“Pulled Up Abruptly in Distress – Euthanized”

Last night’s 6th at Evangeline was 3-year-old Steam Burner’s seventh time under the whip. It was also his last. From Equibase: “STEAM BURNER broke alertly, got clear early, pulled up abruptly in distress early in the turn and was euthanized.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. STEAM BURNER – so sorry for you, for all the others who died before you, for those who are now suffering to fill races, and increase wagering profits for these ungrateful animal abusers.
    Your owners spent $8000 buying you as a yearling, then an additional approximately $10,000 (minimum) for training and racing, then about $75 per day to keep you in active training, add in vet/farrier bills and it cost about $30,000+ minimum to make $7700 before you dropped dead in the dirt.
    Even if these morons don’t possess any compassion you would think that they would see the total waste of money, and not get involved with this business.
    You are one of many Steam Burner, and this just shows the insanity of horse racing, how these people are spending thousands, millions abusing racehorses to the point of dying while losing lots of money too.
    It’s a total waste of money, time, and a living being’s life not to mention the destruction it causes.
    This business is rotten to the core, and it has got to go!

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