Training Kill Makes it 19 Dead Horses at Saratoga

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the training death of 3-year-old Aggie’s Honor yesterday at Saratoga: “suffered a fracture to right front leg breezing and was vanned off and euthanized.” Aggie’s is the 19th dead racehorse at Saratoga ’17. But fret not, the racing people have this under control.

Lakalas, May 28, “collapsed and died after breezing”
Queen B, July 6, “fractured leg while breezing…ambulanced to clinic – euthanized”
Wanztbwicked, July 22, “suffered suspensory rupture breezing – euthanized on track”
Angels Seven, July 28, “pulled up, injury to LF leg – euthanized on the track”
Howard Beach, July 29, “suffered a fracture to RF leg breezing and was euthanized”
Positive Waves, July 29, “suffered a fracture to his RF leg breezing – euthanized”
Brooklyn Major, July 31, “collapsed and died after the finish of the race”
Marshall Plan, August 2, “fractured condylar bone while training – euthanized”
Fall Colors, August 3, “horse fell at second fence, died on track”
Munjaz, August 3, “was pulled up…vanned off – euthanized”
Lakeside Sunset, August 5, “ambulanced off; fracture right hind leg – euthanized”
Unbroken Chain, August 6, “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury – euthanized”
Duquesne Whistle, August 7, “was euthanized for abdomen colic”
Sweetneida, August 11, “ambulanced off – euthanized”
Meteoroid, August 16, “injured RF leg prior to 6th fence – euthanized on track”
Sayonara Rose, August 17, “was euthanized on the track for a left front leg fracture”
Travelin Soldier, August 19, “suffered a fracture while breezing – euthanized”
That Mr. P, August 26, “being treated for acute colic…without resolution – euthanized”
Aggie’s Honor, August 31, “suffered a fracture to right front leg breezing – euthanized”

I have also learned that a training collision at Thistledown a week ago Wednesday left one filly dead (compound shoulder fracture) and the other knocked over the rail. The latter’s ultimate condition remains unknown. We do know, however, that the incident was bad enough to force cancellation of the day’s card.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Taoiseach was also pulled up and vanned off after “choppy steps” during his race at Saratoga yesterday

      • P.S. Taoiseach was sold as a 2yr. old for $4000.
        In his 2 yrs at the tracks and in the claiming game he has made $271,000 for 26 starts.

        This is a sick abusive corrupt gambling business where the horse always loses even when he “wins” !

  2. Soon they will be performing a “fillet” station on the Saratoga track – fresh horse meat stuffed into their famous hot dogs – prices reduced to .99 cents!
    It just seems so plausible given their horrific number of racehorses dying that capitalizing on just about everything a racehorse has to offer is right in line with their business operations.
    Satire folks, please don’t be offended, but see it for what it is – a brutal killing operation for profit with the racehorses paying with their lives.

  3. This unacceptable carnage continues and those who have the power to intervene do NOTHING !!!

  4. This as got to be stopped it’s so cruel heartless to these poor Horses. the owner of these horses have got to put the horses first and not the money that you get for one’s in your life put the horses first and not the Bloody money please please

    • It will never stop when the orginization paying so much Money to the winning ones. If the pay wasn’t there this would t be so popular. I agree it’s cruel

  5. When will mankind ever realize we are the most BARBARIC Creatures on Earth and it’s all in the name of GREED AND MONEY. We kill each other and God’s Amazing Creatures of all kinds without a second thought. These things can not be pleasing to God. If, there is such a thing as Karma . I truly hope it comes for these People.
    I know Horse Racing won’t be stopped but could more measures be put in to check for the soundness of the horses and the way they are treated.

  6. It’s all about money and making a profit at the expense of animals that have no voice. Besides the horses that breakdown on the track there is a whole industry of overbreeding thoroughbreds looking for that special one that will make huge money. The rest are often discarded to uncertain futures. These are sensitive, intelligent beings that deserve quality of life and forever homes but the reality is that there is such an over abundance of unwanted horses in our country that their fate could be abusive homes or even the slaughterhouse. So sad.

    • Amen, Debbie! Overbreeding is rampant in racing because there is always that one chance in a million of ending up with a Secretariat. Donna and Dallas Keen run a racing stable along with a breeding operation in Texas. One of their stallions, Preferred Issue, stands for $500 which is the definition of “low level”. Ms. Keen promotes their Texas stallions incessantly yet also runs a rescue where she also solicits funds to help with all the unwanted OTTBs that need a soft place to land. Why would a responsible horse lover continue to breed more horses when we struggle to find homes for the ones already here? That, at least to me, is the definition of insanity but that is exactly what the industry does…..breed, breed, breed then dump, dump, dump….because we all know that there is no way in hell that Ms. Keen, or anyone else for that matter, can effectively follow all the horses that are purposefully bred to produce a profit. It really is ALL about the money.

  7. The same type of treatment is given to the Greyhounds in the racing world. Thrown away, killed, abused. I have owned 3 retired tacers, everyone of them amazingly sweet and kind. I know here in Wisconsin the race tracks have been closed, I believe all of them closed. But I’m sure it’s still practiced in a lot of other states. Sad! Inexcusable. Horse Racing is abusive and wrong.

    • These practice s have been going on a very long time, since l was very young….!!! Unfortunately l don’t see resolution in my lifetime!! Sadly, Sonny

  8. Only in america. Other countries govern racing on more strict and ethical terms. We love racing but we love our horses more.

  9. The greed for money is turning humans into monsters!! Shame on you!!
    Disgusting!! Lost for words!!

  10. 19 horses? One suffering and dying is too many in the name of gambling,,,the only option is to not support and go to horse racing,,,Everyone gets dressed up with fancy hats and dressed to the nines,,,,however now knowing these poor creatures are being pushed over the limit in the name of money, how could one enjoy this anymore? I always thought these horses were well taken care of and loved?,,,,thank you for enlightening me,,,,,

  11. Forgive my restating much of what other readers have commented on.

    I feel the need to express my feelings in saying I am sickened to death reading about the carnage and total neglect of these poor horse’s pain, terror, and suffering before and during so many alleged “humane” euthanasias. The vast numbers are shocking; the lists seem to go forever for each year we allow this industry to survive. As pointed out by commenters about this report and others, we are reading about only those deaths officially reported by the industry. Since when did “horses” and “industry” become synonymous? It’s just plain sick.

    The killing of these beautiful, innocent, and delicate creatures should always be done in the public’s full view – on the track where they have fallen. Racing fans need to see the result of their direct support of this cruel, criminal racing industry by their betting on horse races and paying track admissions. I know this is all “wishful” thinking (if you could call it that), as that will, obviously, never happen.

    Unless PETA and other animal conservation organizations have success one day, sooner than later I pray, in putting this miserable industry down once and for all, refusing to allow the cruelty to be camouflaged, the numbers of deaths will continue to rise, thanks in part to the over-breeding of thoroughbreds and racing them before their bones have matured and strengthened.

    I am grateful to and for the creators of this website, for keeping this in the public view by maintaining and reporting these statistics.

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