Mare Becomes 37th Dead Racehorse in NY in 2017

According to the Equibase charts, the 2nd at Finger Lakes Wednesday was rather mundane for 5-year-old R Sleeping Beauty: “well placed and three wide, lost some ground through the turn, bid four wide into the stretch and weakened in the drive.” Turns out, though, she is dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, for an undisclosed reason following the race.

To date, New York has lost 37 horses at its tracks in 2017. 37 dead horses – for $2 bets.


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  1. Finger Lakes is a HELL HOLE for horses, but aren’t they all?
    This B track is mainly running claiming horses who most likely have pre-existing, chronic conditions.
    Apparently it’s just fine with the “good” folks in horse racing to run their horses on such things as previous bowed tendons, fractures, muscle, stomach and/or muscoskeletal issues most likely.
    All of this amounts to the daily pain, and suffering of racehorses to fill races, increase wagering profits, and to turn a buck for the connections.
    Many are dumped when no longer profitable.
    This is the necessary operating procedures of this antiquated business model.
    It’s a disgusting shame that Gov. Cuomo caved into pressure to finance this failing business.
    If they didn’t get the financing, which is skimmed from casino profits effectively diverting millions into the public coffers, then this hell hole would have shut down.
    R Sleeping Beauty – so sorry for you.
    We will never know just what went on moments before walking you over to your death.
    The lack of transparency, and no mandatory release of medical records nor necropsy in many states ensures the ongoing legitimized animal cruelty.
    These are not people who “care” about horses, they just care about what they can squeeze out of them while risking their life knowing full well that the last injury may not hold up.
    Anybody who participates/support this business are either abusers, enablers of the abuse, or both.
    There are no good deeds they could do that would convince me otherwise.

  2. Thirty-seven dead horses in a little less than five months. That’s SEVEN horses a month. If this happened in any other industry, there would be an investigation by the authorities but not in an industry that uses horses up and spits them out as if they were inanimate objects. I continue to be repulsed by horseracing and I applaud its precipitous decline.

    • Yes exactly look up group b rally look at any competition or sport and see how rules and regulations have changed across the board look up dada5000 and see how mma rules virtually changed overnight to protect the competitors not horse racing though simply because change does not promote money and gambling and that’s all this buissness is set up for period screw horse racing how long can you people involved lie to yourselves

      • Amen, Billy. I constantly hear the racing supporters babble that racing needs to be “cleaned up” and I then ask how that is working out for them. Not so good, is it? Anyone, with minimal intelligence, should realize that racing doesn’t want to be “cleaned up” or surely someone would have cleaned it up by now. Even the “hot shots” are incapable of making a dent in the filth that is part of racing’s culture. All the babbling about slaughter and yet thousands of TB’s go direct to kill or move through auctions when their revenue producing days are over. Even Brena Jenkins, who runs a rescue, talks about taking in “used up hurt horses.” Why are the horses “hurt” and “used up?” Because that is what the racing industry (and it is a gambling industry, not a sport) does to horses. The vast majority in racing keep running their horses, who are loved just like “family,” until the horses are “used up hurt horses” and then those horses are dumped. A lucky few will end up in a good place but the majority will not. Ms. Jenkins then says we must all be involved with the solution. The solution is simple but seems elusive for Ms. Jenkins. Horseracing must END….along with dog racing, rodeos, circuses…and any other industry that uses/exploits animals for financial gain. You simply can’t mix money and animals because the animals end up losing most of the time.

  3. Why is the reason undisclosed? I would have thought (hoped), that this type of information was public, it certainly should be! Poor girl.

  4. It is a sad situation, but still a sport. Regulations and follow through are necessary for the safety of the horses and riders.. please remember that it takes actions to make this happen. Many talk about making it better and do nothing to help the situation. I have a rescue where I take in these used up hurt race horses and I rehab them, then follow through with great home placements. Very hard work, but we must all do our part to be involved in the solution! I do not support racing, and have never bet on a horse. I pay for these guys out of my own pocket. However there are those that do support it, and maybe they should help too. Feel free to visit my rescue page to see how a select few try to be part of the solution!!
    Railroad Pass Equestrian Center, Zephyrhills Fl. It is on Facebook. And with that being said, our track in Tampa has an amazing team that is directly involved in the horses welfare! Let’s hope we can get other tracks to follow their lead!

      • HI Patrick, as I agree it is not a nice sport, I can’t change it. I can change how some of these animals finish out their lives. That’s my part. Actively rescuing these beautiful horses and doing everything I can to make their situation and life better. There is a saying around my place… You can’t change the world, but by saving this horse, I am changing his world.

      • You can speak out – unequivocally – against this vile industry (industry – a gambling business – mind you, not a sport at all), while simultaneously tending to your rescues. For as long as they hold races, people like you will be necessary. Wouldn’t it be better if you weren’t?

      • Brena “blood bath” it is.
        Just check out the death facts here and the detailed descriptions of the racehorses going down in the dirt.
        For most of us horse lovers that qualifies as a blood bath or many here use the synonym carnage.
        I received an anonymous email from somebody who was trackside at Woodbine racetrack yesterday, binoculars in hand, who watched the racehorse Catch A Glimpse go down.
        She could see the blood flowing from her nostrils, and mouth to the point of regurgitation!
        She choked on her own blood now if that isn’t a blood bath I don’t know what is.
        She’s one of many – just read the facts here directly from racing commissions all over the USA.
        Evidently, she survived, but we were unable to confirm because they are no longer providing the public with this information citing “horses are private property, and they treat then like family.”
        This information would be available in the “rulings” which is public property, but no more.
        They are no longer disclosing rulings from the publicly funded racing commission evidently.
        This is an assault on our democracy, and if ever challenged in court they would lose.
        Pure evil, they can conduct their maiming and/or dying under total lack of transparency unless of course you are looking through some binoculars or checking the equibase charts – unbelievable!
        I feel so sorry for racehorses in Ontario, and I’m ashamed with our government for endorsing this.

      • That’s sad that there are people you say trackside, who give anonymous tidbits of information. They also are part of the problem.

    • Brena, to say that doping, whipping/beating, broken bones, torn ligaments/muscles, repeated invasive procedures, forced confinement, living beings dropping dead in the dirt on racetracks is a sad situation??
      You apologists never seem to shock me with your pathetic excuses for a BLOOD BATH – not a sad situation.
      Furthermore, there are no changes that could be made to this legitimized animal cruelty because pain, suffering, dumping, dying on the track and on slaughterhouse floors is the MANDATORY operating procedures.
      Tampa Bay has an amazing team?
      Are you kidding me?
      Tampa Bay has multiple racehorses DIE there just like any other track and you call this amazing??
      Trainers with multiple drug violations with multiple racehorses DYING under their direct training methods are welcomed with open arms at Tampa Bay plus a huge allotment of stalls to enable the abuse and/or dying.
      Such trainers as Kathleen O’Connell whose maiming and dying record is a horror show.
      Yet, they support her by providing the facilities and access to the track that enables the ongoing abuse and/or dying.
      You are doing a complete disservice to racehorses by continuing to support the activities of this business that is nothing more than legitimized animal cruelty.
      Another thing, there can never be enough of you or any rescues because as long as horse racing operates they will require a disposal system for all their lame, sick, and special needs racehorses IF THEY MAKE IT OUT ALIVE of course.
      We all know that their main disposal system is kill auctions, and/or slaughterhouses.
      The BILLIONS of dollars made on wagering, the BILLIONS of dollars made at the sales auction and little or NOTHING going to aftercare?
      You should save your voice to lobby the racehorse industry for a mandatory 1% contribution DIRECTLY to rescue groups – good luck with that one.

      • Gina, as you know nothing about what i champion and how it works near me, I will excuse your ignorance. There are many who do get a 1% to help rehabilitate these horses. I do not. Every penny I make I use for this. Out of my own pocket. I can also tell you that tampa does not allow horses to slaughter. That’s easy enough proven with all of us. They have been very careful to track every horse, and I myself take the ones that have breaks, bows etc. but there are many that come out without injury and are placed with others too. Some trainers and owners are in fact good people. You must remember that there are many, one is too many, that are hurt from this., but the greed of people in general hurt the good ones. There are many that give it a bad name, but I have yet to witness your “blood bath” . Also, maybe instead of mouthing off about the situation, you could spend that energy trying to help it, or do away with it, either one would be a positive way to divert your obvious spunk. Good luck with you, I hope you do decide to champion these horses in a positive way that can help. We could use the voice.

      • Well Brena, I DID look up your rescue. You had already put your credibility in question by stating “I can also tell you that tampa does not allow horses to slaughter. That’s easy enough proven with all of us. They have been very careful to track every horse” – TBD does NOT track EVERY horse and also, there is no possible way that any of you can confirm the whereabouts of every injured or non-competitive racehorse unloaded by their racing connections. Impossible. And claiming you can simply raises red flags.

        And then there was this statement of yours; “I go to meetings and we come up with policies to be enforced. We regulate consequences that are imposed.” Interesting…so because Florida’s horse racing industry doesn’t have a racing commission like other jurisdictions, but is regulated by Florida’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, are you saying you are an employee of this government agency?

        And your rescue, Brena? – Jagger, the injured TB racehorse who was “retired” from racing due to multiple fractures in a limb?…FYI, there is no such thing as a “sigmoidal” or sigmoid bone.

      • Joy. Do your homework. This is exhausting trying to get you to understand. I will stop my emails from letting me know about responses to this. I’m going back to what’s important and not this he said she said bickering.
        Jagger from my barn has a break right where my FB page says. It is in fact his Sigmoidal bone. He was retired, because he was raced twice more after receiving this injury.
        Tampa does track and make sure they do not go to slaughter. Please do your homework before you point fingers and try to make everyone out to be monsters. Horses are tracked for three months upon their retirement, being placed with a rehab facility.

      • For those reading here, to prevent misinformation, the equine does not have a “sigmoidal” or sigmoid bone. There are two sesamoid bones that together with the cannon bone and long pastern make up the fetlock joint. Sesamoid fractures are common in racehorses.

    • So Brena, if you were at a party with “good” people, and a few of those people starting abusing a party goer there to the point of dying – would you stand and watch or participate in the mayhem?
      Either answer makes you either an abuser or enabler of the abuse which is exactly what you are by continuing to support the ongoing legitimized animal cruelty of racehorses.
      So if you were to call 911 to save the person who was just abused that’s not enough.
      As a responsible person you would have to go to court and testify against the evil people who did this in order to get justice for the abused.
      If you didn’t you would actually be an accessory to this illegal behavior.
      So merely rescuing a racehorse is not enough, you must condemn the very industry who is solely responsible for the maiming and/or dying.
      Now if this doesn’t make sense to you then you are clearly the ignorant one on this blog.

      • Gina, just to refresh your memory and get a grip on yourself, Brina is a rehabber, she is fixing the stupidities of others. She isn’t creating racehorses, she is saving them. Got that? Quit flogging people who are not your enemy and you might actually accomplish something. Maybe.

      • Sue, you are 100% correct-so correct that I’m surprised your comment wasn’t removed by the moderator of this blog.

      • Gina, I can assure you I am not the ignorant one you claim. I have saved more racehorses/ any horses from slaughter, than can be counted. I go to meetings and we come up with policies to be enforced. We regulate consequences that are imposed. I go above and beyond to get conditions improved, as do others. Unfortunately, like your last post, there are too many who don’t want to give their names, or help. They want to sit back and grumble about something they don’t want to get their hands dirty with.
        I have in fact gone to court! Numerous times to testify against trainers, owners, and transporters who are shitty. My barns are full of proof, and I follow through every observation I make with documents, pictures, video and vets. I don’t “play” at making the situation better. I go out and do it.
        This is the same as back yard breeders of horses. Keep breeding to find the right rope, jump, dressage or show horse. Only to be tossed to trash if that doesn’t work out.
        This is the same as zoos breeding for the views of others to draw in that buck.
        This is the same as back yard breeders of dogs for show, fighting, protection, and a quick buck. Where do they end up? Euthanized in some shitty shelter.
        This is the same as child labor in other countries, children for work, sex, and warfare.
        This is the real world. There is way too much to list. But I can assure you, I am part of the solution.
        There is no middle ground. We can talk until we are blue, won’t get these horses anywhere. Action will.

    • Your true colors are showing Brena,
      Instead of being disgusted with a racehorse drowning in her own blood – you are disgusted with the person who disclosed this.
      Furthermore, it’s public information that she went down bleeding profusely, but it’s the binoculars that reveal the real suffering.
      I suppose you would want to BAN binoculars from racetracks right?
      That way, you could carry on this massive scale of maiming and/or dying, the CARNAGE/BLOOD BATH with no accountability whatsoever?
      You are one of the disgusting apologists.
      The fact that you are not affected by this one example, let alone the others, is despicable.
      I suppose that’s what the industry does to people who support/participate in it.
      They become desensitized to the mayhem because it’s just another day on the track.
      Pure evil.

      • I have not once gained a profit from any angle of racing. As you claim to have done. That is a sorry situation. What I’m saying, and I will say again, because sometimes people don’t hear the first time is that you are part of the problem. You obviously can not see my true colors, and I can see this is like talking to a rug. Stop talking about the problems, and use some of your winnings off the back of these poor animals that you have and try to get involved in stopping it. I realize it’s hard, but there are some of us who do not make a penny trying to make this end. We are actively doing something about it. Good luck to you Gina. Maybe you should read again that I and others are not merely talking about it.

      • Brena, those of us who speak out against the atrocities in racing are NOT part of the problem. Those who exploit the TB racehorse ARE part of the problem. You seem confused so I sincerely hope I have helped to eliminate your confusion. If I spoke out against puppy mills, while adopting dogs rescued from those mills, would you accuse me of being part of the problem? Now, I have gone up against the racing industry to no avail and I can guarantee that you will hit the same roadblocks as I did. Again, in case this is one of your “slow” days, racing doesn’t want to change or it would have changed by now. Even Arthur Hancock has publicly stated that racing is PERMEATED with those who have no regard for the horses…..PERMEATED. Fairly strong word, isn’t it? This is my wish. At some point in the future, I hope that there won’t be a need for any rescues to even exist because ALL animals will be treated with kindness and respect. There won’t be situations where you, or I, will need to step up for “used up hurt horses.” Got it?

    • Brena, no matter how much action there is there will NEVER be enough homes available to support the dumping – EVER.
      They need horses to fill races, and increase wagering profits.
      In fact, they are only fiscally/morally responsible for 3 years, on average, for any racehorse.
      In some cases it’s less due to pinhooking ventures where they are bred to be sold and wash their hands of that life for the next 20 years.
      This aspect of the business generates BILLIONS in profits, with little or nothing for aftercare.
      For the rest of it’s natural life, approximately 20 years, 17 of those years are left up to the “free” market.
      Of course most of us knows where this ends usually on a slaughterhouse floor.
      Most of us here have rescued OTTB’s but can only make a positive impact by condemning the very industry that exploits, and dumps them.
      So let’s hope you follow the only path to stop this dumping and carnage by not supporting this industry.
      Your claims of going to court are empty until you provide proof.
      Court records are public documents so if your such a hero why don’t you provide the court cases you were involved with – I won’t hold my breath.
      It’s also nauseating to keep repeating the fact that this blog doesn’t condone any type of business that exploits animals for profit because we all know that money and morals don’t mix when it comes to animals.
      The animals, almost always, end up on the losing end.
      In this case, many end up being maimed and/or killed not to mention the deprivation of almost everything natural to them when an active racehorse.
      Evil is evil no matter how many you rescue so don’t support evil, and you will be doing all racehorses a real favor while making a positive impact.

    • “I take in these used up hurt race horses and I rehab them.”
      Exactly Brena, after the horse racing industry uses, abuses, and exploits them they count on people like you to rescue them with your own funds as to your claims.
      Then they really love people like you who clean up their mess, and even cover-up for it by supporting it.
      Sounds like domestic abuse to me only this is abuse of a racehorse.
      I commend you for your good deeds, but they are being cancelled out by your support for this mayhem.
      The only way to help racehorses is to be a voice for them as they lay dying in the dirt, and this is exactly what caring, horse loving people do on this blog.
      Most of us have seen first hand the maimed racehorses coming off the tracks, and most of us have rescued only to realize that the only way to end it is to end this business.
      It’s the horse racing industry that’s the problem not people like us who call out the facts.
      Its stupid if you see it any other way.

      • Gina, you don’t have to hold your breath to hear of what court cases I have helped with. Nor do you have to constantly remind us that you have seen first hand this carnage. I can see this is not healthy debate or education, you just can’t grasp it. I do not have to list my accomplishments. I know, as countless others what I do to support these horses. Any horses. Not just thoroughbreds. They fill my barns, and pastures. They thank me when the run to me when they see me. I have some here that are on the list that was given earlier for positive drug testing. I have some here that are in active court cases. I have some here that have had names changed due to no fault of their own, but it protects them from further harm. I can say that I have never supported racing of horses, greyhound racing, dog fighting, anything that would hurt an animal. I speak for them, and champion them. That’s the whole point. It is sad that there are not enough of us. Is it easier to just complain on a blog? I don’t know. But I’m done with the conversation. As you said, what people do is public record, if your so convinced that I do nothing, why don’t you look it up? I welcome it…

      • Brena…do you not get the concept of grassroots activism? Of blogs and protests and websites and speaking out against animal abuse? Do you also go and complain on other blogs where animal rights activists work/speak out diligently to educate the unknowing public? To those who battle the TWH Big Lick industry? To the activists who work so hard to bring awareness of what’s happening to our wild horses?

        Sad and unfortunate that you would work against those of us who have been in the trenches of TB racehorse rescue AND in educating the unknowing public about this unnecessary gambling industry for years.

      • Joy, this is the first time I commented on one of these, and will definitely be my last. You are correct when you say that I don’t understand what is going on in this blog. It makes no sense to me for someone who is against something and just sits and complains about it. Why not go out and actively find solutions? Be a part of something actively? Come together as a community? Why are the action takers not connecting with the bloggers and putting our efforts to a greater good? You are right, I don’t understand, and I don’t think I want to after realizing that’s all it will be for most. Just a complaint on a web page. As I told Gina, I hope you all have luck with finding solutions, I will continue finding mine.

    • Brena, TBD is like every other track that exploits horses for entertainment and gambling purposes. Take a look at this list and see the names of trainers whose horses who raced at TBD were found with drugs in their blood samples post-race.

      From the May 24, 2017 pro-racing PR, the article titled; “Dozens of Drug Positives Thrown Out Due to State Incompetence”.

      Florida’s Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering is the state’s government agency that regulates Florida horse racing – and because the agency employees didn’t comply with Florida law in how to collect and process post-race blood samples, just over a year’s worth of drug positives were thrown out…totally disregarded and all of the offending trainers went on their merry way.

      Following, the offenders, their horses and the drugs found in those horses’ blood samples post-race.

      Juan D. Arias Jr. (2): Tiger Bourbon, 2/26/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Michaelslittleally, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (bethamethasone)

      Horacio Alberto Barbaran: Alto Precio 1/26/17, Calder Race Course (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Gerald S. Bennett (2): This Boy’s Sharp, 6/1/16, Tampa Bay Downs (xylazine); Angel Falls, 3/28/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

      William Jordan Blair (2): Faction Cat, 4/11/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Bet With Charlie, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methylprednisolone)

      Maria A. Bowersock: Sandia Crest, 4/20/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone)

      Ashlee Brooke Brnjas: Augusto B, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (dimethylsulfoxide)

      Edwin T. Broome: Castleboy, 5/17/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Mark E. Casse (2): Kaigun, 5/6/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Spring Spirit, 12/19/16, Calder Race Course (methylprednisolone)

      Jane D. Cibelli: Spender, 1/17/17, Gulfstream Park (isoflupredone)

      Jason Anthony Dacosta (2): Strollingintherain, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Man o Bear, 6/10/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

      Bobby S. Dibona: Vow Me Over, 12/13/16, Calder Race Course (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Luis Duco: Motion’s First, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol)

      Rodolfo G. Garcia (2): Moonless Sky, 1/9/17, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Rock All Day, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

      Jose R. Garoffalo: JR’s Holiday, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Christos Gatis (3): Royal Fighter, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol); Drama Princess, date not available, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol); Pom Pom Power, 6/2/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methocarbamol)

      Stan I. Gold: Sunshine n Shadow, 11/1/16, Tropical Park (mepivacaine)

      Anthony J. Granitz (3): Epic Journey, 3/2/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Rizzi Girl Twelve, 3/30/16, Tampa Bay Downs (dexamethasone); Long to Win, 3/30/16, Tampa Bay Downs (triamcinolone acetonide)

      Alison Hassig: Sandro, 2/14/17, Tampa Day Downs (glycopyrolate)

      Jennifer A. Hayford-Quinones: Diamond Tour, 2/16/17, Tampa Bay Downs (triamcinolone acetonide and xylazine)

      Ian Robert Hemingway (4): Leroisgoldanimal, 6/10/16, Tampa Bay Downs (hydroxyethyl promazine sulfoxide and methylprednisolone); Proud Mary Strikes, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Annabella Hall, 7/29/16, Tampa Bay Downs (hydroxydantrolene); Bridles Holiday, 11/1/16, Gulfstream Park (methylprednisolone)

      Rosemary B. Homeister Sr.: Blessedwithprayer, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

      Timothy J. Kelly: Next Cowboy Up, 1/18/17, Calder Race Course (triamcinolone acetonided)

      Dane Kobiskie: Lallie, 9/20/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

      Paul Kopaj (2): Starship Galaxy, 4/17/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone); Starship Galaxy, 5/2/16, Gulfstream Park (clenbuterol)

      Tamara Levy (2): Pathos, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Dancin in the Heat, date not available, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

      Braulio M. Lopez Jr: Indio Nativo, 3/7/17, Tampa Bay Downs (phenylbutazone)

      Aubrey A. Maragh (3): Tuneintobow, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Love Rules All, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); It’s Not Me 6/15/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

      Clyde W. Martin Jr.: Sister Caro, 2/6/17, Gulfstream Park (xylazine)

      Alejandro M. Maymo: Majestic Maiara, 2/6/17, Gulfstream Park (dimethylsulfoxide)

      Kiaran P. McLaughlin: Farz, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

      Angel M. Medina: Big Distinction, 7/8/16, Gulfstream Park (phenlbutazone)

      Keith Raymond Nations (2): Morning Fire, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (isoflupredone); Global Glow, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

      Jorge I. Navarro (2): Vera’s Finally, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine); Chatt Hills, 5/9/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Marcial R. Navarro (4): Britannia’s Moat, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Bluegrass Lady, 6/28/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Fan Base, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); Little Twitch, 10/11/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

      Ralph E. Nicks: Awesome Sting, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

      Kathleen O’Connell (3): Bettarun Realfast, 4/13/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Romantic Henry, 6/9/16, Tampa Bay Downs (phenylbutazone); Game Lad, 7/20/16, Tropical Park (betamethasone)

      Pasquale Parente: Extremist, 3/28/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

      Todd A. Pletcher (4): Stanford, 4/11/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Destin, 5/16/16, Tampa Bay Downs (isoflupredone); Brinkley, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Gracious Plenty, 5/16/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone)

      Robert A. Raymond: Jockey Jills Dream, 3/3/16, Tampa Bay Downs (xylazine)

      Juan P. Rizo: Admiral’s Win, 2/7/17, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Darien Rodriguez (2): Lighthouse Sound, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone); Awesome Prizes, 3/21/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

      Juan Andres Rodriguez (3): My Wish List, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Let Love Rule, 5/25/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine); Let Love Rule, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (mepivacaine)

      Derek S. Ryan: Mythical Man, 2/18/16, Tampa Bay Downs (methylprednisolone)

      Antonio Sano: Elsenordeloscielos, 11/7/16, Tropical Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Jason J. Servis (4): Ramblin N Gamblin, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Ramblin N Gamblin, 5/13/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Indian Splendor, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine); Gran the Man, 5/13/16, Gulfstream Park (xylazine)

      Chad J. Stewart: Replay, 5/16/16, Tampa Bay Downs (betamethasone)

      Amy E. Tarrant: D’Oro Tomorrow, 3/11/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone)

      Ray Trisler: Onceaboutadream, 2/22/17, Tampa Bay Downs (dimethylsulfoxide)

      James G. Tsirigotis Jr.: Indy Silver Bullet, 3/8/16, Tampa Bay Downs (flunixin, ketoprofen, phenylbutazone)

      George R. Weaver (2): Madame Barbarian, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (betamethasone); Requite, 7/13/16, Gulfstream Park (ketoprofen)

      Martin Wolfson (11): Best Bahavior, 4/8/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, phenylbutazone, dexamethasone); Miss Melinda, 4/8/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Gem Twist, 3/21/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Curlin’s Princess, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin and phenylbutazone); Curlin’s Princess, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park dexamethasone); To Remember, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Best Behavior, 5/18/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Happy’s Causeway, 6/2/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Kiss to Remember, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone); Kiss to Remember, 8/23/16, Gulfstream Park (medication unavailable); Liberty Road, 6/10/16, Gulfstream Park (dexamethasone)

      Gilberto Zerpa (2): Dearest, 5/9/16, Gulfstream Park (flunixin, methocarbamol, phenylbutazone); Dunkin Bend, 8/15/16, Gulfstream Park (triamcinolone acetonide)

      Ralph G. Ziadie (3): Misty Phyllis, 4/11/16, Gulfstream Park (clenbuterol and phenlbutazone); Baby I’m Worth It, 10/14/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol); R Cat Daddy, 10/14/16, Gulfstream Park (methocarbamol)

      • Thank you for providing this information Joy.
        After perusing these positives I’m sickened at the chemicals being forced upon racehorses.
        For example, one of Todd Pletcher’s horses tested for betamethasone which is used in joint injections so for a horse to test positive for this you can be pretty sure that the horse is being repeatedly injected just to get him to go or for a competitive edge.
        Of course the “secret” medication records can never confirm anything – just the way they like it.
        Then there is isoflupredone which increases air efficiency among other things so again it seems to be administered to get an edge.
        Then there is xylazine used for colic, used to sedate among other things.
        We all know that the rigors of racing, the deprivation of a natural environment, the constant confinement all leads to increased episodes of colic and stomach problems.
        Kathleen O’Connell all the same drugs, but added BUTE which is an anti-inflammatory for SORE muscles and/or joints. This is regularly used on racehorses to mask issues, and to keep them racing.
        Some trainers tested positive for methocarbamol – a muscle relaxant. That says it all.
        I could go on and on, but all these drugs, and doping cocktails are designed to mask chronic issues and/or to gain a competitive edge.
        This is just a window, minimum, of the drugs shoved into racehorses every day, and most of them are injectables.
        So a daily routine of shoving needles in and out of veins, joints, and muscles while counting on the voiceless racehorse to not say anything.
        This is so disturbing that it sickens me, but then again the PETA video showed it – it’s indisputable.
        It’s important to note that the owners are not innocent, but complacent in this drug freak show.
        Simply put, they pay the vet bills.
        This recipe for disaster plays out every day on racetracks with the DEATH facts stated on this blog.
        Not one of these supporters, participants and/or apologists “care” about racehorses because this list alone is a pathetic, repulsive, despicable fact sheet that has on full display the animal abuse going on.
        Equally disturbing is the constant failure of the government or any agency to protect the racehorse.
        I wouldn’t doubt if they do it intentionally because they reap the financial benefits of keeping this legitimized animal cruelty going.
        The American racehorse is a walking drug addict, and this business enables it.
        It’s an entire culture of doping, maiming, and/or dying which is essentially legitimized animal cruelty.
        Then they send their doped up mares to the breeding shed as if it doesn’t affect the foals or some of their foals in one way or another.
        This is so out of control that it needs to shut down.
        It’s just so egregious that it’s sickening.
        There is not one redeemable factor coming out of this horrific business model – not one.

    • Brena, Joy is 100% correct.
      There is no such thing as a sigmoidal bone.
      So let’s get that fact clear.
      You failed to give me the name of your supposed court cases so, until then, I will consider this false.
      Go peddle your manure elsewhere.
      Furthermore, we all completely understand just what this business is about because most of us have direct experience on the track.
      That said, there are lots of Americans who don’t support SeaWorld, greyhound dog racing or dog fighting because they know it’s wrong.
      Horse racing is inherently evil, and that’s not something you can fix.

    • Brena I commend what you do honestly but these same problems will continue long after your life your life is over what happens to racehorses will never go away until we are no longer racing horses look at the big picture the industry knows it’s a bad idea to run horses all out with pain killing drugs in their system but how long has that been going on there was a report on toe grabs from 2006 proving how bad they are for horses and how breakdown percentages go way up while using them but they are still allowed same with the whip just look at pre race have a drugged up horse jog up and back 20 yards with a person watching wow this is what we do to ensure safety you wanna talk about regulations and change where the hell are they what policies or regulations has Tampa changed for the safety and we’ll being of racehorses we have the tools and the technology to do alot better than what were doing but yet nothing look at what they do at churchill for the Kentucky derby all the policies implemented then they turn around the next day and go back to the same old routine how pathetic if I had racehorses I would take that as a direct slap in the face how does the industry separate care and concern there basically saying these horses are more important than yours better than yours what other “sport” are you going to find that does that to their competitors tell me another sport that does not have immediate medical intervention or on site care there’s no medical facilities on track for the most part what do you say about the horses that are left maimed and crippled before their even mature how is it acceptable to force a living being to live the rest of their life because of what racing has done to them how are we giving these horses a diretic that we know does bad things to them and not finding out their level of hydration the jockey club recommends at least 10 days between races but I see an aweful lot running on 3 5 7 days rest quit living the lie thinking the track cares about the horse they want that thing to fill races and generate revenue anything else is not their problem ask the track to help you see what kind of answer you get find a horse that shouldn’t be racing and ask the track to scratch that horse let me know what they tell you go to the division of wagering and show them what racing did to one of the horses you have and see what they say to you the tracks are not concerned with what is happening to horses it is not their problem and they like it that way ask and even if Tampa did every single thing that they could how many people would just go somewhere else because the animal is not number 1 priority take a look at Charlie’s quest couldn’t pass vet exam so was just moved to a different track so he could shameful racing don’t give a fuck

      • Billy – well said!
        100% correct.
        The apologists who come on here and attack me don’t know much about me.
        I was once as delusional as they are, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true.
        I was raised around thoroughbreds, my family was heavily involved with this industry and ran on the leaky roof circuit in Ontario, working 7 days a week,12 hour days to pay-off our farm mortgage in Bolton, Ontario.
        Both my family, and me were very dedicated to this business.
        I didn’t all of a sudden go against it, it wasn’t a quick knee-jerk reaction – it was a journey.
        In retrospect, I can’t think of any other business in Ontario that operates with such total disregard for the very people, and horses that keeps this cruelty circus going.
        While they collect BILLIONS in wagering profits they have no employment or retirement program for essential personnel (Trainers, Jockeys) because they are classified as self-employed contractors.
        Most of us know what self-employed contractors mean – no guaranteed income, no job security, no retirement plan, no medical, and can get rid of you at any time they deem appropriate.
        It’s a circus life really just a fancied up one.
        They entice you by their high purse money, but they have no intentions of you winning it.
        The system is pretty much organized from what I saw, and experienced.
        You are just working your butt off to fill races for them, just as you exploit the racehorses for them, you are being exploited as well.
        The trainers who acquiesced to their nasty demands (resulting in racehorses getting regularly maimed and/or dying to fill races) were the ones who got the stalls, and access to the system.
        There was no other conclusion to come to other than the people who benefit from the current system in place will go to no lengths to continue their billions in wagering profits if it means harming people or horses along the way.
        They don’t give a fuck about you or the horses, they just care about their billions in profit, and continually figure out a way to screw taxpayers out of money via casino profits or corporate welfare.
        They employ and pay big bucks to public relations firms to maintain the fancy hat veneer.
        They have no problem using, abusing, and dumping racehorses so it only stands to reason that they will do this to people.
        People come on here and mock me saying that I wasn’t successful on the track, that I’m angry, that I’m taking it out on this business.
        However, I’ve come to realize that being successful on the track means doping, cheating, running horses while sore, permitting the whipping/beating of horses, maiming and/or killing racehorses to fill races, and increase wagering profits.
        That’s not success, that’s being an animal abuser, and exploiter.
        So I’m very proud that I wasn’t “successful” on the track, and I don’t miss it one bit, and neither do my horses whom I pulled off the track, found them homes, kept one.
        When I see him grazing out in his field, intact, and happy it makes me happy that I made the right decision.
        Now that’s success!

  5. I can assure you (as I have worked with the horses on the backside in a few capacities) that most of the trainers, owners and other employees that work with the horses are very caring individuals. Their intent is certainly NOT to kill the horses. These horses are seen by Vets on a regular basis and always seen the day of the race prior to the race day starting. The Vet determines ultimately if the horses are fit to run. Horse racing is nothing different than a child running track. Should that be banned as well? Many kids have died due to health reasons from playing sports. Should sports be taken away from the school systems? Before you decide to judge me…No I do not profit from horse racing. I do massage therapy on equines. I work with show horses as well as race horses and trail horses. I am writing this purely because I see too much judgment and not enough education. I sincerely think that everyone placing judgment on the owners, trainers and employees learn more about what each does daily and the care that they truly do take of the horses they deal with. For many…their horses are a part of their families. Their children are even involved. I find it repulsive that people cast stones of something they clearly know nothing about.

    • The first time a child-athlete is sold – not to mention slaughtered – then we can have a discussion about kid sports and horseracing. Until such time, keep your head firmly buried in the manure.

    • Dawn…”For many…their horses are a part of their families” – what kind of families confine their family members 23 hours a day in a room just big enough to turn around and recline? Inject them with a diuretic before sending them out to race? Take all of their earnings? Sell them?

      And who is repulsive?….

    • Dawn, I can assure you (to use your words) that anybody, and I mean ANYBODY that participates in this antiquated business model is delusional in some capacity.
      They are not unlike a domestic abuser who often says ” loved her,” but she was abused leading up to her death, and died at the hands of her abuser.
      This is a sad, and common scenario just like horse racing because abuse is abuse whether it takes place on a domestic level or in any other setting, and horse racing is legitimized abuse, and animal cruelty.
      “The vet determines ultimately if the horses are fit to run,” well it sure as hell is not working – open your eyes.
      Look at the death facts – check them out and tell me that the vet check is working after that!
      Furthermore, if they were so “cared” for and “loved” then why would they need ongoing vet care?
      Our retired OTTB’s have been in the pastures for years with no required vet care because they are no longer being used, and abused.
      To draw the analogy between a child sport and horse racing is laughable at best, but I can understand that delusional people like you can perpetrate such a distorted view that others can see right through it.
      I can assure you Dawn, that us ex-industry insiders (from owners to trainers to jockeys to backside personnel) we will “educate” the public on just what goes on behind those security gates.
      In actuality, we don’t have to “educate” people because the facts are there to see, and any normal person who is an animal lover can strip away at the fancy hats, mint juleps, and “entertainment” banner to see that it’s just another form of animal cruelty.
      The mandatory operating procedures from doping, whipping/beating, dumping and/or dying is on full display, but people like you refer to this as “caring” are you kidding me?
      “the owners, trainers and employees learn more about what each does daily and the care that they truly do take of the horses they deal with.”
      You need to get your head checked because describing this mayhem and carnage as “caring” is truly a delusion.
      There is still hope, and time for you to realize that the racehorse is a modern day profit slave for a bunch of hypocrites who use, abuse, and/or dump them when they are no longer profitable more often than not.
      They only “care” about them when they can exploit them, and that’s not caring.
      This is your most telling line: “I find it repulsive that people cast stones of something they clearly know nothing about.”
      Most of us commenting here have direct experience with this business.
      That said, you don’t have to participate in dog fighting to know that it’s animal cruelty.
      You know what we people who don’t support this find repulsive?
      We find the forced impregnation of non-consenting mares, year in and year out, repulsive because their sole purpose is to be a breeding machine for this despicable industry.
      We find the training, and racing of horses barely 2 years old to be animal cruelty because they are being forced into training, on underdeveloped muscoskeletal systems, to flip a buck as soon as possible.
      We find the daily grind for these racehorses such as forced confinement, multiple invasive procedures (needles in – needles out), multiple doping cocktails, whipping/beating when tired and/or sore, being “sold” into the claiming ranks with multiple owners, being maimed, DYING in the dirt, being dumped at kill auctions and the ultimate betrayal – a captive bolt to the head or a knife jabbed into their spine to kill them so that even their dead bodies can be exploited.
      This is not the actions of somebody or an industry who cares.
      Every single person who participates in this business carries on one, some, or all of the mandatory operating procedures which all qualify for legitimized animal cruelty.
      If they truly cared about the racehorse then they wouldn’t be in this business.

  6. Patrick, just because some people wager on horse racing does not mean it is not a sport. People wager heavily on college and pro football and basketball as well as on boxing, among other things. By your logic football, basketball, boxing, etc are not sports either because people wager on them.
    I admit that the sport of kings is deeply flawed and changes must be made. That being said, are you aware that the Thoroughbred horse was created-yes, created-with one specific purpose in mind, that purpose being racing? If it were not for racing, this most magnificent of horse breeds would never even have been brought into existence, and that would be a shame.

    • Caroline, horse racing is not a sport.
      It involves exploiting non-consenting living beings to flip a buck.
      It doesn’t qualify as a sport, and just because people bet on it doesn’t make it a sport.
      “sport of kings,” this is one of many delusional lines perpetrated on the public.
      It’s legitimized animal cruelty that belongs in the roman times not in the 21st century.
      It should really be called “the VILE oval show,” not the sport of kings.
      Then your final line says it all “created ….that purpose being racing.”
      Exactly they are brought into this world to fill races (at all costs even DYING for this VILE business), increase wagering profits, flip a buck for the connections, and when they are no longer able to fulfill their purpose they are DUMPED (for the most part) at kill auctions ultimately leading to the slaughterhouse.
      All this going on while they generate BILLIONS in profit for this business.
      “Born to run,” you failed to mention this line didn’t you?
      Well, “born to run” should really be “born to die.”
      So you find mayhem, carnage, maiming and/or dying acceptable because you support it.
      You justify such repulsive actions by bringing a breed into this world?
      Spare us all, and don’t breed at all.
      Besides, there are too many unwanted OTTB’s right now that this BILLION dollar industry (made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses) don’t do much about.
      Now that’s a crying shame!

  7. So when to you all realized that this is a cruel sport? You probably see it as only 37 out of hundreds, so it’s not so bad. POS

  8. I was drawn back to this discussion after receiving a notification via email that new comments had been added to it. I read them and saw that one of my comments, a civil reply to a comment made by Mr. Battuello, had been deleted. I am not surprised.
    Yes, there is much that is wrong in horse racing. I grant you that. That being said, why do I get the sense that the founder of this blog is more interested in getting attention for himself than for his crusade? I think I’m right about this, and I will be interested to see how long it takes for this comment to be deleted.

  9. Brena is 100% correct. You can light a candle and actually do something, or you can curse the darknee and wring your hands. My charity of choice is Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement. That’s what I do to help retired thoroughbreds. I’d do more but I live too far from any OTTB rescue to volunteer at one, or I’d be doing that too. I’m doing something besides bellyaching. Who among all the harsh critics on this blog, with their blanket condemnations of everything about horseracing, can say the same? Who among you has lifted a finger to actually contribute money and/or time to an OTTB rescue? Just curious.

    • Simply rescuing without the simultaneous condemnation of the industries responsible for horses in need of rescuing (racing, other “equine disciplines,” rodeos, etc.) may help individual horses but does nothing for horsekind. It’s myopia defined.

    • Caroline B Radlow…

      -firstly, you state this; “why do I get the sense that the founder of this blog is more interested in getting attention for himself…?” – you accuse Patrick of wanting attention and in essence, of patting himself on the back.

      -then in your very next comment, third sentence in, you start and I quote; “My charity of choice is OFTR. That’s what I do to help retired thoroughbreds. I’d do more but…or I’d be doing that, too. I’m doing something…” I…I…I…I. From Caroline B Radlow. I…I…I…I.

      Your attention-seeking is glaringly obvious – did you get enough yet?…or are you going to use your excuse of being “drawn back in” to tell readers how many other things you wish you could do?

      To quench your curiosity, I know the majority of commenters here who are in support of the horses the racing industry exploits – and they do as much if not more than what you “WISH” you could do. And Patrick?…I have never known a more humble individual nor one whose passion for their chosen cause, as pure.

      Finally, you and your fellow racing-supporting horse rescuers better have a damn arsenal of candles – a never ending supply, in fact. Because as long as this industry continues to exist, you’re going to be incredibly busy rescuing the injured and discarded in the light of your candles. What I find so incredibly perplexing is why individuals who I would consider reasonably intelligent cannot grasp the concept that trying to RESCUE all of the crippled and non-competitive racehorses cast aside by this multi-billion dollar gambling industry is akin to trying to catch every drop of water from the Niagara Falls…in 5-gallon buckets by frantic folks running here and running there. It can never be done. Catching the lucky too-few drops doesn’t shut off the raging waters – it doesn’t stop the flow. Rescuing the too-few racehorses doesn’t stop the abusers – they just replace their injured and discarded with another, and another, and another.

      Maybe you’ve never heard of grass roots activism and how those who “bellyache” ultimately make a difference for exploited animals. I don’t know of one person who has ever taken home a circus elephant or a SeaWorld orca – but I know a great number of folks who have used their voices to educate regarding the exploitation and abuse those enslaved animals have endured. And just look where Ringling is and where SeaWorld is headed.

      So Caroline B Radlow, supporter of an animal-exploiting entertainment industry, YOU are not our audience. And I, for one, am grateful to every single individual who is willing to be ridiculed by someone like you in doing what is RIGHT for those without a voice…and using theirs.

    • Caroline, I most certainly will be a harsh critic on a multiBILLION dollar industry (made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses) who does little or nothing to ensure aftercare.
      The majority of people who comment on this blog have all rescued, and contributed to a racehorse myself included.
      If you merely rescue then you are an enabler of the dumping.
      Most of us realize that the only way to stop the dumping is to shut this business down which is precisely why we simultaneously condemn this industry and all its despicable actions.
      You apologists never cease to amaze me.
      We are talking maiming and/or DYING of racehorses for gambling bets, and you come on here to defend this carnage?
      You want money then go to the multiBILLION dollar horse racing industry who are SOLELY to blame for the unwanted OTTB problem.
      Don’t come on here and attack people who are brave enough to expose the fancy hat veneer.
      They have absolutely NOTHING to do with the unwanted OTTB problem.

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