Minnesota’s (Mostly Anonymous) Dead, 2016

The response to my Minnesota FOIA request:

Good Morning Mr. Battuello,

I have retrieved the numbers of race horse deaths from our Chief Veterinarian. During the 2016 race meet there were a total of six catastrophic race related deaths – 3 on the dirt and 3 on the turf. There were three training related deaths at Canterbury Park during the 2016 season. There were zero deaths (racing or training) at Running Aces during the 2016 season. Minnesota Veterinarian Medicine Laws prevent us from disseminating any other identifying information.

As to the six racing kills, we do know (from another source) that Classy Star was one – felled in the 6th at Canterbury September 3. The other eight, alas, died in anonymity.

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  1. ‘3 on the dirt and 3 on the turf’

    That’s how much these innocent horses’ lives meant to the racing industry.

    • These horses mean very little to those who squeeze the life out of them. Horseracing is a vile and corrupt industry and the horses suffer because of it. I have no doubt that the stalls of the horses, who did die in anonymity, were filled immediately. After all, an empty stall has no potential to generate revenue.

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