Patronizing the Kentucky Derby Supports the Wholesale Killing of Horses

As the nation readies itself for Racing’s high holy day, I give you this, my list of dead racehorses (just track-related, mind you – not including the thousands of the recently “retired” who met violent, bloody ends in North American abattoirs) since I began compiling in 2014. In short, watching, betting today supports the killing of horses.

(This list is markedly incomplete, for I do not have, nor will I ever have, access to all horses killed racing or training on American tracks. That said, based on my work, I believe that upward of 2,000 die this way annually. Carnage. What’s more, there’s nothing they can do to stop it.)

Killed in Action, 2014:
3-year-old Aunt Meanie, January 1, Fair Grounds 9
5-year-old Uncle Smokey, January 2, Aqueduct 7
3-year-old Shand, January 2, Santa Anita 8
4-year-old Honor Thy Wife, January 3, Turf 6 (euthanized January 6)
4-year-old Sassy Cherokee, January 4, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Classic Ford, January 4, Fair Grounds 10
2-year-old Side Street, January 4, Gulfstream 3
8-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4, Belmont, training
3-year-old Six Drivers, January 4, Belmont, training
3-year-old Doughtie Cash, January 4, Delta 2
2-year-old Chicks Luv Roses, January 4, Sunland 2
2-year-old Blonde for Ever, January 6, Parx 3
4-year-old Clodhopper, January 6, Turf 3
4-year-old Good Mother Fran, January 6, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Big Pancho’s Star, January 7, Turf, training
6-year-old Practice Squad, January 8, Delta 2
3-year-old Stout Heart, January 8, Delta 4
9-year-old Favorite Meeting, January 8, Turf, training
8-year-old Devils Afleet, January 8, Turf 3
3-year-old Covenant Keeper, January 9, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Country Warning, January 9, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Casey Lynn, January 9, Delta 1
3-year-old Battle Silk, January 9, Delta 9
4-year-old Skip the Limit, January 11, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Reality Cat, January 11, Sunland 6
4-year-old Golden Archway, January 11, Tampa Bay 3
3-year-old Elite Boutique, January 11, Turf 5 (euthanized January 14)
10-year-old Stormy Surge, January 12, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Bye Bye Jack, January 12, Sunland 4
4-year-old Cute N Famous, January 12, Sunland 5
3-year-old Go Canes Go, January 13, Belmont, training
2-year-old Grab Your Partner, January 13, Tampa Bay, training
6-year-old Mystery Taste, January 14, Beulah 7
Standardbred Scootin Keefe, January 14, Scarborough (injured in a previous NY race)
3-year-old Coolshot, January 14, Sunland, training
5-year-old Mr. Oz, January 15, Tampa Bay 2
4-year-old Past Glory, January 16, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Forgot to Duck, January 16, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Zesty Perry, January 16, Hialeah, training
3-year-old The Mikester, January 16, Penn 1
2-year-old Jmf La Panchista, January 17, Hialeah 5
5-year-old Actin Lucky, January 18, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Diplomatic Gal, January 18, Charles Town 7
2-year-old Lucky Cowgirl, January 18, Gulfstream, training
6-year-old More Nuggets, January 18, Hialeah 3
4-year-old Trick the Queen, January 18, Laurel 5
3-year-old Longevity, January 18, Oaklawn 3
4-year-old A Boy Named Em, January 18, Penn 4
1-year-old Kruzin Corona Br, January 19, Sunland, training
5-year-old Flame to Fame, January 19, Sunland 11
2-year-old Top Data, January 20, Fair Grounds 9
3-year-old Soul Searcher, January 20, Golden Gate 8
8-year-old Raised for Speed, January 20, Gulfstream 9
9-year-old Suzzona, January 20, Gulfstream 10
5-year-old Hey Dirty Face, January 21, Calder, training
5-year-old One Foxy Private, January 21, Sunland 9
4-year-old Vanessa Flag, January 21, Sunland 9
4-year-old Horizonbound, January 21, Turf 8
5-year-old Holleran, January 22, Beulah 2
3-year-old Hickissippi, January 23, Fair Grounds 10
3-year-old Miss Go Free, January 24, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Shesonlyseventeen, January 24, Los Alamitos 7
3-year-old Dark Passenger, January 25, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Concrete Cat, January 25, Charles Town 2
2-year-old Electric Eddie, January 25, Santa Anita 10
3-year-old Dixie Sparkle, January 26, Aqueduct 7
3-year-old Silent Blessing, January 26, Calder 2
2-year-old Our Mary Grace, January 26, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Corona Favorita, January 26, Hialeah 6
7-year-old Irish Shortcut, January 26, Turf 1
4-year-old Gimmenosass, January 26, Turf 8
2-year-old Heavenly Champion, January 27, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Royal Affair, January 29, Beulah 1
2-year-old Valar Dohaeris, January 30, Belmont, training
3-year-old Budding Affair, January 31, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Love Is Enough, January 31, Laurel, training
4-year-old Flashy in Pink, February 1, Belmont, training
9-year-old Flyingpalm, February 1, Beulah, training
3-year-old Warrior’s Image, February 1, Fair Grounds 9
4-year-old Charlie Company, February 1, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Victory Unveiled, February 1, Laurel, training
5-year-old One to a Royal, February 1, Laurel, training
2-year-old Tizardo, February 1, Oaklawn 9
4-year-old Flanker Valley, February 2, Tampa Bay, training
Standardbred Ciem, February 4, Northfield
4-year-old Minotaur, February 4, Turf 1
5-year-old Silver Cloud, February 5, Tampa Bay 9
2-year-old Salt Block, February 6, Laurel 4
3-year-old Cougarontheprowl, February 6, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Mr Manske, February 7, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Recall Dynaformer, February 8, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old Nicki Starshine, February 8, Gulfstream 10
2-year-old Tormentada, February 8, Sunland 7
4-year-old Malibu Affair, February 8, Sunland 9
4-year-old Borderland Blues, February 9, Sunland 7
3-year-old Felix, February 10, Aqueduct 6
6-year-old Mezuman, February 10, Calder, training
5-year-old Grass Blade, February 13, Calder, training
1-year-old Manchas Mojave, February 13, Golden Gate, training
8-year-old Moscato, February 14, Golden Gate 7
Standardbred Fire in the Night, February 14, Pompano
1-year-old Jazz Corona, February 14, Remington, training
5-year-old Code of Conduct, February 14, Santa Anita 7
3-year-old Siren’s Secret, February 15, Calder 5 (euthanized February 18)
5-year-old Pretty Darn Good, February 15, Emerald, training
4-year-old LG Jet, February 15, Turf 2
4-year-old Vero’s Hero, February 16, Gulfstream 1
4-year-old First Prize Prince, February 16, Louisiana 2
4-year-old Play N Win, February 16, Turf 3
3-year-old Astronomer, February 17, Fair Grounds 1
3-year-old He’s Not Too Shaby, February 17, Santa Anita 9
3-year-old Blazin Mean, February 17, Sunland, training
5-year-old Gracias, February 17, Turf 2
4-year-old Lucian, February 18, Remington, training
3-year-old Pressing On, February 18, Sunland 11
3-year-old Salesman, February 19, Delta 8
Standardbred Mega Hall, February 19, Northfield
3-year-old Dream for Dean, February 20, Calder, training
3-year-old Sum Royal, February 20, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Marie B, February 20, Laurel, training
3-year-old Ya No Esta, February 21, Calder 3
3-year-old Very Elusive, February 21, Golden Gate, training
8-year-old All Tanked Up, February 21, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Take It Up a Notch, February 21, Remington, training
2-year-old Ghost Tour, February 21, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, February 22, Aqueduct 3
2-year-old Grant Us Peace, February 22, Charles Town 1
9-year-old Miss Palatine, February 22, Hawthorne 2
4-year-old Body of Evidence, February 22, Hialeah 2
3-year-old Scouts Diva, February 22, Hialeah 10
Standardbred Scottie C, February 22, Buffalo 3
2-year-old F M Forty One, February 22, Sunland 9
3-year-old Byerley Barb, February 23, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old I’m a Breeze, February 23, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Apollo Ono, February 23, Hialeah 6
2-year-old Chica de La Noche, February 23, Louisiana 7
3-year-old Mighty Grizzly Water, February 25, Sunland 1
Standardbred Pay Tribute, February 26, Buffalo 7
5-year-old Giant Indian, February 26, Laurel 7
9-year-old Bluehard, February 27, Delta 2
5-year-old Museum Tour, February 27, Delta 4
3-year-old Anotherprettygirl, February 27, Sunland, training
4-year-old Sea Rep Run, February 28, Charles Town 6
5-year-old Sound of Drums, March 1, Aqueduct 7
2-year-old Dicolas Soul, March 1, Charles Town, training
5-year-old News Bulletin, March 1, Hawthorne 8
4-year-old Ide Better Pray, March 1, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized March 4)
2-year-old Syeshacat, March 1, Mountaineer 4
5-year-old First Time John, March 1, Turf 2
3-year-old King Moon, March 2, Oaklawn 4
4-year-old Decoy, March 2, Sunland 9
3-year-old Aggressive Prize, March 3, Louisiana 5
Standardbred I Ride Western, March 3, Northfield
4-year-old Know This, March 4, Mountaineer 2
2-year-old Junkyard Eddie, March 4, Mountaineer 8
5-year-old Giga Man, March 4, Sunland, training
2-year-old Intoxication, March 4, Sunland, training
2-year-old Changeinaction, March 5, Belmont, training
4-year-old Tropical Treasure, March 5, Laurel, training
5-year-old Thegallopingghost, March 5, Mountaineer 4
5-year-old Jalouzi, March 6, Charles Town 2
6-year-old The Program, March 6, Fair Grounds 8
1-year-old Ruby Jo, March 6, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Run in Aruba, March 7, Calder 4
2-year-old Miss Da Sunrise, March 7, Fair Grounds 4
5-year-old Cellophane, March 7, Golden Gate 6
6-year-old Bravo Romeo, March 7, Laurel 2
2-year-old Holy Wildcat, March 8, Gulfstream 7
5-year-old D’wildbill, March 8, Mountaineer 1
2-year-old Diamondsontheinside, March 8, Remington 11
2-year-old Jack Brookshire, March 8, Remington 14
4-year-old Dats Dee, March 8, Sunland 10
3-year-old Lewis’ Son, March 9, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Spookorific, March 9, Laurel, training
2-year-old Playingintherain, March 9, Sunland, training
4-year-old Humble Suspect, March 9, Turf, training
6-year-old Tawdry, March 10, Mountaineer 8
3-year-old Passport Denied, March 11, Mountaineer 9
Standardbred Hickory Louie, March 12, Monticello 8
3-year-old Honor Spirit, March 12, Turf 6 (euthanized March 13)
2-year-old Uncle Betty, March 13, Charles Town 5
3-year-old Minnie Bear, March 13, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Chickatari, March 13, Penn 5
2-year-old Promise Me Pyc, March 13, Remington 9
3-year-old Kenai Warrior, March 14, Gulfstream 6
6-year-old Cooper River, March 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized March 29)
4-year-old J Rose Gal, March 14, Tampa Bay 1
4-year-old Concept, March 15, Aqueduct, training
7-year-old Itsagoodtendollars, March 15, Belmont, training
4-year-old Candy’s Jewel, March 15, Los Alamitos 1
Standardbred Seton Hall, March 15, Pompano 5
3-year-old Fardan, March 15, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Broadway Peyton, March 15, Tampa Bay 6
4-year-old SS Tribal Girl, March 16, Fonner 2 (euthanized March 18)
3-year-old Starlight Dreamer, March 16, Hawthorne 1
5-year-old El Altanero, March 17, Beulah 7
5-year-old Tanjero, March 17, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Hot Little Thang, March 17, Turf 1
3-year-old Dee Ray, March 19, Calder, training
4-year-old Gadget Girl, March 19, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Pure Afleet, March 19, Laurel 1 (euthanized March 24)
4-year-old Colonel By, March 21, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Finesse, March 21, Oaklawn 7
4-year-old Garden Tavern, March 22, Charles Town 2
7-year-old Three Rudys, March 22, Fonner 3 (euthanized March 25)
4-year-old Diva On Demand, March 22, Laurel 4
3-year-old HJD’s Prize, March 22, Mountaineer 1
4-year-old Sweetly Put, March 22, Penn 9
2-year-old Texas Spook, March 22, Remington 8
6-year-old Vagabond Shoes, March 22, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Vengeful, March 23, Gulfstream 2
6-year-old With a Miracle, March 23, Sunland 7
4-year-old Shop Keeper, March 25, Sunland 7
5-year-old Tapits Wildcat, March 26, Turf 8
4-year-old Mi Vengador, March 27, Remington 3 (euthanized March 29)
2-year-old Eyes a Stoli, March 27, Sam Houston 7
6-year-old Kern River, March 28, Fonner 2
3-year-old Art of the Game, March 28, Gulfstream 8
8-year-old Yu Tiger Yu, March 28, Hawthorne 6
2-year-old Sea of Faces, March 29, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Russian Silk, March 29, Santa Anita 9
2-year-old Jurzenski, March 30, Fonner 5
3-year-old Causewere Gamblers, March 30, Santa Anita 3
4-year-old Notbyemyrules, March 30, Santa Anita 9
6-year-old Lewkacy, March 30, Turf 6
3-year-old Printscess Best, April 1, Charles Town 9
2-year-old Lucky Leroy, April 2, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Jojonotjoelowe, April 3, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Tellem Its Texas, April 3, Remington 9
5-year-old Schay’s Miss, April 4, Charles Town, training
3-year-old When We Laugh, April 4, Charles Town 5
6-year-old No Shenanigans, April 4, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Travis Weaver, April 4, Sunland 9
5-year-old Donttangowithmango, April 5, Hawthorne 5
Standardbred Our Desire, April 5, Scarborough
6-year-old Crystallo, April 6, Mountaineer 3
6-year-old Hudson Ridge, April 6, Pimlico 9
2-year-old Blondie La Jolla, April 6, Turf 2 (euthanized April 9)
8-year-old Casey’s On Call, April 9, Hawthorne 2
2-year-old First Glance, April 9, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Harry’s Miracle, April 10, Charles Town, training
7-year-old Shamelessly Rich, April 10, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Stop Talking, April 10, Lone Star 6 (euthanized April 24)
3-year-old D K Warrior, April 10, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Mongol Ring, April 11, Calder 1
Unnamed, April 11, Indiana, training
5-year-old She’s Gosphel, April 11, Penn 6
6-year-old Mass Destruction, April 11, Pimlico 4
7-year-old Crystal Dreamer, April 12, Charles Town, training
5-year-old Forty Four Loco, April 12, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Smart Sequoyah, April 12, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Famous Gent, April 12, Fonner 6
2-year-old Ivebeensaved, April 12, Parx 6
2-year-old Moonshine Gracie, April 13, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Alondra Sky, April 13, Gulfstream 4
5-year-old Kollos, April 14, Calder, training
7-year-old Smokin Armadillo, April 14, Will Rogers 8
5-year-old Here Comes Drz, April 15, Charles Town 6
4-year-old American Iron, April 15, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Call Me Louie, April 15, Sunland 5
3-year-old Chili Con Queso, April 15, Sunland 8
5-year-old War Politics, April 15, Sunland 11
2-year-old Crimson Flyer, April 16, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Sicard’s Sensation, April 17, Evangeline 10
5-year-old Onetwopunch, April 17, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Goodness Sakes, April 18, Calder, training
3-year-old Recovered, April 18, Finger Lakes 3
3-year-old Runaway Wild, April 18, Remington 10
4-year-old Prowess, April 19, Lone Star, training
2-year-old City Squire, April 19, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Just After Me, April 19, Remington 10
3-year-old La Jolla Surprise, April 19, Sam Houston 3
4-year-old Ruby Lite, April 19, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Classy Marlene, April 20, Calder 6
4-year-old Soulsinging, April 20, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Tango Jet, April 20, Remington 2
4-year-old J C Avenue, April 20, SunRay 4
5-year-old Bojax, April 21, Turf 2
Standardbred Southwind Tabor, April 21, Yonkers 12
4-year-old Silvia’s Secret, April 22, SunRay, training
2-year-old Diamonds n’ Demons, April 23, Emerald, training
4-year-old Don’tdrinkmywine, April 23, Penn 2
3-year-old Genuine Windi Dash, April 23, Turf 2
4-year-old Gadzooks, April 24, Turf, training
6-year-old Aussi Austin, April 25, Aqueduct 8
5-year-old Jellena, April 25, SunRay 5
4-year-old Skinner, April 25, Tampa Bay, training
10-year-old Laredos Goose, April 26, Cal Expo 5
2-year-old Zoomin to the Moon, April 26, Delta 7
3-year-old Zapachula, April 26, Fonner 11 (euthanized April 27)
4-year-old Marcelino Springs, April 26, Golden Gate 8
5-year-old Marine, April 26, Gulfstream 9
6-year-old Big Boy Tyson, April 26, Mountaineer 3 (euthanized April 27)
3-year-old Jaylo Caliente, April 26, Remington 7
8-year-old Jess So, April 26, SunRay 3
5-year-old Rock U Up, April 26, Turf 6 (euthanized April 28)
5-year-old Cuban Devil, April 27, Atlantic City 5
8-year-old Golden Mexico, April 27, Golden Gate 4
2-year-old La Jolla Cove, April 27, Santa Anita 2
6-year-old Caverna, April 28, Beulah 2
4-year-old Win Machine, April 28, Mountaineer 3
5-year-old Me Likey Mikey, April 28, SunRay, training
5-year-old Big Dividend, April 29, Charles Town 8
2-year-old Think Money, April 29, Pimlico, training
5-year-old Blue Book, April 30, Charles Town 9
5-year-old Rock Elle Ten, April 30, Evangeline 2
3-year-old Handstand, May 1, Belmont 6
Mayan Summer, May 1, Calder, training
2-year-old Vaquero Guapo, May 1, Delta 5
4-year-old Moneyatlast, May 1, Lone Star 7
6-year-old Hotradamus, May 1, Santa Anita 3
2-year-old Cashininafantasy, May 2, Delta 4
3-year-old Polar Pal, May 2, Evangeline 7
2-year-old Onebaddancer, May 2, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Granny Calling, May 2, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Jaretts Royal Dream, May 2, SunRay 8
3-year-old Canadian Winner, May 3, Churchill 13
9-year-old Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Tree Top Society, May 3, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Watch This Zoom, May 3, Remington 1
2-year-old Secretly Dreaming, May 3, Ruidoso, training
3-year-old Dontchacallnomo, May 3, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Jesse Lady, May 3, SunRay 3
3-year-old Dumpling Man, May 3, Tampa Bay 7
2-year-old Chow Call, May 4, Emerald, training
3-year-old Zion Hill, May 4, Mountaineer 6
Standardbred Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers 5
Standardbred Valley of the Sun, May 6, Meadowlands, training
Unnamed, May 7, Indiana, racing
5-year-old Okey Dokey Legend, May 7, Les Bois 5
3-year-old Party Boy Streakin, May 7, Les Bois 5
1-year-old Talking Man, May 7, Lone Star, training
6-year-old Kid Curry, May 7, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old It’s too Easy, May 8, Lone Star 7
2-year-old Nightfall, May 8, Santa Anita 5
4-year-old Humor Me Doc, May 9, Gulfstream 1
5-year-old Looks Like a Saint, May 9, Indiana 6
5-year-old Turbalo, May 9, Lone Star 7
6-year-old Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico 1
2-year-old Curl Del Rey, May 9, Remington 9
2-year-old Kitellas Gal, May 9, SunRay 4
3-year-old Aztec Secret, May 10, Louisiana 3
3-year-old Gigi’s Alina, May 10, Prairie 5
3-year-old Gameboy Luke, May 10, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Patches Pal, May 11, Emerald, training
Standardbred Hurrikane Jersey Joe, May 11, Magical Acres (NJ), training
4-year-old Mr Lemon Tree, May 11, Santa Anita 9
5-year-old Revelling, May 11, Thistledown 5 (euthanized May 18)
4-year-old Explosive Smile, May 12, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Transatlantic, May 13, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized May 14)
3-year-old Happy Happy Me, May 13, SunRay, training
3-year-old Lil Ditty, May 13, Will Rogers 10
Unnamed, May 14, Indiana, training
5-year-old Rhythm of the Moon, May 14, Suffolk 4
5-year-old D E Trubador, May 15, Arapahoe, training
7-year-old Thewayofthesamurai, May 15, Charles Town, training
4-year-old It Might Get Loud, May 15, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 23)
2-year-old Bold Fashion, May 15, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Opequon Creek, May 16, Charles Town 5 (euthanized May 28)
3-year-old Handsome Harley, May 16, Pimlico 6 (euthanized May 24)
4-year-old Carters Crown, May 16, Remington, training
5-year-old Canon Zoom, May 16, Remington 1
3-year-old Blazin Perfect, May 16, SunRay 6
10-year-old Happy Humor, May 16, SunRay 9
5-year-old Eyema Delight, May 18, Arlington 8
3-year-old Catawba Gray, May 18, Belterra 7
3-year-old Oriental Silk, May 18, Louisiana 8
3-year-old Sister Discreet, May 18, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Blushing Martha, May 18, Mountaineer 8
4-year-old Caillech’s Quest, May 18, Parx 4
3-year-old Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Zoe 14, May 18, SunRay 1
8-year-old Eastern Gold, May 18, SunRay 5
Standardbred KZ Too, May 20, Monticello 8
Standardbred Town Fool, May 20, Bangor
5-year-old Summa Cum Boom, May 20, Parx 3
3-year-old See the Music, May 21, Belmont 7
4-year-old Calling Mr Malcolm, May 22, Charles Town, training
5-year-old Never Tell Lynda, May 22, Churchill 1
4-year-old Motion in Potion, May 22, Prairie 2
3-year-old Comic Slew (sic ?), May 22, Ruidoso, training
3-year-old Stadtpark, May 22, Santa Anita 4
5-year-old Breaking Rocks, May 23, Charles Town 9 (euthanized May 28)
3-year-old Skyrunner, May 23, Lone Star, training
3-year-old Double Reaction, May 23, Monmouth, training (euthanized June 19)
6-year-old Static Kill, May 24, Arlington 5
3-year-old Bb Cc Quik Wagon, May 24, Delta 7
3-year-old Reflective Glory, May 24, Emerald 6
6-year-old Eric the Ram, May 24, Louisiana 1
3-year-old Dynastys First Call, May 24, Ruidoso 7
5-year-old Big Note, May 24, Santa Anita 2
3-year-old Felicias Prettylucky, May 24, SunRay 3
4-year-old Flying to the Dash, May 25, Arapahoe 7
3-year-old Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont, training
3-year-old Loooch’smachoman, May 25, Louisiana 3
4-year-old Celtic Tune, May 25, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Value Trap, May 25, Prairie 3
3-year-old Valle Vidal, May 25, Ruidoso 11
2-year-old Perry Point, May 26, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Lotruglio (sic ?), May 27, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Silver Arch, May 27, Parx 7
7-year-old Miss Cerrochina, May 28, Emerald, training
7-year-old New Vogue, May 28, Les Bois 5
4-year-old Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont, training
5-year-old Gibson Halo, May 29, Evangeline 4
Unnamed, May 29, Indiana, training
3-year-old Jess a Speeder, May 30, Arapahoe 7
5-year-old Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes 1
5-year-old Summer Blaze, May 31, Calder, training
8-year-old Sunshine Rambler, May 31, Monmouth 7
5-year-old Berrymeaux, May 31, Mountaineer 2
2-year-old Scoop a Jewel, June 1, Arapahoe, training
4-year-old Permit, June 1, Arlington 8
3-year-old Pink Gold, June 1, Lone Star 8
3-year-old Archie’s All Heart, June 1, Parx 4
4-year-old Der Boss, June 1, Pimlico 2
2-year-old Pyb Place Your Bet, June 1, Remington 8
4-year-old Brass Rail, June 2, Suffolk, training
6-year-old Fabulous and Clear, June 3, Calder, training
5-year-old Fenway, June 3, SunRay 4
Unnamed Dam, June 4, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Samuels Blond Lady, June 5, Belmont 2 (euthanized June 8)
4-year-old Sweet Teri K, June 7, Belterra 4
4-year-old Really a Hero, June 7, Eastern Oregon 2
6-year-old Tiger Mike, June 7, Fairmount 3
5-year-old Lemon Sundae, June 7, Finger Lakes 1
4-year-old Tebows Big Play, June 7, Golden Gate 9
Unnamed, June 7, Indiana, training
Unnamed – probably 3-year-old Tricky Ricardo, June 7, Indiana 5
4-year-old Kitty Mandu, June 7, Monmouth 1
5-year-old Stormdefrere, June 7, Penn 3
2-year-old Princess Marquee, June 7, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old A First Class, June 7, Ruidoso 6
6-year-old Old World Order, June 8, Belterra 8
Standardbred Faith N Moon, June 8, Buffalo 5
2-year-old Hold the Nutmeg, June 8, Monmouth, training
8-year-old Lobo Del Norte, June 8, Parx 5
5-year-old X Country Girl, June 8, Parx 7
3-year-old Lava Lei, June 8, Thistledown 8
3-year-old Nics First Rainbow, June 9, Ruidoso 5
Unnamed – probably 5-year-old Dakota’s Court, June 10, Indiana 2
5-year-old Gulf of Aden, June 10, Parx 1
3-year-old Part N Ways, June 10, Retama, training
6-year-old Mint Humor, June 10, SunRay 6
4-year-old Wino, June 11, Evangeline 2
5-year-old Olivia Twist, June 11, Suffolk, training
5-year-old Bear’s Spirit, June 12, Aqueduct, training
Standardbred Racetrack Diva, June 12, Northfield
8-year-old Scooper Dee (sic ?), June 12, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Handsome Amigo, June 12, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Shared Sacrifice, June 13, Los Alamitos 3
2-year-old Fishy Wagon, June 13, Retama 8
3-year-old Agent Boo, June 14, Fair Meadows 8
6-year-old J.B.’s Marquis, June 14, Louisiana 5
5-year-old Hot Necker, June 14, Mountaineer 5
4-year-old Patron Platinum, June 14, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Socialbug, June 15, Churchill, training
Standardbred Lucid Dream, June 17, Meadowlands, training
Standardbred Hall’n Chips, June 17, Northfield
4-year-old My Jordy, June 17, Presque Isle 2
2-year-old Fran’s Kid, June 18, Belmont, training
Standardbred Dalglish, June 18, Monticello
5-year-old Ethan John, June 18, Suffolk 1
2-year-old Summer Sanctuary, June 19, Delaware 4
3-year-old Ol’ Bob, June 19, Louisiana 4
4-year-old Rock and Roll Star, June 20, Finger Lakes, training
4-year-old Chiffy, June 20, Penn 2
4-year-old Rick’s Cafe, June 20, Penn 2
5-year-old Lake Brilliant, June 20, Prairie 2
3-year-old Cole Forty Five, June 20, Santa Anita 8
6-year-old Birthday Wish, June 21, Belterra 7
4-year-old Pegasus Star, June 21, Calder 7
2-year-old Heza Streakin Flyer, June 21, Delta 1
2-year-old Jumpn Streaker, June 21, Delta 2
3-year-old Sunny’s Included, June 21, Emerald, training
2-year-old My True Desire, June 21, Fair Meadows 10
3-year-old Shanes Social Cat, June 21, Lone Star 2
3-year-old Gem’s Pride, June 21, Suffolk, training
2-year-old Code Name Brielle, June 22, Monmouth, training
5-year-old How Far We’ve Come, June 22, Parx 8
5-year-old Lady of Liberty, June 22, Prairie 4
7-year-old First Down Man, June 22, Wyoming 4
6-year-old Griffin Rock, June 23, Parx 1
4-year-old Roses for Romney, June 25, Belmont 8
2-year-old Im’s Home, June 25, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Mel’s Game, June 26, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Montana Red, June 27, Arapahoe 11
3-year-old Toomers Oaks, June 27, Delta 9
7-year-old Elsaroarin, June 27, Finger Lakes 9
2-year-old Track Terror, June 27, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Hot Sirachi, June 27, Monmouth 10 (euthanized July 24)
2-year-old Eyesa Llano, June 27, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Let’s Face It, June 27, Thistledown 7
3-year-old Second Down Patriot, June 28, Delta 2
4-year-old Western Grit, June 28, Finger Lakes, training
6-year-old Commandeer, June 28, Belterra 2
4-year-old Papa Doc, June 28, Charles Town 4
4-year-old Halos Wild, June 28, Lone Star 9
4-year-old Tough Orphan, June 29, Oak Tree 8
5-year-old Royal Dash Special, July 2, Delta 10
4-year-old Gleaming Girl, July 3, Lone Star 8
2-year-old Design by Who, July 3, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Jaxtens First Wagon, July 3, Ruidoso 5
5-year-old My Belle Etoile, July 4, Ellis 5
3-year-old Steal the Show Lo, July 4, Emerald 2
3-year-old Michonne, July 4, Finger Lakes 9
2-year-old Finns Huckleberry, July 4, Ruidoso 1
2-year-old Hocuspocuss, July 4, Ruidoso 5
4-year-old Song for Krismike, July 5, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Cuzs Painted Success, July 5, Fair Meadows 4
3-year-old Fun Elusive, July 5, Gulfstream 3
5-year-old Guidopanzini, July 5, Oak Tree 9
3-year-old Karamojo, July 5, Penn 8
3-year-old Coronas Sportiness, July 5, Ruidoso 12
3-year-old This Guy Is Blue, July 6, Belmont 9
2-year-old Cozy Kieran, July 6, Belterra, training
9-year-old Streaterville, July 6, Mountaineer 6
4-year-old Offlee Fast, July 7, Calder, training
7-year-old Back Talking, July 9, Mountaineer 5
2-year-old Teenie B Tuff, July 10, Arapahoe, training
5-year-old Our Deputy Express, July 10, Delaware 2
5-year-old Shame On Em, July 11, Emerald, training
3-year-old Chief Barker, July 12, Arlington 9
5-year-old Lone Star Sizzler, July 12, Evangeline 7
2-year-old Hiway Centerfold, July 12, Fair Meadows 4
4-year-old Music Maid, July 13, Belmont 2
4-year-old Corlett Drive, July 13, Del Mar, training
6-year-old War Prince, July 13, Emerald 1
4-year-old Ruler of the Tribe, July 13, Emerald 5
5-year-old Finally Together, July 14, Mountaineer 9
6-year-old Given Episode, July 16, Les Bois 10
4-year-old Kokaltash, July 17, Del Mar 5
4-year-old Bodey the Beast, July 17, Fair Meadows 5
4-year-old Indomitable Woman, July 17, Finger Lakes 5
3-year-old Smooth Willow, July 18, Charles Town 2
5-year-old Could Be a Rumor, July 18, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Generator, July 18, Evangeline 8
3-year-old Kylees’ Giant, July 18, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Piskacha, July 19, Belterra 4
2-year-old Heza Fast Wagon, July 19, Les Bois 3
3-year-old Ifihadalady, July 19, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Missy Zelliott, July 20, Belmont, training
7-year-old Lw Wired Val, July 20, Arapahoe 3
2-year-old Washington Dacat, July 20, Canterbury 7
3-year-old Auriferous, July 20, Monmouth, training
5-year-old I’m Included, July 20, Remington, training
3-year-old Gryphon Gold, July 20, Sacramento 7 (euthanized July 23)
3-year-old Ithink I Can Dance, July 22, Mountaineer 6
5-year-old Mr Percussionist, July 22, Parx 1
8-year-old Possy Beach, July 23, Les Bois 9
Shocker Topper, July 23, Santa Rosa, training
5-year-old Lucky Prize, July 24, Charles Town 9
3-year-old Dance With Fate, July 24, Del Mar, training
2-year-old Artic Eagle, July 24, Fair Meadows 11
4-year-old Save Your Pennies, July 24, Gulfstream 3 (euthanized July 26)
4-year-old Lifeguard On Duty, July 24, Saratoga, training
5-year-old Surviving the Odds, July 25, Arapahoe 9 (euthanized July 27)
3-year-old Rue the Day, July 25, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Yes She’s Unusual, July 25, Del Mar 6
5-year-old Longview Drive, July 25, Del Mar 7
3-year-old Movin’ On Up, July 25, Louisiana 8
3-year-old Elusive Cowgirl, July 25, Monmouth 6
3-year-old Double Gold, July 25, Saratoga, training
5-year-old Lil Swiss Echo, July 26, Del Mar 5
3-year-old J Kat, July 26, Del Mar 9
3-year-old Chichita, July 26, Finger Lakes 1
5-year-old Rockabar, July 26, Santa Rosa 8
2-year-old Chilled Mousse, July 27, Del Mar, training
3-year-old Curly Queen, July 27, Gulfstream 7
7-year-old Gimmeanotherwink, July 28, Finger Lakes 2
2-year-old Dixie’s Pegasus, July 28, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Father Johns Pride, July 28, Saratoga 7
3-year-old Baltic Princess, July 29, Calder, training
5-year-old Quorum, July 29, Finger Lakes 6
4-year-old Cool Under Fire, July 29, Parx 8
5-year-old Intimate Storm, July 30, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Patinka, July 30, Presque Isle 3
3-year-old Lavender Road, July 30, Saratoga (prior to race 7)
Unnamed, July 31, Indiana, training
3-year-old Too Much Chocolate, July 31, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Seventh Apostle, August 1, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Implied, August 1, Monmouth 5
3-year-old American Reign, August 1, Prairie 1
3-year-old Chattering Gambler, August 2, Del Mar 3
5-year-old Markyour Territory, August 2, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Fly Above, August 2, Monmouth 1
2-year-old Sir William Bruce, August 2, Saratoga 5
6-year-old Lite Up My Dream, August 2, Thistledown 6
7-year-old Maji Moto, August 4, Mountaineer 7
4-year-old Felixia, August 6, Thistledown 2
3-year-old Cat O Gold, August 8, Arapahoe 7
5-year-old Well Lit, August 8, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Western Sword, August 8, Penn 8
5-year-old Elite Buckaroo, August 9, Arapahoe 4 (euthanized August 12)
4-year-old Slewissurfing, August 9, Charles Town 5
5-year-old Rosie by Rossini, August 9, Evangeline 7
4-year-old De Rage Girl, August 9, Parx 6
3-year-old Trail Blaze, August 9, Parx 7
2-year-old Dm Fly Belle Fly, August 9, Retama, training
5-year-old Ambarona, August 9, Suffolk 3 (euthanized August 11)
4-year-old Who’strickingwho, August 10, Arapahoe 1
7-year-old Peters Rock, August 10, Arlington 3
7-year-old Bonita Muneca, August 10, Belterra 2
5-year-old Exultant, August 10, Belterra 4
5-year-old Top Excitement, August 10, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Regretless, August 11, Saratoga 4
3-year-old Steppingood, August 13, Del Mar 8
3-year-old Bullwhip, August 14, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Deputy Gulch, August 14, Charles Town 2
4-year-old Serious, August 14, from July 31 Del Mar 7
2-year-old Cashion, August 16, Belmont, training
3-year-old Bayview Drive, August 16, Del Mar 10
3-year-old Zuni Tunes, August 16, Golden Gate 8
6-year-old Miss Mulligan, August 16, Retama, training
6-year-old Winter’s Wildchild, August 17, Columbus 7
7-year-old There Goes Kevin, August 17, Los Alamitos 1
5-year-old Kevinator, August 17, Los Alamitos 1
4-year-old Royal Hard Spun, August 17, Monmouth 3
4-year-old Bonnie Lass, August 18, Delaware 2
2-year-old Bakken Gold, August 18, Emerald, training
5-year-old Arctic Thunder, August 20, Remington 5
3-year-old Sombra de La Luna, August 20, Suffolk 9 (euthanized August 23)
4-year-old Mary’s Vow, August 20, Thistledown 8
5-year-old Sorcerer’s Queen, August 21, Evangeline 7
5-year-old Im Funny for Money, August 21, Evangeline 9
3-year-old M B and Tee, August 21, Saratoga 7
2-year-old Little Tower, August 22, Del Mar 3
5-year-old Celzo’s Birdie, August 22, Ferndale 4
7-year-old Sal’s Boy, August 22, Monmouth 5
3-year-old Tu Tu Tango, August 23, Evangeline 1
3-year-old Chubaroni, August 23, Monmouth 10
2-year-old Kamarius, August 23, Saratoga, training
2-year-old Ludicrous, August 23, Saratoga 4
7-year-old Magic Beam, August 24, Del Mar, training
3-year-old Matagorda Bay, August 24, Gillespie 2
3-year-old Ima Ivory, August 24, Prairie 8
3-year-old Splendid Saturday, August 24, Remington, training
3-year-old Elena Strikes, August 24, Saratoga, training
8-year-old Be a Pro, August 25, Presque Isle 3
3-year-old Queen But a King, August 25, Ruidoso 5
7-year-old Makari, August 25, Saratoga 1
3-year-old Run for Papa, August 26, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Vanessa Halo, August 26, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Manda Moo, August 26, Parx 8
2-year-old Divine Guidance, August 27, Saratoga 5 (euthanized August 29)
5-year-old Posh Acres, August 28, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Cause Im a Bigshot, August 28, Del Mar, training
4-year-old See See See, August 29, Belmont, from August 15 Monmouth 4
5-year-old Throwsomelimeonit, August 29, Evangeline 2
Unnamed – probably 4-year-old Unbridled Blossom, August 29, Indiana 4
4-year-old Party Lad, August 30, Calder, training
3-year-old My Kinda Girl, August 30, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Kitagal, August 30, Louisiana 3
6-year-old Semester Abroad, August 30, Monmouth 10
4-year-old Paper Tigress, August 30, Parx 8
4-year-old One Eyed Shook, August 30, Remington 5
6-year-old Washington’s Rules, August 30, Suffolk 6
3-year-old Nacho Preacher, August 31, Golden Gate 5
4-year-old Strong Humor, August 31, Monmouth 1
8-year-old Cross Village, August 31, Mountaineer 8
3-year-old Runaway Bridle, August 31, Thistledown 4
3-year-old Imperial Lad, September 1, Arlington 3
4-year-old Feeling Naughty, September 1, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Back’em Down, September 2, Fairmount 4
3-year-old Sebastian’s Run, September 3, Charles Town 3
5-year-old Manis, September 3, Mountaineer 2
3-year-old Florida Bull, September 3, Thistledown 8
4-year-old Sequoia Skyline, September 4, Louisiana 4
4-year-old Mop, September 5, Arlington 2
3-year-old Major Battle, September 5, Belmont, training
9-year-old Coppers Fit, September 5, Fair Grounds 6
2-year-old Game Obsession, September 5, Fair Grounds 7
3-year-old Jump Two, September 5, Laurel, training
2-year-old Ligety, September 5, Los Alamitos 3
Standardbred To Tell the Truth, September 5, Northfield
2-year-old Sweet Irish Tee, September 5, Remington, training
5-year-old He Can Run, September 6, Monmouth, training
3-year-old Ifyougotthenotion, September 6, Parx 8
3-year-old Gerryland, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Kitt’s Kool Katt, September 7, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Warpaint Gold, September 7, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Tyeste, September 7, Monmouth 5 (pre-race)
2-year-old Party for All, September 7, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Jr Blue Chew Chew, September 7, Will Rogers 11
3-year-old Get That Cat, September 8, Zia 12
3-year-old Noyo Harbor, September 9, Zia, training
3-year-old Ali’s Rapper, September 9, Zia 10
4-year-old Ego Friendly, September 10, Belmont, training
5-year-old Mulheb, September 10, Belmont 1
3-year-old Frat Man, September 10, Charles Town 7
3-year-old I Love Penny, September 10, Penn 3
2-year-old Funnys Man Dream, September 11, Belterra 1
5-year-old Kingliest, September 11, Belterra 6
5-year-old Boastful Dancer, September 11, Laurel 9
4-year-old Foxy Syd, September 11, Penn 5
4-year-old Eddington Bay, September 11, Penn 9
6-year-old Tale of Lucknfame, September 12, Belterra 7
4-year-old Strategic Player, September 12, Retama 5
3-year-old Freddie Freud, September 13, Belmont, training
4-year-old DJ’s Hope, September 13, Finger Lakes 5
8-year-old Marija’s Wish, September 13, Gulfstream 1
7-year-old Dream Rocker, September 13, Mountaineer 1
3-year-old X Why Zee, September 13, Parx 10
2-year-old Cola de Oro, September 13, Prairie 1
4-year-old Hada Certain Charm, September 13, Prairie 6
3-year-old Matched Ruler, September 13, Thistledown 8
3-year-old Squall Line, September 14, Belterra 3
3-year-old Lucy Acton, September 14, Monmouth 3 (euthanized September 22)
2-year-old Souper Arch, September 14, Monmouth 4
5-year-old Paul Ford, September 14, Pleasanton, training
2-year-old Lipstick Promises, September 15, Belterra, training
2-year-old Distorted Trick, September 15, Turf, training
3-year-old Skoll, September 17, Calder, training
3-year-old Sweetpea’s Yankee, September 17, Remington 5
3-year-old Indian Lark, September 17, Suffolk 7 (euthanized September 29)
Unnamed, September 18, Indiana, training
3-year-old Jackson Station, September 18, Remington 2
4-year-old Kiwi Ruler, September 19, Penn 6
3-year-old Piano Teacher, September 19, Penn 7
2-year-old Tale of the Spa, September 19, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Tribal Mystic, September 20, Emerald 6
6-year-old Goldmine Princess, September 20, Fairmount 1
3-year-old Charliesirishpride, September 20, Laurel 2
3-year-old Hearts n’ Diamonds, September 20, Monmouth 7
2-year-old Coronas Lite, September 20, Will Rogers 7 (euthanized September 21)
3-year-old Kat Alpha, September 22, Mountaineer 3
[illegible name], September 22, Zia, training
6-year-old Major Prince, September 24, Gulfstream West, training
6-year-old Italian Nany, September 24, Penn 7
3-year-old The Dark Lion, September 24, Suffolk 5 (euthanized September 29)
4-year-old Full Ride, September 25, Charles Town 7 (euthanized September 26)
10-year-old Kaylee’s Comet, September 25, Gulfstream, training
Unnamed, September 25, Indiana, racing
3-year-old Blue Kat Key, September 26, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Vizcaya Star, September 26, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old Men Dee Go, September 26, Lone Star 3
3-year-old Rumblefortheroses, September 26, Meadowlands 6
6-year-old Okie Tuff, September 26, Remington 3
7-year-old Saturday in May, September 26, Turf, training
5-year-old Stevia, September 27, Delaware 7
3-year-old Run Albert Run, September 27, Penn 6
3-year-old Showmewhatyougot, September 27, Stockton 6
4-year-old Native Tea Rose, September 28, Los Alamitos 9
4-year-old Forward Momentum, September 28, Monmouth 8
3-year-old Praetorian Saint, September 28, Remington, training
3-year-old Get Your Praise On, September 28, Stockton 4
4-year-old Secret Memo, September 28, Stockton 5
3-year-old Gold Crown, September 28, Zia 9
2-year-old Here in a Hurry, October 1, Belmont, training
5-year-old Scorpion Al, October 2, Gulfstream 1
Unnamed, October 2, Indiana, racing
4-year-old Tenleytown, October 2, Laurel 7
5-year-old Chigoe, October 3, Charles Town 4
4-year-old G W’s Hammer, October 3, Finger Lakes 5
2-year-old Decisive Decision, October 3, Gulfstream 5
Unnamed, October 3, Indiana, training
4-year-old Tangible Assets, October 3, Thistledown 8
4-year-old Looklistenandlearn, October 4, Belterra 3
5-year-old Mi’Kelseys Pride, October 4, Mountaineer 3
4-year-old Stormy Henry, October 4, Parx 6
8-year-old Funky Country, October 4, Suffolk 6
4-year-old Dave’s Cutie, October 4, Thistledown 7
4-year-old Bizzy E F, October 5, Thistledown 1
6-year-old Zeffee, October 6, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Stenson, October 8, Belmont 1
4-year-old Endearing, October 9, Belmont, training
3-year-old Bee Boppin Along, October 9, Charles Town 7
4-year-old La Tiela, October 9, Turf, training
3-year-old Grand Arrival, October 10, Belmont, training
Unnamed – probably 3-year-old Eagle Illusion, October 11, Indiana 9
3-year-old Angel of Mercy, October 11, Laurel 8
2-year-old Velvet Sandy, October 11, Parx 1
3-year-old Intelligent Girl, October 11, Remington 1
2-year-old Giant Hearted Lee, October 13, Belmont 5
5-year-old Cactus City Road, October 13, Laurel 2
4-year-old Masaru, October 14, Indiana 8
4-year-old Platitude, October 14, Indiana 8
4-year-old Strictly Business, October 14, Zia 10
3-year-old Put It Back Martha, October 15, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Lewis City, October 15, Hawthorne 1
3-year-old In the Backseat, October 16, Remington, training
2-year-old Sheza Freak, October 17, Delta 7
5-year-old Fly to Freedom, October 17, Santa Anita 3
3-year-old Jennakins, October 18, Golden Gate 5
3-year-old Party Time, October 18, Keeneland, training
2-year-old Easy Cash Fenimore, October 18, Lone Star 5
3-year-old Dreamo, October 18, Penn 9
3-year-old Cr Strawflyn Bux, October 18, Prairie 1
6-year-old Joltin Jess, October 18, Prairie 10
5-year-old Willie Mosconi, October 18, Prairie 11
4-year-old Locks of Gold, October 19, Belterra 3
5-year-old That’s the Answer, October 21, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Integratee, October 22, Evangeline 5
5-year-old Barzini, October 22, Gulfstream W 1
2-year-old Burden, October 22, Keeneland 5
7-year-old Auditorium, October 22, Mountaineer 7
4-year-old Zaikov, October 23, Belmont, training
5-year-old Game to Run, October 23, Evangeline 8
Unnamed, October 23, Indiana, racing
6-year-old Magnificent Moon, October 23, Laurel 4 (euthanized November 14)
2-year-old Chase This Bandit, October 24, Belmont 10
5-year-old Salty Forecast, October 24, Delta 8
2-year-old Inhibited, October 24, Remington, training
2-year-old Saint Kris (sic?), October 25, Belmont, training
2-year-old Valiant Lover, October 25, Will Rogers 8
3-year-old Soar Home, October 26, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Cloud Cutter, October 26, Mountaineer 4
3-year-old Supertanker, October 26, Will Rogers 11
3-year-old Sea Hunt, October 27, Gulfstream W 6
2-year-old Mama Odie, October 27, Zia 10
5-year-old Pretty Darn Quick, October 29, Zia, training
3-year-old Honeydripper, October 30, Evangeline 3
2-year-old Princess Nene, October 30, Gulfstream W 7
5-year-old Summer Sunset, October 31, Aqueduct 2
4-year-old Jesses Giant Dunk, October 31, Aqueduct 3
5-year-old Flashy Dame, October 31, Golden Gate 4
Unnamed, November 1, Indiana, racing
3-year-old Springs R Loaded, November 1, Laurel, training
6-year-old Mongol Boy, November 1, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Avalon Rose, November 1, Thistledown 5
3-year-old Lil Corona Swingin, November 1, Will Rogers 10
6-year-old Ansilta, November 2, Thistledown 8
3-year-old I Like Em Hot, November 2, Zia 9
3-year-old Zo Sophisticated, November 3, Belmont, training
5-year-old Antone Suavey, November 3, Finger Lakes 2
4-year-old In Transition, November 3, Zia, training
4-year-old Swift Pursuit, November 4, Charles Town, training
Standardbred Donttellporkies N, November 4, Rosecroft
10-year-old Yes Talk to Me, November 4, Turf 1
8-year-old Decaf Again, November 5, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Unabiding Citizen, November 5, Thistledown 6
4-year-old Alydidit, November 5, Turf, training
2-year-old Ace Navigator, November 7, Remington 2
5-year-old Igotitdad, November 8, Gulfstream W 1
2-year-old Diamondback, November 8, Gulfstream W 7
5-year-old Next Right Thing, November 8, Thistledown 6
4-year-old Kasha Roo, November 10, Zia, training
3-year-old Pete, November 11, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Mr. Franco, November 11, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Seeyouinthecountry, November 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Chappstick, November 11, Zia 3
4-year-old Knockher Off, November 12, Aqueduct 5
4-year-old Reinvested, November 12, Hawthorne 8
4-year-old Lies N Disguise, November 13, Evangeline 2
4-year-old Midnight Music, November 14, Laurel 6
5-year-old True Awakening, November 14, Penn 5 (euthanized November 21)
9-year-old Ernie Owl, November 15, Los Alamitos 5
2-year-old Surviving Kandy, November 16, Golden Gate, training
Standardbred Santa Baby, November 16, Yonkers 9
2-year-old Tip It On Back, November 19, Laurel 4
4-year-old Madelynsheabadgirl, November 21, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Caseys Patriot, November 22, Evangeline 9
3-year-old Justa Little Evil, November 22, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old La Hija de Olga, November 22, Gulfstream W 10
3-year-old Infant Gold, November 22, Parx 9
3-year-old Devilish Beast, November 22, Zia 7
2-year-old Pb El Chiltepin, November 23, Turf 1
4-year-old Lion Keen, November 24, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Bald Charm, November 25, Delta 5
3-year-old Mischieviousmelodi, November 25, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Pull in Time, November 25, Turf 8
5-year-old Threetimes a Saint, November 26, Finger Lakes 2
5-year-old Miss Prim, November 26, Gulfstream W 4
5-year-old Cherokee Scoots, November 26, Hawthorne 5
9-year-old Cherokee Artist, November 28, Aqueduct 6
4-year-old Twenty Three Darby, November 28, Churchill 9
2-year-old First to Dashn Shine, November 28, Evangeline 10
3-year-old Spring Likeacobra, November 28, Gulfstream 10
3-year-old Chloe’s Posse, November 28, Retama 4
3-year-old Verri Fast, November 28, Turf, training
3-year-old Bonita Song, November 29, Hawthorne 7
8-year-old Empire House, November 29, Retama 2
4-year-old Lost Yer Number, November 29, Tampa Bay 5
4-year-old El Musico, November 29, Zia 6
4-year-old Whistle My Way, November 30, Turf 6
4-year-old Demetrius, December 2, Portland 10
4-year-old Princes On Thelake, December 3, Aqueduct 5
3-year-old Precocious Kitty, December 3, Delta 8
4-year-old Carla Sweetrevenge, December 3, Finger Lakes 7
3-year-old Mapping, December 3, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Sweet Strider, December 3, Turf 1
3-year-old Warrior’s Hero, December 4, Aqueduct 3
7-year-old Crazy Bear, December 4, Charles Town 4
8-year-old Suzettes Friend, December 4, Golden Gate, training
11-year-old Hurta, December 4, Hawthorne 9
3-year-old Boca Babe, December 4, Laurel 2
4-year-old Thingamajigger, December 4, Remington 7
7-year-old Quick Money, December 5, Aqueduct 8
5-year-old Half Nelson, December 5, Aqueduct 8
3-year-old Jacaranda Cat, December 6, Turf 5
3-year-old Be Remarkable, December 8, Turf, training
2-year-old Miss Dashwood, December 9, Palm Meadows Training Center, training
Storming Dreams, December 9, Turf, training
5-year-old Sage Valley, December 10, Aqueduct 8
6-year-old Matter of Truth, December 10, Charles Town 6
3-year-old Pistols Drawn, December 10, Hawthorne 1
4-year-old Lefty Closer, December 10, Mahoning 7
4-year-old Sky Kerridge, December 10, Mahoning 8
5-year-old Color Blind, December 10, Tampa Bay, training
5-year-old Ludo Bagman, December 11, Aqueduct 1
4-year-old Danielle’s Honor, December 11, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Bird Hunter, December 12, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Heza Fast Lover, December 12, Evangeline 3
2-year-old Kays Version, December 12, Sunland 3
3-year-old Caroline’s Estate, December 13, Charles Town, training
3-year-old Frisky Dixie, December 13, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Dee Magic Corona, December 13, Evangeline 5
5-year-old Justalittleloopy, December 13, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Point of Defence, December 13, Penn 9
4-year-old Lion of Lone Oak, December 13, Remington 8
3-year-old Tour the City, December 14, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old No Ice Castles, December 14, Turf 8
2-year-old Deckers, December 15, Belmont, training
3-year-old Freights Bay, December 16, Gulfstream 2
4-year-old War Classic, December 16, Gulfstream 9
4-year-old Bunuska, December 17, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Mississippi Stud, December 17, Evangeline 8
Fancy Star, December 17, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Sarava’s Pete, December 17, Gulfstream W, training
4-year-old Born to Sail, December 17, Laurel 3
4-year-old Miss Black Ice, December 17, Penn 5
4-year-old Roman’s Avenue, December 19, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Wallyanna, December 20, Gulfstream 8
4-year-old Very Potent, December 20, Laurel, training
4-year-old Play Maker, December 20, Los Alamitos 9
3-year-old Kilted, December 20, Tampa Bay, training
6-year-old F D Icy, December 20, Turf, training
4-year-old Oh Juliet, December 21, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Trini Vision, December 21, Gulfstream W, training
5-year-old My Debit Card, December 22, Delta 2
4-year-old Celebrate We Will, December 26, Aqueduct 1
7-year-old Grand Rapport, December 26, Gulfstream 6
3-year-old Rk Dominator, December 26, Hialeah 3 (euthanized January 2)
2-year-old Mo Bagels, December 26, Laurel 8
5-year-old Wicked Irish, December 27, Aqueduct 2
6-year-old On Appeal, December 27, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old I Got Id, December 27, Gulfstream 5
6-year-old Silent Appeal, December 27, Laurel 4
3-year-old Bonnet Carre, December 27, Laurel 9 (euthanized December 29)
6-year-old That’s the Life, December 27, Meadowlands
4-year-old Spooky Lady, December 27, Parx 8
5-year-old La Mano Nera, December 28, Turf, training
3-year-old Wide Eyed Ide, December 29, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Golden Doc, December 30, Parx 3 (euthanized in February)
3-year-old Soldier Inthe Rain, December 31, Belmont, training
3-year-old Four Lakes, December 31, Fair Grounds 3
2-year-old Exit West, December 31, Fair Grounds 5
3-year-old Cadaques, December 31, Laurel 5 (euthanized at Parx in January)
3-year-old Moonlight Stroll, December 31, Turf 6
3-year-old Ancient Kingj, Arlington, training
5-year-old Apropos, Arlington, training
2-year-old Brillar, Arlington, training
2-year-old Lord’s Messenger, Arlington, training
4-year-old Last Nouncer, Arlington, training
4-year-old Razman, Arlington, training
2-year-old Smokey Places, Arlington, training
5-year-old No Apologizes, Arlington, training
4-year-old Sluhs Last Girl, Hawthorne, training
2-year-old She’s a Poet, Hawthorne, training
4-year-old French Colonel, Hawthorne, training
Standardbred Fox Valley Absolute, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Theindecentlawyer, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Kesons Allure, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Lil Annie, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Ellie Anne, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Blue Rock, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Dolly Dancer, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Lydia’s Flight, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Chili Beach, Balmoral/Maywood
Standardbred Mike’s Boy, Balmoral/Maywood

Killed in Action, 2015:
2-year-old Golden Bay, January 2, Aqueduct 6
3-year-old Generous George, January 2, Golden Gate 7
4-year-old Pop Pop Kiss, January 2, Laurel, training
5-year-old Devil’s Issue, January 2, Los Alamitos 2
4-year-old Sharp Harbour, January 2, Tampa Bay 4
3-year-old Humble Hero, January 3, Gulfstream, training
6-year-old Calvados, January 3, Parx 9 (euthanized January 4)
5-year-old Shewreckstheplace, January 4, Aqueduct 5
2-year-old Stuffed Animal, January 4, Santa Anita 4
3-year-old Hiclass Local, January 4, Sunland 3
2-year-old Sparkling Form, January 5, Hialeah 5
11-year-old Tejano Trouble, January 6, Turf 4
2-year-old Discreet Romance, January 7, Calder, training
2-year-old Good Problem, January 7, Delta 6
9-year-old Reminic, January 7, Monticello 4
TSM Lil Orphan Andy, January 7, Pompano 9
8-year-old Can’touchthisgal, January 8, Fair Grounds 9
5-year-old Warren’s Assassin, January 8, Santa Anita 3
2-year-old Channel of Love, January 9, Aqueduct, training
4-year-old Apex, January 9, Aqueduct 2
9-year-old Italian Rules, January 9, Aqueduct 2
4-year-old Ear D’Rhythm, January 9, Laurel 7 (euthanized January 10)
6-year-old Dual Exhauzt, January 9, Pimlico, training
3-year-old Princess Marcela, January 9, Pimlico, training
5-year-old Big Swig, January 10, Golden Gate, training
3-year-old Mar de Mares, January 10, Parx, training
6-year-old Pick Four, January 10, Penn, training
4-year-old Rusty Raven, January 11, Fair Grounds 2
4-year-old For All the Kathys, January 11, Parx 6
3-year-old Bob and Louie, January 11, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Solomon’s Sun, January 12, Fair Grounds 6
7-year-old Boy’s Brother Bob, January 13, Mahoning 7
3-year-old Volage, January 13, Turf 6
4-year-old Master’s Champion, January 14, Charles Town, training (euthanized Jan 15)
4-year-old Pinpoint Pal, January 14, Tampa Bay 1
4-year-old You Take the Cake, January 15, Aqueduct 2
3-year-old One Step Higher, January 15, Delta 3
4-year-old One More Chief, January 16, Belmont, training
11-year-old St Lads Kingpin, January 16, Cal Expo 2
7-year-old Shop Smart, January 16, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Jazz Track, January 16, Charles Town 1
3-year-old Under Study Career, January 16, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Top Partner, January 16, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Mt Everest, January 17, Calder, training
2-year-old Bah Zinga, January 17, Hialeah 8
5-year-old She Be Bunny, January 17, Penn 3
5-year-old Warrens Venedalucy, January 17, Sunland 7
3-year-old Senso, January 18, Aqueduct, training
5-year-old Highly Rated, January 18, Golden Gate 7
4-year-old Ratso Rizzo, January 18, Gulfstream 5 (euthanized January 19)
2-year-old Go See Too, January 18, Sunland 7
3-year-old Brooks Gift, January 18, Tampa Bay 8
3-year-old Hidden Angel, January 20, Turf 3
2-year-old Warrior Forever, January 21, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Boston Brute, January 21, Delta 2
3-year-old Cattagirl, January 21, Laurel, training
First After Me, January 21, Northfield 14
3-year-old My Uncle Frank, January 21, Tampa Bay 4
3-year-old Miss Macarena, January 22, Aqueduct 1
3-year-old Trail’satwosteppin, January 23, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Flying Jessica, January 23, Hialeah 5
2-year-old Snaff, January 24, Fair Grounds 3
4-year-old Paramounts Fortune, January 24, Sunland 4
3-year-old Colstons Leaving U, January 25, Louisiana 7
2-year-old American Sun, January 25, Santa Anita 6
2-year-old Tornado City, January 26, Belmont, training
3-year-old Birdie Brew, January 26, Sunland 10
3-year-old Time for a J, January 27, Turf 2
5-year-old Fronkonsteen, January 28, Charles Town 2 (euthanized January 29)
4-year-old Save This Dance, January 29, Penn 8
2-year-old Katelynn’s the One, January 30, Sam Houston 8
3-year-old Alexis Charm, January 31, Fair Grounds 1
2-year-old St Peter of Rome, January 31, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Bounty for Devon, January 31, Sunland 10
3-year-old Sergush, February 1, Fair Grounds 2
3-year-old Lazy Lightnin, February 1, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Pacific Coast, February 1, Sunland 7
3-year-old Force Nine, February 1, Tampa Bay, training
4-year-old Strawberry Park, February 2, Sunland, training
2-year-old Peaceful Quiet, February 4, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Cobalto, February 5, Charles Town, training
2-year-old Leroy Rose, February 5, Gulfstream, training
Beach Speech, February 5, Miami 1
3-year-old Saint Rafael, February 6, Sunland, training
4-year-old La Ranchera, February 6, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Carol Ann, February 6, Tampa Bay 6
5-year-old Drew Clear, February 7, Delta 3
5-year-old Badman of the Brazos, February 7, Sunland 4
3-year-old Wildly Quiet, February 8, Sunland 10
4-year-old Silic Oui, February 8, Tampa Bay, training
5-year-old Strike It Cody, February 9, Louisiana 7
4-year-old Rock Shaft, February 9, Parx 4
4-year-old Trust in Tebow, February 9, Parx 4
4-year-old Astral, February 10, Parx 9 (euthanized February 11)
5-year-old Goldonspotofgold, February 10, Sam Houston 8
3-year-old Zen Zai Sun, February 10, Turf 4
7-year-old Cowtown Star, February 10, Turf 4
6-year-old Razmataz, February 12, Penn, training
5-year-old Belonging, February 12, Santa Anita 1
7-year-old Drink With Pride, February 13, Penn 8
3-year-old Delphia, February 13, Sunland, training
6-year-old Indian Flag, February 13, Sunland 10
3-year-old Wild Moon, February 13, Tampa Bay 10 (euthanized February 14)
4-year-old I Jus Wana Hav Fun, February 14, Fair Grounds 1
4-year-old Wonderfella, February 14, Laurel 4
3-year-old Cosmic Gold, February 14, Laurel 7
3-year-old Okey Dokey Smokey, February 14, Parx, training
3-year-old Sendme Some Lovin, February 14, Parx, training
6-year-old Praise a Native, February 14, Rillito 5
4-year-old Way to Go Gerda, February 14, Sunland 9
3-year-old Mac’shouseofhearts, February 15, Emerald, training
2-year-old Lord of Fire, February 15, Hialeah 7
2-year-old Lookatu, February 15, Tampa Bay, training
7-year-old Rule Breaker, February 16, Golden Gate, training
9-year-old Royal Blue Miracle, February 16, Louisiana 2
3-year-old Honey Boy, February 16, Sam Houston 4
5-year-old Ms P K Blue, February 16, Turf 2
2-year-old Fastique, February 18, Parx, training
4-year-old Penny Ante Cat, February 18, Sunland, training
3-year-old Brendon’s Pic, February 20, Fair Grounds 9
3-year-old Wild Tchoupitoulas, February 21, Fair Grounds 12
3-year-old Sprague River, February 21, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Doubly Smart, February 22, Parx 3
3-year-old Hurricane Turn, February 22, Parx 3 (euthanized February 28)
1-year-old Over the Fence, February 22, Sunland, training
3-year-old Exquisite Monarch, February 22, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Dylbug, February 22, Turf 5
4-year-old Aerial Dancer, February 23, Turf 4
3-year-old Fuzz, February 25, Charles Town 4
3-year-old Heretodaygonetmrow, February 25, Penn, training
3-year-old Seeking Sallie, February 25, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Lovin It, February 26, Charles Town 4
2-year-old Indict, February 26, Fair Grounds 7
4-year-old Mullers Canyon, February 27, Fonner 6
3-year-old Inspeightofthings, February 27, Gulfstream W, training
2-year-old Hostile Nation, February 27, Mahoning, training
3-year-old Let’s Dance, February 27, Sunland, training
4-year-old Derby Hat, February 27, Sunland 7
3-year-old Macho Mia, February 28, Louisiana 5
2-year-old King Arien, February 28, Mahoning 2 (euthanized March 11)
2-year-old Supreme Sissy, February 28, Sam Houston 1
7-year-old Bracket Buster, March 1, Parx 1
4-year-old Stormy Dan, March 1, Parx 2
4-year-old Take It Out Back, March 2, Louisiana 3
2-year-old Heza Fast Lajolla, March 2, Louisiana 5
4-year-old Hecky Dorn, March 2, Mahoning 8
2-year-old Wise Option, March 2, Sunland, training
8-year-old Golden Fizz, March 3, Clendining Farms (NJ), training
4-year-old Sweet Gem, March 6, Fonner, training
5-year-old Zenaro, March 6, Oaklawn 2
2-year-old Moonshine Express, March 6, Penn, training
She’s a Cowgirl, March 6, Saratoga Raceway
3-year-old Caton’s Cruise, March 7, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Mm Paul Revere, March 7, Louisiana 7
5-year-old Mr Weaver, March 7, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized March 8)
2-year-old Splitterr, March 7, Remington 9
4-year-old Dandy Guy, March 7, Sunland, training
3-year-old Texas Rapper, March 7, Sunland 8
5-year-old Happy Harvey, March 8, Gulfstream 2
4-year-old Diabolic Diva, March 9, Sunland 3
5-year-old Lady Angel, March 10, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Noble Metal, March 10, Turf, training
2-year-old Lovin It, March 11, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Fuzz, March 11, Charles Town 3
Head of the Barn, March 11, Meadows (pre-race)
3-year-old Risk the Moon, March 12, Aqueduct 5
3-year-old Leo the Lion Tamer, March 12, Delta 1
7-year-old Mr. Flexible, March 13, Laurel 7
7-year-old Shes Got to Run, March 13, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Irish Jones, March 13, Parx, training
3-year-old Sovereign Desire, March 13, Sunland, training
3-year-old Hot Dom, March 13, Sunland (pre-race)
6-year-old Rollthediceagain, March 13, Tampa Bay 9
3-year-old Lookin At Daisy, March 14, Fair Grounds 4
3-year-old Sheezflippinsexy, March 14, Fair Grounds 11
2-year-old No One Is Like Me, March 14, Gulfstream 2
3-year-old Polish Justice, March 14, Sunland 10
8-year-old Varsity, March 14, Tampa Bay 4
5-year-old Who Dat Fans, March 15, Fair Grounds 3
2-year-old Jess Roses, March 15, Remington 8
2-year-old Libertyville, March 15, Tampa Bay, training
2-year-old Big Bad Max, March 17, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Golden Friendships, March 17, Gulfstream 3
4-year-old Quietly Prim, March 17, Parx, training
3-year-old Cowgirl Star, March 17, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Irish Media, March 18, Gulfstream 8
5-year-old Elena’s Dreamboy, March 18, Mountaineer 9
3-year-old Miss Siphon, March 18, Penn, training
2-year-old Summer Hawk, March 19, Belmont, training
8-year-old Riding the River, March 19, Gulfstream 7
4-year-old Second Round, March 19, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 23)
3-year-old Saratoga Sundae, March 19, Parx, training
2-year-old Afleet Monster, March 20, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 21)
2-year-old Jake, March 20, Gulfstream, training
8-year-old El Commodore, March 20, Santa Anita 4
12-year-old That’s Justice, March 21, Freehold 8
6-year-old Eltham, March 21, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 26)
5-year-old Wild Kiss, March 21, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Iron Media, March 21, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Mizzo’s Gold, March 21, Turf, training
4-year-old Macho Mio, March 22, Laurel 4
2-year-old Letshaveacocktail, March 23, Gulfstream W, training
4-year-old Ciao Valentina, March 24, Fonner, training
5-year-old Take Heart, March 24, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Mdt Backstreet Bully, March 24, Louisiana 3
1-year-old Jetrunaway, March 24, Louisiana 4
2-year-old Sir Santino, March 25, Remington, training
5-year-old Soft Shoulders, March 25, Turf 1
3-year-old Homeward Calling, March 26, Charles Town 9 (euthanized March 28)
3-year-old Dancing Lo, March 26, Fonner, training
3-year-old I Forget, March 26, Penn 7
4-year-old Developer, March 26, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Cheers for Sidney, March 27, Gulfstream 5
3-year-old Albert P., March 27, Penn 4 (euthanized March 30)
4-year-old New Splash, March 27, Sam Houston 11
6-year-old Quiet Title, March 28, Penn, training
2-year-old Stolis Bud, March 28, Sunland 5
5-year-old Carson City Brew, March 29, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Undercover Kitten, March 29, Gulfstream 12
10-year-old Lisasfinishline, March 29, Rillito 5
4-year-old Only Josie Knows, March 29, Santa Anita 7
4-year-old Criminal Element, March 29, Sunland 7
5-year-old Axle, March 30, Sunland, training
4-year-old There’s a Dream, March 30, Sunland 7 (euthanized April 3)
6-year-old Had to Happen, April 1, Mahoning 5
4-year-old Starstruck Slew, April 1, Tampa Bay 6
3-year-old Emmett, April 2, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Toolatetotwostep, April 2, Mahoning, training
5-year-old Landry Jack, April 3, Penn 2
2-year-old I’ll Be Dom, April 3, Sunland 7
5-year-old Lucy’s Tacos, April 3, Sunland 10
5-year-old Gentleman’s Kitten, April 4, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Ellies Tattle Tale, April 4, Pimlico 1
3-year-old Two Times Flashy, April 4, Remington 1
2-year-old Rekindle, April 4, Remington 2
4-year-old Conquest Two Step, April 4, Santa Anita, training (euthanized April 6)
2-year-old Tres Seis Luvbug, April 4, Sam Houston 2
7-year-old Cherokee Empire, April 6, Laurel, training
3-year-old Formal Call, April 6, Parx, training
4-year-old Mr. Giovanna, April 6, Parx 1
3-year-old Holy Quill, April 8, Charles Town 8
1-year-old Off Looks Alone, April 9, Golden Gate, training
2-year-old Good Year for a Rose, April 9, Remington, training
On The Brink, April 9, Yonkers 1
Fashion Shark, April 9, Yonkers 3
3-year-old Starrific Is Ours, April 10, Evangeline 6
3-year-old My Sweet Ellierose, April 10, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Dans Pot of Gold, April 10, Sunland, training
2-year-old Empire’s Court, April 10, Tampa Bay 10
7-year-old Sweet Elation, April 11, Hawthorne 9
5-year-old Cyclone Warrior, April 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Mytrack Marie, April 11, Laurel, training
3-year-old Ziddle, April 11, Lone Star, training
2-year-old Cowboy Con, April 11, Oaklawn 3
Bubs Desire, April 11, Pocono 13
4-year-old Weekendwithbernie, April 11, Santa Anita 3
4-year-old Subtle Humor, April 12, Aqueduct 3
2-year-old Con Sneaky, April 12, Aqueduct 4
2-year-old Flashyoursix, April 12, Remington 4
4-year-old Crowned Heart, April 13, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Charm City Dancer, April 13, Parx 7
5-year-old Daybreak Dreamer, April 13, Will Rogers 9
4-year-old Wise Remark, April 14, Parx 6
3-year-old Mo’s a Wine Snob, April 14, Turf 5
5-year-old South Floyd, April 15, Gulfstream, training
Oakley Sydney, April 15, Pompano Park
2-year-old Zenstone, April 16, Aqueduct 1
5-year-old Diamond Flush, April 16, Golden Gate 1
2-year-old Devils Splash, April 16, Lone Star, training
Make a Friend, April 17, Buffalo 8
5-year-old Snub, April 17, Charles Town 7 (euthanized April 29)
6-year-old Dreaming of Danny, April 17, Gulfstream 4
4-year-old Circular Drive, April 17, Penn 7
8-year-old Down Town Allen, April 18, Charles Town 5 (euthanized May 12)
4-year-old Diversy Harbor, April 18, Santa Anita 7
2-year-old Uninfluenced, April 19, Belmont, training
2-year-old Ms Bricker, April 19, Pimlico, training
Gogetembrady, April 20, Northfield 2
5-year-old Dirty Diamond Jim, April 20, Turf 3
9-year-old GW Gizmo, April 21, Gales Way Farm (NJ), training
6-year-old Wakeup N Dash, April 22, Delta 4
6-year-old Awesome Bandit, April 23, Evangeline 8
5-year-old Revelation Song, April 23, Fonner, training
4-year-old Elda, April 23, Penn 2
3-year-old Tiz B the One, April 23, Pimlico 1
5-year-old Wildwood Perfect, April 24, Hawthorne 2
7-year-old E. Espee, April 24, Penn, training
7-year-old Above The Stars, April 24, Penn, training
3-year-old Eddie’sinthewoods, April 24, Penn 1
2-year-old Muniz, April 24, Pimlico 3
3-year-old Sab Vision, April 24, Prairie 3
3-year-old Katies Little Corona, April 24, Remington 1
3-year-old To the River, April 24, Tampa Bay 8
4-year-old Duneside Matt, April 25, Balmoral 2
4-year-old American Hero, April 25, Belmont, training
4-year-old Lia’s Miracle, April 25, Mahoning 9
6-year-old Who Dat Boy, April 25, Pimlico 5
3-year-old Gabis Fortune (probably sic), April 25, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Lunar Tales, April 26, Belmont, training
2-year-old Cash in the Wagon, April 27, Ruidoso, training
unidentified, April 28, Indiana, training
4-year-old Devlins Flash Dance, April 29, Albuquerque 1
5-year-old Spider Bride, April 29, Finger Lakes, training
4-year-old Hooked On the Lady, April 29, Penn 7
5-year-old Kylie’s Cozy Kid, April 30, Pimlico 4
9-year-old Project Mayhem, May 1, Charles Town 8
6-year-old Sweet Silica, May 1, Golden Gate 8
3-year-old Delightful Molly, May 1, Los Alamitos 4
2-year-old Jess an Appeal, May 1, Remington 5 (euthanized May 2)
3-year-old You Gotta Believe, May 1, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Tres Coronas Please, May 2, Delta 8
9-year-old Chicka Wow Wow, May 2, Fonner, training
2-year-old Quincy Anne, May 2, Les Bois, training
3-year-old Sousaytherzachance, May 2, Lone Star 4
4-year-old Moonlight Blaze, May 2, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Maratik, May 2, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Nasdaq Princess, May 2, Penn 8 (euthanized September 14)
5-year-old Fly Okie, May 2, Will Rogers, training
3-year-old Super Service, May 3, Arlington, training
6-year-old So So Worth It, May 3, Arlington 1
8-year-old Prince Ludovic, May 3, Winterthur 1
unnamed, May 4, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Prayer Cloth, May 5, Laurel, training
2-year-old James Bordeaux, May 5, Ruidoso, training
2-year-old Jay Bird, May 5, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Jess Special Baby, May 6, Albuquerque 1
7-year-old Third Wish, May 7, Belterra, training
2-year-old Big Chestnut, May 7, Evangeline 1
4-year-old Otoy, May 8, Aqueduct, training
6-year-old Someday On Sunday, May 8, Penn 9 (euthanized May 9)
3-year-old Slynninberg, May 9, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Afleet’s Hot Copy, May 10, Prairie 7
3-year-old Southern Rogue, May 11, Mountaineer 4
Osborne’s Yankee, May 11, Northfield 6
2-year-old One Sweet Marie, May 11, Remington 8
unidentified (probably 3-year-old Temple Fever), May 12, Indiana 2
3-year-old Slinkys Toast, May 12, Lone Star, training
8-year-old Kid Galahad, May 12, Mountaineer 7 (euthanized May 18)
2-year-old Short Fused Corona, May 12, Remington 8
4-year-old Red Mills, May 12, Ruidoso, training
4-year-old Red October, May 13, Thistledown 1
4-year-old In a Dispute, May 14, Delta 7
2-year-old Cool Vista, May 15, Les Bois, training
5-year-old Fire I Am, May 15, Parx, training
6-year-old Caviar N Champagne, May 15, Thistledown, training
5-year-old Good Tickled, May 16, Canterbury 4
4-year-old Prime Time City, May 16, Finger Lakes 4 (euthanized May 22)
5-year-old Ally Hawk, May 16, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized June 12)
8-year-old Streaks in the Dirt, May 16, Sam Houston 2
5-year-old Mr. O’Leary, May 17, Aqueduct, training
6-year-old Mr. Top Kat, May 17, Emerald 8
5-year-old Bluecam, May 17, Parx 6
4-year-old Sunshine Bliss, May 18, Finger Lakes 7 (euthanized May 19)
Wilco Willy, May 18, Scioto
unidentified (probably 7-year-old Najaseehimnajadont), May 19, Indiana 1
7-year-old Starlits Touch, May 19, Mountaineer 7
6-year-old Shoplift, May 19, Parx, training
4-year-old Zzaj, May 21, Saratoga, training
6-year-old Trenton Street, May 22, Belterra 2
2-year-old Hot Advice, May 22, Remington 9
3-year-old Dash of Class, May 23, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Moonlit Stroll, May 23, Churchill, training
7-year-old Tauphine Pass, May 23, Evangeline 2
2-year-old Elite Corona, May 23, Les Bois 1
8-year-old Winning Touch, May 23, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Fancy Pancy, May 24, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Exceedingly, May 24, Monmouth 6
2-year-old Bossy Betty Lou, May 24, Presque Isle, training
3-year-old Fast Down the Track, May 24, Ruidoso 7
3-year-old My Lesson Learned, May 25, Lone Star 10
4-year-old It’s Charlie, May 25, Parx 2
4-year-old Yesterday Sings, May 25, Pimlico 1
5-year-old Bella Afleet, May 25, Presque Isle 7
4-year-old Phyilming, May 25, Ruidoso, training
6-year-old Hello Frankie, May 25, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Wild Faith, May 26, Monmouth, training
7-year-old I Cee’s a Tiger, May 26, Mountaineer 2
4-year-old Pop’s Cajun Gold, May 27, Evangeline 9
5-year-old Global Risk, May 27, Penn, training
3-year-old Gabbole, May 28, Belmont, training
9-year-old Konowoc Pass, May 28, Emerald, training
4-year-old Mark’s Wings, May 28, Evangeline 5
Big Sky Paradise, May 28, Monticello
5-year-old Icprideicpower, May 29, Finger Lakes, training
3-year-old Centerville Slew, May 29, Lone Star 1
5-year-old Pickup Man, May 29, Louisiana 7
5-year-old Player to Be Named, May 29, Penn 8
4-year-old Thou Art Mary, May 29, Penn 8
5-year-old Soul House, May 30, Belmont 6
4-year-old Sharp Razor, May 30, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 15)
3-year-old Ekatitude, May 30, Golden Gate 7 (euthanized June 3)
4-year-old Witt’s Demon, May 30, Lone Star 8
6-year-old Ladywood, May 30, Monmouth 12 (euthanized May 31)
4-year-old Thunder Bonnet, May 30, Mountaineer 3 (pre-race)
6-year-old Whiskey Rebellion, May 30, Thistledown 4
4-year-old Thebiddingisclosed, May 31, Albuquerque 8
2-year-old Wollemi, May 31, Arlington, training
4-year-old Yagouti, May 31, Lone Star, training
8-year-old [illegible name], May 31, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Wild Flash, May 31, Monmouth 11
6-year-old Widow’s Jewel, May 31, Penn, training
2-year-old Cowabunga, May 31, Presque Isle 2 (pre-race)
3-year-old Sweeping Tale, June 1, Mountaineer, training
8-year-old Vision of Romance, June 1, Presque Isle, training
5-year-old Try a Lemon Drop, June 2, Fairmount 5
4-year-old More Honey, June 2, Fairmount 7
5-year-old Pitch N Roll, June 2, Presque Isle 4
7-year-old Tiedandtrue, June 3, Charles Town 2
2-year-old Sir Tres Seis, June 3, Fair Meadows, training
4-year-old Ole Pete, June 3, Louisiana 5
2-year-old Also Mighty, June 4, Fair Meadows 7
3-year-old Iona Ivory, June 4, Fair Meadows 8
7-year-old Hughes Next, June 4, Finger Lakes 6
6-year-old Lewkodonia, June 4, Golden Gate 2
4-year-old US Scout, June 4, Prairie 9
4-year-old Affirmed Once More, June 5, Arlington, training
5-year-old Cajun Cosino, June 5, Delta 3
3-year-old Foggazzo, June 5, Retama 2 (euthanized June 6)
4-year-old Jedi Mind Trick, June 5, Santa Anita 1
3-year-old Jess One Kiss, June 6, Arapahoe 8
4-year-old Helwan, June 6, Belmont 4
unidentified, June 6, Indiana, training
3-year-old Kt Turtle Moves, June 6, Les Bois 3
5-year-old Sixteen Stone, June 6, Penn 7
Digital Z Tam, June 6, Pocono 3
3-year-old Lucie Brown, June 7, Gulfstream 7 (died June 10 from post-surgery stroke)
3-year-old Bye Bye Creek, June 7, Lone Star 4
4-year-old Pay the Debt, June 7, Santa Anita 7
4-year-old Total Talent, June 8, Parx, training
6-year-old Zenon’s Star, June 8, Ruidoso 2
3-year-old Veva Lightning, June 9, Charles Town, training
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Far Away Moon), June 9, Indiana 3
2-year-old Must See, June 10, Arapahoe, training
5-year-old I Got a Headache, June 10, Charles Town 4 (pre-race)
4-year-old Shayenut’ntonobody, June 10, Delaware 1
3-year-old Forestry’s Majesty, June 10, Delaware 6
4-year-old Doc’s Son, June 10, Evangeline 4
5-year-old This Kat of Mine, June 10, Parx, training
5-year-old Bijoulinn, June 11, Lone Star, training
4-year-old Propulsion, June 11, Prairie 9
4-year-old Lamar Special, June 12, Albuquerque 5
3-year-old Mariano Intheninth, June 12, Churchill 6
5-year-old Irish Villian, June 12, Mountaineer, training
3-year-old Penny’s Maeham, June 12, Oregon Livestock 2
4-year-old Jamisonsjester, June 12, Prairie 7
4-year-old Kicking Bear, June 12, Ruidoso 8
7-year-old Sea John’s Spirit, June 12, Santa Anita 4
4-year-old Hugh Knew, June 13, Santa Anita 3
5-year-old Might Be a Eagle, June 14, Ruidoso 5
4-year-old Dipping Diamonds, June 15, Delaware 2
Chiki, June 15, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Aces Are Wild, June 15, Parx 3
5-year-old Light Weight, June 15, Parx 7
5-year-old Betty Mc, June 17, Louisiana 4
6-year-old Pepe’s Valentine, June 17, Mountaineer 5
6-year-old Pistoria, June 17, Penn 2
4-year-old Spasella, June 18, Charles Town 2 (euthanized June 25)
6-year-old Bluegrass Dan, June 19, Arlington 6
4-year-old My Sweet Tooth, June 19, Charles Town 1 (euthanized June 20)
7-year-old Umbraggio, June 19, Monmouth 5
4-year-old Double Jock Mount, June 19, Penn 7
8-year-old Bully Bullette, June 19, Prairie, training
2-year-old Smiling Seen (probably sic), June 19, Ruidoso, training
5-year-old Ace Away, June 20, Arapahoe 3
3-year-old Animal Kracker, June 20, Belmont 5
7-year-old Schilling, June 20, Oak Tree, training
8-year-old Im Royal Quick, June 20, Ruidoso 7
10-year-old Fire Chief, June 20, Thistledown 9
3-year-old Leader of the Pack, June 21, Belterra 8
3-year-old Run Like a Million, June 21, Oak Tree, training
2-year-old Coast of Carolina, June 22, Finger Lakes, training
2-year-old Amphipolis, June 22, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Eneff’s Neff, June 24, Les Bois, training
2-year-old She Sings Along, June 25, Santa Anita 5
6-year-old Distinctive Yolie, June 26, Oak Tree 4
5-year-old Black Lagoon, June 26, Parx, training
3-year-old Stop the Nonsense, June 26, Penn 7 (euthanized June 30)
3-year-old Jaye’s Moondust, June 27, Arlington, training
5-year-old Oh So Proud, June 27, Charles Town 3
4-year-old Sir Riley, June 27, Emerald 2
6-year-old Show Me the Power, June 27, Fair Meadows 7
4-year-old Kriscraft, June 27, Oak Tree 7
3-year-old Willful, June 27, Parx 5
4-year-old Matted in Gold, June 28, Canterbury 5
2-year-old Flying Sapphire, June 28, Gulfstream, training
5-year-old Meleager, June 28, Gulfstream 1
3-year-old Havana Juile, June 28, Monmouth 1
5-year-old Face the Race, June 28, Monmouth 8
8-year-old Looks R Deceiving, June 28, Vernon
2-year-old State Scholar, June 29, Arlington, training
2-year-old Pass On the Locks, June 30, Arapahoe, training
unidentified, June 30, Hoosier, training
unidentified (probably 6-year-old Comotion Nda Ocean), June 30, Indiana 4
2-year-old Decisive Choice, June 30, Oak Tree, training
3-year-old Defined, June 30, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Broken In, July 3, Arlington 6
3-year-old River Lute, July 4, Belterra 4
5-year-old Test Program, July 4, Fair Meadows 7
4-year-old All Lucky Lynn, July 4, Gillespie 2
4-year-old Fiery Fast Dash, July 4, Gillespie 2
4-year-old Patty and Nooche, July 4, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Soal, July 4, Gulfstream 10 (euthanized July 13)
4-year-old Evelyn’s Colors, July 4, Laurel, training
2-year-old Swinging Zealous, July 4, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Mo Valiant, July 4, Ruidoso 11
5-year-old Cut to the Front, July 4, Sunray 2
2-year-old DD Twist N Shout, July 4, Wyoming Downs 7
4-year-old Makin Babes Hot, July 5, Arapahoe 4
5-year-old Fonz, July 5, Los Alamitos 7
4-year-old Dr. Buffum, July 5, Oak Tree 7
2-year-old Lethal Sham Bo, July 5, Sunray 1
7-year-old Katmai Unleashed, July 6, Finger Lakes 5
5-year-old Cruz’n West, July 7, Arapahoe, training
6-year-old Awesome Life, July 8, Charles Town 3
5-year-old Dos Oro, July 8, Charles Town 7
2-year-old Patchouli, July 9, Presque Isle 1 (euthanized July 11)
3-year-old La Camorra, July 10, Gulfstream W, training
2-year-old Jessa Smoocher, July 10, Ruidoso 10
4-year-old Lord Cashel, July 11, Belmont 3
2-year-old One Fast Jet, July 11, Delta 10
2-year-old Blazen a Fire, July 11, Fair Meadows 10
4-year-old Retaking, July 11, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized July 16)
5-year-old Thaaats Right, July 11, Mountaineer 5
2-year-old Wave Diamond, July 11, Retama 4
5-year-old Berts Carchy, July 12, Emerald 2
4-year-old Nevada City, July 12, Los Alamitos 9
4-year-old Grace Victoria, July 12, Ruidoso 2
3-year-old Leverage, July 13, Finger Lakes, training
2-year-old Arch/Orinoquia (probably sic), July 13, Gulfstream, training
7-year-old Cortado, July 13, Parx 3
4-year-old JB Concern, July 13, Ruidoso 6
8-year-old Zhivago, July 13, Thistledown, training
4-year-old U So Wild, July 14, Delaware 1
8-year-old Cherokee Mate, July 14, Fairmount 8
unidentified (probably 3-year-old Fixated), July 14, Indiana 4
6-year-old Slot Machine, July 14, Mountaineer 6
3-year-old Miss Lucky Lauren, July 15, Belmont, training
5-year-old Parrain, July 15, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized July 16)
9-year-old Hostile Waters, July 15, Sacramento, training
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Cowgirl Rose), July 16, Indiana 9
5-year-old Main Entrance, July 16, Parx, training
3-year-old Tiz Fee, July 16, Prairie, training
7-year-old Holy Royal, July 16, Presque Isle 5
5-year-old Lloyd Harbor, July 17, Gulfstream 9
5-year-old Shes a Evilwarrior, July 17, Hazel 6
5-year-old Gallant Version, July 17, Ruidoso 1
5-year-old Italian Harmony, July 17, Sacramento 7
4-year-old Decatur Princess, July 18, Emerald 8
3-year-old The Knight Arrival, July 18, Gillespie 11
9-year-old Bettors Curse, July 18, Saratoga Raceway 1
6-year-old Isadella, July 19, Belterra 7
4-year-old Echo Zulu, July 19, Emerald 8
4-year-old World Class Kitten, July 19, Gulfstream 10
4-year-old Imposing Figure, July 20, Finger Lakes 8
Little Prince, July 20, Northfield 12
2-year-old Hardly Sweet, July 20, Thistledown, training
4-year-old Miss Woodburn, July 21, Delaware 3 (euthanized August 4)
2-year-old Lady Krew, July 21, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Our Day in Court, July 22, Mountaineer, training
10-year-old Out Drinkin’, July 22, Mountaineer 4 (euthanized July 23)
7-year-old Wicket Ewok, July 22, Penn 3
6-year-old Saidit Meanit, July 23, Belterra 2
3-year-old Glitternglory, July 24, Fair Meadows 5
unidentified, July 24, Indiana, training
5-year-old Single Handed, July 24, Monmouth 2
2-year-old Summer Mesa, July 24, Penn 1
4-year-old Stormy Stepper, July 24, Penn 2
3-year-old Inseperable Holland, July 24, Retama 5
3-year-old Wizards Clip, July 25, Charles Town 1
6-year-old Fit to Rule, July 25, Del Mar 2
4-year-old Have a Good Laugh, July 25, Monmouth 7
3-year-old Top Dead Center, July 25, Penn, training
5-year-old Rush In, July 26, Del Mar 4
10-year-old Dream Maestro, July 26, Parx 3
Rainin Fire, July 28, Monticello, training
6-year-old Mojo Workin, July 28, Mountaineer 1
3-year-old Image of Luck, July 28, Yonkers 2
5-year-old Manzutti, July 29, Delaware 4
7-year-old Strong and Tough, July 29, Evangeline 6
4-year-old Tribute to Buddy, July 29, Louisiana 5
3-year-old Birthday Girl, July 29, Monmouth, training
4-year-old To Erin Again, July 30, Charles Town 2
3-year-old Successful Diva, July 30, Gulfstream 4
3-year-old Queen Tracy Afleet, July 30, Louisiana 5
4-year-old Sleepy Jean, July 30, Penn 7
7-year-old Mr. Candy Bar, July 30, Santa Rosa 2
6-year-old Fast Moka Too, July 31, Los Alamitos 2
3-year-old So Trusty, July 31, Parx, training
2-year-old Kama Corona, July 31, Ruidoso 3
2-year-old Hello Johnny, August 1, Arapahoe 7 (euthanized August 2)
5-year-old Token of Dreams, August 1, Mountaineer, training
5-year-old Happy My Way, August 1, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized August 4)
3-year-old Jackson N Leonard, August 1, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Kathy’s Reward, August 1, Saratoga, training
4-year-old Innovation Economy, August 1, Saratoga 9
5-year-old Mach Truck, August 2, Emerald, training
4-year-old Neutron, August 2, Gulfstream, training
2-year-old Ritzi Go Go, August 2, Remington, training
2-year-old Vf Corona N Fire, August 2, Ruidoso 1 (died next day)
6-year-old Flashy Finish, August 3, Mountaineer 5
3-year-old Jn Takethehardcash, August 3, Ruidoso 3
5-year-old Passionate Concern, August 4, Laurel, training (euthanized August 5)
2-year-old [illegible name], August 4, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Jay Eye See, August 4, Parx 7 (euthanized August 5)
2-year-old Arranmore Girl, August 6, Del Mar, training
4-year-old Fake Charm, August 6, Monmouth, training
2-year-old Nichols Hillbilly, August 6, Remington, training
3-year-old Urloveneverfails, August 7, Del Mar 4
3-year-old North Lake Tahoe, August 7, Los Alamitos 5
4-year-old Duck Duck Goose, August 7, Penn 8
5-year-old Beyond Compare, August 8, Canterbury 6
4-year-old Dead Ringer, August 8, Charles Town 5
6-year-old Charlie in Charge, August 8, Gulfstream 6
6-year-old Minescape, August 8, Laurel 2 (euthanized August 11)
9-year-old Au Moon, August 8, Monmouth 9 (euthanized later in month)
5-year-old It’s All Your Fault, August 9, Batavia, training
6-year-old Peppy Bolly, August 9, Del Mar 9
4-year-old Hertzalot, August 9, Laurel 8 (euthanized August 12)
7-year-old Flyin Fish, August 9, Ruidoso 8
4-year-old Silver Reward, August 10, Presque Isle 8
2-year-old Hot Royal in Rio (probably sic), August 10, Ruidoso, training
7-year-old R Seeker, August 11, Golden Gate, training
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Summer Secret), August 11, Indiana 4
5-year-old Bow Street Runner, August 11, Mountaineer 9
4-year-old Judo, August 14, Emerald 5 (euthanized August 20)
5-year-old Sharp Richard, August 14, Laurel 5
5-year-old Empire Star, August 14, Parx, training
7-year-old Espresso Royale, August 14, Penn 8
4-year-old On a Snowy Evening, August 14, Saratoga 8
6-year-old Song Ahead, August 15, Mountaineer 1 (euthanized August 18)
2-year-old Rinks Last Rodeo, August 15, Sunray 5
2-year-old Spooky Ghost, August 16, Ellis 7
3-year-old Jetslegacy, August 16, Los Alamitos 5
3-year-old Conference, August 16, Mountaineer 2
8-year-old Big Looie, August 16, Saratoga, training
3-year-old Dr. Suer, August 17, Delaware 5 (euthanized at Parx next day)
3-year-old Kismet, August 17, Gulfstream, training
4-year-old Mabee Able, August 18, Fairmount 2
unidentified (probably 6-year-old Punch the Bookie), August 18, Indiana 2
3-year-old Helton, August 19, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Last Kid, August 19, Charles Town 8 (euthanized August 26)
7-year-old Its Champagne Time, August 19, Evangeline 2
4-year-old Little Scoot, August 19, Thistledown 9
4-year-old Added Reward, August 20, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Mondor, August 20, Finger Lakes 1
3-year-old Stephanie’s Dream, August 21, Gulfstream 5
3-year-old Storming Sixty, August 21, Laurel, training
4-year-old Lainy’s Sweetness, August 21, Remington 9
2-year-old Listalicious, August 21, Ruidoso 7
Warranee Prince, August 21, Tioga
2-year-old DB, August 22, Balmoral 6
3-year-old Get the Sensation, August 22, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Jrs Special Feature, August 22, Fair Grounds 3
3-year-old Steady Azshegoes, August 22, Golden Gate 1
2-year-old One Lucky Shot, August 22, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Docs My Friend, August 22, Prairie 3
6-year-old Pure Tactics, August 23, Del Mar 8
2-year-old Hawkeye Cartel, August 23, Prairie, training
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Hope On the Rocks), August 25, Indiana 2
6-year-old Knock Rock, August 25, Mountaineer 4
4-year-old The Mooche, August 25, Presque Isle 7
5-year-old King’s Fortune, August 27, Arlington 5
12-year-old Divine Fortune, August 27, Saratoga 1
6-year-old Acceptance Letter, August 28, Charles Town 4
unidentified (probably 5-year-old Michael With Us), August 28, Indiana 3
4-year-old Boss Cat, August 28, Parx, training
5-year-old Circus Train, August 28, Remington 5
2-year-old Mystic Star, August 29, Remington 6
5-year-old Lagi Lagi, August 29, Timonium 3
5-year-old Divine Tale, August 30, Del Mar 10
3-year-old Michelle Noelle, August 30, Ferndale 9
2-year-old Country Muse, August 30, Saratoga, training
2-year-old Sicilia Nino, August 31, Belmont, training
5-year-old Wild Hardships, August 31, Finger Lakes 7
unidentified (3-year-old Thunder Deville), September 1, Indiana 5
5-year-old Walk the Tango, September 2, Louisiana 1
Four Starz Skate, September 2, Plainridge
3-year-old Mary’s Mercedes, September 5, Emerald 9 (euthanized September 18)
3-year-old Jls Alyssas Story, September 5, Fair Grounds 2
unidentified, September 5, Indiana, training
3-year-old Action Tonight, September 5, Monmouth 2 (euthanized September 8)
3-year-old Dash, September 5, Parx 1
3-year-old Love On the Road, September 6, Del Mar 5
2-year-old Lookin for Luck, September 6, Emerald 6
5-year-old Bigreds Thrillshow, September 6, Golden Gate 1
6-year-old Gar, September 7, Belterra 6
6-year-old Dark Brahms, September 7, Columbus 7
3-year-old Tirpitz, September 7, Del Mar 3
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Lilmissrita), September 8, Indiana 1
8-year-old Mr Hempens Feature, September 11, Prairie 7
7-year-old Lloyd’s Baby, September 12, Clendining Farms (NJ), training
2-year-old Sugar Bou Peep, September 12, Emerald 2
5-year-old Blue Deep, September 12, Laurel, training
4-year-old Aunt Ellipsis, September 12, Parx 7 (pre-race)
5-year-old Zuma Moon, September 12, Penn, training
5-year-old He’s Not Bluffin, September 13, Laurel 4
2-year-old Shinefortheprimetime, September 13, Will Rogers 10
2-year-old Winners Vision, September 13, Zia 3
2-year-old Bold Talkin Victor, September 14, Emerald, training
5-year-old Kathy’s Limit, September 16, Charles Town 6
4-year-old Harvey’s Bear, September 16, Presque Isle 1
3-year-old Contangold, September 17, Louisiana 5
3-year-old Starry Madelyn, September 17, Louisiana 7
3-year-old Silver Or Gold, September 18, Charles Town 5
4-year-old Boccaccio, September 18, Charles Town 8
2-year-old La Victoria Light, September 18, Los Alamitos 2
2-year-old Disappear Here, September 19, Belmont, training
3-year-old Trending Topic, September 19, Gulfstream 2
7-year-old Love Bunny, September 19, Thistledown 1
8-year-old Al’s Best Boy, September 19, Zia 6
7-year-old Leisurely Stroll, September 20, Belterra 7
4-year-old Steel N Pack, September 20, Monmouth, training
5-year-old Swift Nettles, September 20, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized September 22)
5-year-old Boardwalk Baron, September 21, Thistledown 7
4-year-old Flashy Brass, September 22, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Elite Flyer, September 23, Gulfstream, training
10-year-old Rough Road Ahead, September 23, Presque Isle, training
2-year-old She’s a City Girl, September 24-27, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Windsor’s Graduate, September 25, Charles Town 4 (euthanized Sep 26)
3-year-old Red Ridge, September 25, Emerald 5
7-year-old Taras Ruler, September 25, Energy Downs 1
unidentified (probably 2-year-old A Oh K), September 25, Indiana 6
5-year-old Shesalilbitcountry, September 25, Thistledown 6 (euthanized Sep 26)
4-year-old Coolington, September 26, Emerald 11 (euthanized September 27)
8-year-old Victor Waco, September 26, Energy Downs 3
3-year-old The One We Stole, September 26, Los Alamitos 6
4-year-old Mr. Reattatude, September 26, Mountaineer 9 (pre-race)
3-year-old Blue Saphire, September 27, Gulfstream 1 (euthanized September 30)
4-year-old Katie’s Parade, September 27, Remington, training
3-year-old Irish Nuggets, September 30, Indiana 8
5-year-old Outhaul, September 30, Penn 3
3-year-old Charitable Star, October 1, Charles Town 4
4-year-old Chase the Giant, October 1, Finger Lakes 6
2-year-old Iron in the Fire, October 1, Gulfstream, training
9-year-old Nine Innings, October 2, Batavia 7
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Jukebox Johnny), October 3, Indiana 7
5-year-old Shore Runner, October 3, Keeneland 5
6-year-old Skyring, October 3, Keeneland 9
4-year-old Fleur de Savill, October 3, Mountaineer 5 (euthanized October 6)
6-year-old Gold Mantis, October 3, Penn 6
4-year-old Tacticus, October 4, Keeneland, training
2-year-old Candy Skirt, October 4, Parx, training
4-year-old Armani the Won, October 4, Parx 3
4-year-old Tizjohn, October 4, Parx 6
2-year-old Carson City Zip, October 4, Turf, training
2-year-old A Sweet Heart Deal, October 4, Will Rogers 8
5-year-old Morning Cigar, October 5, Parx, training
3-year-old Face, October 5, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized October 6)
3-year-old Great Smile, October 6, Laurel, training
3-year-old O’ Jackie, October 6, Mountaineer, training
5-year-old Unbridled’s Score, October 7, Remington 2
3-year-old Wild, October 8, Santa Anita 1
4-year-old Dashful, October 9, Hawthorne 6
5-year-old Crafty Chick, October 9, Monmouth, training
4-year-old Crossing, October 9, Parx, training
3-year-old Shadow Mountain, October 9, Turf, training
5-year-old Wildly Beautiful, October 10, Charles Town, training (euthanized Oct 13)
4-year-old Bogelia, October 10, Delaware 4
2-year-old Kodiak Kate, October 10, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Mr. Kasdan, October 10, Hawthorne, training
4-year-old Give It to Mikey, October 10, Hawthorne 6
4-year-old Rock Fall, October 10, Keeneland, training
6-year-old Doyouseemecoming, October 10, Thistledown 1
2-year-old Cassie Lou, October 10, Thistledown 6
2-year-old Marked Bills, October 11, Belmont, training
2-year-old Man in Black, October 11, Belterra, training
2-year-old Ijudge, October 11, Fresno, training
4-year-old Oh Carter Go, October 11, Lone Star 4
2-year-old Duanes Little Frog, October 11, Will Rogers 4
5-year-old Margaret High, October 12, Laurel, training
4-year-old Holistic Remedy, October 13, Mountaineer 1
4-year-old Rebellious Dreamer, October 13, Mountaineer 7
3-year-old Dakota Fox, October 13, Parx, training
3-year-old California Storm, October 14, Fresno, training
3-year-old Gone Forever, October 14, Turf, training
6-year-old Jade Run, October 15, Finger Lakes, prior to race 5
3-year-old Dilly Magilly, October 16, Belmont, training
7-year-old Destiny Joy, October 16, Penn 8
4-year-old Spring Song, October 16, Thistledown 3
2-year-old Sky Devil, October 17, Finger Lakes 5
2-year-old Denali Teller Now, October 17, Will Rogers, training
4-year-old Smoke Police, October 18, Gulfstream W 1
4-year-old Heavenly Girl, October 18, Parx, training
5-year-old Surfcup, October 18, Santa Anita 4
2-year-old Pyc Miss Bama, October 18, Will Rogers 12
2-year-old Flynn Bug, October 19, Belmont, training
3-year-old One Em, October 19, Hawthorne, training
8-year-old Giopi, October 19, Parx 9
8-year-old Huff’n Hughes, October 20, Parx, training
4-year-old Capitano Storm, October 21, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Resident Nurse, October 22, Charles Town 1 (euthanized October 31)
4-year-old Pferd, October 23, Hawthorne 8
3-year-old Wl Mr Goodtime, October 23, Lone Star 5
Tamala, October 23, Northville
3-year-old Tee Tan Stan, October 24, Evangeline 7
3-year-old Me Darlin Jackie, October 24, Laurel, training
3-year-old Runnin Renee, October 24, Meadowlands 1 (euthanized October 25)
3-year-old Venture Capitalist, October 25, Santa Anita 8
7-year-old Blue Sixty Four, October 26, Belmont, training
2-year-old Once and Again, October 28, Remington, training
6-year-old Diamond Okie, October 28, Remington 2
4-year-old Miss Celeb, October 29, Delta 7
3-year-old Aut’s Maria, October 29, Delta 8
3-year-old Love That Eagle, October 29, Lone Star 4 (euthanized November 1)
5-year-old In Haste, October 30, Belmont, training
4-year-old Bam Bam, October 30, Belmont 4
5-year-old Tabled With Gold, October 30, Golden Gate 8
unidentified (probably 4-year-old Apple Moonshine), October 30, Indiana 2
3-year-old Star Actor, October 30, Parx 3
3-year-old Valdez Rare Corona, October 30, Will Rogers 7
3-year-old Classey Cash, November 1, Zia 7
2-year-old Wholelotanews, November 2, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Bold N Grey, November 3, Hawthorne 9 (euthanized November 7)
6-year-old Captain Buddy L, November 3, Mahoning 7
4-year-old Surprise Success, November 3, Parx, training
3-year-old Gimme Da Lute, November 3, Santa Anita, training (euthanized Nov 4)
2-year-old Reyana an Reya Act, November 4, Aqueduct, training
3-year-old Hempin Strut, November 4, Evangeline 2
7-year-old Awesome Indy, November 4, Penn 8 (euthanized November 6)
3-year-old Beil Beil, November 5, Charles Town 8
6-year-old Bonnie Parker, November 5, Remington 1
2-year-old Road Cat, November 7, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Rare Scheme, November 7, Lone Star 7
8-year-old Royal Looker, November 7, Turf 2
3-year-old Tygra, November 9, Laurel, training
2-year-old Squad Girl, November 9, Parx, training
Kiss My Cruiser, November 9, Plainridge
4-year-old Shakahari, November 9, Turf, training
6-year-old Quotable, November 10, Parx 4
3-year-old Fit to Keep, November 11, Penn 4 (euthanized November 12 at Parx)
5-year-old Jb Magnik, November 12, Evangeline 8
3-year-old Empty Backfield, November 14, Parx 9
4-year-old Thrill Show, November 14, Penn, training
2-year-old The Heisman Kid, November 15, Los Alamitos 3
6-year-old Keystone Wyatt, November 16, Pompano
4-year-old Norastone, November 17, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Tip Toe Joe, November 17, Penn, training
3-year-old Stormin Angel, November 17, Portland 5
Super Yacht, November 18, Turf, training
4-year-old Fiddlers Elbow, November 19, Charles Town 7
3-year-old Beauregard Sopo, November 19, Delta 8
4-year-old Cuban Divide, November 19, Delta 10
3-year-old Gem of a Gal, November 19, Golden Gate 4
4-year-old Top Gold, November 19, Remington, training
8-year-old Explosive War, November 20, Charles Town 5 (euthanized November 21)
4-year-old Richter Con Jar, November 20, Delta 3
5-year-old Sweet Baby Gaines, November 21, Fair Grounds 6
3-year-old Second Prediction, November 24, Tampa Bay, training
7-year-old Awesome Arceno, November 25, Charles Town 7
4-year-old Hengist, November 25, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Chide, November 26, Churchill 11
5-year-old R Free Roll, November 27, Belmont, training
4-year-old Kantina Kowgirl, November 27, Del Mar 5
2-year-old Skip the Romance, November 27, Gulfstream W, training
5-year-old Pro Gold, November 27, Gulfstream W 10
5-year-old Do It for Fun, November 27, Laurel 4
3-year-old Hooked On Track, November 28, Delta 6
2-year-old Carta Magna, November 28, Gulfstream W 11
6-year-old D Terminata, November 28, Saratoga Raceway 2
3-year-old Jo Jo Cool, November 28, Tampa Bay 3
2-year-old Film Juror, November 29, Del Mar 7
3-year-old Bounty On the Run, November 29, Golden Gate 3
2-year-old Frankie’s Kitten, November 29, Gulfstream, training
3-year-old Banker’s Boss, November 30, Belmont, training
5-year-old Dr Action, November 30, Hawthorne, training
3-year-old Tsunami Kidd, November 30, Portland 3
3-year-old Papa’s Angels, November 30, Portland 7
4-year-old Thick as Thieves, December 1, Penn, training
6-year-old Oursecretsparadise, December 2, Charles Town 8
4-year-old Christy’s Vow, December 2, Delta 6
3-year-old Silver Sundara, December 3, Charles Town 6
2-year-old Silver Tassel, December 3, Los Alamitos 3
9-year-old Diamond Dozen, December 4, Charles Town 3
3-year-old Forged in Gold, December 4, Charles Town 8
4-year-old El Tarto, December 4, Delta 10
5-year-old Sweet Ruby Kate, December 4, Remington 5
3-year-old Gabby’s Warrior, December 4, Tampa Bay 4
8-year-old Bettor Again, December 5, Batavia 4
4-year-old Democracy Rules, December 5, Golden Gate, training
5-year-old Freakin Rocket, December 5, Hawthorne 8
2-year-old Eagles Fly, December 5, Los Alamitos 9
3-year-old Cinderella Lady, December 5, Turf, training
3-year-old Hara Dasher, December 6, Los Alamitos 2
4-year-old Who’s Z Daddy, December 6, Parx 9 (euthanized December 16)
3-year-old Lucky Larry, December 6, Turf 1
6-year-old Cu At Sunup, December 7, Portland 6
4-year-old Zippin On By, December 10, Charles Town, training
4-year-old Supersizer, December 10, Charles Town 3
6-year-old Pigeon Chris, December 10, Charles Town 8
3-year-old Giant’s Lexis, December 11, Los Alamitos 7
6-year-old Zealevo, December 11, Penn 5
2-year-old Bayou Banker, December 12, Fair Grounds 11
4-year-old Onemoreatwilsons, December 12, Golden Gate 9
3-year-old Can’thandletheheat, December 12, Mahoning 9
4-year-old Saratoga Woods, December 12, Parx 4
3-year-old The Red Baron, December 14, Parx 8
4-year-old Oh Suzanna, December 15, Hawthorne 1
3-year-old Mine Forever, December 15, Hawthorne 3
3-year-old Zip’s Moondance, December 15, Hawthorne 7 (euthanized December 18)
3-year-old Jack’s Comprise, December 16, Tampa Bay 3
3-year-old Little Love, December 17, Aqueduct 5
4-year-old Commander Seul, December 18, Delta 10
4-year-old Schuylercountyline, December 18, Hawthorne 8
6-year-old Sir Cypress Bend, December 18, Pompano, training
3-year-old Souper Social, December 19, Charles Town 5
Rocky Mountain Guy, December 19, Dayton 4
5-year-old Otoole Hero, December 19, Hialeah, training
2-year-old Getting Acquainted, December 19, Los Alamitos 1
4-year-old Redneck Lazy, December 19, Mahoning 4
3-year-old My Dutchess Kate, December 19, Parx, training
3-year-old Gangstress of Love, December 19, Parx 8
6-year-old Lady Now, December 20, Los Alamitos 4
4-year-old Dreaming of Andy A, December 20, Tampa Bay 3
2-year-old Kandy Andy, December 21, Parx, training (euthanized post-surgery)
3-year-old Lake Ouachita, December 21, Parx 3
2-year-old unnamed, December 21, Tampa Bay, training
3-year-old Joanie’s Ticket, December 22, Portland 6
4-year-old No Exclusion, December 23, Mahoning 8
5-year-old Carefully Worded, December 26, Delta 7
3-year-old Urtheoneeyelove, December 26, Fair Grounds 6
3-year-old Seaward Cottage, December 26, Golden Gate, training
4-year-old Lexham, December 26, Hawthorne 6 (euthanized December 27)
4-year-old Blooper, December 27, Aqueduct 1
4-year-old Successful Sweep, December 27, Aqueduct 1
3-year-old On Time Cat, December 27, Golden Gate 3
6-year-old Loverbil, December 27, Gulfstream W, training
3-year-old Red Phone, December 27, Turf 8
2-year-old Kind of Silver, December 29, Laurel, training
5-year-old Cowboy Clyde, December 29, Portland 3
5-year-old El Bandito, December 30, Hawthorne 6
2-year-old Susies Yankee Girl, December 31, Gulfstream, training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training
unidentified, Canterbury, racing or training

Killed in Action, 2016:
Storm Blaiser, January 1, Hawthorne 2
Tsonga, January 1, Laurel 3
Rastanora, January 1, Santa Anita 2
Send Me a Sign, January 1, Santa Anita 2
One of the Greats, January 1, Santa Anita 3
Wastin’ Away, January 1, Tampa Bay training
Sharyn’s Dream, January 2, Belmont training
Maxwell Hill, January 2, Mahoning 7
Cusabo, January 2, Pimlico training
Halo Dancer, January 3, Golden Gate training
One Step Salsa, January 3, Gulfstream training
Eye Get the Blues, January 3, Hialeah 7
Minor Heir, January 3, Laurel 2
The Blue Mercedes, January 3, Turf training
Rezoomin, January 6, Hialeah training
Cool Chic, January 7, Delta 6
Jm Lobo Cartel, January 8, Hialeah training
Rocket Boulevard, January 9, Gulfstream training
Shameless Lass, January 9, Gulfstream training
Ac Comando, January 9, Hialeah 3
Uncle Duncan, January 10, Aqueduct 4
Tm Vendikater, January 10, Hialeah 9
Rita’s Wildside, January 10, Tampa Bay training
Stardemalion, January 11, Portland 8
Native Gold, January 12, Tampa Bay training
Whiskey Rock (sic perhaps), January 13, Laurel training
Stand by Your Man, January 13, Penn 2
Lying Chief, January 15, Gulfstream 7
Sixarun Babe, January 15, Los Alamitos 8
Bellamy Xpress, January 16, Aqueduct 9
Sweet Zarb, January 16, Delta 6
Famous Edge of Glory, January 17, Sunland 1
Charlie Cartel, January 18, Hialeah training
Uno Perfecto, January 18, Oaklawn 9
Corporate Asset, January 18, Oaklawn 9
Carters Regal Eye, January 18, Retama training
Larry’s Place, January 20, Balmoral 10
Spiced Tea (sic?), January 20, Gulfstream training
Hidden Closer, January 21, Delta 4
Handsome Xpression, January 21, Gulfstream training
Police Camp, January 22, Belmont training
Mini Muffin, January 22, Belmont training
Al’s May Girl, January 22, Charles Town training
Jump Jump, January 22, Delta 7
Little But Lucky, January 23, Turf 4
Lots of Luck, January 24, Golden Gate 9 (died between Feb 10 and Feb 15)
Arabian Leopard, January 24, Santa Anita 4
Final Time, January 25, Sam Houston 9
Pretty Nauty, January 25, Tampa Bay training
Juliet’s Rose, January 26, Will Rogers training
Sweet N Spicenight, January 27, Turf training
Kiss My Face, January 28, Golden Gate 7
Power Crazed, January 29, Belmont training (euthanized March 24)
Ticfaw, January 29, Delta 8
Half Wed, January 29, Laurel 4
Songa, January 30, Belmont training
Dancing Wish, January 30, Charles Town training
Ashwarie, January 30, Gulfstream training
Forged, January 31, Gulfstream 1
Mustbkrazy, January 31, Turf training
Marys Machine, Sunland training
Lady French, Sunland training
Saint X., Sunland training
Crimson Night, Sunland training
Proprietor, Sunland training
Flaco C, Sunland training
Holland Oak Special, Sunland training
After Its Over, Sunland training
Spicy Jerrae, Sunland training
Smoking Talent, Sunland training
Wild Sixes Cartel, Sunland training
Childhood Dream, Sunland training
Southwest Winter, Sunland training
Sneakin Kisses, Sunland training
Berry Valid, February 1, Turf 8
Native Heart, February 2, Golden Gate training
Andherecomescj, February 3, Turf training
Royals Magic Touch, February 5, Delta 10
Hot Time Tonite, February 5, Delta 10
Wild Target, February 6, Aqueduct training
Born Mighty, February 6, Hialeah 3
Bella Stella, February 6, Louisiana 5
Allthatgltrsisgold, February 6, Miami Valley 9
Grachus the Hunter, February 6, Santa Anita 6
Alysaro, February 7, Aqueduct 7
Estandarte, February 7, Gulfstream 4
Mach It Right, February 8, Pompano
Mesa Brute, February 9, Turf 4
Elrond, between February 10 and February 15, Golden Gate training
Classic Flair, February 11, Fair Grounds 9
Scuppernong, February 11, Oaklawn 4
Jess Makin Waves, February 12, Hialeah training
Pequena I Love You, February 12, Hialeah training
Rock Me Gently, February 12, Laurel 5
Death Valley Girl, February 12, Santa Anita 8
Fire At Will, February 13, Los Alamitos 8
Pax Tecum, February 13, Rillito 6
Walter Park, February 14, Emerald training
Enriquillo, February 14, Tampa Bay training
Mum’s Truckee, February 15, Golden Gate 8
Scrumpdilicious, February 15, Gulfstream 9
Polaris, February 15, Mahoning training
Aaron Again, February 15, Mahoning 6
Flashing Light, February 17, Gulfstream 5
Gate Crasher, February 17, Tampa Bay training
Scatoosh, February 18, Belmont training
Eurit, February 18, Remington training
Art of Darkness, February 19, Buffalo 12
Grand Mast, February 19, Charles Town 8
My Pal Lily, February 19, Delta 4
Time for Action, February 19, Los Alamitos 1
Big Hearted Deb, February 20, Charles Town training
Chapter and Verse, February 20, Fair Grounds 1
Kandoo, February 20, Gulfstream 11
Kibble, February 21, Aqueduct 7
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, February 21, Gulfstream training
Lilah Bird, February 21, Gulfstream 1
Panchos Jess Special, February 23, Louisiana 2
Beatie Eyed Peatie, February 24, Delta 3
Dark and Dusty, February 24, Tampa Bay 1
Caramel Creamsicle, February 25, Charles Town 6 (euthanized February 26)
Charger, February 25, Dover racing
Speed Check, February 25, Santa Anita 3
Sweet Rocket Man, February 26, Gulfstream training
Whereisthesurprise, February 26, Penn 6
Trust Your Caddy, February 26, Santa Anita 6
Exceptionalism, February 27, Parx 1
Bank Dunit, February 27, Sunland 3
Salah Loves Teagan, February 28, Golden Gate 9
Sundar Drums, February 28, Santa Anita 6
Twelve Noon, February 29, Mahoning training
Have Faith Sister, March 1, Parx 6
Lookwhosdancinnow, March 1, Sunland 2
Purses Galore, March 3, Charles Town 4
Generous Don, March 4, Golden Gate training
Carved in Stone, March 4, Laurel training
S’more Funny Fever, March 4, Santa Anita 3
Imaflashyfellow, March 5, Charles Town training
Save Rock and Roll, March 5, Gulfstream training
Hy Prince Happy, March 5, Gulfstream 2
Glamorgan, March 5, Gulfstream 13
Macachee Run, March 5, Mahoning training
Dangerous Times, March 5, Northfield 8
Goldtique, March 5, Parx 9
Digger’s Jigger, March 5, Parx 9
Know Plans, March 6, Golden Gate 9
Stardust Abbe, March 6, Tampa Bay training
Never in Trouble, March 7, Gulfstream training
Tiz Stormy, March 7, Laurel training
Regal Soldier, March 7, Parx 7
Iyamwhatiyam, March 8, Northfield 13
Roja Caliente, March 8, Sunland 8
And in the End, March 9, Golden Gate training
Pennetta, March 9, Gulfstream 9
Georgia’s Genie, March 11, Delta 2
Pure Habit, March 11, Charles Town 7
Mommy Did It, March 11, Charles Town 8 (euthanized April 8)
Imbaracuaro, March 11, Gulfstream W training
Ancil, March 11, Tampa Bay training
Report For Duty N, March 11, Yonkers 2
A Running Ghost, March 12, Delta 10
City of Weston, March 12, Gulfstream training
Consistency, March 12, Laurel training
Knightly Storm, March 13, Golden Gate training
Personal Property, March 13, Laurel 9
Fast Flyin Fireball, March 13, Remington 3
Concert Man, March 13, Santa Anita 7
Starship Jodi, March 14, Gulfstream training
Bruno and Me, March 14, Laurel training
Power of Ten, March 16, Golden Gate training
Arco de Triunfo, March 16, Gulfstream W training
unidentified, March 16, Hoosier
Gunslinger Rules, March 18, Golden Gate training
Withhonorweserve, March 18, Hawthorne training
Ohs of Oaks, March 18, Sunland 4
Kyriaki, March 19, Oaklawn 7
Demonica, March 19, Santa Anita 2
Charlies Soldier, March 19, Sunland 4
Black Clover, March 20, Golden Gate (from Santa Anita training)
Feasibility, March 20, Turf 7
Go Car Cosino, March 21, Louisiana 9
Preachinahit, March 21, Turf 8
King of Cool, March 22, Sunland 8
Hidden Demon, March 22, Turf 7
Cockeyed Cowboy, March 24, Charles Town 1
Gentle Buzzing, March 24, Penn 7
Froth, March 25, Sunland 6
Mrs Loud Mouth, March 26, Charles Town 6
Chicsdigtheshark, March 26, Charles Town 7 (euthanized March 28)
Catherine’s Cause, March 26, Golden Gate training
Automagically, March 26, Laurel 2
Carving Hearts, March 26, Retama training
Bush Eagle, March 26, Sam Houston 11 (euthanized March 29)
Pfinding Jessie, March 26, Sunland 2
Heatupthekaufy, March 26, Tampa Bay training
Invasion Point, March 26, Tampa Bay 10 (euthanized April 11)
Chance for Glory, March 28, Turf 4
Rey Del Mar, March 29, Sunland 9
Jessyoudo, March 31, Remington 9
Fivetillmidnite, March 31, Tampa Bay training
Fool To Cry, March 31, Yonkers 4
Apollitical Chic, April 1, Los Alamitos 8
Louisiana Tres, April 1, Remington training
My Little Surfer, April 1, Remington 9
Chamiso James, April 1, Sunland 6
Better Go Trixie, April 1, Sunland 7
Aribelle, April 1, Tampa Bay 7
Don’t Knock Woody, April 2, Delaware training
Shellbell, April 3, Los Alamitos 6
Don Tillo, April 4, Mahoning 4
KD’s King Kong, April 4, Mahoning 5
Sr Mirandas Dream, April 4, Sam Houston 6
Found Money, April 4, Santa Anita training
Ozzy, April 6, Charles Town training (euthanized April 7)
Five Point Star, April 6, Delaware training
Summer Morn, April 6, Gulfstream training
Impossible Timing, April 7, Golden Gate 5
It’s Elementary, April 8, Belmont training
Ace the Limit, April 8, Charles Town 2
City Exit, April 8, Charles Town 4
Lil Noon, April 8, Evangeline 2
Steamer Bay, April 8, Golden Gate 6
Stevie Smoothboy, April 8, Hawthorne 5
Bellamy Maschio, April 8, Lone Star 8 (euthanized April 9)
Diamond Rose, April 8, Tampa Bay 2
French Celebrity, April 9, Evangeline 7
Tiz the Season, April 9, Los Alamitos 1
Furrocity, April 9, Remington 11
Bully Pulpit, April 9, Santa Anita 10
Cndiana Jones, April 9, Saratoga Raceway training
Silca Sheets, April 9, Sunland 5
Dancing Terror, April 9, The Meadows 10
What the Frost, April 10, Finger Lakes training
Splitter, April 10, Laurel 5
Loomin’ Lori Lou, April 12, Finger Lakes training
Nena, April 12, Gulfstream W training
Cuantos, April 13, Aqueduct 1
Polly My Love, April 13, Gulfstream W training
High Native Fly, April 13, Tampa Bay 3
Saturday Special, April 14, Gulfstream 2
Blessedwithprayer, April 14, Gulfstream 9
Wanna Danze Lady, April 15, Hawthorne training
Zoom With Fame, April 15, Sunland 9
It’s Exclusive, April 15, Tampa Bay training
Old Squeeze, April 15, Turf training
Book the Bet, April 16, Delaware training
Hewearsthefoxhat, April 16, Golden Gate 3
unidentified, April 16, Hoosier
Cash Back, April 16, Oaklawn 7
Attaboyatteberry, April 16, Sunland 8
Brassy Pete, April 16, Turf 8
Heather’s Rose, April 17, Laurel 9
Coronado Street, April 18, Gulfstream W training
Skip Tony, April 19, Golden Gate training
Fancy Hat, April 20, Keeneland 8
Nofinancingneeded, April 20, Mountaineer training
Sailor’s Serenade, April 21, Golden Gate training
Copper Forest, April 22, Finger Lakes training
Warren’s Passion, April 22, Los Alamitos 4
Back in Dixie, April 22, Keeneland 9
Malbros, April 23, Charles Town 7
Favorite Passage, April 23, Delta 5
Home Time, April 23, Lone Star 3 (died May 1)
Jesse Jr First Down, April 23, Remington 8
Eyesa Pretty Wagon, April 23, Remington 11
Big Paul, April 23, Tampa Bay training
Ziegler Hanover, April 25, Gaitway Farm (NJ) training
Gran Plata, April 25, Gulfstream training
Salty’s Hero, April 25, Parx 9
Drive, April 27, Penn 6
Eyesa Famous Man, April 27, Remington training
Defyance, April 27, Remington training
Sawyers Mickey, April 27, Thistledown 6
Macho Sox, April 28, Los Alamitos 8
Fiddler Blue, April 28, Los Alamitos 8
Senora de Fatima, April 29, Gulfstream training
Lokness, April 29, Remington 6
Anthepartyneverends, April 29, Sam Houston 5
Ideal Brandi, April 29, Saratoga Raceway 11
Congrats to Ken, April 29, Tampa Bay 4
Tagged, April 30, Prairie 1
Jump for Pie, prior to April 30 Sam Houston 5
Indy’s Rocket, April 30, Sunland 8
Greatest Lisa, April 30, Tampa Bay 2
All Snuffed Up, April 30, Thistledown 2
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury racing
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury racing
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury racing
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury racing
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury racing
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury training
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury training
unidentified, May-September, Canterbury training
Cotton Jenny, May 1, Gulfstream 10
Unforgettable Glow, May 1, Sunland 10
Chatt Hills, May 2, Gulfstream W training
Margin, May 2, Mountaineer 6 (euthanized May 16)
Savvey, May 2, Sam Houston 11
Luck of Irish, May 3, Mountaineer 9
Lovelibuzz, May 3, Parx 4
Prior Restraint, May 4, Evangeline 9
Deadly Swingin Jess, May 5, Delta 4
Spoils of War, May 6, Belterra training
Air Squadron, May 6, Laurel 6
Joe Boo Kelly, May 6, prior to Penn 1
Eyem Fast N Furyous, May 6, Remington 3
By Mistake, May 7, Fort Pierre 8
Bhr Flash and Fly, May 7, Fort Pierre 8
Miss Dejavu, May 7, Gulfstream training
Salsalito, May 7, Laurel 1
Nasa, May 7, Parx 6
Twentycarattenpin, May 8, Belterra 3
Glint, May 8, Belterra 4
Mr. Mostly, May 8, Belterra 4
City Bench, May 8, Emerald 10
Dance Past the Line, May 8, Remington 7
Ilogico, May 9, Gulfstream W training
Tell Tale Friend, May 9, Parx 8
Early Glory, May 10, Mountaineer 1
Striking Hight, May 11, Arlington training
Turn It On Friskie, May 11, Scioto 5
Hypnotist, May 12, Yonkers 3
Ventures Galore, May 13, Prairie 7
Inspired Wisdom, May 13, Santa Anita 4
Big Time Rocks, May 14, prior to Buffalo 11
Whatsthefoxsay, May 14, prior to Fairmount 2
Boss Hawg, May 14, Parx 3
Tug River Dylan, May 15, Saratoga Raceway 1
unidentified, May 16, Indiana training
District Queen, May 17, Will Rogers 10
Karenina Gal, May 18, Belmont 9
Noblejesselie Inview, May 18, Delta 2
Vasilisa the Wise, May 19, Arlington training
Nite Thunder, May 19, Charles Town 9
Air Cargo, May 19, Emerald training
Rock Show, May 20, Belmont 6
Naughty Scotty, May 20, Belterra 6
Lone Cat, May 20, Delaware training
Classicsoutherngal, May 20, prior to Evangeline 3
Jack’s Comprise, May 20, Gulfstream training
View Tree, May 21, Charles Town 1
Fudge Bar, May 21, Lone Star training (euthanized May 28)
Brother Sy, May 21, Malvern 3
Homeboykris, May 21, Pimlico 1
Pramedya, May 21, Pimlico 4
San Onofre, May 21, Santa Anita 9
Super Endeavor, May 22, Arapahoe training
A.P. Wildcat, May 22, Arapahoe 7
Talk Back Jack, May 22, Gulfstream training
Sue’s Nice Shadow, May 22, Mountaineer training
Stellata, May 22, Santa Anita 8
He’s a Delight, May 23, prior to Mountaineer 4
Soho Highroller A, May 23, Yonkers 4
Fors Fortis, May 24, Presque Isle 1
Okeemeister, May 25, Gulfstream 8
Quaralia, May 26, Belmont training
I Got Good Case, May 26, Charles Town training (euthanized May 27)
Showered, May 26, Churchill 1
De Millie, May 26, Monmouth (from Laurel training)
Arch Adversary, May 26, Prairie 4
Cindy’s Frill, May 27, Will Rogers training
Out With the Blues, May 28, Pimlico 3
Sweet Yankee, May 30, Louisiana 6
Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, Saratoga training
Feels Like Magic N, May 30, Yonkers 1
Katie T, May 31, Arapahoe training
Noble’s Whim, June 1, Belmont training
Precise Accusation, June 1, Buffalo 9
Georgia Glitter, June 1, Mountaineer 2
Such a Storm, June 2, Charles Town training
Pefiolo, June 2, Penn 6 (euthanized June 27)
Pearl of Silk, June 4, Arlington 4
Riding the Rails, June 4, Belmont training
Mordi’s Miracle, June 4, Belmont 4
Expert City, June 4, Delaware training
Mr Sonic Blast, June 4, Lone Star training
Smile a Little, June 5, Tioga 2 (euthanized/died June 10)
Proulette, June 6, Delaware 5 (euthanized June 7)
Prospecting Road, June 6, Delaware 6
Indanameofdafather, June 7, Fairmount 6
Just Dance With Me, June 7, Hoosier training
La Moskette, June 7, Parx 2 (euthanized late July)
Rose Bern, June 8, Belmont training
Bravelikebetty, June 8, Charles Town 6
Chick Call Kay, June 8, Delta 2
unidentified, June 8, Hoosier
Sneaky Choice, June 8, prior to Louisiana 1
Bruno Cino, June 8, Mountaineer 7
Parole Board, June 9, Gulfstream 3
Miss Gifted, June 9, Santa Anita 4
Tried to Tell U So, June 10, Fair Meadows 2
Bustin, June 10, Finger Lakes training
unidentified (probably Hiddai), June 10, Indiana 5
Victory Arch, June 10, Prairie 8
Xtreme Marine, June 11, Buffalo 7
Tempting Eyes, June 11, Chippewa 2
Silver Nile, June 11, Gulfstream 5 (euthanized June 12)
Chick Meter, June 11, Oregon Livestock 8
Majestic Joe, June 12, Belmont training
Morning Lily, June 12, Lone Star 2
Jayne Wayne, June 12, Prairie 8
Sixth Man, June 12, Saratoga Raceway (euthanized three weeks later)
Skimasco, June 12, Sunray 9
Anchorwoman, June 13, Finger Lakes 7
unidentified, June 14, Indiana 2
Playmaker B, June 15, Arapahoe training
Benny’s Diamond, June 15, Delaware 8
Stormy Equinox, June 15, Prairie 3
Flyintotheparty, June 16, Delta 3
Brighterthanthesun, June 16, Lone Star 1
Jolity, June 16, Pimlico 7
Bonita Luna, June 17, Belmont 3
Slew’s Chet, June 17, Emerald 7
Senior Rapidor, June 17, Evangeline 5
Iron Storm, June 17, Golden Gate training
Ione It All, June 17, Los Alamitos 4
Forbidden Story, June 17, Penn 6
Escape to Vegas, June 18, Belmont training
Stay Stay Stay, June 18, Delaware training
Julias Girl, June 18, Evangeline 3
unidentified, June 18, Indiana training
Eee I Eee I Oh, June 18, Prairie 9
Timely Pursuit, June 19, Mountaineer 1
Gorgeous Sunrise, June 19, Mountaineer 7
Whata Wild Night, June 19, Sunray 7
Ambitious At Noon, June 19, Thistledown training
Todo Onota, June 20, Belmont training
Quake in My Wake, June 21, Parx 10
Jigsaw, June 23, Belterra 6
Jesse Pinkman, June 24, Arapahoe 2
Jessa Shotuv Taquila, June 24, prior to Arapahoe 9
Lingeringobsession, June 24, Fair Meadows 1
unidentified (probably Bansky), June 24, Indiana 5
Mike the Hab, June 24, Penn 8
Starlit Malibu, June 25, Gulfstream training
unidentified, June 25, Indiana training
unidentified, June 25, Indiana training
Lorilee, June 25, Penn 1
Turbulent Sea, June 26, Albuquerque 9
Le Dimanche, June 26, Arlington 1
Miss Giacomo, June 26, Delaware training
Criollas Boy, June 26, Gulfstream 11
Youdaboy, June 26, Lone Star 4
A. Rod Again, June 28, Parx 4
Truly Amazing, June 28, Presque Isle 2
Holy Soldier, June 29, Delaware 6
unidentified, June 29, Indiana training
Purple Egg, June 29, Penn 5
Mr. Bo Jingles, June 30, Louisiana 3
Corporal Agarn, July 1, Emerald 4
Spirit of the West, July 1, Oak Tree 3
Indiscreetness, July 1, Thistledown 8
Aplaingirl, July 2, Delaware 2 (euthanized July 11)
Jess a Lil Lacey, July 2, Grants Pass 5
How Time Flies, July 2, Gulfstream training
Sherezadah, July 2, Gulfstream 2
Maxwell’s Hammer, July 2, Parx 2
Doc Galore, July 2, Prairie 6
Worldwide, July 4, Santa Anita 9
Sweet Hot Toddy, July 5, Finger Lakes 4
Amanda in Front, July 5, Mountaineer 7 (euthanized July 14)
My Mans Out West, July 6, Charles Town training
Fast Slimey, July 6, Evangeline 4
Loaded and Wacky, July 8, Albuquerque 3
Roll Smash Roll, July 8, Albuquerque 8
Flew Flicker, July 8, Los Alamitos 1
Looking At Hershey, July 8, Prairie 5
Papalote Sweet, July 8, Retama 7 (euthanized July 9)
Mary’s Legacy, July 9, Finger Lakes 5
Silver Lime, July 9, Suffolk 1
Candy Man Can, July 9, Suffolk 2
The Minister, July 10, Arlington 3 (euthanized July 12)
Templer Glory, July 10, Gulfstream 3
Notaria, July 12, Parx 2
True Heat, July 13, Albuquerque 8
Dandy One, July 13, Albuquerque 10
Greatest Times, July 13, Fair Meadows 1
Futurazo, July 14, Finger Lakes 4
unidentified, July 14, Indiana
Brockabyebaby, July 14, Prairie 7
Suancesong, July 15, Arapahoe 9
Presidential Air, July 15, Del Mar 6
All in the Art, July 15, prior to Louisiana 2
Dollar Signs, July 16, Evangeline 1
Hisnameisdash, July 16, Finger Lakes training
El Charchas, July 16, Monmouth 5
Anthony’s Flyer, July 16, Parx 2
Squire Creek, July 16, Saratoga training
Notta, July 17, Arlington training
Dynamite Charge, July 17, Del Mar training
The Chilli Man, July 17, Emerald 5
Tres Seis Zoe, July 17, Gillespie 9
Root of All Evil, July 17, Lone Star 4
Hrh Burning Corona, July 17, Wyoming 6
Was It Worth It, July 19, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized August 8)
unidentified (probably Hey Bud), July 19, Indiana 2
Perfectly True, July 20, Monmouth training
Yari, July 20, Mountaineer 4
Aly’s Tap, July 21, Charles Town 6 (euthanized August 18)
Zofia’s Prayer, July 21, Delaware 3 (euthanized September 21)
Pacific Swell, July 21, Del Mar 5
Jaxkingsandqueens, July 21, Emerald training
Mr. Perseverance, July 21, Penn 1
Kryptanite, July 22, Arapahoe 4
Im a Corky One, July 22, Charles Town 8 (euthanized July 28)
Freakin Pistol, July 22, Prairie 7
Stradivari, July 22, Saratoga training (euthanized December)
Blizzard Warning, July 23, Arapahoe 4
Leslie’s Dreamgirl, July 23, Charles Town training
Sexy Boy, July 23, Charles Town 2 (euthanized August 20)
Whisky and Wine, July 23, Del Mar training
Big Book, July 23, Del Mar training (euthanized July 25)
Dutchessa, July 23, Del Mar 2
I’m Venezuelan, July 23, Gulfstream 11
Born to Serve, July 23, Sacramento 4
Zamjara, July 23, Saratoga 1
Rootformejustin, July 23, Saratoga 5
The Judge Chuckles, July 23, Tampa Bay 7
Fasnacloich, July 24, Del Mar 2
Rita’s Resort, July 24, North Dakota 4
Starles, July 27, Delaware training
Badrock Canyon, July 27, Emerald training
unidentified, July 27, Indiana training
Shakespeare’s Girl, July 27, Mountaineer 1 (euthanized July 28)
Indian Nobility, July 27, Saratoga 3
Margie’s Gold Coin, July 28, Louisiana 4
Abeachindynasty, July 29, Arapahoe 6
King Windsor, July 29, Charles Town 2 (euthanized August 5)
Merry Moon, July 29, prior to Los Alamitos 3
Infosec, July 29, Santa Rosa 3
Princess Sela, July 29, Thistledown 3
Mon Verset, July 30, Evangeline 2
Awesome Group, July 30, Mountaineer 1
Tiz a Lucky One, July 30, prior to Santa Rosa 8
Taylear, July 30, Santa Rosa 10
Whistle Included, July 31, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized October 21)
Domestic Warrior, August 1, Saratoga 4
Busy Busy Busy, August 2, Parx 9
Greatwhite Buffalo, August 2, Presque Isle 4
Jesse’s Story, August 2, Yonkers 7
Iwannabejustlikeu, August 3, Batavia 2 (euthanized August 20)
Jonrah, August 3, Saratoga training
Believe in Kitten, August 4, Belterra 7
Midnight Visitor, August 4, prior to Saratoga 4 (euthanized August 5)
Bad Asset, August 5, Belterra 6
Lew’s Legacy, August 5, Charles Town 5
Charlies Gun, August 5, Hazel 8
Wheels Up Now, August 5, Saratoga training
Recepta, August 5, Saratoga training (euthanized November)
Bonita Bully, August 6, Albuquerque 5
El Tio Piano, August 6, prior to Delaware 4
Store of Value, August 6, Monmouth training
Overspent, August 6, Retama training (euthanized August 11)
Fancy Zoomin, prior to August 6 Retama 8
Charlie Renee, August 6, Thistledown training (euthanized August 11)
Handsome N Dashin, August 7, Albuquerque 2
Get Your Greek On, August 7, Columbus 5
Isutalkintome, August 7, Presque Isle 3
Burst of Fire, August 7, Presque Isle 3
McCann’s Half Full, August 7, Santa Rosa training
Uno Pecador, August 11, Arlington 1
Summer Scorcher, August 11, Del Mar 6
Hadfunlastnight, August 12, Del Mar 3
Heather Belle, August 12, Hazel 9
Kernel Slanders, August 12, Penn 8
A.P. Pass, August 12, Remington training
Miss Special Regard, August 12, Santa Rosa 2
Highly Confident, August 13, Albuquerque 3
Mansion House, August 13, Gulfstream 6
Kr Crusin Cartel, August 13, Los Alamitos 9
Foxie Gotham, August 13, Santa Rosa training
Jicote, August 14, Arlington 2 (euthanized August 24)
Quick Navigator, August 14, Emerald 1
Shining Cartel, August 14, Gillespie 5
The Lefty, August 14, Gillespie 6
I.E. Flash, August 14, Laurel 2
Unusualy, August 15, Del Mar training
Victorious Lover, August 15, Finger Lakes training
Phone Call, August 15, Remington training
Awesome Vacation, August 17, Delaware training
unidentified, August 18, Indiana training
Carlita Shake, August 19, Evangeline 5
He’s Rockin, August 19, Hazel training
Horatio Jetta, August 19, Louisiana 3
Tighten Up, August 19, Yonkers 3
Alicanto, August 20, Del Mar training
Prince Corredor, August 20, Saratoga training
One Seven One, August 20, White Pine 10
All the Marbles, August 21, Del Mar training
Git On Bob, August 22, Finger Lakes 5
Elusive Neko, August 24, Saratoga training
Logans Mystery Man, August 25, Fair Grounds 5
Hez Royal William, August 25, Fair Grounds 7
unidentified (probably Conrad), August 25, Indiana 7
Bob Le Beau, August 25, Saratoga 1
Ring of Truth, August 25, Saratoga 10
Warriors Roar, August 26, Belterra 3
Daniel Did It, August 26, Timonium 2
Bustin to Win, August 26, Timonium 3
Holey Molar, August 27, Mountaineer 2
Little Louella, August 27, Penn 3
Twelfth Fan, August 28, prior to Emerald 10
Desert Trial, August 28, Saratoga training
Jennymeister, August 29, Charles Town training
Unblunted, August 29, Delaware 2 (euthanized August 30)
Here Comes Da Boom, September 1, Gulfstream 6
Jla Strictly Busines, September 2, Fair Grounds 8
Classy Star, September 3, Canterbury 6
Cascade Cat, September 3, Emerald 8 (euthanized September 5)
Private Thrill, September 3, Finger Lakes 5
Distinctive Star, September 3, Gulfstream training
Miss Mongolia, September 3, Gulfstream training
Ocala Spirit, September 3, Gulfstream 1
Brave Rooster, September 3, Gulfstream 5
Austin’s Argument, September 3, Remington 3
Judge Henry, September 4, Golden Gate training
Super Nova, September 5, Arlington 7
Chasing Aces, September 5, Del Mar 5
Sayalittlprayrfrme, September 7, prior to Batavia 7
Illhuffanillpuff, September 7, Charles Town training
Time’s Concern, September 7, Louisiana 3
Mapimi, September 8, Remington 5
Broad Acres, September 8, Remington 8
McDynamite, September 8, Yonkers 9
Black Doblin, September 9, Aqueduct training
Alittlebitofmagic, September 9, Belterra 2
Can’t Stop the Kid, September 9, Gulfstream 1
Its Only Fair, September 9, Saratoga training
Insurance Premium, September 10, Delaware training (euthanized September 16)
Kafwain’s Ghost, September 10, Emerald 3
Faulty Tower, September 10, Retama 4
Fonepferesh, September 13, Mountaineer 1
Registrada, September 13, Parx 4
Neala Girl, September 14, Remington 7
Bayou Royalty, September 16, Belterra 5
Flying Carlos, September 16, Louisiana 5
unnamed, September 17, Belmont training
Ima Polaris, September 17, Energy 8
Indiana Stones, September 17, Finger Lakes 3
Sgt. Major Ross, September 17, Finger Lakes 4
Why Argue, September 17, Mountaineer training
Cute Boy, September 17, Thistledown 2
Princess Talia, September 17, Thistledown 6
Bet With Charlie, September 18, Churchill 7
Blue Cres, September 18, Zia 1
Dreaming of Bella, September 19, Mountaineer 8
Core Competency, September 19, Saratoga training
Three’s a Trump, September 19, Thistledown 2
Playncardswitroddy, September 20, Harrington racing
Age of Fluffy, September 21, prior to Presque Isle 8
Phil’s Wildcat, September 22, Belterra 4
Sr Inseperable, September 23, Lone Star 6
Cam Dan Kadandy, September 23, Saratoga Raceway 3
Exclusive, September 23, Thistledown 6
Wind Warrior, September 24, Arlington 7
Iberian, September 24, Gulfstream W training
unidentified, September 24, Indiana training
Dannhauser, September 24, Laurel 10
Boxcar Babe, September 24, Lone Star 6
Smiling Reuben, September 25, Albuquerque 3
Feisty’s Cause, September 25, Oak Tree 5
Itsastormynight, September 25, Portland 6
Dontevnthnkaboutit, September 26, Finger Lakes training
Notwhoiseemtobe, September 27, Finger Lakes 4
Fan Demon, September 27, Mountaineer 4
Apostles Creed, September 27, Yonkers 11
All About Attitude, September 28, Charles Town training
Power Heat, September 28, Gulfstream W training
My Fast Sensation, September 29, Evangeline 9
Cara Chica, September 29, Remington training
Lil Dip a Nitro, September 30, prior to Los Alamitos 4
Derby Fan, September 30, Remington 5
Moscow Miss, October 1, Gulfstream 1
Fort Smith, October 2, Belmont 4
Rockin’ Rockstar, October 2, Presque Isle 4
Onlytheshadowknows, October 3, Belmont training
Wizsito, October 3, Portland 2
Sky Crew, October 3, Thistledown 1
Bluesie Brown, October 3, Turf training
Sassy Samba, October 4, Gulfstream training
Blazingsuccess, October 6, Fresno 4
The Suprise Coronas, October 6, prior to Lone Star 5
yet-to-be-named, October 8, Finger Lakes training
The Real Tone, October 8, Northfield 10 (euthanized October 10)
Given the Chance, October 8, Thistledown 6
Miss Pink Diva, October 9, Keeneland 9
Princess Melania, October 10, Delaware 5
Hotrod Justice, October 10, Mountaineer 6
Jennie Says So, October 10, Parx 1
Money Makin Mike, October 10, Santa Anita 8
Take Me Away, October 11, Finger Lakes 9
My Silver Badge, October 11, Mountaineer 9 (euthanized October 27)
unidentified (probably Forty Purrs), October 12, Indiana 3
Keyed for Speed, October 12, Thistledown 5
Michelle’s Trip, October 13, Charles Town training
No Problem Paddy, October 13, Charles Town 3
Sooner Or Later, October 13, Remington 5
Boston Strong, October 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized November 12)
Paint Me Furious, October 14, Will Rogers 2
Cinder Block, October 15, Belmont 2
Full Moon’s Mass, October 15, Charles Town 8
Desire Gone Astray, October 15, Gulfstream training
D D Chicks Piloto, October 15, Prairie 4
R Slick Talker, October 15, Prairie 7
China Girl Lover, October 15, Santa Anita 8
Cats Serenade, October 16, Laurel 9
Aikman Rose, October 16, Turf training
The Silver Frisby, October 17, Belmont training
Sachicomula, October 17, Finger Lakes 8
Macho N Awesome, October 18, Turf training
A Chip and a Chair, October 19, Belmont training
She’s My Ghibli, October 19, Belmont 9
Excite Me, October 19, Turf training
Baccelo, October 20, Belmont training
Winter Games, October 20, Belmont training
Long Blooming Rose, October 21, Belmont training
Fitz’s Storm, October 21, Hawthorne 6
Corona Ela, October 21, Los Alamitos 5
Nationbuilder, October 22, Great Meadow 3
Bobby McDuffie, October 22, Penn 5
Kerisma, October 23, Mountaineer 4
Laura’s Babydoll, October 23, Santa Anita 6
Highly Classified, October 24, Turf 2
Profitable Lover, October 25, Mountaineer 7 (euthanized November 4)
Freudian Fantasy, October 25, Mountaineer 9
unidentified (probably Prodding), October 26, Indiana 8
Pauline’s Pride, October 26, Laurel training
Sparkling Jewel, October 29, Charles Town 5 (euthanized December 12)
First Prize Denim, October 29, Evangeline 4
Grand Star, October 29, Gulfstream W training
Vodka Effort, October 29, Lone Star 6
Da Big Dawg, October 29, Mountaineer 9
Awesome Encounter, October 29, Santa Anita 6
Shesaperfectbeamer, October 29, Turf 3 (euthanized October 30)
Bluegrass Lady, October 30, Laurel 3
Zee Note, November 1, Mountaineer training
Hunt Basket, November 2, Charles Town training
Davie Nightmare, November 2, Gulfstream training
Gambler Five, November 2, Penn 8
Dolce Surprise, November 4, Gulfstream W 3
Rango B, November 4, Lone Star 3
Corona Del Inca, November 4, Santa Anita 9
Sequoyah Lightning, November 5, Delta 3
Spectacular Shirin, November 5, Finger Lakes 4
Don’s Girl, November 5, Gulfstream training
Will Be Magical, November 6, Gulfstream training
U.S.S. Boxer, November 6, Laurel 7
Suzy’s Storm, November 6, Mountaineer 2
Way Out Willie, November 6, Mountaineer 3
West Is Best, November 6, Pennsylvania Hunt 2
Golden Empress, November 7, Mahoning 1
Toowindytohaulrox, November 7, Santa Anita training
Don Jules, November 9, Pimlico training
Randi’s Diamond, November 9, Turf training
Millenial, November 10, Churchill 4
Delta Code, November 10, Delta 10
Shark Rules, November 11, Pompano training
Daves Gone Bananas, November 12, Belmont training
Englehart, November 12, Belmont training
Bam Bam Brown, November 12, Westampton Farm (NJ) training
Cash U Later, November 12, Zia 3
Graypromise, November 12, Zia 9
Arrogant Officer, November 13, Laurel 9 (euthanized November 14)
South Philly Magic, November 14, Parx 3
One More Polish, November 14, Zia 6
Flatter Talk, November 15, Mountaineer 2 (euthanized November 22)
Miss Mountineer, November 16, Charles Town training
Zingarella, November 16, Finger Lakes 6 (euthanized November 17)
Ima Handsome Dude, November 16, Gulfstream W 7
True Bayou, November 16, Mahoning 3
Wealwayshave Paris, November 17, Delta 4
Holy Flip Flop, November 17, Remington 7
Our Sweet Lilly, November 18, Aqueduct training
Commotional, November 18, Remington training
Rory Monarchos, November 19, Hawthorne training (euthanized November 20)
Dr. Abramson, November 19, Parx 2
My Buddy Rob, November 19, Remington 9
Wayln Brent George, November 19, Remington 9
Lyrical Passage, November 20, Del Mar 5
Sing Like a Bird, November 20, Los Alamitos 12
Jo Dancer, November 20, Mountaineer 2
TNT Party, November 21, Portland 3
Suspecttommy, November 22, Mountaineer 3
Blitzinonmoonshine, November 23, Turf training
Kim Royale, November 25, Aqueduct 9 (euthanized November 26)
This Miss Can Kiss, November 26, Golden Gate training
Ideal, November 26, Golden Gate 5
Socksbdancing, November 26, Hawthorne 9
Star Cover, November 26, Pocono 9
Outrun Em All, November 26, Tampa Bay training
Tripski, November 26, Turf training
Trixie Topper, November 27, Del Mar 1
Trump Diesel, November 27, Del Mar 5
Flat Out Licked Em, November 29, Finger Lakes 1
Supah Guy, November 29, prior to Turf 4
Justenuffaddie, November 30, Finger Lakes 4
Flaming Fever, November 30, Finger Lakes 4
Flaming Vixen, December 1, Del Mar 5
Cole’s Magic Vow, December 1, Delta 4
Hot Hand, December 2, Remington 7
Millennium Flower, December 2, Turf training
Adair, December 3, Del Mar 1
Oklahoma Rust, December 3, prior to Remington 3
Ardena, December 3, Remington 5
Kelly With a Twist, December 4, Golden Gate 5
All of Barbados, December 4, Gulfstream training
Sinistra, December 5, Belmont training
Boo Boo Dancer, December 7, Charles Town 5
Perfect Spot, December 7, Mahoning 4
Bruner, December 7, Mahoning 8
Queen Patron, December 7, Penn 5
Ella’s Kitten, December 7, Turf training
Brim, December 8, Hawthorne 6
Maybe Tonight, December 8, Pimlico training
Really Mistya, December 9, Charles Town 6
Paszcatch, December 9, Golden Gate 1
Crystal Belle, December 10, Belmont training
Maisla, December 10, Delta 10
Warrior’s Magic, December 10, Hawthorne training
Dynamy Road, December 10, Mahoning 4
My Bo Chop, December 10, Tampa Bay training
Wicked Attitude, December 10, Tampa Bay training
Kings R Blue, December 11, Los Alamitos 6
Final Betrayal, December 11, Parx 8
Considered Opinion, December 12, Mahoning 7
Mean Streets, December 14, Charles Town training
Mandevillian, December 14, Delta 1
Sierra Ancha, December 14, Penn 2
Gone Till Dawn, December 17, Tampa Bay training
Seeking the Sherif, December 20, Laurel training
Streakin Lane, December 20, Sunland 7
Nevada Kid, December 21, Mahoning 2
AK’s Candy, December 22, Charles Town 8
Dragonfly Chaser, December 23, Hawthorne 6
Tactical Hero, December 23, Laurel 2
Beware the Fury, December 23, Laurel 7
Fnf Bruja, December 26, Portland 2
Rolling Thunder, December 26, Portland 4
Surfer Chub, December 27, Parx 1
Jazz Pizzaz, December 27, Tampa Bay training
Twobobs, December 27, Turf training
Knight of Sun, December 29, Mahoning training
Starcrossed, December 30, Mahoning training
Sinster Blue, December 30, Tampa Bay training
Condo Prince, December 31, Aqueduct 3
Little City Girl, December 31, Charles Town training
Just Jack, December 31, Laurel 5
Charlie Bit Me, December 31, Sunland 4

Killed in Action, 2017:
Tap It In, January 1, Golden Gate, race 4
Massena, early January, Belmont, training (euthanized January 23)
Ruhl Paul, January 3, Mahoning, race 5
Playmetheblues, January 3, Parx, race 2
Running for Annie, January 3, Turf, race 1
Candu Cait, January 6, Gulfstream, race 7
Catira Rock, January 6, Gulfstream, race 10
Tough Fame, January 7, Golden Gate, race 8
With Love Too, January 8, Turf, race 1
Mydancingshadow, January 8, Turf, race 7
Ground Control, January 12, Charles Town, race 8
Discreet Duke, January 13, Penn, race 4
Divine Kaleb, January 14, Fair Grounds, race 7
Copingaway, January 14, Gulfstream, race 10
Prague, January 15, Gulfstream, training
Creeker’s Cat, January 15, Oaklawn, race 7
Upside Brown, January 17, Belmont, training
Whip N Nay Nay, January 17, Gulfstream, training
Northern Mine, January 17, Parx, race 8
Kinghorn, January 18, Penn, race 4
T. Montana, January 20, Santa Anita, race 7
Irish Filibuster, January 20, Turfway, race 2
Prince Zurs, January 21, Aqueduct, race 5 (euthanized February 2)
Lupos Phantom, January 21, Gulfstream, training
Charming Vicky, January 22, Aqueduct, training
Lost Note, January 22, Aqueduct, race 1
Kristi Q, January 22, Aqueduct, hit head and died walking to race 9
Glacken Too, January 25, Golden Gate, training
Hayq’s Fable, January 26, Oaklawn, race 7
Tawny, January 26, Santa Anita, race 4
Yankee Tales, January 27, Belmont, training
Whiskey Wizard, January 27, Gulfstream, training
Lucky Rascal, January 28, Tampa Bay, race 7
Gone Thru Fire, January 29, Los Alamitos, race 7
Roi Soleil, January 30, Turf, race 3
Pin and Win, January 31, Parx, race 9
Sharp Stick, February 1, Penn, race 2
Golden Ocean, February 2, Golden Gate, race 4
Edzactly, February 2, Penn, race 3
Dry Ice, February 3, Cal Expo, prior to race 7
Sizzling Bel, February 4, Golden Gate, race 1
Lord Ruler, February 4, Gulfstream, race 8
Sir Prize, February 4, Louisiana, race 6
Sir Got Class, February 4, Turf, race 1
Spirit Rules, February 5, Golden Gate, training
unidentified, week January 30-February 5, Santa Anita, training
Big Unit, February 8, Buffalo, race 9
Miswaski’s Pac, February 8, Mahoning, race 9
Blameiton Brooklyn, February 10, Aqueduct, race 5
Chocopologie, February 11, Delta, race 10
Surfside Chic, February 11, Parx, race 6
Eaglemaker, February 11, Santa Anita, race 9
Itsnotezbeinbreezy, February 11, Tampa Bay, race 9
Frat Star, February 12, Aqueduct, race 4
Regulus, February 12, Aqueduct, race 5
unidentified, week February 7-February 12, Los Alamitos, racing
unidentified, week February 7-February 12, Los Alamitos, racing
unidentified, week February 6-February 12, Santa Anita, racing/training
Indian Nate, February 12, Turf, race 7
Northern Exchange, February 15, Charles Town, race 3
Mr. Ripken, February 15, Charles Town, race 4
Storming Candy, February 19, Santa Anita, race 1
Dixie Ballet, February 19, Santa Anita, race 2
unidentified, week February 13-February 20, Santa Anita, racing/training
unidentified, week February 13-February 20, Santa Anita, racing/training
Wheretheparty’sat, February 21, Monticello, race 8
A Risky Peace, February 22, Turfway, race 5
Vivi’s Magic, February 23, Delta, race 5
Small Boy Jr., February 23, Penn, race 7
Bullet Thief, February 24, Charles Town, race 1
Dance the Waltz, February 24, Los Alamitos, race 2
Don’t Undermind Me, February 25, Delta, race 4
Theboyzproudntrue, February 25, Delta, race 9
Kingston Bay, February 26, Gulfstream, race 5
unidentified, week February 21-February 26, Santa Anita, racing/training
Missy’s Hat Trick, February 27, Belmont, training
Hip 28 (unnamed 2-year-old), February 27, Gulfstream, training
Three Tootsies, March 2, Fair Grounds, race 8
Lawyer Daggett, March 2, Oaklawn, race 2
Saint’s Fan, March 3, Fair Grounds, training
Saratoga Citizen, March 4, Gulfstream, race 10
Huracan Americo, March 4, Gulfstream, race 13
Poised ‘n Ready, March 4, Oaklawn, race 4
Tattenham, March 4, Santa Anita, race 4
unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita
unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita
unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita
Mahanco, March 9, Delta, race 9
Rhett’s Image, March 10, Golden Gate, race 7
Royal Saint, March 11, Laurel, race 8
Nowalking, March 11, Santa Anita, race 8
Read the Dream, March 12, Aqueduct, race 7
Baby Lia, March 12, Gulfstream, race 3
Stormy’s Return, March 12, Gulfstream, race 7
Initiative, March 12, Los Alamitos, race 2
unidentified, week March 6-March 12, Santa Anita
Gold Line Express, March 13, Will Rogers, race 9
Callmeback, March 14, Mahoning, race 8
Keihl Crissia, March 16, Golden Gate, race 4
King’s Palace, March 18, Golden Gate, race 1
Exquisite Bling, March 18, Oaklawn, race 5
Solar Zone, March 18, Santa Anita, race 8
unidentified, week March 13-March 19, Santa Anita
Shakeyogroovething, March 25, Turfway, race 2
Camp Cielo, March 26, Oaklawn, race 9
unidentified, week March 20-March 26, Santa Anita
Blanchfield, March 30, Charles Town, race 5
Aaron of Goshen, March 30, Fair Grounds, race 6
Z Besha, March 30, Oaklawn, race 3
Second City, April 1, Aqueduct, race 3
The Pickett Factor, April 1, Oaklawn, race 5
Incognito, April 1, Saratoga Harness, race 2
Stalk, April 2, Laurel, race 8
Market Mayhem, April 4, Turf, race 8
Johannah Jo, April 5, Mahoning, race 2
Cyclic, April 8, Charles Town, race 5
Saturday Command, April 8, Golden Gate, race 3
Mac’s Posse, April 9, Belmont, training
Really Big Bird, April 9, Laurel, race 8
Brazilian Barbeque, April 9, Turf, race 6
Cespedes, April 10, Aqueduct, training
Warrior’s Dance, April 11, Parx, race 9
Joshua’s Miracle, April 16, Emerald, race 5
Receiver, April 22, Belmont, training
Reach the World, April 22, Santa Anita, training
Flatterfly, April 23, Aqueduct, race 5
Yorkshire Inn, April 23, Tampa Bay, race 9
All Class, April 24, Finger Lakes, training
Mere Aglise, April 27, Finger Lakes, training
Cornedbeefncabbage, April 28, Belmont, training
Choice Indian, April 29, Finger Lakes, training
Aragonite, April 30, Belmont, race 6
Avalancha, May 1, Parx, race 3
Hymn’s Girl, May 1, Turf, race 7
Classic Ruler, May 4, Santa Anita, race 5


  1. Reading this horrendous list pains my heart. The killing of innocent horses for $2 bets and for the entertainment of people is utterly inexcusable. There’s no way that the racing industry can justify or defend this outrageous animal cruelty.

    • Kind of the same as show horses… it all kind of sucks for the animals. Racing is more visible… :-(

      • There have been some well-documented cases of appalling treatment of show horses, Tennessee Walking Horses perhaps being the most well-known, but it extends far, far beyond that. From terrifying round-ups of wild horses to carriage horses and more, it’s appalling. Please note – I am not saying that there are not good owners, breeders, trainers, etc., but the bad far outweighs the good.

  2. If THIS doesn’t bring one to their knees in all-consuming grief, that one is without a heart.

    Patrick, there are no adequate words to express my gratitude to you.

  3. Thank you for your work in letting people know the cruelties of this industry. I will be thinking of all the horses who gave their all today.

    • This list would be much more useful if cause of death or reason for euthanization were included. I have seen many horses crippled during training for 3 year old futurists in cutting, working cow horse, and reining as well. These horses are started at 18 months to be ready at 3. They are not physically ready for that kind of stress on their legs. Horses should not be allowed to show or race until at least 4.

      • Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll find nature of injuries in my FOIA reports (designated by state in the categories section).

      • Kathy is right. We need an “Equine Child-Labor Law” that prevents horses from competing in any sport until they are 4 which is the human equivalent of 12. Keep them by the Dam’s side until they are weaned, put them out to pasture with other kids until 3, ground training and starting during age 3, no performances or sports until 4 (and I would leave it to the equine professionals to say if these ages are still too early).

        It doesn’t make sense that owners nor trainers would want the results outlined on this web page. I contend that it is unenlightened, uninformed and traditional training that leads to these unfortunate results. It is also unfortunate that governmental intervention is probably the only solution.

        Mrs. McDonald should keep up the informative work.

  4. Thank you Patrick for all of your hard work and dedication on exposing the horrific evil against horses at the racetrack. May God Bless you Eternally for your courage !!

  5. I no longer watch the Kentucky Derby or any other Horse Racing Events. Too many Horses Die. The Derby is just a Day to Show off Ridiculous Hats on the women. And Betting on a Horse is So Wrong. Every time I’ve previously watched the Derby, it seems that a Horse Dies. It’s Inhumane- Betting and all that goes with it.

  6. VILE.
    Thank you to Patrick for all his hard work, and dedication.
    I comment on this blog on behalf of the racehorses, I have no other ulterior motive here other than to share my direct experiences as an owner/trainer, and submit my opinion.
    I do thank all the educators on this blog despite any differences we may have or had.
    In short, I’m a voice for the voiceless racehorses who lay dying in the dirt, and who get maimed along the way.
    They will label us all in a negative way because that’s all they got.
    I can say with 100% certainty that this business is legitimized animal cruelty.
    It’s nothing more than a cruelty ring, corruption pit, and death camp.
    For anybody who is even thinking about getting into this business – DON’T DO IT.
    I learned the hard way.
    The fact that this Derby is filled with multiple drug violating trainers, with multiple racehorses dying under their direct training methods is a well-planned fixed event.
    Don’t fall into the delusion, don’t fall into this trap.
    It’s a sleazy business that exploits racehorses because they have no voice or means to defend themselves which is exactly they way they want it.
    They are a crude, delusional, heartless bunch.
    I would advise anybody to stay FAR FAR AWAY.

  7. If exploiting another species, especially one whose intelligence and trustworthiness made for good human resources in the first place, for mere entertainment, placing and following a wager in this case, does not rise to the level of unethical, what does? — To those who sustain this morally corrupt industry, with depraved indifference to the horses’ plight and always turning a blind eye, we say in behalf of the equines, satisfy your gambling urges with decidedly inanimate slots and scratch-offs — LET THE HORSES BE — for the love of God, LET THE HORSES BE — they’ve suffered enough.

  8. I’m told that a horse called THUNDER SNOW broke down coming out of the gate of the Kentucky Derby.
    They say it looked like his back leg snapped-off.
    I guess we will eventually know since they can’t hide this one.
    Multiple drug violating trainer, Todd Pletcher, won the Derby for the 2nd time – what a joke!
    He had about 5 horses die so far this year under his direct training methods.
    A sickening display of cruelty,dying, and corruption.

  9. Just sickening! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, put an end to this barbaric sport! Just think how many more there are that aren’t on this list. Not to mention,when these horses were born the moms of these poor souls were shipped off to be bred again,a nurse mare was brought in to nurse their foals while the nurse mare foals (considered a bi product) were left in a field to die or killed on the spot!

  10. Ok ok. But would you mind saying why they were killed? You stare that if you bet you support killing horses but how and why?

  11. Can you please post all the deaths that have occurred in pastures please? You have no idea of what the truth is about racing, only your own made up misguided views.

    • You are way off base, James. One cannot compare the life of a pasture horse to the life of a racehorse. Further, the number of racehorse deaths is astronomical, no comparison with the occasional pasture death. The old tired and worn out excuse that you put forth as an argument is simply laughable.

      • No one can’t!! Most racehorses have far better lives than pasture horses

      • Lisa Shewbridge, clearly you have no idea of the life of the racehorse. It is common knowledge that the horseracing industry is well known for its mistreatment of horses. Confinement about 23 hours each day, being brutally beaten with whips pushing them beyond their limitations sometimes resulting in injury or a breakdown, being injected with drugs to mask joint pain, bleeding in the lungs, coming down with colic, forced to train and race when suffering muscle soreness and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, running on dysfunctional/bad feet and doped up with a cocktail of drugs.

    • We know all too well the truth about horse racing backed-up by FACTS;
      1. Multiple drug violating trainers with little to no repercussions.
      2. These same multiple drug violating trainers have multiple racehorses die under their direct care with little or no repercussions.
      3. Racehorses mysteriously dying after huge money insurance policies are in place.
      4. Racehorses being dumped into the claiming ranks when no longer performing.
      5. Racehorses disappearing off the radar from top trainers barns when they are deemed to not be stake horses.
      6. Racehorses found maimed and/or killed – victims of the underground horse racing business.
      7. Racehorses being neglected on racetrack grounds, but still being permitted to enter and run.
      8. Racehorses being continuously dumped at kill auctions from all levels of horse racing.
      9. No medication records are kept so no investigations can ensue.
      10. Racehorses (about 30%) breathing their last gasp of breath on the slaughterhouse floor.

      Now James – where are your facts?
      If your so interested in how many horses die in the pasture, then you would have to find some racehorses in the pasture, and that will be very difficult to find since most don’t end up in pastures.
      Your attempt to compare pastures and racehorses intensely confined in a stall 23/7, given doping cocktails, and whipped to run is laughable.
      Just another apologist.

      • Where are my facts? LOL. Horses die every single day in pastures. To say horses only die on racetracks is absolutely laughable. Most comments against racing etc come from people living in townhouses, apartments etc that have no idea what actually goes on in the racing industry or in the country. Bunch of do gooders that do not know any facts.

        As to where my facts are, it’s an impossible one to show you that horses die everyday that never have seen a racetrack, that stat is not kept anywhere. Also saying horses are given doping cocktails implies they all are doped, is like saying everyone that drives a car is a drunk, BAN ALL DRIVERS OF CARS

        “Your” facts are very wrong in every way. Maybe go to a track to do some research instead of reading some lies put out by PETA or Green Peace

      • Yes James I fail to see how you are helping your case at all. Why are you still supporting a horrid industry where animals are whipped into a certain behavior and shape, all for human greed and entertainment? Unless of course, you are a horrid person who likes that.

        Please tell us your facts. Ya know, so we can stop adhering to what is apparently the “wrong” notions that using horses for our entertainment is a bad thing.

    • James, many of us commenting on this blog have DIRECT experience with the horse racing industry in such capacities as owners, trainers, exercise riders, farriers, jockeys, grooms, and inadvertent family involvement.
      Our list of supporters is growing daily both insiders, and outsiders.
      Many were already against horse racing, but this forum provides a place for them to submit a comment.
      That said, you don’t have to watch a PETA video or be a member of Greenpeace to see that racehorses are being maimed and/or dying (just look at the list) as a direct result of the mandatory operating procedures.
      You can’t assume that somebody is a member of PETA or Greenpeace just because they are against horse racing.
      The majority of Americans are against dog fighting, but they don’t have to participate in it to see that it’s morally reprehensible, and cruelty to animals nor do they have to be a member of an animal rights group as you suggest.
      In order to continue participating in horse racing, you must be delusional in some capacity, and you must rationalize all of horrific things going on all around you.
      The bad far outweighs the good, and the racehorses pay with their lives.

      • I am also one of those awful people who own racehorses and your “facts” are nothing more than peta based lies!
        I would love to see your stats?

  12. My heart hurts. It took several minutes to just scroll down. I didn’t read all of them but. Wow even just scroll so many! So sad. I don’t watch racing any more.

  13. I think that this is wrong! Stop the cruel treatment of horses!

  14. There are NOT horses who died in 2014. Perhaps these are all Thoroughbreds who raced in 2014. The first one I looked up, Sheza Freak, allegedly killed/died Oct. 17, 2014 HAS RACE RESULTS published from Oct. 18, 2014 as an “also ran”. Don’t get sucked into these emotional rapes.

  15. This is pure evil! Only a demonic evil wick heathens Does this!!!

  16. My mother was a bookie in the UK for decades. As a child I heard stories of “tricks” owners and trainers use from milkshakes so that a horse can run beyond endurance without pain, to electrocuting horses for insurance money to falsifying records to “great” jockeys who whipped their horses viciously (Lester Piggott). I always felt sorry for the horses whose records and odds, were not deemed worthy enough to be shown individually and were grouped together as “bar” or “rest of field”. Most of all I felt so sad for teh horses who ran their hearts out and still finished last. As I grew up, I became more – not less – disillusioned by the industry; once the term industry is attached to anything involving animals, it does not bode well for them. I remember the great rivalry of Arkle and Millhouse, and cried when I visited the Irish National Stud where Arkle’s skeleton is displayed. I remember Ferdinand and Exceller, both of whom were sold for horsemeat. Shergar machine-gunned to death by the IRA. Eight Belles who ran with the big boys and broke both her legs in the process. Barbaro. But more than any of these my heart aches for those who die unnoticed, unmourned and unloved. Horses are guaranteed to bring me to my knees, sometimes literally – in a ditch, in Wyoming, crying bitter tears into the dirt as I watch wild horses run into the distance.

  17. Thunder Snow pulled up at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday evening at Louisville’s Churchill Downs and did not finish the Run for the Roses. You can see the horse bucking immediately off the start in the official video of the race from NBC Sports.

    • And the horse, Patch, in the Kentucky Derby had only one eye. Gina has put up a comment referring to this. I just cannot believe that the so-called veterinarians could pass a horse to race when he has such very restricted vision. Just leaves me thoroughly disgusted!
      As for the owners and trainer – they are the lowest of low – the curs.

      No way in this whole wide world would Australia allow a horse to race who had only one eye, and it would surprise me if any other racing jurisdiction in the world would allow it.

      The KD was a shocking event with mud flying everywhere all over the horses, being beaten with whips when they couldn’t go any faster…… just AWFUL! And i bet some horses pulled up with sore eyes from the mud. KENTUCKY, the home of the horse – WHAT A JOKE THAT IS!!!

      • Not a joke Carolyn, racing itself is a joke. Thunder Snow is apparently uninjured – or at least that’s what they say…A sloppy track is fraught with danger, but a very hard track isn’t great either. The entire industry should be shut down, but there is too much money in it. Greyhound racing is worse.

  18. This is so so sad – so many horses just accepted casualties of this “sport”.

  19. This list is sickening … once again people abusing animals for money and then toss them away like garbage when they can no longer can profit !!! We must stop this barbaric practice …

  20. The thing your not telling people is why these horses are being euthanized. Let’s try being honest with the public as to why these horses are losing their lives. Do you want to feed a horse for the next 30 years that has a shatter ankle (aka Eight Belles)? Do you want to pay the vet bills on that same horse for the next 30 years? If you do then by almeans go to the racetrack and be a hero a rescue a few of them! You people have no idea what it cost to care for a healthy horse let alone one that has a serious medical condition (Barbaro). As humans we tend to this with our hearts instead of our heads. Why is it we can Euthanized healthy dogs everyday and nothing is said? Patronizing horse raceing does not in any way support “Wholesale Killing”!! You people need to get your facts straight once and for all!

    • Racing, not me or anyone posting on this page, is responsible for the broken bodies. What you have written is a sad, and ultimately pathetic, attempt to defend the indefensible. And as for my characterization of “wholesale killing,” open your mind and read this.

    • Eight Belles collapsed with two broken front ankles. She could not stand and could not be saved. She died in the dirt and horse racing killed her.

    • Are you serious? You are so full of misinformation it’s almost funny. As someone who does dog rescue runs on a regular basis, the idea that thousands of dogs are killed and nothing is said is an outright lie! Plenty is said and done, every day, but of course acknowledging that wouldn’t suit your ends would it? No horse with the type of injuries sustained by Eight Belles, would even live for 30 years. Case in point? Barbaro. And FYI if you love your animals you do the best you can for them for as long as you can and more importantly, for as long as they have a decent quality of life. If you don’t want to do that – don’t get a horse, dog, cat, goat or goldfish. There is something seriously wrong with anyone who justifies egregious animal abuse and neglect, as the cost of doing business. They are sentient beings, not bloody Tupperware.

    • Vikki, every single day I spend trying to face dogs from being euthanized. There are many off is trying to stop useless killing of dogs house and various other pets. To make it seem like it is use these horses for what we do and then eithanize then when we are the ones using them up and throwing them away is insane. Simply put there is no need for the racing industry. Its only purpose is to use these animals for monetary gain and then throw them away. Shame on you! Yes horse have to be euthanized when accidents occur, but these are not accidents these are people who are only looking to benefit themselves. These horses are broke way before their legs and knees are even fully developed so they can get a two year old out to race to make money with no thought to dedtrucrion of these animals. I work as a horse trainer and never mounta horse till it is at least 3 and I worked at a thoroughbred farm where I got to see first hand how abusive the trainers are on some of these farms. You must work for the racing industry and ee making money to make this kind of statement

  21. This is a complicated issue. I have 2 points to make. My horse, who was well loved and not a racehorse, broke his leg while playing in the field. It was an accident. You all have to realize that decisions to euthanize a horse due to an injury are very different. Horses do not recover from leg injuries well. Accidents and catastrophic injuries are something all horse people are familiar with and fear. The racing industry has many people who respect their animals. There are also those that are terrible excuses for humanity. That is the state of our planet in general. It does not mean we should not try to make it better. We do! If you want to discuss cruelty check out Tennessee Walking Horses. My second point is that the absolute worst and most cruel treatments of horses is neglect. Once these poor horses are starving, sick, and lame they get sent to a kill pen. That is an auction where they get sold to be trasported to Mexico or Canada to get slaughtered. We have NO slaughter houses in the U.S. for horses. They were banned. Does this stop horses from being slaughtered? Nope. It just prolongs and extends their suffering to another awful level. Racehorses are not starving, not sick and are more often than not re-homed post racing career. There is a huge OTTB fan club. I myself have one. He is now 32 years old. If you really want to help horses support a local equine rescue league. I donate to High Caliber Horse Rescue through Amazon smile.

    • Sorry, not complicated at all: Horseracing kills horses – upward of 2,000 a year – for $2 bets. Indefensible. And, you are sadly misguided if you think the majority of “retirees” are re-homed and not slaughtered. Educate yourself.

    • Normally, I don’t respond to such an ill-informed, misleading and patronising comment, but for the benefit of others:

      The vast majority of racehorses that survive racing end up in slaughterhouses.

      Only about 15-20% of racehorses are re-homed. And for some, their re-homing is temporary and end up at a kill auction.

      There are underground slaughterhouses in the USA.

      Most racehorses do not enjoy good health and are sick due to their stall confinement, being raced into the ground, being brutally beaten with whips pushing them beyond their limitations sometimes resulting in injury or a breakdown, being injected with drugs to mask joint pain, bleeding in the lungs, coming down with colic, forced to train and race when suffering muscle soreness and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, running on dysfunctional/bad feet and doped up with a cocktail of drugs – just to mention a few.

      And many a time I’ve come across racehorses being neglected in a trainer’s stable e.g. horses not being provided with sufficient nutrition; lack of proper veterinary treatment, grooms bashing horses, etc. etc.
      And of course there have been a number of cases where racehorses have been left to starve to death.

    • Leslie, it’s not complicated at all.
      The horse racing industry ALONE is responsible for the breeding, exploitation, dumping, maiming and/or killing of racehorses!
      This will all end when horse racing ends, and it will end.
      Sure it will take some transitional time once these hell holes shut down.
      On May 7th, one day after the Derby, the industry announced that it made 200 MILLION+ on wagering that day!
      So I’m very offended when people like you suggest that people, who are not involved with the exploitation, donate money!
      Go ask the industry because even 1% of 200 million is enough to rescue and feed most unwanted OTTB’s or to assist those who currently have some.
      Why should anybody have to dig into their pockets to take care of racehorses whom this business has exploited while they are making BILLIONS in wagering profits, double-dipping the system via taxpayers, corporate welfare, and even taking profits from casinos!
      Am I the only one that sees this has outright stupidity while our education and health care is suffering we are expected to assist this cruelty circus?
      Their staggering wagering profits, made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses, are nowhere to be found when they are standing at a kill auction moments away from boarding the slaughterhouse truck.
      Yet, they continue to deny racehorses a safe landing, and they leave the mess they created for everybody else to clean up.
      As I’ve stated before on this blog anybody who rescue an OTTB is doing a good deed, but only if they condemn this industry and don’t support it.
      If you continue to support this industry then you become an ENABLER of the dumping;you endorse the despicable conduct of this organized and legitimized animal cruelty.
      Another thing, if this business were to shut down tomorrow then the entire topic of euthanizing a racehorse who has snapped-off their leg and/or maimed themselves beyond repair would be obsolete.
      This antiquated business model is irreparable, and that’s due to the very foundation of which it’s built: the exploitation of a non-consenting sentient being for profit.

    • Leslie, you seem to be confused. I have NEVER stated here, nor have I seen anyone else state, that a horse who breaks, or shatters, its leg shouldn’t be euthanized. In fact, I have stated on public forums that a horse waiting to be slaughtered would gladly trade places with a horse waiting to be euthanized. On that I think we can all agree. I support HUMANE euthanasia and will certainly consider euthanasia rather than allowing a horse to end up in a bad place or suffer.

      Then you state that “Accidents and catastrophic injuries are something all horse people are familiar with and fear.” Really? I have been involved with horses for well over 50 years and I have never seen a catastrophic injury from showing, pleasure riding, trail riding, or from horses turned out in a pasture….NEVER! In fact, I showed hunters in the 60’s and 70’s….Junior, Green, Regular Working, and Amateur Owner….as well as equitation and I showed on the “A” circuit. I NEVER saw a horse snap its leg off and die in the dirt. As far as FEAR is concerned, I never feared showing my TBs, including Bit O’ Scotch, over 3′ 6″ fences or 4 foot fences in hunter classes so we can now put the FEAR factor to bed.

      You are correct. There is unfathomable cruelty in many other horse industries, including, but not limited to, the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, and those horses have been abused for years and years and years but this blog, as I have stated ad nauseum, is about HORSERACING. Horseracing is an unnecessary gambling industry. It’s interesting that I have asked those who support the exploitation of the racehorse if they also support greyhound exploitation, and not one of those asked has ever said, “Yes, I support dog racing, too.” If you support horseracing, then you support dog racing because they are one and the same except for the obvious….different animals.

      Approximately 15,000 TBs enter the slaughter pipeline annually so to say that most are “rehomed” post racing is just an outrageous lie. The industry needs slaughter as its disposal system. There are simply too many horses and too few homes but the breeders in the industry are “dancing and prancing” each time a mare gives birth. Perhaps those that breed think there is a shortage of horses on this earth or perhaps they purposefully breed in order to make a profit down the road. I think it is the latter. Sick and sad…

    • Leslie – a large portion of readers here are experienced horse people. Given that racing is a far more commercial industry than TWH, it lends to far greater cruelty due to the volume of animals involved. In my 30 years with horses, I can attest that it isn’t normal for horses to injure themselves in the pasture or with typical riding as you intimated. Are you aware how often horses who have just raced 1-2 weeks beforehand end up at slaughter? This is not only where the neglected animals are sent. Check out how many auctioned horses are tattooed and how many even have racing plates. More often than not they are thrown away – not retired peacefully. Your sanctimony is not appreciated. RACING contributes to thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of equine deaths annually. It is the RACING industry’s responsibility to care for these animals after they have been used up, not mine. Donating to rescues and advocating for US slaughterhouses may make you feel better, but that’s all it does. The only way to stop the vast, unfathomable slaughtering of horses is to affect the very industry causing it.

    • Leslie, my immediate thought when I read your first sentence was “What? – this “issue” isn’t complicated at all!” We’re talking about the exploitation of a sentient being for entertainment purposes – how can an individual with even an ounce of compassion accept the completely unnecessary death of an animal for a gambling fix? And then multiply that animal’s death times thousands…complicated? – no, just simply wrong.

      You said “The racing industry has many people who respect their animals” – other apologists have said the same. They’ve also claimed how well racehorses are treated…like kings and queens. In addition, racing industry members “love their horses like family members”. I found the following comments interesting as I’m certain you will as well, Leslie; “[the horses] are well treated” and “…our beautiful, talented animals that we love”.

      Do you agree, Leslie? – the horses are “well taken care of” and “loved”? FYI, the individual making those claims was Dee Cantrell of the Tennessee Walking Horse Trainers’ Association, in response to activists’ protest of their Big Lick horse show. Cantrell continued, exclaiming the welfare of the horses is of paramount importance. And her show-stopper; “…each horse will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity and will be cared for like the prized possessions that they truly are.”

      Racing apologists, Big Lick apologists…they all sound the same.

  22. And you’re not even taking into consideration the nurse mare foals that are discarded like garbage as soon as they are born so the better bred foals can nurse off their mares and rush the better bred mare through a new cycle.

    • That’s a whole other level of ugly…and let’s not forget the 20 PMU farms in Manitoba and Saskatchewan…

  23. Lisa Shewbridge: I do hope you read my comment here which in response to your statements: “No one can’t!! Most racehorses have far better lives than pasture horse.” Statement #2 “I am also one of those awful people who own racehorses and your “facts” are nothing more than peta based lies!
    I would love to see your stats?”
    Your statements were in direct response to my previous comment, and I have a load full of information on you Lisa that the 400+ people who read this blog need to know.
    1. First of all, Lisa owned a horse called SHES BOLD (SB). Now I know that your a bold one Lisa, but did you really have to continually abuse a horse that was so obviously non-competitive? SB ran her first race at 2 years old. Now most of us that have one ounce of compassion has repeatedly submitted our comments regarding the running of racehorses at 2 years old so I won’t be redundant. SB was actually trained at about 1.5 years old. You would have to be wicked, and heartless to start training on a racehorse at this age, but hey you wanted to pay your bills and win some money right Lisa?
    I do know a groom that worked in that barn at that time whom I have since spoken to. SB was sore, and lame,and you knew it, but you didn’t mind it when SB was repeatedly beaten/whipped in her first race? Yet, you continued training her, and even sent her out again.
    The second race didn’t show much either finishing 5th beating 2 horses, but by now you realize that SB is a liability to you so the dumping has to be begin.
    2. Lisa did what all people in this business does: they DUMP horses when they are not profitable, when they confirm that they can’t make them any money, they just dispose of them, and that’s what you did Lisa.
    3. Another thing that is important to note, The owner of SB is listed as Molinaro Stables. So Lisa is part of Molinaro stables, and that I could write a book on, but I will try to remain focused on SB.
    4. SB had to be dumped, and out of sight out of mind right Lisa? So SB was sent to a notorious hell hole called Charles Town where she barely made it through the next race, but that still wasn’t enough. She was sent out for her final race were, by that time, she needed to go due to her pre-existing conditions that were no longer responding to the, more than likely, steady joint injections and doping.
    SB was supposedly last seen boarding a kill buyers truck that picked her up from the barn.
    5. Lisa’s comment here about racehorses having a far better life than pasture horses is in total contradiction to the way that SB was treated. You Lisa are a delusional Class A hypocrite like all the apologists.
    6. SB didn’t even make it to a paddock, and in fact, only had 1.5 years of life prior to being imprisoned 23/7 in stalls from Woodbine to Charles Town.

    You have the AUDACITY to come on here, say these statements when this is what you condone?
    Moreover, you have the bloody nerve to attack PETA?
    You racing apologists are a real treat.
    We have a field day on each and every one of you every time you comment here because most of us on here can find out about you when you post your name.
    PETA has NOTHING to do with the exploitation of a racehorse!
    The facts here are DEATH FACTS obtained directly from the racetracks so neither PETA nor any other person had anything to do with that except for apologists like you.

    Furthermore, you constantly group everybody, who is against horse racing, as members of PETA or an animal rights group.
    There are many people, who are not members of animal rights groups, who don’t support horse racing.
    You don’t have to be a member of an animal rights group to see that horse racing is animal cruelty.

  24. Thank You Gina.

    A major Problem with individuals that race horses is that they have shut down their hearts and minds to the truth as they must justify their behaviour or face the reality that they are an animal abuser. Nothing you say. short of a miracle. will wake these people up. Of course, I do believe in Miracles.

    I, for one, have no more time to fight with animal abusers. The facts are the facts. You and Patrick and all the others that love animals have done an excellent job of laying out the facts on this website. If animal abusers continue to ignore the facts,they will have to account for their animal abusive behavior when they stand before God. I hope that day comes soon !

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