How Do They Sleep at Night? – The Profoundly Sad End For Redneck Margarita

Shedrow Secrets

Shedrow Secrets

Redneck Margarita
by Joy Aten

“Anyone looking for a horse?” was the April 28 Facebook post’s opening line. But who could read on when distracted by that photo – a tall chestnut, very thin with a dull, poor coat. And his eyes. Defeated. Resigned.

Redneck “For Sale”

The post continued: “5 year old thoroughbred…ran last wed and was beat by 45 lengths…JC name is Redneck Margartia [sic]…terrible feet…small bump on his RF lat susp branch…owner wants $500…located at Belmont track.” With that photo and write-up, finding a “good home” didn’t look very promising.

I shared the post, but within a few hours it was gone. Deleted. So I sent a private message asking if Red was still for sale. The poster: “I deleted the post because…someone said they talked to the owner…he had found a home and been shipped already.” SHIPPED? She added she was only posting for a friend and knew nothing more but was hoping to have additional info in the next day or two. She never did.

“Rehomed” within just days of his crushing defeat, with a possible injury and in obvious need of food? “SHIPPED already”? To those familiar with that ominous industry word, it was clear that Red’s life was in jeopardy.

Recognizing the poster didn’t sense the possible danger – or simply didn’t care – I decided to call Red’s owner/trainer for that final race, Naipaul Chatterpaul. On April 30, Chatterpaul confirmed Red was already “gone” and had been for “several days” – “he went to a good friend of mine who runs a kids’ camp on Long Island.” I then asked if this good friend – “Wayne” (but whose last name he didn’t know) – might be willing to sell Red to me; I acted surprised when he said he might. Chatterpaul: “Wayne retrains and resells horses.” I asked for Wayne’s number but Chatterpaul said he would call himself. Two hours later, he texted, “he still have the horse” (and WHY wouldn’t he?…he can RETRAIN and sell a fresh-off-the-track TB in just DAYS?…or was there a chance he WOULDN’T still have Red because Wayne is a dealer?).

Fellow equine-advocate Lynn Hadfield confirmed my fears about Chatterpaul’s “good friend” Wayne…Wayne Dougal – the go-to guy on Long Island for “lesson barns,” to swap out horses with, or if an owner just needed one sold at auction. Dougal would let me buy Red for $1500, not a penny less. He had, he said, “put money into that horse.” Fund-raising began in earnest, and we quickly reached the necessary funds. Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue agreed to take Red. I felt better knowing he would soon be receiving desperately-needed veterinary care and that, when recovered, every effort would be made to finding Red a loving, forever home.

Over the course of several conversations, Dougal changed his stories many times. He had gotten Red a week ago, he said, and had had his teeth floated and had given him ulcer medications (that he couldn’t remember the name of) “for a few days.” Another time, Red had been with him just three days. And when discussing payment and transportation – when Dougal told me to “hold off because the horse is sick; he has got water running out of his nose and the last horse I had that did that, it died” – he claimed the gelding had arrived at his place just that day.

Redneck at Dougal’s

Kelly, Lynn and I agreed we couldn’t wait on a professional transporter. The next day, May 3, Kelly made the trip to Long Island and called me as soon as Red was on her trailer. “He’s in rough shape,” she said. “He struggled to load, like he didn’t know where his feet were.” The video she made of him, in his spacious, well-bedded stall upon arrival to her farm, was heartbreaking – Red stood splayed out, his entire body trembling, with copious amounts of water running from his nostrils while he downed two buckets of water.

The next morning Red was taken to New Bolton Center. A bad tie-back surgery was just one obstacle he faced. A 2 on the Henneke scale (1=the poorest/thinnest, 9=obese), Red’s issues were complex and puzzling. A decision was made to let him “de-stress” at the farm where Kelly boards some of her rescues who may require follow-up visits to the clinic. Red shared pasture time with another quiet gelding and was across the aisle from this same horse when in his stall. Eating, drinking, resting, sharing days with one of his kind – in the hope that he would gain weight, build strength and “come down” from whatever he had endured. After some good nutrition and time just to be a horse, another and more complete evaluation would be performed and a diagnosis hopefully reached.

On May 11, a week later, I was able to make a trip to see Red. All the while, I had been communicating with Chatterpaul. Once he realized I was now aware of Red’s condition, he mentioned a couple of things. For one, Chatterpaul KNEW Red had neurological symptoms: “Oh yea, he had EPM” (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis).

While hand grazing Red that afternoon, Kelly and I observed his “clumsy” gait and how he seemed unsure about how to stand when just nibbling grass. This 17.3 hand, 5-year-old horse reminded me of an awkward foal. I told Kelly about Chatterpaul’s EPM comment, and the decision was made with the veterinarian that Red would undergo a lumbar puncture at New Bolton the next day. He never got there. Early on the morning of May 12, Red became severely neurologic and required euthanasia. The veterinarian: “At the time of euthanasia he was extremely ataxic to the point where he was unable to walk with assistance from ropes and multiple people.”

Not quite two days later, I texted Chatterpaul:

“You had mentioned he had EPM…do you know when that was diagnosed?”

Chatterpaul: “EPM situation he had it all along.”

“OK. It would be helpful if I could speak to the individual you got him from…Do you think you could get me that person’s name and number?”

Chatterpaul: “He looks to me like he had EPM, my vet thinks so, also the person who I get it from.”

These are the last texts I received from Chatterpaul; two more I’ve sent have gone unanswered.

On May 25, the veterinarian called with the necropsy results. Noted in Redneck Margarita’s brainstem: multifocal microgliosis and astrocytosis, which, sparing the technical jargon, indicates that Red suffered some form of injury or insult to his neuronal tissue. The specific pathogen or injury was not identified. The vet: “Usually when we don’t find anything specific we suspect degenerative neurologic disease.”

After a 19-month disappearance from racing, Redneck Margarita resurfaced at Aqueduct on April 21. Dead-last, 45 lengths back. A week later, malnourished, he is listed “For Sale,” though that posting quickly vanishes. Just five days after that, he is rescued from a dealer’s pen – by now, emaciated. Nine days later, ataxic, unable to walk – euthanized. Horseracing did this, all of it.

Sad – and very, very angry.

(To everyone who supported our efforts to help Red through your donations, thoughts and prayers, we are so incredibly grateful. Thank you.)


  1. Just another horse killed by the racing industry. No, Redneck Margarita didn’t “die in the dirt” the way that so many of them do, but he is still a racing fatality. Let’s not forget that when Kelly Smith arrived to transport him, Wayne, the dealer, had him tied to a tree. The cruelty to these magnificent animals never ceases to amaze me. As a child, I believed that the monsters were under my bed. As an adult, I now know the monsters are human and are living among us. Many thanks to Joy and Lynn for not giving up on acquiring Redneck and to Kelly for driving 12 hours to rescue him from that “hell hole.” His life, after being rescued, was short, but he was loved during that time and he received great care. RIP sweet boy….

    • This is heartbreaking news. But he was safe when he died. His need for soft and kind were met by the people who cared. For the ghouls who ransomed him, and tortured him – karma has a surprise for you from which you cannot hide or avoid.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story Joy, and to all the people who helped this sad gelding called REDNECK MARGARITA.
    I write this through a pool of tears.
    I usually focus on celebrating life, but in this case I simply can’t do it because Redneck Margarita’s life was one of pain, and suffering directly due to this VILE horse racing business.
    First of all, this story begins with REAL, authentic people who truly cared for this maimed, and discarded racehorse that this industry is SOLELY responsible for.
    Unfortunately, RM’s story is not an anomaly as most of know.
    Probably all the people who donated had NOTHING to do with this poor souls degradation for wagering profits and heartless a**holes!
    Secondly, the horse “disappeared” and then “reappeared.”
    Huge red flag, but not enough for the racing commissions to look into it.
    Third, the “loving” and “caring” connections of this racehorse never once saw the obvious signs of EPM in this racehorse. They should immediately lose their license for starters!
    Another thing, we can pretty much bet that the vet was in and out of RM’s stall giving medications and the fact that the vet never saw that this horse was suffering from EPM is bewildering! (S)he should have their license suspended as well!
    Of course it’s very possible that the vet told the trainer that the horse was exhibiting signs of EPM, but of course we will never know because the SECRET operations going on DAILY in the corner cobwebs of the stalls is not revealed!
    Maybe they did know, but ran him anyways which is even worse, but I don’t put it past them.
    While the rest of our country shares vet records daily for the health, and welfare of the animal, this industry refuses to do this and the so called commissions, who are supposed to be protecting racehorses, haven’t done one thing to change this – not one!
    Fourth, this horse was very sick – on deaths door – yet, they STILL RAN HIM!
    Not ONE of the supposed “caring” and “loving” people on that track, who watched this racehorse suffer daily, EVER spoke out on behalf of this suffering being! NOT ONE.
    So you can all go F**ck yourselves because you are all either abusers, enablers of the abuse or both.
    You have the audacity to come on here, and defend this by stating that there are “good” people.
    You can’t be good, and continue in this business it’s NOT possible because eventually you succumb to one, some or more of the mandatory operating procedures all of which amount to animal cruelty.
    Finally, when I was active in this business and reported such things as this, the gauntlet came down on me.
    While they outwardly encourage people to report such situations, as soon as you do, you are denied stalls, farrier service, exercise riders, and jockeys so they essentially put you out of business or they make your life a living hell which they did with me.
    It’s just that simple.
    It’s an ENTIRE culture of maiming and/or dying, and the connections who uphold these inevitable business operating factors are the ones who get the stalls, and the support of the people in power.
    Just look at the top Trainers in this country – all multiple drug violating Trainers with MULTIPLE racehorses who have died under their direct care!
    This is solid evidence to the claim I’m making in this comment.
    Their entire goal is to fill races, increase wagering profits at the detriment of the racehorses while exploiting people as well.
    It’s pure evil, and an angel like REDNECK MARGARITA ended up in this living hell.
    Well now you have your wings RM, and give us the strength to continue being a voice for racehorses like you.

  3. Absolutely criminal…everyone in this string of misfortune should be charged with cruelty. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. NYRA should launch a full-blown investigation into this case. Please notify the NYT about this case as they have been pro-active in supporting racetrack care reform. Everyone involved in this case (except the angels) should be ashamed of themselves. But then, our American corporations treat their “expendable aging” employees the same way.

    • Investigations are conducted by the self-regulated industry and rarely lead to any effective justice for the racehorses.
      For example, at Belmont Park today most of the Trainers participating and monopolizing the races are multiple drug violating Trainers with MULTIPLE racehorses that have been maimed and/or died under their care: Steve Asmussen, Todd Pletcher, Bob Baffert- the 3 musketeers.
      The notorious Rudy Rodriquez (RR) – outright animal abuser, in my opinion, has horses in the races today.
      Many of us here know all too well about Rudy Rodriquez.

      So an “investigation” that led to charges was not sustainable because R.R is permitted to continue training, maiming and/or killing racehorses on his own accord as demonstrated today.
      Today’s race card at Belmont clearly proves that this industry does NOTHING because the trio (Asmussen, Pletcher, Baffert) has been conducting themselves this way for years and NOTHING is done.
      It’s important to note that the attending veterinarian for the 3 musketeers is the SAME vet treating their horses, in some cases, treating multiple horses in the SAME race including the Belmont – Dr. James Hunt.
      This is the same vet on the PETA video I believe.
      So even the vet is permitted to continue plying his “shady” practices after a video clearly showed that he was complacent in the ongoing abuse of NEHRO for one, and many other examples too numerous to mention.
      The fact that the same vet is permitted to treat more than one racehorse in the same race has the potential for a classic “organized” horse racing scenario.
      This is not integrity, this has the potential for the race to be set-up through a needle when one vet is treating multiple racehorses in the same race for Trainers with multiple drug violating histories.
      How this is allowed to continue is mind boggling, and we only know about this because NYRA is the ONLY racing jurisdiction that discloses this!
      So based on this information it seems reasonable to say that the doping cheaters, in collusion with Dr. Hunt, is doubling down on these racehorses that often results in maiming and/or dying.

  4. Thank goodness for those of us to give a damn. I know how heartbreaking this was for Joy and all who followed this journey.

  5. I want to take the time to thank those who cared about Redneck Margarita in supporting our efforts to acquire him and attend to his suffering. Please know how grateful we were AND are for your donations, thoughts and prayers…

    Mary Johnson
    Nancy Bush
    Claire Palatchi Peasley
    Paula Bacon
    Kimberly Patton
    Karen Garvey
    Nancy Cade
    Linnay Lantz Minnard
    Jean Daniels
    Barbara Scotto
    Ann Bodling
    Maura Weis
    Sheree Kiser
    Sal Agro
    Kathy Hefner Kirsch
    Lauren Ballough
    Janet Schultz
    Susan Kinney
    Beth Roby
    Gaye Goodwin
    Joy Dunn
    Debbie Garroutte
    Pamela Cingano
    Lauren Brown
    Jill O’Conner
    Bethany Green
    Katherine Heinemeyer
    Misty Highland Farm

    This is the list I had of those who kindly donated – I apologize if I inadvertently left anyone out.

    Thank you…

    • And many thanks to Kelly Smith who offered to take Red into her program – ensuring veterinary evaluation and treatment, and painstaking care in placing him into a loving home should he recover.

      In addition, when Dougal was telling me at 11 PM on the day I had agreed to purchase Red for $1500 that he was sick (never mentioned it in our previous 3 or 4 conversations) yet refused to have a vet out at our expense, Kelly said “I will leave in the morning to get him – he cannot stay there another day.” She dropped everything to get Red “home” – I will ALWAYS be grateful to her for that.

  6. They sleep perfectly well at night, primarily because they have told so many lies so many times, those lies are now their truth. How anyone with a modicum of human decency (not to mention ethics, morals and empathy), could RUN a horse in that condition is mind-boggling, but the rest of the story – the transport, “re-homing” and re-sale, is heartbreaking. I love all animals, but horses are what get me everytime. We live in a small North Dakota town and I always know where the local horses are and if I don’t see them, I worry. My husband worries I will get shot at one day while photographing horses, better me than the horse. The ignoble end of any horse is tragic, but a horse with so much potential and so much life to live and love to give, is criminal. Chatterpaul and his cronies, exemplify everything that is wrong with the racing industry. Poor kid never stood a chance, but at least in his last days he was loved and cared for. I hope that the love and care was his last memory…

    PS – Sorry if I am a bit emotional, but we put two of our three dogs to sleep recently and the emotions are still raw. (Cooper May 24 and Buster May 31). Maybe they will see Redneck on the other side.

    • Thanks for caring, Gaynor and John. Having to put your dogs down is a heartbreaking time but knowing you gave them a beautiful life and gave them their final gift, must be a comfort.

  7. Why did you spend so much money/donations? on an oviously sick,lame,abused horse. Do you know how many horseowners would like to be able to afford New Bolton’s level of care on their cherished ,loved ,cared for personal horses,not wasted on what any one with scruples would have promptly humanely euthanized. Showing off all your bucks and trucks!

    • I can’t speak for Joy nor for the people who donated since I wasn’t one of them.
      That said, Redneck Margarita deserved a chance, and the only way to get that chance was to find out exactly what was going on.
      They knew it was some sort of neurological disease, focusing on EPM, but they weren’t sure.
      I think everybody directly involved thought there was a glimmer of hope that medication, and time could have assisted with his recovery.
      I’ve rescued OTTB’s that looked similar to Redneck Margarita on many occasions that came around because they didn’t have a grave diagnosis like Redneck Margarita.
      According to Joy’s comment the spinal tap was unable to confirm what the pathogen and/or trauma was caused by.
      It’s very possible that some simple vaccinations like Equine Herpes and East-West Nile virus could have prevented this because the spinal tap out-ruled EPM.
      I can say with utmost certainty that most racehorses running in the claiming ranks don’t have UTD vaccinations because the connections see it as a waste of money or simply can’t afford it.
      The racetracks, wanting to fill races, are intentionally ignoring this safety hazard, and I’ve witnessed it.
      Although the racetracks require them for entry, I’ve seen many forged documents or especially in large race stables documents are presented for the wrong horses to gain entry to the grounds.
      I’ve also witnessed Trainers promise to show the documentation later, and still are permitted onto the grounds with little to no follow-up.
      This used to infuriate me because it would leave the rest of the horse population vulnerable to communicable diseases especially the way in which they are housed and in close proximity – a virus can spread rapidly as seen at the Fairgrounds Racetrack recently.
      I do believe that the most recent outbreak at Fairgrounds can be attributed to the lack of enforcement of documentation showing current UTD vaccinations on racehorses entering their grounds.
      A promised “investigation” has been lost somewhere in the manure, but it effected lots of horses.

      • Red never had the lumber puncture to check for EPM – that was to be May 12…and that morning he had declined to the point of not being able to simply walk, even with the assist of supporting ropes and multiple individuals. His necropsy also had to be “delayed” for three days while rabies was being ruled out.

        To “whitney” – “wasted” on Red? Unbelievable. I am CERTAIN every single person who donated to his acquisition and subsequent care felt he was worthy of every penny spent caring for him. I’m so grateful they did not have the calloused attitude you do.

    • Its called trying to give life to something that cannot itself, let me ask you what is warranted to not try is this horse not worthy of quality and right to life remember your disgusting comments when it is your own life and let me ask you where do you stand with the owner trainer and racetrack or the people that were around the horse everyday you sound just like them your comments are the only wasted effort

    • Hope Kelly Smith has voluntarily quarantined her farm and trailer after transporting a very sick neurological case without an interstate health certificate ,vaccinations ,or shipping destination! How many places did she potential spread disease to? Why did she turn a sick horse out in a pasture with other horses? Is she quarantining those horses till onset of clinical neurological disease can be ruled out ? Where is her farm located? Is New Bolton supervising the quarantine?

      • “whitney” – 1), communicable diseases were ruled out, 2), a health certificate WAS issued in that critical time (Red had no temp the morning he was rescued from Dougal’s) and the veterinarian that morning recognized, as well, that Red needed to leave Dougal’s place ASAP since Dougal had NOT attended to Red’s needs, 3), his “destination” was clearly known and identified, 4), Red was not turned out with other horseS…just one horse (and obviously NOT when he declined) and 5), my previous answers and comments should clear up all of your other questions and accusations.

        All I can think of when reading your comment is I hope NO horse only has YOU or someone like you to depend on when in a horrific situation and just waiting for help – because clearly, you’d let him/her suffer and die.

        And the thing is, it doesn’t matter one iota that Red’s suffering and death doesn’t matter to YOU – he never had to “realize” that and it wouldn’t have changed one thing we did for him. And those of us who read your ridiculous words, not one, I’m certain, gives a damn what you think.

      • Hey, quite the cover up, quarantine Kelly Smith’s holding pen and stop spreading unknown diseases until you can get a vet to say to say in writing that there was no communicable disease in a desperately sick horse suspected of EPM ,tested for rabies ,shipped around illegally . If you have an interstate shipping certificate and necropsy results ,show them! Otherwise keep talking around the questions, maybe Kelly Smith will only kill one more horse, the one she turned this one out with or maybe the other one in the barn . Or maybe Kelly Smith will start the next epidemic in EPM or some other neurological disease.

      • Whitney, you are running on a lot of assumptions. Don’t start accusing unless you absolutely know what you are talking about. And speaking of quarantine, have you checked on Aqueduct to see if they are in compliance ?Further, the horse’s last race, before showing up at Aqueduct, was at Thistledown on 9/9/2015. In that race the chart said “rough trip” , stumbled and later apparently clipped heels. Sounds like the horse was already in trouble at that time.

        And why are are you so upset that people tried to help a horse in dire need. He sure was not receiving any help from the racing community ( big surprise !!) and was actually being forced to run.

      • You want to play your little games Witney well you are playing with me now.
        First of all, go attack the horse racing industry who is SOLELY responsible for this racehorses pain, suffering, and subsequent decline.
        Second, go to all the racetracks and the racing offices where RM was stabled, and DEMAND his UTD vaccinations. I can assure you they will not have them because they probably didn’t even check them which happens lots on racetracks. The reason why I know this is because I was in the business and I often heard the connections joke about it.
        I also know this because I was a steward in California. I had the authority on many racehorses coming and going at Del Mar. I was in charge of the most influential and expensive graded stake races there at the summer meet which included the shipping in of international racehorses.
        There were horses shipping in from all over the place and I tried to implement a rule that only papers DIRECTLY from the vet for UTD vaccinations would be acceptable, but in true fashion I was over ruled by the CEO’s and my superior stewards who permitted entry with papers on file.
        I personally checked most of the papers on file and they were NOT correct.
        I know for a fact that this is still going on at racetracks because they still have an ongoing verbal agreement when personal trailers are shipping in.
        So go to the racetracks they are SOLELY responsible for diseases being spread.
        Of course in true horse racing fashion they blamed and/or insinuated that the recent outbreak at Fairgrounds was due to people rescuing horses from local kill auctions!
        Third, go to the last trainer on record and ask him for the UTD paperwork on RM.
        Finally, since you’ve spent a lot of energy and time attacking those who helped this poor soul, get out your wallet and spend some money helping these people out.
        Then go to the actual source to find out about the vaccinations and get yourself vaccinated with a good dose of kindness, and then get the hell onto a pro-horse racing blog where you belong.
        Oh, and before you go – give us your REAL full name instead of hiding behind a mask of idiocy.
        Once we get your full name, which I doubt, then I will be doing some research on my own, and I bet that I will find out things about you that shows you are a racehorse abuser!

      • Hey there, Whitney, I think a movie was named after you…Dumb and Dumber. Addressing your rambling accusations and demands is a waste of precious time since you, Whitney, are a waste of time. However, I think those that were involved with “rescuing” Redneck Margarita need to be defended against an idiot such as yourself. You “hope” Kelly Smith has voluntarily quarantined her farm and trailer against what? Strangles? RM did NOT have strangles and, if he had EPM, anyone with half of a brain should know that EPM isn’t transmitted from one horse to another. No interstate HC? Again, you are just babbling since he had to have a HC to cross state lines. Vaccinations? A horse does NOT have to have vaccines in order to ship from one state to another. West Nile isn’t transmitted from horse to horse nor is E/W Encephalitis but both are transmitted through mosquito bites. Again, just a dumb ass question from a dumb ass girl. I wonder if you know the front end of a horse from the back end, but there is a way to find out where Kelly Smith’s farm is located. It is called the INTERNET. GOOGLE HER! Oh, and vet hospitals don’t go onto private property in order to supervise the quarantine of horses that were previously under their care. Duh…

        Your idiotic demands to see quarantine documents and interstate shipping certificates are just that….idiotic. Kelly Smith did NOT kill RM. She had him humanely euthanized and I support her 100%. Just to clear up the confusion in that tiny brain of yours, the racing industry killed RM. Now, reach out to his previous owner/trainer, Mr. Chatterpaul, and DEMAND to see his vet records for RM. I would surmise that Chatterpaul will tell you to go f**k yourself. Personally, I think YOU, Anonymous Whitney, should be under permanent quarantine to keep your idiocy from spreading to others. Got it?

    • Whitney, it is none of your business why we spent “so much money” to rescue Redneck but I would suggest that you reach out to Roy and Gretchen Jackson and ask them why they spent “so much money” to try to save Barbaro who was obviously lame from a catastrophic injury after breaking down in the Preakness. Perhaps they were just showing off their “bucks and trucks” or perhaps they have no scruples. Take your pick.

      • Are you unaware of the financial incentives involved in trying to keep Barbaro alive through eight months of post surgical hell ,with an unprecedented and untried 20 odd fractures and screws surgical procedure,

      • Anonymous Whitney, I am fully aware of the financial incentives available to the Jackson family if Barbaro had lived, namely stud fees generated through breeding him. We do agree on one thing though. Barbaro WAS put through post surgical hell in order to keep him alive and I am fully aware of his laminitis issues during his recuperation time. However, the fact that Barbaro was a winner at the track does NOT make him more worthy, at least in my eyes. The Jacksons tried to save him just as Kelly Smith tried to save RM. Both animals incurred much suffering but RM suffered under the scum that owned and raced him for a MUCH greater period of time than the week he was with Kelly. You seem to insinuate that Kelly goes around killing horses yet you don’t accuse the Jacksons of killing Barbaro. Seems you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Hypocritical…

  8. I donated some money to save Redneck Margarita and now I am in tears that this poor horse could not enjoy the life kind people who rescued him wanted to give him. At least he wasn’t transported to slaughter.
    Today is the day of the Belmont. A day that disgusts me. I was naive about how awful this industry was. But the owners and trainers are not naive. Even if they do not abuse and neglect horses like Redneck Margarita for profit, they are complicit in continuing the hype of a “sport of kings”.

    • Lots of threats and claims of knowing how to cheat the system! Any chance you will show your interstate shipping certificate and necropsy report and quarantine documents and supervising veterinarians’ report?Sounds like you are involved in the abuse yourself and know all the tricks.Kelly Smith should be under voluntary quarantine till communicable neurological disease is ruled out.Or you risk spreading it to other farms and adopters to make a few bucks on “rescue”.

      • EPM epidemic? EPM isn’t spread from horse to horse. If it was – the tracks would be empty

      • You are critical of the rescue of RM. No thought on the handlers, trainers and owners of this desperately sick boy before his save the few days before his death? You are the problem in the horse world – but you know that. Point the finger of blame at the innocent, to hide the black hearted ghouls you obviously do business with.

  9. So sad, Joy. Maybe there needs to be a few dummy social media accounts (twitter, Facebook, etc) for getting in touch with these people. Maybe they knew you were a rescue and didn’t want to get the horse any help. Maybe if there was a social media account that was dedicated to being a horse fan, but nothing to do with rescue or anti-racing. If they see a rescue trying to help, it probably just makes them happy to dangle the horse in our faces and never get it any help. So terrible this horse had to suffer to the end.


  10. Another heartbreaking story about the evils in this world, and the destruction they leave behind. Horses are such gracious,, intelligent, beautiful animals it’s hard to see them abused in any way.. Hopefully, people will read these reports and realize they must stop betting on the races.

  11. Joy, Kelly, Mary and all who made it possible for this pathetic creature to “escape” his tormentors, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Not only did nobody in the business lift a finger to help this horse they raced him when it was obvious he was in bad shape. And how on earth was he cleared to start by the track vet. Also, it is strange that he showed up with new trainer/owner at Aquiduct after his last race at Thistledown a year and 7 months ago. He was never in a claiming race until Aquiduct.
    The notes frm his race in Sept. 2015 said “rough trip”, lost his footing at the start and appeared to clip heels near the 5 furlong marker. Looks like he was having problems at that time and maybe earlier.
    It is disgraceful what this business did to Redneck Margarita.

  12. I cannot bear to think about the suffering Redneck Margarita endured. Once again no rules in place to protect him from the mongrel bastards who were aware of his ill-health. The negligent racetrack vets making a mockery of the oath they take. And they wouldn’t have been the only people who could see that this horse was in a bad way. And what also disgusts me is that his connections never had the decency to put RM out of his misery by having him euthanased and if that was an ‘expense’ then what does it take to get your gun and end it for RM. No, they were determined to get a few more bucks out of him extending his suffering. These mongrel bastards should be charged with animal cruelty and severely punished. The horseracing industry is also responsible SHAMEFUL.

    Thank you, Joy for giving this horse a chance and a dignified death. I have no doubt he knew he was in caring hands with you and Kelly and then the vets at New Bolton. The generosity of Mary and everyone on your list of donators made it possible for Redneck to be given the help he so desperately needed.

  13. Every single supporter/participator/apologist in the entire world of horse racing YOU and only YOU are directly responsible for these disgusting, repulsive, ongoing cases of blatant animal cruelty PLUS inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
    So unfortunate that Redneck Margarita is a common result of having total disregard for the very horses that rake in BILLIONS of dollars for this VILE business!
    Every single person failed this poor soul, and I will continue to be a loud voice for these racehorses as they either die in the dirt or die from horse racing whether you list them as a non-racing fatality or not – this business is solely responsible for RM and many of the racehorses who suffer for such ungrateful assholes.

  14. I would like to see Naipaul Chatterpaul, Wayne Dougal, the veterinarian who diagnosed Red with EPM, and the person who Chatterpaul got Red from and all the other individuals who had any interaction with Red over his 5 years of life who knew he was not well and fit for racing CHARGED with ANIMAL ABUSE and CRUELTY. They watched this poor horse suffer and decline and did nothing but pass him off to someone else. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING THIS HORSE!!!!!!!

    • I agree Jean. It is disgraceful what these animal abusers get away with. There is absolutely no accountability and the horses suffer horribly. All in the business are complicit in the pain and misery these horses endure.

      PS I wonder what Chatterpaul did with a horse called Departures.

      • Accountability is key, without it, there is nothing to hold these abusers liable. Enforcing legislation and stiff penalties for abusers is the first step.

      • First of all Karen the horse racing industry is legitimized animal cruelty.
        When something is legitimized then it’s near impossible for animals to get their justice under our current laws.
        The racing commissions are nothing more than a managerial instrument to carry out the legitimized animal cruelty as evidence by their “rulings,” and by permitting horses to run who are so obviously in pain.
        The HBPA is a huge enabler of the abuse that needs to get the hell out of horse racing because they do little or nothing for the horses, and they defend the enablers of the abuse.
        The wagering companies have vets on their payroll, allegedly, who are paid huge salaries while collecting lots of money from the owner/trainers.
        The vets are a double-edged sword and they will put anything into that needle to manipulate bets more than likely, and the Trainers are all too happy to work with a vet for the any cost to win goal.
        Of course the cost falls on the racehorse.
        They pay with their lives, and anybody who remains in this business is not good.
        You can’t be good to a racehorse, and continue in this business.
        It’s not possible unless you consider doping, whipping/beating, maiming, dumping, and/or dying in the dirt “good.”
        Every single person in this industry permits one, some, or all of these mandatory operating procedures which all qualify for animal cruelty, and inhumane treatment of a living being.
        The racehorse is a slave profit, and they will do anything to increase those profits at the detriment of the racehorse.
        They hide vet records, and there’s a reason for that.
        They are now hiding the NAMES of racehorses dying in the dirt at Frank Stronach owned tracks such as Santa Anita and Golden Gate, and there’s a reason for that.
        Let’s just say that many racehorses that are dying have equine insurance policies in place.
        “Good,” “caring” folks – NO you need to stop your delusional thinking and see it for what it is.

  15. I see the personal agenda, not to mention illiteracy is still alive and well in Spencer. Unless you donated Twitney, you’re not entitled to be shown anything.

  16. Redneck Margarita’s sad saga exemplifies the horrific ongoing abuse of racehorses all over racetracks.
    Yet again, we have another example of total disregard for the plight of racehorses when Churchill Downs announced this:

    Just a few years back, CD spent 100 million on renovations to increase VIP seating and comfort for the wagering public to plop down their asses in the grandstands.

    Collectively, this 160 million was made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses while they are getting maimed and/or killed in action at CD.
    Yet little or nothing was given to improve their stabling conditions or to racehorse aftercare.

    Every single entity in this business continually ignores the plight of racehorses.
    It’s not just CD.
    This hasn’t changed for years, and it’s much worse than it’s ever been even in the wake of the BILLIONS in casino profits that is tossed their way because there should not be even one racehorse standing at a kill auction with nowhere to go, and with no funds in place to ensure a safe landing.

    Nor should everyday people, non-exploiters, have to dig into their pockets to rescue racehorses who are dumped when gravely ill.
    Horses like Redneck Margarita.

    Once again the industry proves, via their lack of actions, that racehorses are nothing more than profit slaves to be dumped like a piece of trash, or to die on slaughterhouse floors in lieu of better seating or to increase even more profits by building another gambling venue called historical racing.

    If you wager on a racehorse then you are supporting the ongoing exploitation, maiming, dying, beating, and/or dumping of racehorses.

    Please don’t do it.

  17. By blaming these horrors on “horse racing”, you are exonerating the real culprits, they have a face, they are people, rotten, greedy human beings. They will exist long after horse racing does, and they will continue to reap suffering and pain on animals. Dog fighting is illegal, but it thrives.”Red” should never have passed the vet exam to race. Where is the oversight, the legislation to protect these thoroughbreds? That’s where the real fight is. Pull licenses, hand down stiff penalties to these tracks. Push for anti-slaughter laws. All these stories make me sick, but the abuse epidemic reaches far beyond racing itself. I applaud you for your work. The horses mattered, they had names, they were noble creatures. They deserved better. People should hear their tragic stories and push for change.

  18. These people who knew of the horses illness and still raced him or never sought out medical care should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty ! To allow them to go unpunished and held accountable is a total injustice ! I hope somewhere down the road karma returns the favor to those involved …

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