A Kill at Belmont, Another at Buffalo

This, from the Equibase account of the 10th at Belmont Friday: “Sapporo…appeared choppy-gaited with under a furlong remaining, then was euthanized after the finish.” “Choppy-gaited” to dead. She was five.

Then this from Buffalo’s 8th last night (Gaming Commission): “Regal Babe came up lame…vanned off track…multiple comminuted fractures – euthanized.” He was six.

Dead racehorses numbers 54 and 55 on the New York year.


  1. Regal Babe suffered ‘multiple comminuted fractures’ and he was VANNED OFF? They should not have moved him! They should’ve euthanased him on the track. How more cruel can these mongrel bastards get!!!
    Sapporo, they describe her as running ‘choppy-gaited’, however, the fact of the matter is that she was breaking down, dying. But Equibase likes to use language that disguises the truth.
    Folks, this is horseracing………

  2. Horse racing: cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    Horse racing supporters/participators: abusers, enablers of the abuse, or both.
    Taxpayers/casinos: majority are unwilling supporters of this antiquated business model.
    It’s appalling that our local and state government supports this total waste of money with no redeemable factors for our society as a whole.
    This business is on its way out, we will get there, it will shut down.
    These people who use, and abuse animals can no longer conduct their business behind a curtain because like the Wizard of Oz they are being exposed for what they are.

  3. I Agree with Gina Powell.
    Horse Racing is an industry where the Horses mean Nothing! It’s the betting and stud fees which are important to owners. Horses are being killed inhumanly for a $2. Dollar Bet.

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