Travers Day and Dead Horses – Connect the Dots

Today is Travers Day, among a handful of the most celebrated on the U.S. racing calendar. The feature, of course, is the Grade 1 Travers Stakes, at once historic – first run in 1864, it is billed as the oldest major Thoroughbred race in the U.S.; and rich – today’s edition is worth a cool $1.25 million. But to all who would tune in or place a bet today, know this: All actions have consequences, and the consequences of a seemingly innocuous day at the track are dead horses. Lots of them.

Since 2009 (when NY began disclosing such things), (at least) 123 racehorses have died, or have been euthanized as a result of injuries sustained, at Saratoga Race Course. Yes, 123. For this relatively short meet, that averages out to over two dead “athletes” per week. Death comes in various ways – the imploded ankles, shattered legs, ruptured ligaments, snapped necks, and “cardiovascular collapses” of “competition.” Has the time not at long last arrived for us to reconsider what we call “sport,” for what shall pass for entertainment? Aspire to better, America.

The Saratoga 123

It’s My Day
Finally Made It
Todo K
Wishful Star
Executive Fleet
Von Steuben
Swift Water
Boyhood Dream
Giant Legacy
Gold Vendetta
Rani Baba
Bold Victory
Timber Reserve
Jazzy Johann
Seis de Mayo
Forest Whip
Fire the Bullet
Hathors Legacy
No Ones Shadow
Red Rhythm
Rockettes Escapade
Jackson N Humbolt
Doing Great
Not Now Ashley
Boston and Maine
Burnin Ash
Twice the Price
Autumn Riches
Julias Hero
Regal Citizen
Sugar and Smoke
One Note Samba
Pete’s Parley
Molly Mingun
Live for Today
The Shade
Lovely Saratoga
Black Rhino
Charmed Hour
Heading to Toga
Sarava’s Dancer
Kris Royal
Ricochet Court
Ocean Breeze
For Riches
Lucky For You
Lifeguard on Duty
Double Gold
Father Johns Pride
Lavender Road
Sir William Bruce
M B and Tee
Elena Strikes
Divine Guidance
Tale of the Spa
You Gotta Believe
Jay Bird
Innovation Economy
Jackson N Leonard
Kathy’s Reward
On a Snowy Evening
Big Looie
Divine Fortune
Country Muse
Darling Bridezilla
Totally Discreet
Hadeed Fi Hadeed
Squire Creek
Indian Nobility
Domestic Warrior
Wheels Up Now
Midnight Visitor
Prince Corredor
Elusive Neko
Bob Le Beau
Ring of Truth
Desert Trial
Its Only Fair
Core Competency
Queen B
Angels Seven
Howard Beach
Positive Waves
Brooklyn Major
Marshall Plan
Fall Colors
Lakeside Sunset
Unbroken Chain
Duquesne Whistle
Sayonara Rose
Travelin Soldier


  1. I used to love Travers Day. Sometimes it fell on my birthday. We would rent a house in Saratoga. My ex had a busy schedule, running horses for Laz Barrera. I feel bad about my past but not ashamed. I didn’t know. Now I know & pass the word constantly.

  2. VILE.
    Racehorses in pain, suffering while being maimed and/or killed – for what??
    Then there is the economical “spin-offs” of an industry that exploits these racehorses.
    Spin-off’s such as premarin mares (a life of horrific suffering), forced impregnation to over breed, and add to the mess of unwanted OTTB’s that this industry does little to nothing about when compared to their multiBILLION dollar profits; suffering, and neglected horses being found all over Florida, Louisiana, and other states.
    Some of these horses have made over $100,000 for their ungrateful owners, and dumped, left to rot (Dr Drip).
    I bet there are multiple graveyards of racehorses scattered around the U.S where they can hide their dead.
    They operate with virtual impunity while their self-governed racing commissions are nothing more than public wallpaper as their driving motivation is profits while racehorses are dropping dead in the dirt.
    Their proverbial “go to” excuse that it’s the track surface is laughable.
    I suppose the doping cocktails with the electro-shock wave therapy, and the pounding on under developed muscoskeletal systems has nothing to do with it right?
    So the racehorse goes through all of this, and then the ultimate cruelty – the continuous banging of a whip on their most likely sore and/or tired body just to add some icing on the cake right?
    The sting of the beatings in the hot 90+ summer heat, with humidity, just for you to place a stupid bet, and to feed your ego.
    This absolutely disgusts me, and it should disgust anybody.
    If it doesn’t then you are a delusional racing apologist.
    So sorry for all racehorses who lost their life at this shameful repulsive racetrack called Saratoga.
    Saratoga SUCKS!
    All the best to the brave peaceful demonstrators today.
    Every single racehorse that has died in the dirt will be there in spirit.

    • I would like to say that my Chihuahua is named Ferdinand. People ask me why I didn’t name him Affirmed. Simple answer. Affirmed won the Triple Crown & I walked him, ex saddled him, Ferdinand, who I never knew, won the KY Derby & shipped to Japan. Couldn’t do stud service well… next stop? sushi. They must have made BIG bucks for horse sushi of an American KY Derby winner in their sorry ass Japanese restaurant.
      As for multiple graveyards across the US with thoroughbreds? I live in Roswell, NM. They tried to open a horse slaughter plant here. OH! Wait a minute! We have a KY Derby winner here, Mine That Bird! His 1/2 owner is a vet & I know one of his neighbors who live near him out in the county. She said the stench of him burning dead horses was horrific. Oh! Wait! When they wanted to open the horse slaughter plant here? Dr. Leonard Blach was there to testify FOR horse slaughter, the plant being next to his property. Too bad Dr Blach was so ” out of it ” that he made no sense in the Chaves County Courthouse. Nuff said for now.

      • I remember the “fight” to bring horse slaughter to Roswell in a converted cattle abattoir that had been closed down because of many violations including animal cruelty.
        Always wondered who was paying Blair Dunn, the attorney, for the owner, Rick De Los Santos.

        • Don’t know who funded it. Doc or the Cartel. Now sold to a Joe Madrid. Waiting for environmental decision. As far as Ricky? Seems he relocated to Ruidoso! How convenient. TY Rose for your comment

  3. Just reading the names of those poor dead racing horses testifies to the truth of the selfishness of the people and the industry of horse racing; the majority of those horses names have a monetary themed inflection behind them: “Divine Fortune;” “For the Gold;” and so on… How sad not to be named because you’re so loved; but because you are thought of as a way to make an economic profit. Society has really reached a new low point in self- centeredness and bad behavior; the way we (publicly, legally) treat our animals is just another example of how out of control it really is… 😐😳

    • Indeed it’s out of control, and has been since its inception.
      This self-regulated business is really legitimized animal cruelty with the racing commissions protecting, and enabling the abuse it seems.
      So sorry for all the racehorses who died, and there always seems to be huge red flags, warning signs, that this horse attempts to convey long before it dies in the dirt.
      However, their attempts are feeble, their voices void, and those in charge of them only see dollar signs, not a sentient being crying out to be released from their tortuous life.

  4. These people who want to make money slaughtering horses are relentless, always maneuvering below the radar.
    As De Los Samtos said he wanted in on some of that money going to Mexico.
    Always follow the money !!

    • Rose? I believe they are opening up the slaughter plant here in Roswell, as a pretense for cattle. They are anxiously waiting for a horse slaughter law to be passed. I get the emails on ground water, etc on this property. Thankfully the AG is closely monitoring the situation.

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