Arizona’s Dead Racehorses, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Department of Racing, I have confirmed the following deaths at Arizona tracks in 2016:

The Blue Mercedes, January 3, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Little But Lucky, January 23, Turf 4, “carpal slab fracture”
Sweet N Spicenight, January 27, Turf training, “neurologic”
Mustbkrazy, January 31, Turf training, “fractured cannon – compound”
Berry Valid, February 1, Turf 8, “ruptured suspensory, fractured sesamoids”
Andherecomescj, February 3, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Mesa Brute, February 9, Turf 4, “compound luxation fetlock, ruptured suspensory”
Pax Tecum, February 13, Rillito 6, “shattered sesamoids”
Feasibility, March 20, Turf 7, “sesamoid fracture”
Preachinahit, March 21, Turf 8, “shattered sesamoid”
Hidden Demon, March 22, Turf 7, “compound luxation of fetlock”
Chance for Glory, March 28, Turf 4, “compound fracture cannon bone”
Old Squeeze, April 15, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Brassy Pete, April 16, Turf 8, “fractured shoulder”
Bluesie Brown, October 3, Turf training, “fractured coffin bone”
Aikman Rose, October 16, Turf training, “pastern fracture”
Macho N Awesome, October 18, Turf training, “laceration”
Excite Me, October 19, Turf training, “fractured shoulder”
Highly Classified, October 24, Turf 2, “bled out internally”
Shesaperfectbeamer, October 29, Turf 3 (euthanized October 30), “carpus”
Randi’s Diamond, November 9, Turf training, “compound fractures of cannon bones”
Blitzinonmoonshine, November 23, Turf training, “broke down – knee”
Tripski, November 26, Turf training, “condylar fracture”
Supah Guy, November 29, prior to Turf 4, “hit head – copious epistaxis…teeth quivers”
Millennium Flower, December 2, Turf training, “fractured radius”
Ella’s Kitten, December 7, Turf training, “heart attack”
Twobobs, December 27, Turf training, “condylar fracture”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Wild Iris, April 4, Turf, “severe pleuropneumonia with septicemia”
Noble Mojave, December 30, Turf, “colic”

images (3)

There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.


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  1. Thank you, Patrick for exposing the truth.
    So many innocent horses being sacrificed for $2 bets, greed and human entertainment. The violent cruel deaths that these horses suffer is sickening.
    Utterly unacceptable.

  2. As I’m reading through this list, looking at the names and the injuries these poor horses endured, I am sickened.

    -Mesa Brute was a month away from just his fourth birthday when he died. He had three different owners in his last three months of life. The bay gelding suffered a compound fetlock luxation…in other words, his ankle was dislocated and bone pierced the skin.

    -Hidden Demon endured the same horrific and painful injury…dislocation of the ankle resulting in an open wound with protruding bone. A chestnut gelding, Hidden Demon was also just shy of turning 4 years old when he was killed. He raced only 15 days prior to his death race.

    -Mustbcrazy hadn’t yet started when he died in training. Born in 2011, the bay horse suffered a compound fracture of his cannon bone. Again, bone piercing through the skin, causing an open, bleeding wound.

    -And the same with Chance for Glory…a compound cannon bone fracture. This chestnut colt never reached his third birthday, yet he was raced 8 times in just over 4 months. Think about that – for all of those 8 races, he was literally just two years old. In addition, in his first race he finished last of 11…over 42 lengths behind. And his second race, he “bore out”, was eased and DNF’d (the chart doesn’t mention his breakdown and subsequent death AFTER he “dueled” and finished second in his final race).

    -But then there’s Randi’s Diamond (Randy’s Diamond was a 1969 QH mare). Yet unraced, this little bay colt was just two and a half when he was killed in training. “Compound fractures of cannon bones.” Cannon BONES. Randi’s Diamond broke TWO legs. BOTH legs with bones penetrating the skin.

    -Highly Classified, a 2014 bay filly. Five races, all when she was two years old.
    – 1st race, last of 8 over 30 lengths behind
    – 2nd, last of 10 over 23 lengths behind
    – 3rd, 5th of 10, “weakened”
    – 4th race, 7th of 10, 4 wide and no rally
    – 5th and final race, pulled up, vanned off and “BLED OUT INTERNALLY”?!?!?

    To every filly and colt, mare and gelding and horse on this list, not ONE of you deserved to “live” and die in this industry that used and abused you. I am so sorry. And we will not stop.

  3. People often refer to the “corruption” in horse racing.
    There is a direct link between the corruption in horse racing, and racehorses dying so the subject is relevant.
    I directly experienced the corruption in horse racing, and I can tell you that it exists on all levels resulting in the racehorses paying with their lives.

    Finally, an insider of the horse racing industry is exposing the reality of the corruption and how the politicians are heavily benefiting from the loads of wagering cash to ensure that this animal cruelty/dying continues.

    There are 2 owners of Turf Paradise – they are brothers.
    The majority owner, Jerry, would just as soon shut down horse racing and sell the property to developers – smart guy!
    The property is reportedly worth millions, but the other brother wants horse racing to remain.

    In their dispute, Jerry has evidence to contend that his brother is in “partnership” with government entities (racing commission, politicians) to skim MILLIONS from Arizona taxpayers.
    Among other things he contends: his brother evades taxes every year, doesn’t pay them; has extensive previous money laundering schemes with the California horse racing scene, is heavily connected to organized crime including money laundering at their racetracks, actively carries on a “back door scheme” with politicians who get huge pay-offs while diverting taxpayers money to the racetracks including corporate welfare.

    I believe every single word of it because I experienced it right here in Ontario.
    Folks, please open your eyes.
    If the money given to racetracks, and horse related entities such as breeding were diverted to state debt and to state budgets, they would not be scrambling for education money.

    These racetracks, as I often said, are DEATH and CORRUPTION PITS.
    Just as they use, and abuse racehorses – they use and abuse taxpayers money in one form or another.

    Whether a Democratic or Republican politician they know that the racetracks are a cash flow for them, and that’s why they turn a blind eye to all the suffering, and dying.

  4. It came across the TV evening news in Brisbane just a day ago that the Albion Park harness and greyhound racing track looks like being closed down. My impression was that developers have approached the government/Brisbane council with fantastic plans to redevelop this valuable land with housing and parks which people very much need. I think the land was being leased to Queensland Racing (probably a peppercorn lease) and now the CEO of QR is up in arms demanding that another track be built for them. If the government takes ethical action the request by QR will be refused. Anything to the contrary would be unethical and not in accordance with community expectations. It is incumbent upon the government to utilise the taxpayers’ money where it’s desperately needed e g. hospitals, health care, education, etc.

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