Recent Kills…

Recent kills…

8-year-old Wildcat Honey in the 5th at Mountaineer September 26. While the chart merely said “pulled up, vanned off,” I have confirmed that Wildcat was euthanized on the track. On death-day (her 54th time under the whip), she was going for $5,000.

3-year-old El Soborno in the 2nd at Mountaineer October 3. As with Wildcat, El Soborno was euthanized where he lay – after, that is, “[taking] a bad step.”

5-year-old Princess Bossy in the 6th at Belterra October 4. Beginning June 21 and ending with her death October 4, this mare had a string of 10th of 11, 6th of 7, 9th of 10, 7th of 9, 6th of 7 – all in cheap claiming races.

And just last night, 3-year-old Falcon’s Chance in the 5th at Saratoga Harness from what the Gaming Commission says was a fractured pastern and fetlock.

Four more dead animals for $2 bets – this is horseracing.


  1. Death, after death, after death…….
    Business as usual in the horseracing industry.

  2. On Monday 10/02, I attended the races at Delaware Park. In race 7, a maiden special weight race for two year olds, a horse named “You’re A Survivor” broke down. He fell directly in front of the grandstand while making an outside move in the stretch, then got up and continued to attempt to run on helplessly on the two and a half legs he had left. They brought out the curtains and euthanized him on track, far too long after his injury occurred. His chart merely says “broke down, fell”. No mention of his helpless “running” while he waited for someone to help him.

  3. Ten City broke down yesterday in a stakes race. I forget which exact race it was but I saw something online about it. Broke the left foreleg, vanned off and, I think, euthanized at the barn. I believe that he was two years old because lots of people said that he was on their radar as their 2018 derby horse.


  4. Senseless pain, and suffering leading up to the dying – absolutely vile.
    Ten City, trained by Ken McPeek, was 2 years old.
    According to equibase Ten City had 5 starts with 2 wins.
    Like most 2 year old’s who die on the track they all have the same pattern of being trained prior to 2 years of age long before their muscoskeletal system has developed.
    “…went wrong, was pulled up and vanned off,” the common phrase that often blames the horse, takes the responsibility away from this vile business, and the common operating procedures ( over training, doping, whipping/beating when tired and/or sore) that contributes to their demise all for stupid bets.
    This is absolutely disgusting, and it needs to end.
    By the way, Kentucky recently designated racehorses as “livestock” so absolutely nothing will be done.
    If you make the decision to stop patronizing tracks then you can make a huge impact for the racehorses.
    Thanks Jenni for sharing.

    • Oh so true! They have outlawed greyhound racing! Now STOP this abuse of these horses!!!

  5. I believe deaths like Ten City are starting to wake more people up. From the comments I’ve read on multiple sites – many people are stating they are appalled that a 2 yo – who should be extremely sound- broke down. They are starting to realize how much stress and abuse these babies are enduring. I’ve also read quite a few state they were done with racing, some for just the rest of the day, some for good. Hopefully this is the case, and bless Ten City for the pain he endured riding back to the barn with a broken leg. Until he could be released from his pain. And until Mcpeek stated in his tweet that this baby “couldn’t survive his injuries and had to be euthanized”. Sadly, he should’ve never had that injury in the first place, but that’s the suffering these animals endure for the almighty dollar.

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