Two Kills in Same Maryland Race – Both Could Be Seen Eight Furlongs Away

I have confirmed that two horses were killed in the same Timonium race Friday: 7-year-old Behind the Times, 4-year-old Cuban Argument. Both horses were bottom-of-the-barrel claimers; the past performances of each portended their ultimate fates.

After not “breaking maiden” until two years and 26 races into her “career,” Behind the Times finished no higher than 4th over her final 16 races – all of the cheap claiming variety. But it gets worse: In her final 15 finishes (remember, her last race ended in death), Behind came in last or second-to-last an astounding 13 times; she lagged the field a cumulative 322 lengths – or an average of almost 22 per start. In short, she was raced to death. And the kicker – during this gruesome run, she was under the iron fist of one man, owner/trainer David Shorts. Complicit, too, of course, are the officials at Laurel, Charles Town, and Timonium who watched and did nothing as real-time animal cruelty was happening before their very eyes. Sick.

Cuban Argument won one race, her second time out. In her 11 other finished races – again, all cheap claiming – she came in last or second-to-last seven times; her total lengths back was 201, for an average of 18+ per. “Connections” throughout: trainer Kelly Lynn Deiter, owner Jose Antao. How, pray tell, do you people sleep at night?


  1. Behind – she most certainly was raced to death. Pure torture for her, this innocent that she was. Nauseating !

  2. Like Patrick maintains….this Is horseracing….im not sure how anyone can support this and be ok with it knowing the realities of what the game truly is defend that.

  3. Upon review of the PP’s, which are reflected on this post, both horses were raced to death – no doubt.
    Their lives leading up to their deaths were pure torture – no doubt.
    These examples exemplify how delusional, sadistic, and heartless many people on these tracks are.
    Moreover, it happens on ALL levels.
    It’s equally disturbing that this is COMMON in horse racing, and these examples are not an exception.
    These business practices, and dying in the dirt are inherent in horse racing as Patrick always maintains.
    The racing commissions are merely public wallpaper designed to keep this charade going.
    As I write this comment, there are probably thousands of racehorses all over America suffering right now in their stall, dreading the next time a needle is shoved into them, and/or a saddle is slapped on them to be further abused.
    It makes me sick.

  4. No question that this is utterly disgusting but I’m wondering what the trainers thought they were doing here. Why did they bother continuing to run these horses, since they don’t get any payback in purse or in betting when their horse finishes worse than third (betting) or fourth (purse)? Why not just sell the horse to a pleasure rider or a killer and take a tax loss? What am I missing here?

    • Actually, Ellen, Timonium is paying 1st through 6th. In this particular race, five horses finished (Behind and Cuban, of course, broke down), with the 5th place horse earning $450 for her connections. So you see, it is worth it for these despicable people to keep running their horses out there, regardless of soundness.

  5. One thing we can do is boycott businesses who advertise on televised races and any outlet that advertises, even billboards at rodeo’s… it takes a real commitment and you need to call or contact the businesses and inform them of your decision and what you require of them. I remember years ago packaging all my unopened tuna fish cans and returning them to the company with an appropriately hateful message. You hit them in the pocket book, since its illegal to kill humans who murder animals even the value of such a human is less than any creature on earth! But, you can always pray that they will die screaming, choking on their own blood. At least the thought gives me some comfort…

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