A Kill at Belmont, Another at Saratoga – NY at 40 Dead and Counting…

According to Equibase, Storm the Shore “was in the midst of weakening when he took a bad step” in the 1st at Belmont yesterday. “Vanned off.” Later, the Gaming Commission confirmed he is dead – euthanized back in the barn. He was four.

Saratoga ’17 may be a couple months away, but it has already claimed its first victim. Lakalas – if the spelling is correct, a yet-to-be-raced-on-American-soil French filly – “collapsed and died after breezing” yesterday morning.

Dead racehorses in NY, 2017 – 40, and counting…


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  1. Thank you Patrick for keeping us all informed about the carnage that continues every day.
    Storm the Shore exhibiting the common off form symptoms leading up to his death – repulsive.
    Lakalas, last raced on 8/23/2016 so obvious that there’s something going on with this poor horse.
    Absolutely no published works since last year except this one on May 21st.
    This is just one example of many that shows the complicit involvement of the racing commissions in every single racehorse death.
    They all make me sick.

  2. There are many ways to make money — LET THE ANIMALS BE — LET THEM LIVE HAPPILY & COMFY — for those who itch to gamble, we all know of many sites, many locales where you can get enjoyment & fun — exploiting & abusing animals MUST be off-limits — let’s get some standards — let’s be rational & compassionate — let’s stop this needless unconscionable cruelty to these magnificent animals.

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