Florida’s Racing Carnage, 2016: 106 Dead Horses (That We Know About)

Through a FOIA request to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, I have confirmed the following deaths at Florida tracks in 2016:

Wastin’ Away, January 1, Tampa Bay training, “fractured head”
One Step Salsa, January 3, Gulfstream training
Eye Get the Blues, January 3, Hialeah 7
Rezoomin, January 6, Hialeah training
Jm Lobo Cartel, January 8, Hialeah training
Rocket Boulevard, January 9, Gulfstream training
Shameless Lass, January 9, Gulfstream training
Ac Comando, January 9, Hialeah 3
Tm Vendikater, January 10, Hialeah 9
Rita’s Wildside, January 10, Tampa Bay training, “fractured knee”
Native Gold, January 12, Tampa Bay training
Lying Chief, January 15, Gulfstream 7
Charlie Cartel, January 18, Hialeah training
Spiced Tea (sic?), January 20, Gulfstream training
Handsome Xpression, January 21, Gulfstream training, “leg fracture on track”
Pretty Nauty, January 25, Tampa Bay training
Ashwarie, January 30, Gulfstream training
Forged, January 31, Gulfstream 1
Born Mighty, February 6, Hialeah 3
Estandarte, February 7, Gulfstream 4
Mach It Right, February 8, Pompano, “broke left hind leg”
Jess Makin Waves, February 12, Hialeah training
Pequena I Love You, February 12, Hialeah training
Enriquillo, February 14, Tampa Bay training, “took a bad step – humanely destroyed”
Scrumpdilicious, February 15, Gulfstream 9
Flashing Light, February 17, Gulfstream 5
Gate Crasher, February 17, Tampa Bay training
Kandoo, February 20, Gulfstream 11
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, February 21, Gulfstream training
Lilah Bird, February 21, Gulfstream 1
Dark and Dusty, February 24, Tampa Bay 1
Sweet Rocket Man, February 26, Gulfstream training
Save Rock and Roll, March 5, Gulfstream training
Hy Prince Happy, March 5, Gulfstream 2
Glamorgan, March 5, Gulfstream 13
Stardust Abbe, March 6, Tampa Bay training
Never in Trouble, March 7, Gulfstream training, “Location of Deceased: Horse Pit”
Pennetta, March 9, Gulfstream 9
Imbaracuaro, March 11, Gulfstream W training
Ancil, March 11, Tampa Bay training
City of Weston, March 12, Gulfstream training
Starship Jodi, March 14, Gulfstream training
Arco de Triunfo, March 16, Gulfstream W training
Heatupthekaufy, March 26, Tampa Bay training
Invasion Point, March 26, Tampa Bay 10, “after week with infected leg, put down”
Fivetillmidnite, March 31, Tampa Bay training
Aribelle, April 1, Tampa Bay 7
Summer Morn, April 6, Gulfstream training
Diamond Rose, April 8, Tampa Bay 2
Nena, April 12, Gulfstream W training
Polly My Love, April 13, Gulfstream W training
High Native Fly, April 13, Tampa Bay 3
Saturday Special, April 14, Gulfstream 2
Blessedwithprayer, April 14, Gulfstream 9
It’s Exclusive, April 15, Tampa Bay training, “fractured humerus”
Coronado Street, April 18, Gulfstream W training
Big Paul, April 23, Tampa Bay training, “fractured sesamoid”
Gran Plata, April 25, Gulfstream training
Senora de Fatima, April 29, Gulfstream training
Congrats to Ken, April 29, Tampa Bay 4
Greatest Lisa, April 30, Tampa Bay 2
Cotton Jenny, May 1, Gulfstream 10
Chatt Hills, May 2, Gulfstream W training
Miss Dejavu, May 7, Gulfstream training
Ilogico, May 9, Gulfstream W training
Jack’s Comprise, May 20, Gulfstream training
Talk Back Jack, May 22, Gulfstream training
Parole Board, June 9, Gulfstream 3
Silver Nile, June 11, Gulfstream 5 (euthanized next day)
Starlit Malibu, June 25, Gulfstream training, “shattered her sesamoid galloping out”
Criollas Boy, June 26, Gulfstream 11
How Time Flies, July 2, Gulfstream training
Sherezadah, July 2, Gulfstream 2
Templer Glory, July 10, Gulfstream 3
I’m Venezuelan, July 23, Gulfstream 11
The Judge Chuckles, July 23, Tampa Bay 7
Mansion House, August 13, Gulfstream 6
Here Comes Da Boom, September 1, Gulfstream 6
Distinctive Star, September 3, Gulfstream training
Miss Mongolia, September 3, Gulfstream training
Ocala Spirit, September 3, Gulfstream 1
Brave Rooster, September 3, Gulfstream 5
Can’t Stop the Kid, September 9, Gulfstream 1
Iberian, September 24, Gulfstream W training
Power Heat, September 28, Gulfstream W training
Moscow Miss, October 1, Gulfstream 1, “compound, comminuted fracture”
Sassy Samba, October 4, Gulfstream training
Desire Gone Astray, October 15, Gulfstream training
Grand Star, October 29, Gulfstream W training
Davie Nightmare, November 2, Gulfstream training
Dolce Surprise, November 4, Gulfstream W 3
Don’s Girl, November 5, Gulfstream training, “Location: laying in grass area”
Will Be Magical, November 6, Gulfstream training
Shark Rules, November 11, Pompano training
Ima Handsome Dude, November 16, Gulfstream W 7
Outrun Em All, November 26, Tampa Bay training
All of Barbados, December 4, Gulfstream training
My Bo Chop, December 10, Tampa Bay training
Wicked Attitude, December 10, Tampa Bay training
Gone Till Dawn, December 17, Tampa Bay training
Jazz Pizzaz, December 27, Tampa Bay training
Sinster Blue, December 30, Tampa Bay training

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Last Romance, January 6, Pompano, “died – perforated intestine, colic”
Obvi (pony), February 10, Hialeah, circumstances undisclosed
Irish Bride, October 16, Pompano, “found in stall”
Lovely Elle, November 18, Gulfstream, “dead in stall 4 am”

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There can be no justification for the killing of horses for $2 bets. End it. Now.


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  1. To all the racehorses who died on Florida tracks – we will continue to be a voice for you since this business doesn’t give a damn that you died in the dirt for their stupid bets.
    This list is appalling, despicable, VILE, and unacceptable.
    This list was so long that I took the time to analyze the racehorses that died at Gulfstream Park.
    Let’s not forget that this racetrack is considered one of the premier racetracks in North America.
    By golly – the Pegasus statue alone cost Gulfstream’s owner, Frank Stronach, 30 million according to their Press Release.
    By golly – I guess that 30 million for a piece of concrete couldn’t have gone to all the racehorses, who generated wagering profits for Xpressbet (owned by Stronach cohorts), many of whom were most likely dumped at kill auctions or into neglectful situations when their limbs could no longer generate profit.
    Of course the ones who disappear most likely end up on the slaughterhouse floor in Mexico.
    Yet, 30 million had to buy that ugly concrete slab to enhance the surroundings at Gulfstream – outrageous.
    Despite the opulent surroundings racehorses are dying.
    There are no statues, fountains, or millionaires who can stop this blood bath.
    In fact, they buy into it, and they buy into HUGE spending millions to send a racehorse out for their daily whippings/beatings, needles in and out of veins, and whatever else gets them to bring in a buck or a picture in the winner’s circle.
    The majority of racehorses who died at Gulfstream were precipitated by the hallmark signs of catastrophic breakdowns such as DNF, non-competitive PP’s, Trainers with multiple drug violating rap sheets, racing at 2 years old, refusals into the gate etc.
    Yet, this “Premier” racetrack owned by somebody who “cares,” and “loves” the game of horse racing has no problem enabling the abuse, and ongoing deaths of sentient beings.

  2. HALOS AND ANGELS – the abuse continues

    This burnt out 6 year old mare is still being forced to race.
    She raced on January 11, 2017 at Mahoning Valley racetrack coming home 6th/12 by 8+ lengths.
    Although it appears that this result is okay, it’s highly likely she was up against ‘slower’ horses in this insidious claiming race at this terrible track being held in freezing cold conditions.
    The connectrions had increased the sale price on her head from $5,000 to $7,500.
    The chart said she “broke slowly then failed to reach contention”.

    She raced again, on January 25, 2017, at Mahoning Valley racetrack coming home last 8th/8 beaten by 23 1/4 lengths. The sale price on her head has now gone back down to $5,000.
    The chart said she “dueled on the front and stopped badly from inside”.

    This mare had 17 starts from Jan to Oct 2014 (Oct 9 chart says she “showed little”). She then reappears in Oct 2015 which suggests she had a health issue with no racing for 12 months and has one only start (Oct 17 2015 chart again says “showed little”) coming home 8th/9 by 25 lengths. She then disappears and resumes racing in January 2016 with again one only start (Jan 4 chart says she “dropped back leaving the turn and was distanced” – she did not finish and was unable to cross the line, it seems). And then reappears in April 2016 and clocks up another 18 starts – total to date is 37.

    It is nearly 3 years since she won a race, her racing record reveals that she is not competitive and is not coping with racing. So why is this mare being permitted to continue to race? Make no bones about it Halos and Angels is being raced into the ground. They don’t give a damn.

    She has been entered to race again on February 6 at Mahoning Valley race course – bet she can hardly wait!

    • Halos and Angels – yet another victim of this horrific business.
      For the past 3 years her PP’s are nothing less than an abusive public spectacle.
      Letters and phone calls to the commission does nothing, but who would expect anything more from an industry that kills racehorses?
      Even if she were to die in the dirt – absolutely NOTHING would be done.
      That’s NO accountability, little to no transparency, and no legal accountability for the connections who are directly responsible for her ill treatment and/or death.
      This is precisely why this cruelty, and inhumane treatment of Halos and Angels continues unabated.
      After all, this is horse racing.

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