandson, Laurel
Tilger, Lone Star
Pleasant Sojourn, Parx
Real Big Deal, Santa Anita
Verraco, Santa Anita
I Am Iron Max, Keeneland (“went wrong”)
Indescribaly Blue, Los Alamitos
Turkey Creek, Mountaineer
Alumni, Zia
Rockndinamite, Zia
Hopeful Moves, Zia

In addition, these horses were reported as “bled” or “returned bleeding from the nostrils”; this usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage. Pulmonary hemorrhage.

Cocos Eddy, Mountaineer
Shaft of Light, Parx
Rustic Justice, Indiana

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Yet another long list of innocent horses injured/killed by the horseracing industry.
    Thank you, Patrick for speaking up for these voiceless horses.

  2. Thanks to Patrick, Nicole, all who support the HRW Blog by lending their voice,and some who even dip into their own pockets to pull racehorses out of their desperate situation.
    Together we can make a difference for these horses by educating the unsuspecting public, exposing the carnage, peacefully demonstrating, posting the death list, and being a voice for these poor slaves.

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