“In Distress,” Dead at Thistledown; “Bled-Out Profusely,” Dead at Mountaineer

On the chart (Equibase) Saturday at Thistledown, Straitouttathefunk was reported as “pulled up in distress, vanned off” in the 2nd. I have since confirmed that (at least on this occasion) “in distress” is as bad as it sounds – Straitouttathefunk was euthanized. In three of his final four finishes, the 3-year-old was 8th of 9, last of 14, 11th of 12.

I have also confirmed that Generous Woman suffered the following fate prior to the 7th last Monday at Mountaineer (per a track source): “[Generous Woman] reared indoors and fractured her skull on the low ceiling beams. Bit her own tongue off and bled out profusely. They covered her with a tarp and ran the last 3 races before removing her…3 races, with many people walking by; it was no secret there was a dead horse in the paddock.” Imagine that. Officially, the 5-year-old was a “scratch.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. There is no question that the majority of “fans” that go to racetracks are ignorant of the complete racing story. There are newspapers, and digital newspapers that refuse to print any comments that tell the true story. Racehorses dying in these numbers speak to handlers without scruples or knowledge; drugs given without
    thought to effects on the horses. May God forgive those jockeys, owners and trainers for their total disregard of a living being suffering and in pain. This suffering extends to the horses who don’t die too. I have no respect for anyone who goes to horse races. It’s all blood money.

  2. The horror story continues for these innocent horses and those who have the power to intervene continue to do NOTHING!

  3. Generous Woman- so sorry for you, but not to worry we will continue to be a voice for horses like you that endure the most inhumane despicable people on this planet.
    This example demonstrates how low these people are, but it’s also the people who support this, who walked by, and continued to gamble knowing that a racehorse just died.
    You are all VILE, and you all make me vomit.

  4. Fractured her skull on low ceiling beams ! Why would a horse be placed in an area with low ceiling beams. She bit her tongue off and bled out. This is very strange. I just wonder what the true story is but, of course, we will never know because nobody in this business cares and nobody holds them accountable.
    Poor mare.

    • You took the thoughts right from my mind, Rose. Very, very strange. But regardless of the very odd report, she’s still dead. Just five years old.

    • While I totally agree with your message georgiegirl I just take exception to the comparison of pigs.
      Pigs are much more intelligent than these pro-horse racing people who live under the delusion that exploiting a non-consenting being is “royal treatment,”
      That said, the intense confinement of both pigs, and horses is accurately comparable, as is the pumping up of drugs to increase their profit margin.

  5. Yes, Joy, she is dead now after a very tough life racing at the aptly called “bull ring” (Charlestown). She was doomed from the day she was foaled in WV.
    She raced, mostly as a “claimer”, at Charlestown, summer and winter 30 times since her “career” began in late October 2014
    And then she died a tough death, probably, from drowning in her own blood.
    Death was her only escape.

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