At Least Two More “Break Down” Friday

Equibase reports that two horses “broke down” Friday; “broke down,” of course, is the industry euphemism of choice for dead.

At Charles Town, Bullet Thief went down in the 1st. Although almost six, BT was still being raced as a “maiden claimer” – and not particularly well, with a 6th, 9th, 7th, and a “fell, DNF” in four of her five most recent starts.

At Los Alamitos, it was 3-year-old Dance the Waltz in the 2nd. Dance was “For Sale” at a paltry $3,200 prior to. Translation: He won’t be missed.

This is horseracing.


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  1. The ongoing inhumane, and cruel treatment of Bullet Thief is obvious in the PP’s prior to his death.
    Yet, the enablers of this abuse permitted this horse to endure what amounts to torture.
    Equally disturbing is that not one person has ever been held accountable for any racehorse death because the “investigations” are nothing more than public facades.
    In the world of horse racing the inside investigations never lead to charges, and the lack of mandatory necropsies (on the majority of racetracks) completes the cover-up.
    One can only conclude that horse racing legitimizes death.
    So sorry for both these horses who died in the dirt for dimes, and dollars.

  2. BULLET THIEF fell in a race on October 21, 2016 when she clipped heels of another horse caused by reckless riding. Racing tight at breakneck speed is lethal for the horses – they run in fear for their lives every time they are forced to race which the industry has the audacity to call a ‘sport’. It’s hard to believe that we’re living in the 21st century when we allow these innocent horses to suffer and die.

    This mare was sacrified for $2 bets and ‘entertainment’.

  3. Taking into consideration the PP’s of most racehorses it becomes blatantly obvious that the connections of these horses don’t give a damn.
    They used, abused, and exploited for money and egos.
    They are run into the ground while writhing in pain waiting for the needle.
    This is not a “sport,” this is not entertainment, this is a blood bath.
    It needs to be shut down.

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