“Broke Down on Her Own” at Santa Anita; “Found Deceased in Stall” at Finger Lakes

In the 7th yesterday at Santa Anita, Warrenscrystalized “broke down and fell in [the] deep stretch” (Equibase) and was euthanized. BloodHorse (only reporting on it because a pair of jockeys were hospitalized) called the break “severe.” Warrenscrystalized was six. Oh, and insult to kill, the chartwriter relays that “[she] broke down on her own.”

Meanwhile, the NYS Gaming Commission reports that Freudian Dilemma was “found deceased in stall” at Finger Lakes Wednesday – “gastric/digestive issues without resolution.” Freudian was nine and had been put to the whip 64 times. His most recent race came just six days prior to turning up dead. A “non-racing” casualty? Please.


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  1. I would ask how these people sleep at night, but they’re not people. They are some sort of subhuman creatures who as so immune to the horrors of racing, that they believe their own lies. Normal feeling people, those of us with morals, ethics, empathy, simply could not function in the midst of such carnage. I spend an inordinate amount of time photographing horses of all kinds, in all kinds of places, how anyone can treat the death of a horse as merely an inconvenience, I will never understand.

  2. Frank Stronach AKA Magna Entertainment (racetracks he owns such as Santa Anita, Gulfstream, etc) AKA Adena Springs (racehorses who are actively training and running) is a delusional hoarder, and apologist.
    He’s had plenty of racehorses drop dead in the dirt, and he still continues to support this business even if it means deliberately eliminating race replays showing racehorses dropping dead.
    Covering up the maimed and dead – is this “entertainment”?
    It qualifies as a freak show, blood bath, and carnage, but not “entertainment” to any reasonable person with one iota of compassion.
    How dare they blame the horse Warrencrystalized for breaking down in the dirt?!
    Whether it’s Equibase or the Stronach team it seems obvious that they are in collusion to protect this disgusting, vile business, and to enable the dying of racehorses.
    There is no bottom when it comes to this outfit or the horse racing business as a whole, and that’s why it needs to shut down.

  3. The L.A. Times sport section 10.20.2017
    page 7 lists Warrencrystallized as “an also ran” in the 7th at Santa Anita

  4. Freudian Dilemma, found dead after ongoing “gastric/digestive issues”. He died an excruciating death – alone and without anyone even addressing his pain. They KNEW he was unwell and they raced him anyway. Heartless. This poor gelding…

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