“An Old Crippled Rat” – The Sad Story of Killean Cut Kid

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Killean Cut Kid
by Joy Aten

Killean Cut Kid, a 12-year-old Standardbred, was just acquired from the Bastrop, Louisiana, kill pen last Wednesday, August 30. According to the “Save Our Standardbreds from Slaughter” FB page, the gelding was due to ship to slaughter the next morning. The photos of Killean Cut Kid standing tied at the kill pen are heart wrenching – his rope halter’s lead secured short yet with slack, the compliant bay’s front ankles have massive wounds that encircle them entirely. There are large areas missing hair and hide, some with the rectangular pattern of the purposeful shaving before a joint injection…swollen and angry-red proud flesh is present…as are the scars of multiple freeze or pin firings. One can only imagine the pain he has endured – and for quite some time.

Any equine helplessly awaiting the tortuous transport to and the unspeakable butchering in a slaughterhouse is beyond horrific. But there is, at least for me, an additional and indescribable insult when that slaughter-bound sensitive being is one who was worked his entire life…the earnings of his labors, taken. Every cent. That is Killean Cut Kid. A Standardbred racehorse – a pacer, I read. 258 starts. Yes, that’s right, 258 starts. Won over $300K. And only four months after his last race, he stands tethered and in pain at that notorious kill pen.

But there is more…actually, Jason Moore, Killean’s owner. On August 15, two weeks before the gelding was discovered at Bastrop, Moore had this to say on a social media site: “As many of you know I grew up racing dogs and I remember hearing people talk about horses and bonds they shared with them. So 4 years ago I decided to try the horse racing business.” After detailing his claim of Killean and the “bond” he formed, he concludes with this: “I’m saying my goodbyes to him hugging his neck with all my strength, balling my eyes out…[he] was trying to comfort me as I was falling apart.” Of course as I’m reading this, knowing where Killean was just found, I’m mystified, wondering how Moore is going to end this loving tribute to his “champion war horse” he just said goodbye to. “Bonded”? “Hugging and crying”? “Falling apart”? Yet he’s sending him to AUCTION?

Moore’s sob story? He and his “best friend,” Mandy Jones – Killean’s driver – both claimed on social media that the gelding was euthanized! Here, Moore, ending his August 15 “tribute”: “Horses are amazing animals and they [sic] will never be another one like Killean Cut Kid!!!!” And Jones on that same day: “Fly high my sweet angel. You’ll now be pain free and run wild with the clouds.” And on August 24, in a post about another horse she had just acquired: “I found him the day after Kid was put down. He makes the hole in my heart a little smaller.”

And still another individual takes part in this outrageous lie. A Kenneth Terpenning to Jason Moore on August 17: “At Jason Moore’s request (and I hope I do this justice)…In memoriam…Killean Cut Kid…here he is winning at Miami Valley Raceway this past January.” Terpenning ends the tear-jerker with this: “If there was ever a role model for what the Standardbred breed represents, it was Killean Cut Kid. Rest in peace buddy. You are no longer in pain and are running freely over the rainbow bridge.”

Can this get any more contemptible? Yes, actually. Back in April, from a Jones’ FB post about Killean winning a race, Moore replied to a comment of “Congrats” with, “It’s all heart cause if [you] saw his legs lol.” Lol. And earlier in the year, Moore and Jones reminded each other that their over-worked gelding was “just a 3 claimer.” “Yep. Just an old crippled rat.” “An old crippled rat.” Horrible people, horrible industry.

“The Kid” in his racing days

Killean convalescing


  1. As a child, I always thought that the “monsters” were under my bed or hiding in my closet. No longer. The “monsters” are living among us. Killean Cut Kid’s connections are, indeed, “monsters” and this is a case of animal abuse. I hope the degenerates suffer just as Kid has suffered.

    • Joy, Thank you for your Post about Killean Cut Kid.

      I completely agree with you Mary Johnson. Thank you for your post.

      There is a level of Insanity, Delusion, Arrogance and Coldness within many of these people that race horses -oftentimes to their death- that is still shocking to me.

      There is a special place in Hell for these people and I hope they go there soon.

      • That ”special” place you speak of should be HERE & NOW!!! How are these monsters NOT CHARGED & allowed to continue on Government run racetracks???
        There should have been an active investigation on this horrific cruelty/torture when & where this horse was found!

    • I agree 100% Mary. No monsters under the bed. These so called “humans” are the monsters.

  2. It’s stories like Killean Cut Kid’s that exemplify the many comments I’ve submitted on this Blog – along with all the supporters.
    This example also conjures up my training days, what I directly saw, witnessed, and experienced.
    I think about all the trainers whom I saw smile into the camera, but continued their abuse back in the stable area.
    I’m talking ALL trainers, and especially the top trainers contrary to popular belief.
    The top trainers will do just about anything for that win, and if that means sacrificing a racehorses’s well-being then I’ve seen them do it from repeated joint injections, to shock wave therapy, to brutal training methods – a sink or swim mentality.
    They are disposable after all – just dump them when they are no longer performing.
    It’s important to note that the trainers, and supporting horse racing personnel don’t think that they are abusing!
    They are so delusional that they actually think that this daily regime of subjecting a horse to such inhumane methods, and abusive practices is totally acceptable!
    Then I read the comments from Killean Cut Kid’s connections – and this says it all!
    They are so ignorant that they think what they did to this horse is okay – it’s NOT okay, and any rational person can understand why.
    There shouldn’t even be an explanation.
    This is just ONE horse, but MOST end up like this in some capacity.
    This industry deliberately facilitates the dumping of horses because they know damn well that hardly any owner wouldl invest money when they are told that they would have to take care of their horse after it’s mangled.
    You horse racing supporters are all despicable human beings – every one of you from the richest to the poorest it doesn’t matter because you are all monsters – cut from the same cookie pattern.
    Fortunately for Killean Cut KId there are angels on this planet.
    I refer to angels as a positive force that does good deeds in the midst of all this horrific horse abuse, and my thanks to all people associated with, yet another, heartbreaking rescue.
    These angels are picking up the physically/mentally broken bodies of this despicable industry!
    Thanks to Joy for an excellent post, and for keeping us informed about the horrors of this vile business!!

    • I agree With Gina Powll.

      There Are Angels that are rescuing Horses and all animals that are Abused.
      Then there are devils and those that Practice Satanism against animals.
      Anyone who abuses horses falls into the Devil Category in my book.

      • Correction on Spelling: Gina Powell. I clicked Send to fast.

        This whole Subject Of endless Horse Abuse at the Racetrack And Elsewhere is Very Upsetting.
        Horse Racing abuse, Abuse at the Rodeo of Horses. Abuse of Bulls and horses who are murdered at the bull Fights. Horse Soring abuse, Horse Slaughter. Horse Abuse and the murder of Innocent horses.

        This group has a three page Summary on what is Going on in the World Of horse slaughter and Videos to go along with the Stories.

        Click to access June_2017-1.pdf

        Canada and Mexico is where many race horses are shipped by trainers and Owners that Just TEXT KILL BUYERS to come pick up their wounded horses at the Race track. IT is Very Bad Karma for all involved And I hope and Pray their karma will Descend upon them As soon as the Great Law will allow.

    • Gina, your entire comment & findings MUST go to the media!
      I & others will continue to share on social media….but the public that bet, that never go on fb etc. must be shown & given this information!

  3. Thank you for saving this beautiful horse.perhaps a national news source like 60 minutes might run this story exposing his lying trainer,/owner to the world.

    • Hope so too, animal cruelty case right here, jail time and big fines are the least these monsters deserve

  4. I have a friend, a veterinarian who specialized in race horses, who quit the vet business because of all the unethical treatments that his clients demanded, and went back to school to become a medical doctor. The stories he told were appalling.

  5. Having been around horses all my life, this horses kind,intelegent, long suffering eyes move me to tears. We have got to make humane euthanasia readily available and enforcible to prevent these scumbags, lying trips to slaughter and extreme suffering.We have got to legislate euthanasia sites not auction sites! The small amount of money made on slaughter not a viable business and euthanasia and processing for byproducts would not cost much.Every animal deserves a humane end to life.

  6. Thank for for writing this article. So many in our industry want to just “sweep him under the rug”.

  7. They like to squeeze the last penny out of these horse , that have given their all, Instead of putting them down and out of pain (because they don’t want to spend any money on them if they can’t make more money off of them , they send them off to slaughter to endure more pain before the horrible end comes .

  8. Please don’t assume all people in the racing industry are like this. I have people I know who won’t run their horses in claiming races they know they will be claimed in. They even have kept one horse because it was the dying wish of someone close to them. Yes the racing industry is associated with gambling and of course money and thus there is going to be quite a bit of bad things in it but I can say for certain not all are bad. Also ironically I thought I had found the gentleman involved in this horrid incident and instead it was just a guy with the same name. He actually has been bothered by numerous people over this and actually is in the harness racing industry and gets looks at the tracks he races at. He said he is at the point where he wants to wear a sign saying he is not that guy. The really interesting part was this guy’s understanding of me accusing him and he even took the time to talk about my concerns with the racing industry and he understood my pain and sorrow over this. I have wanted to get into the business for so long and despite having family in it I haven’t partially due to my anxiety issues. Anyway people it is possible to race horses and still treat them properly and love them. It is unfortunate though that there are bad owners out there. Finally I have to say this which I said to the gentleman I spoke to and that is maybe the harness racing industry should just say yes horses are sold for meat and are made into glue but that is not their product. Now about the abuse part I wish there would be less tolerance in the industry for certain things done at times and they do fine, suspend and ban people but yes it could get tougher.

    Oh and that Mandy Jones link …

    That was her. She had an article taken down from my page that linked her Facebook page and now her Facebook page is gone.

      • It actually is as I have talked to one person tonight who does things properly and also my relatives treat their horses properly. There are actually people in the industry that are not garbage.

      • I think you can agree that we are on the same side in saying that this horse should not have been treated this way and that we would like to see the people involved punished. Part of that is me trying to get this petition going and if anyone knows who would make a good decision maker that would be great. I am leaving the change.org petition open at that spot until possibly we find someone. Patrick don’t turn this into anything more than trying to get the people that did this horrible thing punished properly. I don’t think them allowing her to race in a race that is on the Little Brown Jug card is punishment.

      • My family and I race horses and would gladly welcome anyone into our barn to see how we treat them. They are like family to us. I agree this is a horrific thing that happened to the “Kid”, but not all standardbreds end up in a kill pen. We have gave countless horses to home with contracts that require them to return to us if anything was to happen and they were no longer able to care for them properly. It is sad that our passion can be changed by one case. I feel like people should do stories about how these great horses end up in loving forever homes.

      • Sara Fernald – they are “like family” to you? – you give “countless” family members away?

        Straight from the “horse’s mouth”…you give “countless” “family members” away (and BTW, your contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on).

        They’re family? – then YOU give them their forever home. But we all know that’s not the way this industry works – the horses are a means to an end…used by you to make money for you…and when they can no longer pay your rent and buy your groceries, you no longer want them.

      • “One case”, Sara Fernald?…I just went to the Save our Standardbreds from Slaughter (SOSS) FB site and copied and pasted this (below) from just yesterday. This organization finds discarded racing Standardbreds in kill pens week after week….

        “MOST REMARKABLE (0D184, G) [ 2006 , P, 3, 1:52.0M $160,685 ]

        241 career starts: 27 wins, 30 second places and 31 third places. This horse had not a single racing owner help him so far! Last owner Amished after owning for 5 years and refused to help. Another one opined that “some horses just have to go”. Others did not return calls.

        Luckily, a kind-hearted donor gave $400 to help! Please note that it is not on his invoice and was donated separately. Now he needs $350 to be rescued.”

        ONE case, you claim? Please.

      • Sarah, since you claim to know about this horse and what happened – then provide the VET RECORDS during his active training.
        I won’t hold my breath, but I know that Joy does her homework.
        Joy is one lady that knows her stuff because she has been involved with so many rescues that YOUR industry dumps.
        Family member??
        Go stick your head in some manure maybe it will put some sense into it girl!

  9. I would be more then willing to give “KID” a forever home and heal him up. I can provide vet references and plenty of food, water, shelter and care. I read this story an hour ago and it still is so bothering some. Not everyone in the business is like this but these are the kind of people that give all of us a bad name.

    • People who take these horses in and give them a second chance at a normal horse life are our only hope — thank you for your willingness to do this — there are horses waiting for people like you — to take them in, heal them, allow them to live and relax, to give them a new purpose. Thank you.

  10. Aftercare in this industry is an insult to the horses that carry it. The more I witness racehorses horses rescued in the kill pens, by powerful advocates, the more the story is always the same. Excuse after excuse. This story pretty much sums up this industry. One face to the public…and then the other face. The other face…rats, (Nehro, also was called a rat) slaughter, doping, denial, breakdowns, money, money, money…
    Yes, this industry does shed real tears. It does feel real pain. Only when their subsidies are at stake.

    • Thank you, 20yr+ industry insider – you said it perfectly and accurately. Horse racing IS a business afterall in which the horses are a means to an end and the goal, profits. As a racing breeder/owner/trainer once said to me about the industry; “This ain’t no f*****g petting zoo.”

    • Thanks 20+ industry insider.
      You provided a succinct comment on the horse racing industry that I very much appreciate.
      I’ve seen, rescued, and had to walk away from horrific situations at the kill auctions here in Ontario due to lack of funds while the wagering profits at Woodbine keep flowing in the BILLIONS!
      Their aftercare programs barely put a dent into the unwanted OTTB/SB crisis, and they know it.
      I 100% support Patrick/Nicole on their position that the ONLY way to end this carnage, mayhem, blood bath is to END horse racing.
      I’m so sickened by the constant divulge of apologists who submit a ridiculous comment here looking for any reason to continue this charade.
      They obviously can’t read DEATH LISTS posted here, or even when they witness the carnage they STILL look for excuses to continue this appalling animal cruelty – heartless, ignorant, delusional – you name it.
      SHUT DOWN horse racing now!

  11. What you left out of your story is how a group of horseman bailed this horse out and a Ohio veterinarian offered him a forever home and all his care free of charge . But they won’t release him but keep begging for money. Yes this is a horrible thing but tell the other side too

    • Here is the “other side”, Missy – the Standardbred Retirement Foundation is the organization who has taken KCK into the safety of their well-established program and they published a press release two days ago concerning him and his rescue from the kill pen. The “group of horsemen who bailed [KCK] out”? – now the burden of proof is on you to provide their names and how much they’ve offered this gelding whose lifetime of rehab and care will cost tens of thousands. Read the press release – the amount received (which includes ALL donations…from the non-race public, as well) is minuscule.

      The facts stand. Killean Cut Kid was raced into the ground – 258 starts – while all of those “horsemen” stood by and watched. And did nothing.

      • Joy, thanks for the details and update on this poor soul.
        As I always maintain on my comments: there are only 3 categories of apologists:
        “The facts stand. Killean Cut Kid was raced into the ground – 258 starts – while all of those “horsemen” stood by and watched. And did nothing.”
        Exactly- enablers of the abuse including all the racing commissions, and that’ why there are no “good” people in horse racing.
        They claim to not abuse their racehorses, but are perfectly okay to watch others get abused.
        They are all delusional.
        This business is systemic, and legitimized animal abuse.
        It has got to go, and it will go.

      • Thank You Joy Aten
        for All your work over the years Rescuing Horses and Exposing the Truth of the Horror and Abuse of horse racing and what it does to these magnificent animals.

      • How about this — Set up a FUND where the world can DONATE to these wonderful organizations who rescue these magnificent horses. — These horses can either remain with them OR they can be adopted out for a wide variety of purposes — as long as all are horse-lovers, we can DO this. Simultaneously, continue getting the word out on how depravedly immoral & evil this industry is — in this way, more & more will NOT attend the races — complete success will not occur overnight, BUT we must keep at it. In the meantime, we keep rescuing these horses.

  12. No animal deserves to be treated like this but you need to get your facts straight about the wounds on his ankles. They did not come from joint injeuctions. The shaved area you speak of is not even where a joint injection would be administered. You need to educate yourself instead of using supposition to inflame. One more thing: ALL HORSES END UP IN KILL PENS UNLESS OWNERS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD THE ANIMALS IN THEIR CARE NOT JUST RACE HORSES. Either own it for life or take extraordinary measures to ensure its well being with the next owner..I always opted for own it for life and insurely humane euthanasia when it became medically neccessary. If you can’t afford humane euthanasia then you can’t afford the to own the horse PERIOD

    • Gilda…fetlock joint blocks (injections) are administered in several areas…and having stood with horses receiving them, I will confirm they can be given as high on the posterior aspect of the horse’s fetlock as the shaved areas on Killean Cut Kid’s limbs. That being said, his horrific wounds are now thought to have been exacerbated by bandages left on for too long and too tightly. But I imagine there might never be an answer to how the wounds were initially inflicted.

      And in addition, yes, all horses are at risk of ending up at an auction if they are OWNED by someone who doesn’t view them as family members for life – exactly why racehorses are set up for bad endings.

    • As I’m watching the news feeds from the Keeneland September yearling sale – I can’t help but think that even if a tenth of the millions that are being spent on these babies would be given to aftercare and rescue organizations – the difference and the help would be astronomical. And yet – they are advertising that they would like to allocate $2.50 from every $1000 spent on purchases at the sale to fund the NTRA to support lobbying powers in Washington DC.

  13. Joy, thank you for exposing the horrific abuse of this track warrior. The lies told by his connections do not surprise me because lies, deceit, criminal activity and cruelty are part and parcel of this business.
    These people lack any semblance of conscience and are devoid of mercy and compassion.

    P.S. I just found a 9yr. old Thoroughbred mare, Lady Rivendell, slaving at Thistledown. She is about to start for the 99th time and the 19th time for this year. There is no end to the abuse. It thrives because those that have the power to end it do nothing because of the money, Shameful.

    • We MUST continue making people — everyone — aware of the immoral, sadistic horrors of this industry — thus, there will be less & less participation in this industry, which means less & less money streaming in — we must FORCE a SHUTDOWN, no matter how long it takes.

      • Yes, Joy, it is very sad. And to think this business doe not have one rule to protect horses like Lady Rivendell from such abuse. Starting a 9 yr. old mare 19 times in 8 months is outrageous not to mention the 99 times she has been under the whip along with pints of Lasix and other drugs that have been pumped into her system
        I really do wonder about all these “good people” in racing and why they participate in such a horrible business without banding together to insist on some rules to prevent this cruelty.

    • Rose, I see where Lady of Rivendell had only 5 days between races in August and just 6 days between starts in May.

      • I challenge these “good people” I keep hearing about to come on here and explain why nothing is done about the outrageous overworking of these horses.
        Have they ever heard that bad things happen because “good people” do nothing !

    • Rose – Lady of Rivendell ended up 6th of 7 in her race today and chart says trailed and “passed a tiring foe.” She was 10.5 lengths back. Thinking she is trying to tell her connections she isn’t up to being a racehorse anymore. Wonder how soon start #100 comes? Bet pretty soon.

      • SD, her connections do not give a damn about her welfare. This poor mare will either “breakdown” or be sent to slaughter unless some of the “good people” step in to help her. What are the chances of that ?
        I really find it very tiresome to hear about all these “good people” and how well they treat their horses like it absolves them from the abuse and carnage all around them.
        Further, the “gpod people”. can’t possibly partisapate in the claiming game because they would never put their horse in danger, right ?
        Folks, if you race horses you are part of a business that condones animal cruelty.
        Unless someone outside oxf racing steps in to help Lady of Rivendell she is doomed.
        PS I’m still waiting to hear how these “good people” explain why nothing is done to prevent this awful abuse.
        They know very well Lady of Rivendell is emblematic of the cruelty that is racing.

      • Lady of rivendell is entered again for Wednesday. Guess we were right., Rose. Start #100 is coming even sooner than I had thought.

      • Lady of rivendell 5th of 7 today. Beaten by 24 3/4 lengths. Start #100. I have heard through the grapevine that the owner/trainer, Rodney Moyers, does sell his horses at times. If anyone is willing to try to buy this poor mare and give her a life off the track… worth a try. Fingers crossed.

      • Lady of Rivendell isn’t for sale at any price so the only way to acquire her is to claim her. ThIs mare will continue to be raced until she can’t run anymore just like so many others. Simply heartbreaking…

    • Amidst all the sadness that we, as animal advocates, experience daily, there is a bit of good news. After the plight of nine year old Lady of Rivendell was brought to our attention by Rose Smith, a group of HW supporters banded together and came up with a plan to claim her since our VERY generous offer to purchase her was rejected by her owner/trainer. Working WITH my racing contacts, our claim came to fruition on October 4th, 2017, and LOR left racing forever. As a side note, there was definitely a sense of urgency since I was told her o/t ran a “factory” and would have no problem running her until she simply couldn’t run anymore. LOR is now enjoying some downtime and is enjoying just being a horse. I would like to thank all those in our group who worked tirelessly to get this mare off the track.

      • Special thanks goes to Mary Johnson, Rose Smith, Sue Dolenc, Linnay Lantz Minnard, Carrie Jo Peters, Jackie Kirkpatrick, Margaret Southwell, Sheree Kiser, Lisa Salmon, Syd Marcus…and to those who sent their wishes for a successful claim.

      • Wonderful news!! Thanks so much to everyone involved in this and wish LOR a wonderful and safe retirement! Great to hear!

      • Congratulations for claiming the horse. You broke a little girl’s heart with leukemia who owned Lady. She loved to watch her race. Lady was her pet and it was all she had that kept her going. You ignorant “animal advocates” single-handedly destroyed her. This mare was in great hands, but you were all too blind to see that something good could come out of racing. You need a reality check. Each and every one of you. Racing is not the evil thing here, but people are the evil ones and right now you all are for not leaving well-enough alone. Poor girl…I hope she makes it and can move on from her devastating loss.

        • Does your depravity know no bounds? You – I’m assuming you are the Rodney of the Rodney Moyers, trainer/owner of Lady of Rivendell – were hammering this horse into the ground: 21 races in the first nine months of this year, a once every 13-day pace – all, by the way, cheap claiming at bottom-of-the-barrel tracks; the claim – yes, you had this supposedly beloved horse up for sale – was made in the 9-year-old Lady’s 101st time under the whip. And yet, with not a hint of shame, you use a story – which may or may not be true – of a leukemia-ridden girl’s broken heart to chastise “evil” advocates? It’s sick and it’s twisted – just like the industry you serve.

        • The mare was in great hands? Really. You expect us to believe that nonsense? If that’s your idea of great, heaven help those in not so great hands. As for the lunatic fallacy that watching a horse race was keeping a child with leukemia alive? I don’t believe it. If and it’s a big if, a child wanted to watch a horse run, why a racehorse? Why would anyone with a sick child take her anywhere near a racecourse – or any child for that matter. You disgust me. Just go away. Racing isn’t evil? It certainly is because it is run by people for whom avarice is a way of life and ethics and morals, don’t even make a blip on their horizon. You’re an odious toad.

      • Rodney, some questions for you: Why was Lady for sale in a 4K claiming race if everyone loved her so much? Why was she run and run 101 times? Oh, I’ll answer this one: For PROFIT!

      • Rodney Moyers…the only one responsible for “breaking the heart” of that “ill child” is YOU. YOU put LOR at risk of being claimed by the individuals who don’t give a DAMN about their racehorses’ welfare and send them to auction or directly to slaughter after they are finished using them up – by putting her up for grabs in a measly 4K claiming race. Instead of falling into the hands of those racing individuals even industry members admit exist in great numbers, she’s SAFE. And after 101 races, her chances of having a life after her exploitation were dwindling rapidly.

        So the mare was so special to this “little girl”? – then why wouldn’t YOU care enough to offer to buy LOR back? You didn’t even walk her over to her new owner.

        Having dealt with abusers like you for way too long, your line of BS could be seen from a mile away.

      • Rodney, personally I don’t believe there is a “sick” child who will be devastated because “we” claimed LOR. LOR was being raced, frequently, in claiming races. Surely this poor “sick” child, if there is one, should be told that the o/t (Rodney Moyers) had her up for sale because, unless you are a dimwit, that is what a claiming race is…the horses are FOR SALE! I always hate to break a child’s heart but, again, I believe this child is a figment of your imagination. If the child doesn’t recover from this devastating loss, then that is on YOUR shoulders and will be YOUR responsibility because YOU had the horse up for sale and there were buyers who stepped up. Tell the child, IF there is one, to get over it. End of story!

      • Prior to claiming LOR, we presented Rodney Moyers with a very generous offer so that the mare wouldn’t have to run again. When our offer was presented, there was NO MENTION of a poor sick child who owned this mare….not one word.

      • Rodney Moyers’ 2014 chestnut filly, Ashleys Magens Bay, was just rescued from a Kansas kill pen – one month after he raced her at Mahoning.

        My letter to the ORC (the following included – Bill Crawford, Greg Veit, Arthur Pierre and Mark Peters) regarding Moyers’ filly in the possession of a kill buyer went unanswered.

        The racing industry’s retirement plan for thousands of their horses? – slaughter.

      • Joy, I reached out to the state steward here in Ohio, whom I personally know, concerning the Moyers filly you mentioned, Ashleys Magens Bay. He shared with me that the Penn Gaming stewards had done a thorough investigation and that Moyers had a bill of sale to “prove” that he had sold the filly to a private buyer but “things” didn’t work out and that owner had sold AMB to a kill buyer. Therefore, Moyers did not violate the anti-slaughter policy. Case closed!

  14. THANK YOU a million times to the “Save Our Standardbreds from Slaughter” Team for rescuing Killean Kid — everything in this article is heart-wrenching — the treatment of former owners, as you state, is horrific beyond the pale — HOW do we end this despicably immoral business-racket! — the fact that organizations like SAVE OUR STANDARDBREDS FROM SLAUGHTER exist & are there ready to take in these magnificent animals is our only hope — in addition, KILL-farms, KILLER-buyers, KILL-rackets MUST be abolished by enforcing strict laws — these idiots will continue their merciless abuse of horses unless they’re STOPPED DEAD in their tracks — WHERE is the Police to severely crack down on these idiot-monsters who get away with their sadistic torture & murder of our horses — We MUST FORCE the Authorities to do right by our horses.

    • Karen…

      “Kid” is at a safe farm. I was able to have an informative conversation by phone with Judy Bokman, the creator (with Paula Campbell) of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation – the organization that took Kid into their program. Kid’s injuries (he has a sesamoid fracture in addition to the extensive ankle wounds) and poor condition prevent his transport to a SRF farm at this time. And according to their press release on the 8th, “He lies down often and cannot stand for long periods of time.”

      Anyone who wishes to follow Kid can do so via the SRF’s website at https://www.adoptahorse.org/

  15. This makes me so angry.. We heave one here that won 750,000 was owned by the Millers in NY. He was on his way to the kill pen…..we intercepted him “Power of a Moment” Owners who have the money off him could care less…

    • Thank you for saving Power of a Moment, Deborah Gillis. And yes, you’re right that those who took the money he earned with his labors did not care about him – racehorses are used then gotten rid of.

  16. I am a former harness race groom, the SRF Standardbred Retirement Foundation, has always stepped up and offered help .This group has helped to place 100’s of owner retired ex-harness race horses, and currently feeds and boards many more. You are correct there are very ignorant, selfish people involved in racing, but there are also people in the business who have looked after these beautiful beings and found forever homes for them. I have known a few grooms like myself who have given lifetime homes to the horses they worked with. The whole scene is enough to give a caring person stress disorder. As fewer people bet the races, horse racing will end, but until then,. money must be allocated from the purses and yearling sale totals ,toward caring for the horses who are finished racing. An interesting book to read is “Beautiful Jim Key”, it is a true history of one individual and his horse, together they showed people in the 1800’s that animals were in need of care and respect.

    • Yes, brandon217, the SRF is a non-racing, non-profit organization that takes care of many discarded racing Standardbreds. And while the racing industry takes in billions (made from the horses’ labors), this rescue organization is begging for funds to take care of racing’s throw-aways.

    • Brandon, when horse racing shuts down, and it will, there will be no need for this reckless abandonment of horses whom they claim to “care” for nor will over breeding be an issue.
      If they “care” and “love” them so much then why dump them?
      They are dumped after exploited, maimed, mangled because they can no longer fill races and increase wagering profits or egos.
      Then they expect everybody else to clean up their mess while they pull in billions made off the horses’ lives.
      This is horse racing.

  17. I read this yesterday evening. It has taken me until now to write a comment. Even IF you support racing horses or dogs, you cannot condone this type of treatment (no-one with a modicum of intelligence supports racing animals, quite literally, to death). But apparently you can. You can also lie, obfuscate and find humour, in the prolonged torture of an animal. You can regale your friends and associates with fantasies of your love for your faithful horse. You can talk about a hole in your heart being partly filled – as if you HAD a heart to begin with – you can try and pass yourself off as a decent human being, instead of the vile, soul-sucking scumbag you really are. What you cannot do, at least in this case, is win. Killean did not die alone, in pain and at the hands of someone who, like yourself, didn’t give a rats behind about him as a sentient creature. He lived. Unfortunately so do you.

  18. I just read Killean’s “story” again.
    Is it not horrible enough what Moore et al did to this helpless animal but to create this elaborate false “scene” of grief” is beyond despicable .
    I greatly fear for the horses these creeps come in contact with. And I grieve for the dogs Moore raced.

    Although I do not know these people ( thank goodness ) their behavior screams SOCIAPATH.S. Very dangerous and untreatable ….

  19. SD, is it not outrageous what this business allows to happen to a 9 yr .old horse – her 100th start just 7 days following her 99th.
    I’m still waiting to hear from some of the racing apologists and the “good people” why such obvious abuse is allowed. Why are there no rules in this gambling business to protect the horse from such brutal overworking.
    Lady of Rivendell has survived a very hard life. Any decent human being would retire this mare. But there are no decent human beings in this business because they would not stand for such cruelty. They would demand rules to
    protect the horse. By their silence they give consent.
    PS I now have a horse that was well on her way to becoming another Lady of Rivendell .
    There is no redemption for this “game”. It needs to go.

    • Rose, thanks for your great comment.
      “By their silence they give consent,” indeed they do, but the industry takes this to a whole new level because anybody who speaks out about abuse is usually, and quickly put in their place.
      As I found out, when you speak-out about these things, when you demand change, when you confront people who are abusing their racehorses – you are immediately labeled, and dealt with.
      It’s an entire system of abuse, and it’s designed to uphold the cruelty/abuse for the sole purpose of filling races, increasing wagering profits, and to sell a delusion to the ignorant masses who, in turn, exploit their horses to grease the gambling machine.
      There are no decent or “good folks” in this business.
      There are only abusers, and enablers of the abuse.
      Poor Lady of Rivendell, and all the profit slaves who are exploited even to the point of dying – absolutely VILE.

    • I doubt very much you will hear from them. They will protect each other, before they will protect the horses…

    • Lady of rivendell is also entered for Saturday. I’m assuming he will scratch her one of those days, but maybe not.

      • Does it get any worse than this .
        The short answer is yes, These trainers can abuse horses at will without breaking any rules. because there are none.
        Lady of Rivendell, an 9 yr. old mare, entered to start for the 100th time and entered for number 101 within 3 days is perfectly “legal” . Not very many horses survive such abuse.. There is no mercy in this business just relentless cruelty.
        My 14 yr. old nephew summed it up pretty well when he said racing is immoral.

  20. Just a bit of good news. This morning, in the Columbus Dispatch, there was an article in the sports section about the Little Brown Jug which will be held this Thursday in Delaware, Ohio. The LBJ is part of pacing’s triple crown. Only eight three year olds were entered, the smallest field since 1980. This could be just an abberation or it could be that the general public is losing interest in an industry that uses animals for human entertainment. Let’s hope it is the latter.

  21. There is unequivocally no doubt in my mind that this business is going down like the Titanic.
    The industry knows this, and seems to be doing everything to hide this fact via their powerful public relations statements.
    This industry is at a point of NO RETURN.
    Their inability/unwillingness to clean up their drug culture, lackadaisical reinforcement, corruption, and their inability to financially survive without hand outs from either taxpayers money, tax breaks, and/or corporate welfare.
    The decline of this industry started in the 70’s, and the government came to their rescue by implementing the Interstate Horse Wagering Act (1978).
    When they needed a wider span of gambling profits the government came to their rescue yet again in 2000 by expanding the IHWA with provisions that are totally illegal, and contrary to law just to save this business.
    Then when that wasn’t enough they had to come to the public coffers again with most racetracks receiving millions in tax breaks, taxpayers money and/or corporate welfare.
    When that didn’t work they finally got their trophy – the casino profits, to the tune of billions per year, PLUS demanding that LIVE horse racing takes place resulting in something called coupling.
    It’s time for the government to stop this entitlement from this egregious industry, but it seems obvious to me that people in key positions of the government are financially gaining from these decisions to the detriment of the public coffers.
    As for the younger generation?
    Most have no interest in watching racehorses run around in circles, and go down in the dirt while getting beaten.
    Furthermore, the younger generation has a plethora of other forms of entertainment that they prefer.
    They have no interest in this business, and the only time that the track is busy is during big stake races, but can’t sustain a year-round racing “fan.”
    You walk around those places and all you see is mainly men over 70 with nobody replacing them.
    There are so many reasons why this business is not financially sustainable not to mention the cost of keeping a racehorse in training at about $5000 per month.
    Unfortunately, the love for racehorses and the motivation to not use them for profit is not the main reason that this business will meet its demise, but the collective factors will ensure that this business dies in the dirt like all the racehorses.

  22. Well the industry has finally acknowledged Killean Cut Kid:

    Yet, these apologists will continue to breed for profit, subject their horses to treatments that constitute animal cruelty in the real world, and defend this antiquated business model.
    Most people would stop participating/supporting in this business just based on this example alone!
    If that isn’t enough how about the extensive Death Lists posted here??!!
    You have to be delusional, in some capacity, to intentionally ignore this mayhem, and carnage!
    Furthermore, the owner who deliberately deceived people with their details such as:I held him in my arms while we euthanized him (paraphrase).
    He should be forced to pay for all the costs of saving this big-hearted warrior called Killean Cut Kid.
    Then he should be suspended for life from ever owning a horse again!
    He doesn’t deserve to be in the company of such greatness because he certainly doesn’t live up to being great.

    • I have stated publicly and more times than I can count, that owners who abandon, neglect, kill or otherwise abuse, ANY animal under their care, must be made financially responsible for teh care of those animals, until they die or re rehomed. These people are quite literally, getting away with murder. Everyone has some income and that income must be garnisheed, until the debt is paid. It’s not rocket science and it is not that difficult to do. I occasionally fantasize about public floggings, knee-capping, branding and other archaic punishments which will never happen, but financial responsibility can and should (so should publi flogging, but that’s just me).

  23. SD, Mary Johnson and I will put up money to buy Lady of Rivendell. The need is for someone to connect with the trainer to see if he is willing to sell her.

  24. UPDATE: I’m staying in contact with the founder of the organization that took Kid in…and he’s making good progress – he’s healing and is happy to be alive.

    The USTA continues to ignore my question regarding the outcome of their “investigation”.

      • You’re most welcome, Gaynor…we need some uplifting news now and again when working in animal advocacy.

        • Truer words were never spoken Joy. It’s a daily dose of depression and goodness knows we need a happy tail now and then.

    • That is good news and thank you for checking on Killean, Joy.
      Big surprise that your request re the investigation is being ignored !!
      This is animal cruelty and outrageous deception of big proportions and those “investigating” the case just ignore requests as to progress. I guess the investigation is going nowhere because it might be bad PR for the “business.” Where are the big name animal cruelty organizations on this ?

    • Are you surprised? They don’t investigate themselves, owners, horseman. It’s a joke.

  25. Further, The same ‘Rodney’ started a mare, Tilt the Balance, 4 times in 4 weeks on 2/1, 2/15, 2/21 and 2/28 this year. He clearly overworks his unfortunate horses.

      • The real horror is that this nightmare and worse, has been going on for more than 80 years. My mum left school at 14 and worked as a bookie ( in 1935),. She used to tell us stories about the horrors as children; I can remember even then, feeling sorry for horses whipped furiously while they were running as fast as they could. I always wondered what happened to the horses listed as BAR in the odds table. What happened to the horses who came last. That was when I was a little girl in the late 50’s and early 60’s. mum left the industry not long after, to everyone’s relief. She rarely went to tracks this was all legal off-track betting. And here we are in 2017 and little, very little, has changed. Money certainly is the root of all racing evils!

  26. Killean Cut Kid update – he is now at an equine medical facility in New Jersey and is under the care of Dr. Patricia Hogan. From Dr. Hogan’s Twitter; “KILLEAN has ‘chronic’ form of severe laminitis in [left front] foot – this type has chance to recover completely. He’s comfortable [with] trim, shoes today.”

    There are photos included and while the photo of the radiograph (of his left front hoof) does show coffin bone rotation, the wounds on both front ankles, although still “ugly”, are definitely improving.

    The day prior to the above tweet from Dr. Hogan, she had this to say; “The continuing saga of Killean Cut Kid – here for rehab, wound care, laminitis…A sweet, gentle STB who was owned by the lowest form of humans.”

    To date and to my knowledge, the USTA and/or the Ohio Racing Commission has not issued any fines against Killean Cut Kid’s racing owner or trainer nor have they had their licenses suspended. Those “lowest form of humans” have just continued on in their business as usual while their former gelding fights for his life.

    • Thank you Joy! Your name is apt because this has certainly brought a degree of joy to my evening. That is unfortunately tempered by teh knowledge that Killean’s owners will never face any kind of justice, certainly not in this lifetime.

    • It is so difficult to believe these low lives will skate on this clear cut cruelty.
      Shame on the perpetrator and more shame on those who allow such cruelty without consequence..

      People need to voice their outrage to the USTA/and the Ohio Racing Comission because they need feedback, badly, on their disgraceful lack of action.
      I sign petitions on line in cases of cruelty and have not seen one in this case.
      At the very least Moore should be fined and the money used for the horse’s care. Actually, they should kicked out of racing, period.

  27. Thanks for the update on Killean Cut Kid Joy.
    This one example alone, and there are plenty more, is COMMON practice in this vile business.
    To the owner/trainer Jason Moore who used, exploited, and dumped this poor soul – you are lower than a single-cell amoeba.
    Jason Moore is typical of owners in this business who dump their horses when they are no longer paying their way.
    They dump them while denying vet care to them as clearly seen in this example, but there are plenty more.
    The enablers of this abuse, the commissions/racetracks, do nothing to curtail this vile process.
    Rarely are there any fines laid, rarely does the industry actually implement effective change because they know damn well that in order to fill races, and increase wagering profits DUMPING their racehorses when maimed is necessary.
    If they were to rein in these abusers, and enablers of the abuse then there would be hardly anybody left in this business.
    Just think about this example alone before you place a bet or patronize any racetrack.
    Educate yourself, and gamble at a casino that doesn’t support this blatant animal cruelty.
    Jason Moore who made lots of money off of Killean probably has not given ONE DIME towards his vet bill.
    This is common typical operating procedures in this vile business, and it’s supported not deterred.
    I will celebrate anytime a racetrack shuts down or anytime our stupid government finally wakes-up and stops financially supporting these hell holes, and corruption pits.

  28. There are so many dumped OTTB/SB victims of this multi-billion dollar industry – all matter.
    For the most part, it’s lack of funding that doesn’t save them, and total disregard for their well-being when they are no longer increasing wagering coffers, fattening wallets and/or egos.
    All week long, I’ve been reading about the sales profits (in the billions!) that this industry brags about, and of course the renovations – the multi-million dollar renovations that benefit, not the horses, but the people who place the bets.
    For example, Churchill Downs is undergoing another renovation for 6.5 million dollars – for what?
    Not for the horses in desperate need in Puerto Rico, not for the hundreds standing at kill auctions, not for the rescue groups that are on the verge of shutting down due to lack of funding – NO.
    The 6.5 million is going to renovate their museum and to ensure that the horse abuser, and killer D. Wayne Lucas gets his prized possessions on permanent display!
    I assume that the broken bones, the dead, and the discarded bodies of the racehorses whom were under Lukas’s training methods will not be featured which has brought me to my opinion of this trainer.
    On 2 previous occasions Churchill Downs did multi-million dollar renovations to expand VIP clubhouse seating, and to improve the “fan” experience while their horses in the stable area are confined to small stalls (many are 10 x 10) with limited plus virtually non-existent outside exercise areas.
    Let’s be clear here, there is so much more they could do to improve the living conditions of racehorses slated for profit, and dumping under the current model.
    Collectively, this industry fails miserably when it comes to taking care of their profit machines, and it’s deliberate because there’s no lack of funding.
    That said, it’s the wagering, and sales companies that pull in the most profits, but give back little to none unless it’s a project that they can further financially gain from it seems.
    When you place a bet, you are supporting an industry that has a built-in death factor for every single racehorse involved whether that’s on or off the track.
    Please consider these facts before supporting and/or defending this vile business.

    • Ironically, Gina – I was thinking the same thing this week as the racing Industry has spent probably billions at the 2 big thoroughbred sales this week- the fasig Tipton and keeneland November . They are bragging how Songbird brought 9.5 MILLION and Cathryn Sophia’s in the millions also – along with dozens of other horses. How much was set aside for aftercare? Even if the auction houses set aside 5% of these sales to help rescues – what a huge difference it would make. And yet, both of these sales are intended to increase the number of breeding thoroughbreds – as many were sold pregnant or intended to become pregnant next spring. This just increases the need for aftercare when this next generation gets hurt, crippled, dumped, or are general flops on the tracks, or can no longer be used for breeding.

      • Absolutely SD.
        It’s important to note that both Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton (who make BILLIONS off the sales of thoroughbreds) have a Board of Directors (BOD).
        There are people, real people, behind the decision(s) to deny the racehorse their soft landings.
        There are no official committees for racehorse aftercare according to Bloomberg.
        Even 1% of their total sales would make a huge difference!
        Most importantly, the BOD’s are all racehorse owners, and breeders themselves so it’s basically the hens guarding the hen house which results in the horrible plight of most racehorses.
        Every single profitable racehorse entity (sales auctions & wagering companies etc.) deny the racehorses what they rightfully deserve.
        The buck is constantly passed, and I experienced this for years in this business.
        Nobody wants to take responsibility, and collectively they fail miserably to help their profit slaves.
        I’m all for profit, I’m all for success, but I don’t support an antiquated, and irresponsible business model that thinks nothing of exploiting, doping, beating, dumping, and/or dying of racehorses while little to nothing is done.
        It seems obvious that they don’t give a damn about the racehorses piling up dead on their tracks or on the slaughterhouse floor.
        Please consider these facts before you patronize this vile business.

  29. Reblogged this on Jodi's Journey Blog and Art and commented:
    Jason Moore, Killean’s owner and Mandy Jones the driver, you suck ass. I hope you never have peace for the lies you told about this poor horse being euthanized. Instead sent to auction to be sold and butchered brutally. That horse did not deserve any of that!!

  30. From Dr. Patty Hogan’s Twitter on March 1, she has decided to adopt Killean Cut Kid. Great, great news.

    • Great news for Killean Cut Kid.
      May you rest in the grassy pastures that you so deserve, and may your previous owners be forever haunted for what they did to you.
      Thanks to Dr. Patty Hogan for taking care of this warrior.

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