Dead Racehorses, California, May 2017

Dead Racehorses in California, May:

First Sicilian, May 1, Golden Gate, “horse suffering from colitis and started to founder – deceased” (3-year-old most recently raced in a “maiden claiming” March 16)

unidentified, May 1, Golden Gate, “colic – deceased”

Classic Ruler, May 4, Santa Anita, race 5, “DNF – euthanized”

unidentified, May 1-May 7, Santa Anita

Expensive Pens, May 10, Golden Gate, “pleuropneumonia – deceased” (no mention of euthanasia)

Peppered Pro, May 14, Golden Gate, “deceased in stall – history of colic and diagnosis was possible ruptured stomach or enlarged colon” (9-year-old, raced 64 times – most recently in February)

unidentified, May 8-May 14, Santa Anita

Olympic Royale, May 20, Los Alamitos, race 4, “appeared to go wrong…humanely euthanized”

unidentified, May 15-May 21, Santa Anita

Sudden Sam, May 26, Santa Anita, race 7, “went wrong, fell”

Letithappen, May 27, Golden Gate, race 7, “went wrong…pulled up…vanned off…euthanized off the track”

unidentified, May 22-May 28, Santa Anita

unidentified, May 22-May 28, Santa Anita

Calli Way, May 29, Santa Anita, race 8, “went wrong – euthanized”

Stormin Tina, May 29, Santa Anita, race 9, “went wrong – euthanized”

(source: California Horse Racing Board)


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  1. VILE.
    Equally disturbing is the fact that the Stronach Group, in conjunction with the CHRB, is not releasing names of racehorses who die in the dirt at Santa Anita.
    These racehorses are so insignificant to them that they don’t even deserve a name in their death!
    Furthermore, this is a way of protecting the connections whose horse dies under their care.
    These are not the actions of people who treat racehorses “like family,” these actions confirm their utter, and total disregard for these racehorses.
    They are operating with virtual impunity when they are permitted to get away with blatant violations of First Amendment Rights, and animal cruelty.
    There is a strong movement in California to get these racetracks shut down, and they will succeed.
    This despicable, and repulsive business will be shut down – your time will come!
    The racehorses will get their justice in the end.

  2. PETA has spoken out about the shipping of horses to Japan for slaughter

    The video is watchable but the fear and distress for this healthy looking horse really got to me.
    Non-stop pawing, looking around to get out of this threatening environment. These horses hear and smell what happens to their mates, i hate to think of what was going through his mind. Apparently he escaped (he looked smart with those very alert eyes) but was recaptured and slaughtered minutes later (not shown).

    Also disturbing was to hear the workers laughing when this horse was distressed.

    Oh, this is just so bloody SICK!

  3. We all know the heartbreaking horror these horses endure – we MUST RALLY — get the WORLD on board — demonstrate with placards & sandwich boards — what about going to DC & raise hell there! — HORSES must NOT be worked to death! — they’re living ABUSED lives & dying prematurely & needlessly — we MUST DO something! — I’m surprised PETA has not gotten more results — with all their power & wherewithal, you’d think a dent would’ve been made by now — what gives? — Am I being realistic?

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