FOIA Recap, 2016

Follows is my FOIA recap for 2016.

California: request denied – “The CHRB has not changed its policy and therefore cannot provide a list of racehorses that died or were euthanized on or at California race tracks.”

Kentucky: unwilling to provide “horse identifying information.”

Maine: “Our Department does not possess this information as this is not something that is reported to nor tracked by our Department.”

South Dakota: “We do not keep those records.”

Arkansas: multiple attempts, no reply.

Montana: multiple attempts, no reply.

Virginia: multiple attempts, no reply.

Washington: request filled.

Wyoming: request filled.

Colorado: request filled.

Nevada: request filled.

Iowa: request filledbut without training deaths.

Massachusetts: request filled.

Ohio: request filled.

Illinois: request filled.

Arizona: request filled.

Maryland: request filled.

North Dakota: request filled – but no training fatalities reported.

New Jersey: request filled.

New York: request filled.

Indiana: request filled, but without names.

Florida: request filled.

Texas: request filled.

Oregon: request filledbut without training deaths.

Nebraska: request filledbut with serious irregularities.

Michigan: request filledbut without harness casualties.

Minnesota: request filled – but without names.

Oklahoma: request filled.

New Mexico: request filledbut with large gaps.

Louisiana: request filledbut without training deaths.

West Virginia: request filled – here, and here.

Delaware: request filled.

Pennsylvania: request filledbut without training deaths.


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  1. Rotten to the core. Evil people who have no problem with racehorses DYING on their tracks with no accountability or transparency to the public.
    They are now emboldened by an anti-animal anti-environment Whitehouse.
    Stop supporting this carnage.
    To all the poor souls who are needled daily, who are sent out in pain, who are beaten to perform,you have our voice because the industry that exploits you doesn’t give a damn.

  2. Thank you once again, Patrick, for your tireless work, gathering and presenting these facts (ones not easily attained, I might add).

    There are a number of reasons I am grateful for Horseracing Wrongs – first and foremost, for the horses that died enslaved in the industry, we know their names and that they once shared this earth with us. Yet, too many die and disappear in anonymity.

    Also, I’m grateful for the support given the racehorses by the many followers of HRW. The burden of caring is lifted by doing – and all of us can “DO” by sharing Patrick’s posts.

    To the racehorses lost to euthanasia due to their injuries and to slaughter – and to those who still toil for the unnecessary gambling industry – we care. And we will continue to DO.

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