A Training Kill at Del Mar; Death From Laminitis at Finger Lakes

The Daily Racing Form reports that 2-year-old Vitality is dead – euthanized where she lay – after breaking down while training at Del Mar yesterday morning. The paper says, “[Vitality] had worked five furlongs in company…before she was stricken.” “Stricken.” Vitality was being prepped for her first race. Based on information gleaned from the Stewards Minutes, this makes five (official) kills at Del Mar this summer.

Meanwhile, the NYS Gaming Commission reports the following for Girlslovechocolate at Finger Lakes August 25: “being treated for laminitis without resolution – euthanized.” The 4-year-old was nine months removed from her last race.

This is horseracing.


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  1. VITALITY yet another victim of Bob Baffert – supposedly, but they are protecting this animal abuser and racehorse killer yet again like they have for all the other horses that has died under his brutal training methods.
    So I can’t confirm that it’s Baffert, but all signs are pointing to him.
    Vitality was a $330,000 purchase from Keeneland so highly likely that he was insured, and nobody knows the ins and outs of equine insurance than Baffert because so many horses have died under his training with equine insurance policies in place.
    All evidence points to a “win at any cost” trainer who will do anything to the racehorse to win, and part of this equation means racehorses dying – lots of them.
    No worries though because the owners who supposedly “love” and “care” for their racehorses clamor to get them into this racehorse killers barn.
    His contracts are iron clad, and owners are not able to divulge information or speak out against him when their racehorse dies so to claim that they “care” is like sending a child into a torture chamber and claiming to “love” their child.
    Well Vitality had the life literally squeezed out of him by a heartless trainer, uncaring owners, and an industry that doesn’t give a damn.

  2. SADDENING! A 2 year old baby dead at the hands of the greedy. We must continue to pass the word the public is being DOOPED by the solely for profit people involved. Owners – trainers – vets – politicians – they’re all responsible. They all disgust me! Never an honest word from them – just hot air to hide the truth and reality of horseracing. Shame on them all!

  3. Vitality – a chestnut two-year-old filly – “plummeted to the ground”, says the DRF. Her jockey also had this to say; “She broke down. I tried to hold her up but then the other leg gave way.”

    Her other leg (likely the opposing front limb) also “gave way”, leaving her with no chance to keep herself upright. Equines will do whatever they can to “keep their feet” – they instinctually know that staying erect is the only way they will have a chance to survive.

    Vitality’s confusion and terror in those moments are unimaginable.

    Girlslovechocolate endured what several equine veterinarians described to me as the most extreme suffering any horse can experience. What a life of hell – the dark bay filly was started at only two years old and is dead after months of agony at the tender age of four.

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