“Flipped…Sustaining Blunt Trauma” – NY at 52 Dead in 2017

Recent kills reported by the NYS Gaming Commission:

5-year-old Hidden Accounts, Belmont, June 29 – “horse spooked, fell awkwardly, would not stand – euthanized”

3-year-old Dream Player, Belmont, July 2 – “unseated rider in post parade, ran off main track, flipped over inside rail of training track sustaining blunt trauma – euthanized”

5-year-old Small Print, Finger Lakes, July 3 – “unseated rider [while training], ran to barn; torn/rupture[d] tendon – euthanized”

To date, 52 racehorses have died at New York State tracks in 2017.


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  1. If this doesn’t break you heart, I don’t know what … … — until these horses are treated with love, care & respect, these facilities exploiting animals for entertainment & profit MUST be SHUT DOWN permanently! — These animals who in fact are used as “employees” MUST be protected — they are vulnerable, innocent and always at the mercy of humans — we must ensure these humans are horse-loving humans — anything short of this, is NOT acceptable.

  2. Horseracing is a blood sport, it’s no different than dog fighting. Both result in injuring and killing animals for entertainment. I have heard people who own fighting pit bulls say that they “love their dogs”.

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