Louisiana’s Raceday Kills, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Louisiana tracks in 2016. Please note, however, that (as in the past) the Commission did not forward training deaths, claiming they “do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during training hours.” So, when reading, be mindful that the 50-horse list below can easily and reasonably be doubled.

Cool Chic, January 7, Delta 6, “open bilateral sesamoids”
Sweet Zarb, January 16, Delta 6, “sesamoid”
Hidden Closer, January 21, Delta 4, “open cannon”
Jump Jump, January 22, Delta 7, “cannon”
Ticfaw, January 29, Delta 8, “open fetlock”
Royals Magic Touch, February 5, Delta 10, “cannon”
Hot Time Tonite, February 5, Delta 10, “shoulder”
Bella Stella, February 6, Louisiana 5, “carpal”
Classic Flair, February 11, Fair Grounds 9, “suspensory”
My Pal Lily, February 19, Delta 4, “open sesamoids, suspensory”
Chapter and Verse, February 20, Fair Grounds 1, “condylar”
Panchos Jess Special, February 23, Louisiana 2, “MCIII, MTIII”
Beatie Eyed Peatie, February 24, Delta 3, “shattered carpus”
Georgia’s Genie, March 11, Delta 2, “cannon”
A Running Ghost, March 12, Delta 10, “both LF sesamoids”
Go Car Cosino, March 21, Louisiana 9, “P1/P2”
Lil Noon, April 8, Evangeline 2, “MCIII, bilateral sesamoids”
French Celebrity, April 9, Evangeline 7, “bilateral sesamoids”
Favorite Passage, April 23, Delta 5, “carpus”
Prior Restraint, May 4, Evangeline 9, “bilateral sesamoids”
Deadly Swingin Jess, May 5, Delta 4, “broken back”
Noblejesselie Inview, May 18, Delta 2, “proximal”
Classicsoutherngal, May 20, prior to Evangeline 3, “flipped on track prior to race”
Sweet Yankee, May 30, Louisiana 6, “distal limb”
Chick Call Kay, June 8, Delta 2, “carpal”
Sneaky Choice, June 8, prior to Louisiana 1, “sudden death”
Flyintotheparty, June 16, Delta 3, “open sesamoid”
Senior Rapidor, June 17, Evangeline 5, “bilateral sesamoids”
Julias Girl, June 18, Evangeline 3, “MCIII, open spiral”
Mr. Bo Jingles, June 30, Louisiana 3, “sesamoids”
Fast Slimey, July 6, Evangeline 4, “open, disarticulated fetlock”
All in the Art, July 15, prior to Louisiana 2, “sudden death”
Dollar Signs, July 16, Evangeline 1, “bilateral sesamoids”
Margie’s Gold Coin, July 28, Louisiana 4, “joint fetlock”
Mon Verset, July 30, Evangeline 2, “disarticulated fetlock”
Carlita Shake, August 19, Evangeline 5, “bilateral sesamoids”
Horatio Jetta, August 19, Louisiana 3, “sesamoids”
Logans Mystery Man, August 25, Fair Grounds 5, “sesamoid”
Hez Royal William, August 25, Fair Grounds 7, “sesamoids, fetlock disarticulation”
Jla Strictly Busines, September 2, Fair Grounds 8, “bilateral carpal”
Time’s Concern, September 7, Louisiana 3, “sudden death” (11 years old, 85th race)
Flying Carlos, September 16, Louisiana 5, “carpal”
My Fast Sensation, September 29, Evangeline 9, “open fetlock”
First Prize Denim, October 29, Evangeline 4, “multiple carpal”
Sequoyah Lightning, November 5, Delta 3, “sesamoid”
Delta Code, November 10, Delta 10, “bilateral sesamoids”
Wealwayshave Paris, November 17, Delta 4, “open fetlock”
Cole’s Magic Vow, December 1, Delta 4, “open fetlock”
Maisla, December 10, Delta 10, “carpal”
Mandevillian, December 14, Delta 1, “both LF sesamoids”

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

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  1. This is so disturbing, and how this death camp is permitted to continue is mind boggling.
    The only thing keeping most racetracks open right now is casino money and that’s why decoupling should be pushed and passed.
    These death traps for racehorses needs to shut down.
    The kill auctions in L.A. are littered with discarded racehorses and it’s sickening.
    How anybody can partake, and support this business is beyond reason.
    Then they have the audacity to come on here and defend it.
    You are all delusional and you are all enablers of the dying of racehorses.
    You all should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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