A Kill at Thistledown, Another at Los Alamitos

The result for the 5-year-old mare Beeswacker in the 3rd at Thistledown yesterday (Equibase): “pressed the pace two wide, was injured entering the turn and was euthanized.” Because you know, this sort of thing happens in every sport.

From the most recent Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes: “The weekly inspection was conducted on September 17. One equine death was reported this week due to racing injuries.” Horse, however, remains unidentified.

Dead animals, every day – this, folks, is horseracing.


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  1. The horror story for these innocent horses continues.
    In the meantime the racing industry, unashamedly, turns a blind eye.

  2. These poor, voiceless, non-consenting victims of this malicious antiquated business model.
    This should not be going on in the 21st century.

  3. Beeswacker continued to try to run with a broken leg yesterday after the jockey fell off. How can people support or encourage this destruction to continue?

  4. Problems abound with horse racing. Definitely. Notwithstanding, what is a solution? Stop breeding horses for racing entirely? Not everyone is guilty of abuse in racing. Even claimer stables. You are patently unfair to those who love racing and do their best by their horses.

    • “Stop breeding horses for racing entirely?” Yes, exactly.

      “Patently unfair to those who love racing.” Get over yourself. What you do is animal exploitation and nothing more. It is inherently cruel. It must go.

    • When those who love racing actually see and acknowledge the REAL world of racing – those who love racing will stand and support its end.

      You love a mass, serial murdering industry. Sounds dramatic but – yeah. Where are the stories of sanctuaries, long term rehab farms, policies for controlled breeding, policing units watching kill pens, prosecuting criminal use of drugs, prosecuting violation of animal cruelty laws.

      Crickets. You lovers of this industry are back at the starting line living a fantasy. Get out of the way is the best you can do.

      • Excellent, janwindsong. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us who love and advocate for the HORSES acknowledge every single day.

    • The mandatory operating procedures of any race stable, from rich to poor to stake horses to claimers, is animal abuse.
      Horse racing is no different than dog fighting only the victim.
      Dog fighting is illegal, and horse racing should be as well.
      Your delusional if you think otherwise.

    • “..unfair to those who love racing and do their best by the horses’. One can’t do their best by the horse and race him. Every time he is started his life is on the line, And if it is a claiming race there is the additional risk of the horse being claimed by the worst of the worst.

      In a nutshell, there is nothing for the horse in this gambling business except injury and premature death on the track or in the slaughterhouse . Better he was never born.

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